Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Long day!

The blog has duly served as a chronology to events in my life - the one's I want to share and the ones I don't.

Well it served its purpose again today. Woke up to a car that refused to start - turns out the battery died on me and when I searched the blog I realised the battery has lasted 2 years and 10 months - so now we know.

the day is just way too long - n its just the morning!


My days(Gops) said...

hi visith,

hw r u? long time.. konjam sick aaagiten.. thts y olunga indha side vara mudiala... :)

belated birthday wishes...

Wish You a Happy New Year
(idhuku belated podala.. adjust pannikonga :D )

yvy said...

hi dear!!! :) i hope it's not too late to wish u a happy new year n may 2008 be more productive n your resolutions come true. :) *xoxoxo*

kG said...

Hey dahling, how are you? :)
Been sometime, eh. Happy '08! Sorry for the long silence, been on hiatus forever. Let's do drinks soon? I got me a camera, finally. And I've finally started posting again. :D

visithra said...

Merry Christmas, happy new year and ponggal wishes to all ;p

my days : hey hows u - thanks for the wishes

yvy : thanks dear

kg : welcome back - ooh hope ure enjoying hte cam