Monday, December 10, 2007

Wham! Bham! Thank you maam

We were sitting at a roadside hawker stall at the corner of Leith Street in Georgetown Penang enjoying a packet (no two packets) of Nasi Lemak* (spicy masala, anchovies, nuts, egg with coconut rice). There was a couple sitting in front of us and a woman sitting behind us. Besides the sound of the hawker stall owner tinkling metal spoons against glass for our drinks, the place was pretty quiet as very few cars drive by preferring Chulia street or Penang street to commute to their destinations. The late Sunday afternoon time probably played a factor as well.

Out of a sudden a guy in his mid twenties walks by carrying a knapsack nervously looking around with a weird grin on his face. We both look up to watch the guy who suddenly turns and walks towards the women at the back of us.

He sits at her table and mumbles something and the next second they both got up and left. We figured as we had earlier suspected, the women was plying the trade. She wasn’t dressed in fishnets and skimpy clothing; rather she was dressed like the rest of us in jeans and a t-shirt.

I had heard rumours about the activities on the street and its neighbouring lanes, this just confirmed the rumours. We continued digging into our food when a luxury four wheel drive haphazardly parks and its owner gets out and sits himself at the same table the women had sat at. Later we realize he was the woman’s pim*p.

Sometime later they returned, this time separately. She with a scorn on her face and he with the silliest grin ever. We both blinked at the time, we had been there less than 30 minutes and they had probably gone for less than 20 minutes.

She started puffing on a cigarette and disturbed by her smoke and having finished our meal, we decided to leave. As we leave, we notice another 2 women of the trade at the other corner waiting for customers. Funny we hadn’t noticed any of them before.

As we walked away from them, we began discussing the short time they had gone missing. That’s where I remembered a joke I’d read a long time ago.

“Wham! Bham! Thank you maam.”

Ps : I had a wonderful time in Penang, lots of stories and amazing number of photos.

Nasi Lemak* (spicy masala, anchovies, nuts, egg with coconut rice)


Anonymous said...

You seem a brave girl alright, but I'd think caution is called for in visiting places in cities all round West Malaysia, methinks.

Take care, none of us who 'watch/read' your antics would like to see/hear you hurt!


visithra said...

anon : lol i think i wrote a post for u - u ppl can be really funny

on an old comments answering spree ;p