Friday, January 04, 2008

Sweet December

I love the last week of December coz its one party after another. I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks so I initially decided not to go out partying on Christmas eve but my friend and his wife wanted to celebrate it with me so I took them out for Christmas. It was a bit nerve wrecking to figure out where to take them as 1 his wife is very much pregnant, 2 they’re really not party animals, 3 I’m so over street parties!

Anyway we went for dinner.

Then I thought I’d take them to a few shopping malls and show them the Christmas decors – I know lame but turned out pretty well. We first headed to Pavilion as they were closing. Whoa the parking is so confusing, so was the layout – btw that was my first visit! I was looking for the big Christmas tree but couldn’t find it. Finally we walked out and as we were circling the building behold the tree! I’m quite surprised they closed so early – weird right?

It was kinda nice – after fooling around and taking photos walked out and headed to Star Hill to show the light room to my friends. That always gets everyone excited! Finally we find a singing choir and sat and enjoyed the music.

The tricky part was watching the crowd go nuts spraying themselves with foam without getting hit by the foam. So we devised a plan to head towards Mcds to get a view of the celebrations. Having witnessed one too many street parties I wasn’t really looking forward to getting foamed – but my friends who were from Seremban had never witnessed this before. So Mcds was the perfect spot to sit at, you should have seen my friends face when they sprayed a police car white – lol!

On our way back to the car – we bumped into a Christmas choir group. Nothing like carols on Christmas eve!

So how was the birthday? Mighty fine ;)

One of the most essential things about birthdays is having the people you love around you. I've cast my net pretty well - most of my friends who could make it last night - were there to celebrate my Birthday and I couldn't have asked more.

Celebrations started of on Friday with cake and a dozen roses from the office. I actually ended up picking out the cake the day before coz we were out after a meeting. My colleague had a ball decorating the cake as she wished! Now whose birthday was it? Hummm

Anyway the cake had 2 hearts and a smiley on a newyork cheesecake! Lol

The wishes began as early as Saturday from friends all over. A good friend called just to call me aunty ;p he kept saying he thought I would scream hearing his voice – the 3rd time he said it I screamed – I think he’s still suffering from loss of hearing ;p

Moving on from that we had a flickrmeet on Saturday which incidentally was also the first anniv of mine and kerv’s first ever flickrmeet. As usual we had awesome fun – and suddenly it was time to leave for the next party! My last shots as a 27 year old were pretty wacky – due to ardent requests, I stood on a chair in the middle of a restaurant flicking my tongue at a crystal ball hanging from the ceiling! Lol

Oh btw I always assumed the Sri Petaling LRT station was the Bukit Jalil station – a South African had to tell me which was which ;p lol

As we were about to leave the group sang Happy Birthday – awwwwwwww.

Then we trudged down Bukit Bintang to head down to the party place, hooking up with another friend on the way. Music was quite good that night and having not clubbed for some time – we were burning the dance floor! The clock struck 12 and the wishes, hugs and kisses poured in. we were dancing at the dance floor when the dj announces that the first bday gal who can prove her bday was the 30th would get a gift. Since they just gave away a black Label I assumed I could win one for the gang – so rushed off to our table to find my friend waiting with the bag ready ;p

When I approached the dj stand – the rest of my friends were standing next to it waiting to see what I’d win. It turned out to be something wrapped in a box – we dumped it at the side and continued dancing coz they were playing my fav songs including Yogi Bs Indian gal. Lol I love my friends – I brought a South African, a Chinese guy and a Chinese gal to an Indian club! It wasn’t the first time for 2 of them! Btw they love dancing there!

The clock striked 3 and it was time for me to head home and to temple for Marghazhi prayers! All in all it was a wonderful birthday celebration with some of my really good friends who were in town. I’ve been getting gifts for the birthday throughout the year – thanks a lot for everything guys!

