Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hidden treasures


We could have flipped a coin to decide our destination for the day, the choice was between Perlis (for the paddy fields) and Perak (for the fishermans cove and swamps). But I remembered the amazing photos my friend had snapped from her last visit and we decided to head towards Kuala Sepetang near Taiping, Perak.

FramedAt the spur of the moment we decided to drive through the backroads so that we could enjoy the scenery than face some old boring highway. Backroads are amazing source of opportunities. You tend to make the most unexpected discoveries.

Misty Mountain We gasped in surprise when we bumped into acres, acres of paddy field on the way to Taiping. We hadn’t known Perak grew its own rice, call us ignorant but I’d say we’re spoilt by the highways. Always rushing to places and never finding time to see the little details, we knew about the boring old oil palm trees but had no idea about the paddy fields.

At first we decided to come back later on our way back to shoot the fields but seeing the misty mountain, we turned back towards the fields. That sole decision turned out to be the best one we had done.

Sowing for the future We parked our car and walked towards the fields and just looked at each other as acres of green young paddy shoots welcomed us. As we trained our eyes to the green, we realized someone was working the fields, so we tried to find a way to get closer to get a better shot.

As we walked in further, we found the border closest to the lady in the field and silently made our way to her. We didn’t want to startle her neither were we sure we were allowed to go into someone’s field.

Grace Potrait of a lady Acres of green

As we got closer I decided to break the silence and say hi. She looked at us and greeted us back with a smile. She was telling us about the difficulties she was facing with wrong irrigation, about her family and answered all our questions. We made our way back to the road as she was done for the day. We followed her back and found her house to be the at the fish trap that had earlier intrigued us.

The lady of the fieldsShe told me the water was really deep and that’s why she could rear catfish. Despite her age she gracefully stepped unto invisible planks inside the water and took a dip to wash away the mud from the paddy fields. Having washed herself she invited us to her house for a drink. Here we were 2 strangers she had never met yet she was inviting us into her home. We politely declined as we didn’t want to trouble her and said goodbye.

Village Life As soon as we were sure we were out of sight, both of us began to jump in excitement. We hadn’t expected to find a paddy field and we had found more than that. The sweet old lady had made our day.

The less traveled road is always the one with the most valuable treasures. Travel is never about the destination but rather the journey you take.


Shiv said...

Though I dun comment much these days, I have been following ur blog as always..lovely pics coming up as always...merry christmas and a happy new year dear...

Jam said...

Hey there,

First up, let me compliment you on your awesome luck with the amazing pix that you managed to get on this particular trip.

And yes, I completely agree with the last line of the post, "The less traveled road is always the one with the most valuable treasures. Travel is never about the destination but rather the journey you take." Couldn't agree with you more on that point.

Have always enjoyed reading about other peoples' travels and this post was brilliant with the lovely pix.


anasalwa said...

Hey were in my hometown:)
I like the idea of 'at the spur of the moment'. I think it is a wonderful way to let go the expectation, plans and goals. Just do it kind of thing. Let a little girl in us jumps,hops,skips, climbs, twists, dances and laughs. I'm glad you had a wondeful time in Kuala Sepetang. Love the photos.

yvy said...

i've not been here for so long that i forgot the great shots u take. :) keep it up vis, u can certainly see things n make them look more beautiful than anyone i know. :D

visithra said...

Shiv : me too – don’t have the time – thanks dear

Jam : welcome here ;)

Thanks – yes it was definitely luck

Glad u enjoyed it

Ana : I was wasn’t I – when u weren’t around though – the little gal in us should always be allowed to jump hop and be a nut – or we’d age before our ages – thanks dear

Yvy : me too – been busy – thanks dear