Friday, November 23, 2007

Slaps all around

Behind the veil I’ve had a very long week. And for the last few weeks and coming ones I will be having long weekends as well. So long I wake up early on Saturdays only to sleep early Monday morning – figuratively speaking since all I get in between are 3 hour naps.

But life is fun when it is busy plus it keeps you away from stuff.

I had a roll eye moment this week – the person I hate most currently thinks I love her – ewwwwwwwwwwwwww – if I was a dead corpse in a grave I’d be rolling over and making somersaults!

I haven’t even had time to read my google feed – much less open my file and type up a post. Its Friday night and I’ve just gotten back from another meeting to finish some work before I head out again to try and beat the traffic.

Fat chance on that happening – the whole week has been one traffic jam after the other. I am so frustrated with all these bunch of idiots. One is pushing its own political agenda and blindly leading the blind while the other is so afraid they’re making silly threats – see see we can make ur life hard. F*** all of you – you’re not the one who had to U turn on a highway, pay 5 different tolls just to get out of the jam, then drive through 6 different towns just to get to the city centre and circle a stupid road a gazillion times and finally end up taking a cab coz you can’t find the freaking building only to realize the screwed up road planning was the reason you couldn’t find the place – just to get to a meeting!

I don’t care whats happening but I’m heading to the beach tomorrow and if anyone of you idiots messes that up – I’m gonna kick each one of you personally.

Other than that life has been nice.

It is an amazing thing to be recognized for your work and talent, and its even amazing to have ur friends cheer you on. Thanks guys – hearing you guys cheer when my photos appeared had me all mushy inside.

Another friend said such a sweet thing – I’m waiting to see your book published. Seriously I was speechless – we’ll leave the future to decide that.

This week has definitely been a gift giving week. The funniest was yesterday when I handed my friend her 2 month belated birthday. She of course loved it.

Someone asked me do you love giving out gifts and I blinked for a second and went its not like that. But I guess I enjoy making people happy. I love to do things for ppl well a selective number of people. People I know well coz when I gift something it has to be something they really like which leads up to a huge hug and smiles all around. If I don’t get that I feel as if I didn’t achieve my goal. So I take a long time to think up gifts so that it’s the best gift. Sometimes they’re really late but to me it’s the thought that counts.

Normally the occasions are birthdays but sometimes it doesn’t have to be anything. I remember smsing someone that I had a gift for them and I immediately got a cute response wanting to know what it was. I’m sure I made that friends day.

I don’t believe gifts should be expensive but they have to come from the heart. The littlest things can mean the world and you don’t need to have an occasion for it. You can make someones day with the smallest gesture.

oh I forgot the most important news - my friend called to say I was getting a little baby niece ;)))) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Now I need to leave. Have a nice weekend.


BawangMerah said...

"Other than that life has been nice."

And in the end, that's what matters ;) Have fun at the beach :)

Sujit said...

even one such smile is good enough for you get out of that traffic jam life :)

visithra said...

bawangred : true ;)

sujit : yeah definetly