Friday, November 30, 2007


She halted at the traffic light.

Absentmindedly she looked to her right just as a car pulled next to her and the driver turned towards her. She was jolted to attention as their eyes met for a split second and she quickly turned away. Feeling naughty she flicked out her lipstick and lightly drabbed it across her lips. Just as she was about to finish the light turned green and while still putting a show of applying her lipstick she moved into drive gear and immediately sped off, leaving the guy from the other car in her tracks.

A minute later his car came speeding towards her and having succeded in catching his attention she lowed down and gave him way.

Turning the bend, she once again sped up and caught up with him, trailing him from the back. A smile curled across her lips as she saw him check out her car from his rearview mirror.

Still keeping to the centre, she suddenly veered to the left and took the left turning leaving the guy behind. Chuckling to herself she headed on to dinner.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do you remember me?

Blinks eyes and says no at first and then after telling her we met at a party she nods her head yet her expression tells me she has no idea who I was. I was still determined to get her to like me, so I sharpened my bag of tricks and layed them all out. At last it worked and she was hooked.

Who you ask?

Peace A little 2 year old doll with the most beautiful curls and cheekiest smile. I was trying really hard to impress her – and yayyyy I succeeded. I think I must have felt like a fluffy pillow as she seemed to enjoy being carried by me. I swinged her, twirled her, snuggled her and had her laughing, and before you know it she would smile everytime she saw me.

She was telling me little stories, jumping here and there, making me walk up and down the open air restaurant. She got so excited when I placed her on my feet and walked around with her. oh she smells divine, like cotton candy and pink roses.

Her mom asked her what you want to be when you grow up and she goes

I wanna be kakak (sis).

Awwwwww and I’m the only one she calls sis ;p hehehe

Darn I already miss her

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The untold love story

She sat there waiting somewhat at peace. There was no urgency, neither was there irritancy. She seemed to enjoy the wait, maybe she was used to it, maybe she had grown fond of the wait. She seemed neither in a hurry nor was she looking out for anyone. She sat watching a family fly their kites against the evening breeze. Sunset was an hour away. Time had thought her to enjoy the wait. Her age had calmed down the nerves that younger lovers are often afflicted with. What was she waiting for? There were no grandchildren running around, neither did she seem to be going anywhere.

I spotted him slowly cycling towards her. Their age makes you doubt that this was a meeting of lovers but where was he cycling to then? For a moment I notice him cycling past her and think I misjudged the situation for she was still engrossed in watching the family flying kites across the green lawn, oblivious to his arrival. He seemed to be heading towards the sounds of the waves – waves that never stop reaching out to the sandy beaches that refuse to hold on yet continue to wait for the waves moody strokes.

His bicycle suddenly comes to a halt few feet away from her and he watches her intently – I’m unsure if he was wishing she would turn or whether he was looking for someone else. He finally cycles towards her and gets off his worn bicycle. He seemed to be looking around him, probably scouting out for a familiar face. He wasn’t in a hurry either yet he seemed cautious. Maybe he didn’t want someone to recognize them. She finally turns back to look at him and he takes that as his que to approach her.

An untold love story seems to have unfolded under the shade of the tree. There were no cuddles of younger couples, no handshake nor acknowledgement one bestows a friend, neither was there an air of excitement yet the intimacy between them seemed to grow beyond the distance. There was a sense of familiarity between that distance that at once beguiled and opened a flood of questions.

Forbidden love? Unfulfilled love? Love that parted ways in the eyes of society but remained a secret between two lovers? So many situations creped into my mind as I watched their shared intimacy. There were not a married couple, as why would two 60 year olds travel alone? Will their story ever be told, will we learn how their love stood the test of time?

Their story remains untold like many others, slaves to time and circumstances - just like the waves always reaching out but never grasped.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I should not be allowed near books. I spent half of a Saturday around books and only left coz I refused to go over my budget. There were 2 book warehouse sales I had wanted to catch. I was planning to purchase books for myself and if possible some books as gifts. I was extremely lucky and managed to purchase almost everything I wanted.

I spent 4 hours at the first warehouse sale – The Penguin sales. Despite the heat and sweating buckets, I managed to browse every table and I only stopped when the box I was carrying got too heavy to carry around.

The funny thing about buying books is you want to buy them all but you know you have a budget but when you’re picking books the budget goes haywire and by the time you sit down and decide which books you really want you’ve reached the hair pulling point. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick just half of the books you want? Sigh. As I was sitting exhausted from the heat by the pavement sorting my books, I was entertained by a little boy swinging his colourful baby book. He gave me a cheeky smile and waved by everytime he walked passed me. Ah the wonders a childs smile can do. I finally settled on about 15 books – 3 of which were presents for friends.

My book spree wasn’t over, I was still looking for another book as a gift and there was another book fair to check out. The other place turned out to be a haven as well.

Wow every single new release was there – though I couldn’t find the book I was looking for, I found another gem and added 2 more books to my own collection. Gasp what a day! Only another book worm will understand this post - ;)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Slaps all around

Behind the veil I’ve had a very long week. And for the last few weeks and coming ones I will be having long weekends as well. So long I wake up early on Saturdays only to sleep early Monday morning – figuratively speaking since all I get in between are 3 hour naps.

But life is fun when it is busy plus it keeps you away from stuff.

I had a roll eye moment this week – the person I hate most currently thinks I love her – ewwwwwwwwwwwwww – if I was a dead corpse in a grave I’d be rolling over and making somersaults!

