Friday, November 02, 2007


What do you do when you reach your 1000th post? You procrastinate as you have no time to write a special post to mark the occasion. you're pulling your already tangled hair to fit in a moment but it never comes.

I have started this post so many times and either I didn’t have the mood to write or the time to write a post on THE 1000th one. Though I have other posts planned this one just had to be something else. I’ve just been so busy. This week has been nuts and just as everything settled I had to travel for work which turned out to be an excellent outing and a success with some pampering through in. I actually just got back and have been checking my mail and replying to them and calls and the words have started flowing. Or I’m just writing utter gibberish. Whichever one – you’re READIng it ;p

So after the 1000th post have I lost the will to write, has blogging become boring. Well no but I must admit the time to write has lessened. I write when I have the mood to, I never write when I don’t feel like it as try as I might everything that gets typed out will be utter rubbish. But I still enjoy blogging, though I’ve come to realize the blogging scene has changed.

It used to be all about getting readership and interacting with your readers. When bloglines and similar blog reading tools were introduced most of us thought we’d have less commentors but it wasn’t so. However one tool has changed everything and I speak from a personal experience.

Google reader has changed how blogs are being read. Most of us are subscribed to blogs that we read but hesitate to comment on for the silliest reason or simply put curiosity. However I think it’s the convenience that is changing the blog scene. You don’t have to visit the site, you don’t have to feel guilty for reading and not leaving a comment coz you know the owner knows its you coz by now they know your unique ip add (so now you know why I haven’t been dropping by). Blogs are still being read but comments are slowly dying, though discussions on certain topics probably still pull in the comments it isn’t the same.

I wonder where all the old bloggers we used to interact with are. There used to be this season of blog hopping and comments by the hour where we’d refresh the comment page to read the silliest absolutely hilarious comments that would run into the hundreds.

That era of blogging thanks to Google, is pretty over.

With that said, I think I’m still gonna be around coz I know I still enjoy typing my head off on everything under the sun.

How have I changed from my first post? Still pretty much the same, still writing as much as possible yet indulging as little info as possible. My secrets are still mine, my personal life has never been spilt out for the world to read. The only change is probably the volume which you’ll have to blame work to. The blog remains a personal memoir of sorts, interestingly I’ve used in so many times as reference to things I’ve done in the pass that needed recollection. I hope you’ve enjoyed most of my posts. Don’t worry I’m not that vain to think you love all of them, heck even I don’t love all of them. I hope to meet most of my readers, blogger friends in the future. If you drop by the country drop me a mail, I'll try to meet up, my record stands at 70% at the moment ;p

Thank you for still reading me, my apologies if I haven’t replied to a comment or a personal email. Sometimes I’m too busy sometimes just plain lazy. I inherited email laziness from my friends ;p

To everyone whom I’ve met through blogging, who are still around, who have gotten married and gone missing, who have been blessed with wonderful children (thanks for sharing their birth and growing pains with me), who are no longer into blogging, who have just upped and left – thank you all, it has been wonderful knowing you guys, hope to reconcile friendships with the missing ones, or drop a note on how you've been, most of all I still don’t get why you guys are stil reading me – or am I just delusional that you’re still reading? Lol ;p

Its taken me 3 years to reach the 1000th mark and I’m sure I still have more in me.

Here’s to Google reader – the guiltless blog surfer.

And to another 1000 posts!


Me said...

congrats on 1000!!!

Shiv said...

Congrats Vima

The Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

Aravind said...


Ya... u are exactly right about what is happening to the blog scene! I miss many of the regular bloggers - I was even discussing about this with my friend the other day! :(

I havent yet started using the google reader, which might be the reason why I am still commenting ;) no... kidding... ;)

Pixelated Mo said...

Woah!! 1000th post? coolness..

tulipspeaks said...

well.. nothing is going to be permanent especially in a dynamic world like the Internet. there might be a day when blogging dies all together or got replaced by something else more 'happening'. but i will be there - i wish to be.

congrats striking your 1000th post and advance deepavali wishes.


anjali said...

cheers to another 1000!

simon said...

congrats its a great achievement...

Jeevan said...

Congratulations dear :)

I feel commenting is something we get to share in evidence, those who not using Google reader like me doesn't know whether the blog is reading or nor till getting a comment.

Happy DEEPAVALI visith, have nice time with your family and friend.

Ajay said...

3yrs and 1000 posts!
Congrats, Visit! That's you I call you (had nicknamed you in my links section)Energizer.
(FYI, it's been 2.5 yrs since I started and I am around 85 posts. You make me feel lousy!)

visithra said...

on an old comments answering spree ;p

thanks everyone - and then i moved slow ;p less posts this year