Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The untold love story

She sat there waiting somewhat at peace. There was no urgency, neither was there irritancy. She seemed to enjoy the wait, maybe she was used to it, maybe she had grown fond of the wait. She seemed neither in a hurry nor was she looking out for anyone. She sat watching a family fly their kites against the evening breeze. Sunset was an hour away. Time had thought her to enjoy the wait. Her age had calmed down the nerves that younger lovers are often afflicted with. What was she waiting for? There were no grandchildren running around, neither did she seem to be going anywhere.

I spotted him slowly cycling towards her. Their age makes you doubt that this was a meeting of lovers but where was he cycling to then? For a moment I notice him cycling past her and think I misjudged the situation for she was still engrossed in watching the family flying kites across the green lawn, oblivious to his arrival. He seemed to be heading towards the sounds of the waves – waves that never stop reaching out to the sandy beaches that refuse to hold on yet continue to wait for the waves moody strokes.

His bicycle suddenly comes to a halt few feet away from her and he watches her intently – I’m unsure if he was wishing she would turn or whether he was looking for someone else. He finally cycles towards her and gets off his worn bicycle. He seemed to be looking around him, probably scouting out for a familiar face. He wasn’t in a hurry either yet he seemed cautious. Maybe he didn’t want someone to recognize them. She finally turns back to look at him and he takes that as his que to approach her.

An untold love story seems to have unfolded under the shade of the tree. There were no cuddles of younger couples, no handshake nor acknowledgement one bestows a friend, neither was there an air of excitement yet the intimacy between them seemed to grow beyond the distance. There was a sense of familiarity between that distance that at once beguiled and opened a flood of questions.

Forbidden love? Unfulfilled love? Love that parted ways in the eyes of society but remained a secret between two lovers? So many situations creped into my mind as I watched their shared intimacy. There were not a married couple, as why would two 60 year olds travel alone? Will their story ever be told, will we learn how their love stood the test of time?

Their story remains untold like many others, slaves to time and circumstances - just like the waves always reaching out but never grasped.


Keshi said...

wow so beautiful!

** Love that parted ways in the eyes of society but remained a secret between two lovers?

I can identify with that one :)


Jeevan said...

That was silently shared love between there mind. very beautiful writeup dear :)

visithra said...

keshi : thanks - cant we all

jeevan : thanks

on an old comments answering spree ;p sorry for the late replies