Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Temple Circuit : Siam Reap

These are pretty late stories – but its better now than never right. Here are images and notes on the other temples in Siam Reap that are worth visiting.

Preah Khan


Most people will tell you Ta phrom would be the third best but I liked Preah Khan for the variety it gave. The place is a maze of nooks and crannies to be discovered. The temple area is really huge, with a lot of opportunitys to take shots. Windows that give excellent shots and which let in amazing light. Also the architecture and carvings were different. Climb out of a window and walk through the broken bricks. Its really interesting. There’s also this ancient greek looking structure suddenly in the temple area. Climb up the structure right in front of it to get a brids eye view of the place. Coz there’s more to discover.

unbeaten Path empty? Preah Khan

Shadow PLay Window Gal

Ta phrom

Beauty in destruction

Ta Phrom Now this is where the famous Lara Croft tree is at. Destruction is unfortunately so beautiful. That’s what I would describe the temple and its huge tree residents. These trees are actually slowly crushing the temple but its roots are what that make the temple so interesting. You can get lost here as the temple has nooks and crannies that end at dead ends.

Destroying beauty Up up in the sky

Bantey Samre/ Kdei


This temple looks exactly like one of the Hoysala temples in India. Intricately carved, raised platforms and cone like shaped temple gopuras. It’s interesting how the centre temple is connected to the middle one in only a few places. And the main sanctum is behind carved locked doors. Carvings here will show signs of hindu mythology as most of the other temples do. The best part of the temple is its pretty empty.

Window lines

Forgotten Bantey SAmre Ancient art

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