Monday, November 19, 2007

Little darlings

We often hear people frowning upon divorce, insisting parents should stay together for the sake of the children. I think it goes by the person, while it could cause a gap between one parent and the child. Most single parent families tend to have a closer bond then most. They’re usually extremely close with the parent they’re staying with and even after they’ve grown up the bond continues and while most of us don’t hang out often with our parents, they tend to spend more time with their parent.

One of our friends remarried recently and his reception was yesterday. I love watching him and his daughter, they are so close and the bond is just amazing. The darling is also pretty cheeky. We met only once before and when I said hi to her she quickly told me I don’t know you.

Occasionally seeing her dad on stage without her, she seemed a bit sad. So I asked her if we could be friends and after thinking about it for sometime she said yes! Phew! That was the longest few minutes!

First up on my list was to ensure she continued to like me. so I pulled one friend and accused her of taking the kids photo without asking her permission. The kid looked at me in awe and my friend gaped at my ridiculous acqusiation. Rest assured for the rest of the evening the little doll would run to me every now and then.

I had to for the fun of it and after much push and blackmail head up to be one of the gals waiting to catch the bouqet. Thankfully little doll caught it and when she came up to me to show it to me I got the whole bunch to cheer for which we got called noisy by a 7 year old. ;p hehehe

The wedding was definitely one of the best I’ve been to and the most fun. Well when you know more than 40 people at the wedding anything could be fun. Also it was the casualness of the reception, and the couple itself that made the day wonderful. Before we knew it 3 hours had passed and the few of us who had been out since morning shooting the Pekeliling flats (again) were exhausted and we said our goodbyes. I reached home waiting to head to bed but had to attend a dinner.

Now there’s this little boy there who refuses to talk to me or any gal since he seems to enjoy talking to my brother. But the cheeky little thing normally looks at me smiles cheekily and turns away. So I decided to use the tease mode to get to him.

Me : Can we watch your concert
Him : oooh ok
Me : why don’t you sit here
Him : I’m not sitting next to you
Me : are you scared of me? Scaredy cat scaredy cat scaredy scardy cat
Him : I’m NOT (plunks himself next to me)
Me : Oh my your friend is so cute – can you introduce him to me I wanna be his friend
Him : No
Me : why not – I wanna be his friend not your friend.
Him : (starts mumbling under his breath)

I started talking about his friend and he clearly wasn’t happy. After watching the tape we had dinner and he was walking around us and I spot a box of scrabble.

Me : Do you want to play a game.
Him : You want to play PS2 with me??
Me : no no lets play something down here – you want me to teach you how to play a game
Him : YES

That’s how I got a 7 year old excited about words and to play scrabble with me until my brother decided he wanted to go home.

Him : you have to go?
Me : yes dear
Him : ok I’ll come to your house tomorrow and play with you.
me : but I’m working
him : (thinks) I’ll come after your working hours and wait for you.

Awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet isn’t it? Well told him to practice with his sister first. Yayyyyyyy I finally charmed the kid after years.


Sakun said...

:) Hey Vis, Divorce aint good.There can never be a good divorce...i dont know bout stronger bonds and all but it just leaves to much unhealed wounds open...

bout the lil boy, he is adorable! Lol...

Aravind said...

chinna pasangaLoda friendship start panna ivlo kashtamaa?!! :P

but unga tactics ellam sooper! :D

praveen said...

**so I pulled one friend and accused her of taking the kids photo without asking her permission**

adi paavi.. I had to be victimised for u to make that girl happy la ..aisehman

anyway yeah, I could see she was craving attention from her daddy.. poor girl

visithra said...

sakun : life isnt black n white - not everythign works - something seperation is better - less fights n they learn how to be civil for the sake of the children - children get best of both worlds

wounds are unhealed as some parents use the children as bait

yeah hes adorable

aravind : yeah ;p yehlam neram than ;p

prav : heheheh of coursela - i know u dont mind ;p

yeah ;)

Sujit said...

oh! man so difficult to make friendship with kids!.. but once you make its the best thing :)..! good that you have the knack :D

Sundar Narayanan said...

I find that before I had kids of my own, I could break the ice real easy.. after Jr. and the little one, I have a difficult time breaking the initial barrier..

I also find that single people and people without kids are able to appeal to 3-6 year olds better than the parents or other parents..


visithra said...

sujit : oh yes very difficult - i agree ;)

sundar : lol is it? hummm not so sure maybe we still have the patients? but then i used to bring up my cousin - and i don;t seem to have lost the touch ;p