Sunday, December 30, 2007

Twenty Eight ;p

According to one friend I turned 41 another 2 have ganged up to call me aunty. The problem is my turning 28 woke most of them up to the fact that they’re turning 30 in just a few days! ;p

Sorry darlings I’m still younger than you.

The birthday has been awesome – will write more tomorrow.

Bye love.


BawangMerah said...

Happy Birthday. And Happy New Year. And you've got spam, yeay!! :D

Me said...

vaira mookuthi visit...appie bday..

Shobha said...

Hey....Happy Bday girl :) Its been a long long time :) I'm back to blogging regularly again. N geuss what, you share your bday with one favourite cousin of mine :D Hope you had a fabulous day!

Ajay said...

Belated birthday wishes, Visit!
Happy New Year!

Usha said...

Belated birthday wishes. Have a great new year.

visithra said...

thanks everyone ;)

bawangred : hehehe thats bday spam ;p

me : lol u remembered ;p hehehe

shobha : long time no see - im a non regular commentor ;p

i do - ooh wish ur cousin for me will ya

ajay : hey thanks ;) same to u

usha : thanks ;) same to u

Coco Captive said...

Haa... I am still younger to you.. :P :)

visithra said...

coco : hehehe darn

on an old comments answering spree ;p