Monday, December 17, 2007

Glory glory Man United ;p

There’s a reason I dislike Liverpool fans – they make it a point to blow their horns throughout the galaxy before the game – after it you won’t even hear a whistle – coz normally they would have lost!

I was minding my own business – not taunting anyone – not saying a word – when a friend calls from another state just to taunt me about the game. Which I did not watch – I’m only allowed to watch footy during normal tv hours once every 4 years – other than that my mom will throw a fit for disturbing her serial hours!

It boiled down to such a point, he has been talking about Liverpool to his unborn baby gal in case the mom who comes from a staunch Man United supporting family teaches her otherwise. And get this – this is how fanatic he is – he gives the still in the womb baby his number in case the mother tries to convert her!

There you go my friends – the height of fanatism.

Ah what a way to start the morning – to the sounds of Man U winnig the game.

Just sent him an sms –

Glory glory Man United – I’m sorry dear your babies a ManU fan ;p


zewt said...

benitez would have been proud of him.... haha!

visithra said...

;) tell me about it