Monday, December 31, 2007

Adios 07 Welcome 08

2007 – is it really over??

07 Spinned away

Darn the year flew in a snap! I can still remember the birthday celebrations last year which was followed by an awesome New Year party. The year nearly started on the wrong foot when someone tried to snatch my bag but thankfully I didn’t lose the bag or injure myself.

Then work got crazy, I finally resigned the job, something I should have done years ago. I’ve never felt so relived and the last show with the old company was actually fun – saying my goodbyes, one late night after the other yakking with different people and realizing I wasn’t alone in how I felt about certain people. Thinking I’d have sometime for myself, I resigned only to start work 2 weeks later! More change happened in that 2 weeks that in the last year. All I can say is its been a weird year. That was just March!

Take me anywhere Life? Serene Blur Dreams are made here Morning at the Cathay Peeping sunbeam Patterns Mysterious light
It’s definitely been a travel year. Normally I try to fit in one overseas travel and another in the country travel. 2007 saw me in Cambodia, Malacca, Johor, Seremban, Penang, Taiping - Perak, Bagan Lalang Beach in Selangor and finally Kuala Kubu Baru and Frasier hills in Pahang. Not bad for someone whose work doesn’t really take her traveling. Each trip rejuvenated me amazingly but I miss say Penang was the best coz it came at the precise time. I was at the end of my nerves and desperately needed a break from routine. What can I say it worked its wonders ;)

There were the bad moments – like the little trick that turned nasty – that I truly regret – and thankfully everyone has forgotten. The ups and downs – you never understand them but you live with them. The ups and downs in my friends lives – the ones that left you praying that they survive the trying times.

Peace Texture On top of the world Missing memories The wrath of Durga Shadow Play Concentration Faris Sowing for the future The Flower gal Stop! God ....Will you be my side Nooooooooooooo Hidden beauty Us Windy love KLwalk #3 at Kampung Abdullah Hukum Reality Brinjals galore Walking on the edge IN THE EYES OF TIME

My close friend’s wedding that had me traveling week after week! I’m glad I did – nothing beats being there for your friends on their big day. Thankfully the wife and me have hit of as well – just spend Christmas eve with them ;) I’m awaiting my little niece soon.

The friend whose wedding I couldn’t attend but all throughout the day I spent smsing the friend who managed to be there. How time passes!

Thaipusam was amazing as usual with an extra touch – finally followed someones kavadi. The experience is different as you’re praying for their success as well. Thaipusam season has already begun – some of them have already started prayers while my friend will begun his fast on the 2nd. The prayer sessions will begin the first weekend of January and after all the gloating my friend did showing off the photos I took of him, his friend is insisting we follow him as well ;p heheh oh dear this is gonna be interesting.

The much awaited release of Sivaji – and the nuttiness that followed!

Do you want this? Do you have to take my photo again???! Cheeky

The children from the home that have found a place in my heart – miss them lots coz I haven’t been able to go by for sometime – still trying to do what’s possible from the sidelines at the moment.

The wonderful friends I’ve made, I’ve traveled with, the one’s who have made my life colourful, the one’s who became closer over time, the care and love I’ve gotten from each of them – the one’s who stood by me sometimes knowingly and sometimes just being there at the right time and not knowing it. Thanks darlings.

Being able to do what I love – enjoying life as it should be. Much to be thankful for.

Getting recognized for my work, getting printed, – now if only people will stop stealing them!
Reflection Fireworks The Bride White and Black Ancient Potrait of a Devotee My beloved city - KL Light Looking up Framed Waiting Beyond the barrier

2007 has been special – nothing to change about it – though I wish one thing had turned out differently – oh well life is life.

07 still hasn’t ended – I’m off to a house party in a few hours – the birthday was a blast – besides the 3 hours that led to me screaming at the 6th maxis customer service agent I spoke to! Lol more on that later ;p

Happy New Year everyone – may 2008 bring you all that you wish.


Jeevan said...

Sweet this post with your last years beautiful pictures and pleasant moments. I wish you get more time spending with children in home this year 08. Be happy :)

visithra said...

thanks dear ;) - yes more time with them - thanks for the wish