Oh yes at the temple I currently have 2 little bf’s. Both are really smiley little cuties. The first one beams the moment he sees me and follows me around and tells me little stories. He has breakfast with me and watches me put the kolam. When ppl ask me about him, I tell them he’s my bf and kid beams back at them! Woo hooo ;p

Anyway birthday morning I catch bf no 1 and tell him its my birthday – guess what he does? He kisses me on the cheek without me even asking – awwwwwwwwwwww. That has got to be the biggest birthday moment!

By the way I’ve been invited to the house – weird I already know his mom and siblings! Err kids moving a bit too fast don’t you think??? ;p

The rest of the day was spent sleeping and yakking on the phone – coz err I had enough partying? I’m still sick – have been sick for the last 2 weeks – its such a bummer and haven’t seen the dr coz MY DR went on a holiday! I’m really cross with him!  sob

Maxis by the way has been screwing up my connection. First I thought it was my phone – I’d suddenly lose connection every other day where I couldn’t call myself though I was sitting right next to my phone. Anyway on the bday it really got on my nerve coz it had been more than an hour since I could receive or make calls. So I call up maxis and by the 6th call I was totally pissed and screamed at the guy who patiently listened to me complain. By the way if you’re using Maxis 3G hail the lord as they’re having problems – they confessed under loads of screaming.

Somehow screaming works coz the next day after getting back from temple and going back to sleep I was woken up at 8.50 am with a call from Maxis checking on my connection. It seems I’ll need to get the sim card changed! Grrr

I picked the wrong half of new years eve to go on leave – should have come in in the morning and gone home to cook something for the party! Instead I braved one traffic jam after the other to get out of PJ! Thankfully awesome food, lovely company and bottles after bottles of fizzy drinks were waiting for me! I swear we could have opened a mini coke stall!

Met some new people besides the friends who were already there. Food was delicious company was lovely. After stuffing ourselves with food and delicious HOMEMADE cheesecake, carrot cake and truffle – we proceded to take shots of the guys in Santa Hats. Yes Christmas was still on – on the eve of 2008! We totally forgot about the time!

Eh my watch shows 12!
Mine still has 7 minutes
Oh mine says another 2 minutes
(we suddenly hear fireworks) and go eh is it new years already?
quick switch on the tv!
hey its new year (watching fireworks on tv)

Lol so that’s how 2008 started – too busy to watch the time and totally confusing!

Well the party didn’t end there after exchanging wishes, hugs and smooches we decided to watch a movie and someone suggested the Chinese movie Lust Caution which I had wanted to catch. That was the most hilarious thing we did as the translation was horrendous and we couldn’t change it to Chinese and get someone to translate for us coz all of us couldn’t read mandarin. Imagine something like “feotus knock call home yesterday blew”

We laughed so much that the women began to turn into a slapstick and so we changed to another movie that started off with gory throat slitting and instantly I started guessing the next scene.

wait she’s gonna have a baby and faint in 2 secs now.
(gal does exactly that and the whole room turns to me)

Me : Mafia movies are like Tamil movies – full of predictable drama ;p

The movie kept getting gloomier so we voted to watch something else and settled on ratatouie. Eventually people started leaving while a few of us were still chatting.

Lovely new year indeed ;)


Sujit said...

wow.. you had awesome time :).. belated happy birthday and new year :)

rsubras said...

Hi...happy birthday Visithra... I did remember ur birthday on Dec 30th..infact i was remembering that for atleast two days in advance... just that i cudnt come and wish u at ur blog :)

Very Happy birthday and a Happiest new year ahead :)

visithra said...

Merry Christmas, happy new year and ponggal wishes to all ;p

sujit : yes i did ;) thanks

subra : hey long time no see - aww thats sweet thanks

Coco Captive said...

Hey, belated Happy Birthday!
And your bday celebrations sure sound awesome! :)

visithra said...

on a old comments answering spree ;p

coco : thanks for the wishes ;p