Friday, November 30, 2007


She halted at the traffic light.

Absentmindedly she looked to her right just as a car pulled next to her and the driver turned towards her. She was jolted to attention as their eyes met for a split second and she quickly turned away. Feeling naughty she flicked out her lipstick and lightly drabbed it across her lips. Just as she was about to finish the light turned green and while still putting a show of applying her lipstick she moved into drive gear and immediately sped off, leaving the guy from the other car in her tracks.

A minute later his car came speeding towards her and having succeded in catching his attention she lowed down and gave him way.

Turning the bend, she once again sped up and caught up with him, trailing him from the back. A smile curled across her lips as she saw him check out her car from his rearview mirror.

Still keeping to the centre, she suddenly veered to the left and took the left turning leaving the guy behind. Chuckling to herself she headed on to dinner.


tulipspeaks said...

hehehehe.. wonder who is the 'she' :p


My days(Gops) said...

oru vanakkam vittu kiren :)

Me said...

venam visit...aan paavam polladhadhu..

Hip Grandma said...

good to see that 'she' succeeded in baffling him for a change.I disagree with 'me'. Aan pavam is not polladhu.Time they tasted the treatment they dished out to the girls.

geetha said...

I wonder too.. who is that 'she'?
BTW, the 'she' just must have made his day ;)

Sujit said...

looks like she was you!!!

visithra said...

Ammu : lol

Mydays : vanakam long time no see ;)

Me : hhehe that never worked ;p

Hipgran : hehehe I so agree with u ;)

Geethz : lol – im not sure if hes day was made – she had a good laugh ;p

Sujit : lol