Wednesday, January 09, 2008

workaholic alert

I'm currently sitting outside my office door and making changes to some work. i just realised my office wifi can be accesed outside the office doors albeit I'm sitting like a nut infront of one of the lifts on my floor.

2 people silently walked past me few minutes ago from the neighbour office. well can't do much still stuck here waiting to see if there's anymore changes.

sigh I need a break.

ps : maybe i should move to this spot - at least I wont freeze my bones off!


kG said...

Oh I've done that several times. People walking past usually glance over, looking at me like I've lost nothing but my marbles. Like you said, can't do much. My office is nut-freezing cold too!!

ashok said...

happy new year Visit...

Me said...

take it easy..

anjalai said...

just slightly out of topic here, was wondering what camera are you using to take those breath taking photos?


Jeevan said...

And also be relax dear :) have some wonderful pongal celebrations too. Happy Pongal to u and ur family.

visithra said...

kg : lol - that was my first time ;p - i live with the cold :(

ashok : long time no see - happy new year to u too

me : thanks ;)

anjalai : im using a canon a6260 powershot

jeevan : i will - n i did - same to u dear