I haven’t even had time to read my google feed – much less open my file and type up a post. Its Friday night and I’ve just gotten back from another meeting to finish some work before I head out again to try and beat the traffic.

Fat chance on that happening – the whole week has been one traffic jam after the other. I am so frustrated with all these bunch of idiots. One is pushing its own political agenda and blindly leading the blind while the other is so afraid they’re making silly threats – see see we can make ur life hard. F*** all of you – you’re not the one who had to U turn on a highway, pay 5 different tolls just to get out of the jam, then drive through 6 different towns just to get to the city centre and circle a stupid road a gazillion times and finally end up taking a cab coz you can’t find the freaking building only to realize the screwed up road planning was the reason you couldn’t find the place – just to get to a meeting!

I don’t care whats happening but I’m heading to the beach tomorrow and if anyone of you idiots messes that up – I’m gonna kick each one of you personally.

Other than that life has been nice.

It is an amazing thing to be recognized for your work and talent, and its even amazing to have ur friends cheer you on. Thanks guys – hearing you guys cheer when my photos appeared had me all mushy inside.

Another friend said such a sweet thing – I’m waiting to see your book published. Seriously I was speechless – we’ll leave the future to decide that.

This week has definitely been a gift giving week. The funniest was yesterday when I handed my friend her 2 month belated birthday. She of course loved it.

Someone asked me do you love giving out gifts and I blinked for a second and went its not like that. But I guess I enjoy making people happy. I love to do things for ppl well a selective number of people. People I know well coz when I gift something it has to be something they really like which leads up to a huge hug and smiles all around. If I don’t get that I feel as if I didn’t achieve my goal. So I take a long time to think up gifts so that it’s the best gift. Sometimes they’re really late but to me it’s the thought that counts.

Normally the occasions are birthdays but sometimes it doesn’t have to be anything. I remember smsing someone that I had a gift for them and I immediately got a cute response wanting to know what it was. I’m sure I made that friends day.

I don’t believe gifts should be expensive but they have to come from the heart. The littlest things can mean the world and you don’t need to have an occasion for it. You can make someones day with the smallest gesture.

oh I forgot the most important news - my friend called to say I was getting a little baby niece ;)))) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Now I need to leave. Have a nice weekend.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Little darlings

We often hear people frowning upon divorce, insisting parents should stay together for the sake of the children. I think it goes by the person, while it could cause a gap between one parent and the child. Most single parent families tend to have a closer bond then most. They’re usually extremely close with the parent they’re staying with and even after they’ve grown up the bond continues and while most of us don’t hang out often with our parents, they tend to spend more time with their parent.

One of our friends remarried recently and his reception was yesterday. I love watching him and his daughter, they are so close and the bond is just amazing. The darling is also pretty cheeky. We met only once before and when I said hi to her she quickly told me I don’t know you.

Occasionally seeing her dad on stage without her, she seemed a bit sad. So I asked her if we could be friends and after thinking about it for sometime she said yes! Phew! That was the longest few minutes!

First up on my list was to ensure she continued to like me. so I pulled one friend and accused her of taking the kids photo without asking her permission. The kid looked at me in awe and my friend gaped at my ridiculous acqusiation. Rest assured for the rest of the evening the little doll would run to me every now and then.

I had to for the fun of it and after much push and blackmail head up to be one of the gals waiting to catch the bouqet. Thankfully little doll caught it and when she came up to me to show it to me I got the whole bunch to cheer for which we got called noisy by a 7 year old. ;p hehehe

The wedding was definitely one of the best I’ve been to and the most fun. Well when you know more than 40 people at the wedding anything could be fun. Also it was the casualness of the reception, and the couple itself that made the day wonderful. Before we knew it 3 hours had passed and the few of us who had been out since morning shooting the Pekeliling flats (again) were exhausted and we said our goodbyes. I reached home waiting to head to bed but had to attend a dinner.

Now there’s this little boy there who refuses to talk to me or any gal since he seems to enjoy talking to my brother. But the cheeky little thing normally looks at me smiles cheekily and turns away. So I decided to use the tease mode to get to him.

Me : Can we watch your concert
Him : oooh ok
Me : why don’t you sit here
Him : I’m not sitting next to you
Me : are you scared of me? Scaredy cat scaredy cat scaredy scardy cat
Him : I’m NOT (plunks himself next to me)
Me : Oh my your friend is so cute – can you introduce him to me I wanna be his friend
Him : No
Me : why not – I wanna be his friend not your friend.
Him : (starts mumbling under his breath)

I started talking about his friend and he clearly wasn’t happy. After watching the tape we had dinner and he was walking around us and I spot a box of scrabble.

Me : Do you want to play a game.
Him : You want to play PS2 with me??
Me : no no lets play something down here – you want me to teach you how to play a game
Him : YES

That’s how I got a 7 year old excited about words and to play scrabble with me until my brother decided he wanted to go home.

Him : you have to go?
Me : yes dear
Him : ok I’ll come to your house tomorrow and play with you.
me : but I’m working
him : (thinks) I’ll come after your working hours and wait for you.

Awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet isn’t it? Well told him to practice with his sister first. Yayyyyyyy I finally charmed the kid after years.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here, there, everywhere

Texture I’m probably the only nut who went for a massage (courtesy of work) and came back with body pain and a massive headache that lasted for more than a week. I even had the headache during Deepavalli. Looks like I’ll have to go for another massage to counter the pain from this one! Grrr.

Work took me to Genting the week before Diwali. Managed to attend the Photoshop workshop in KL after an interesting turn of events. KL doesn’t seem to like me in the mornings!

So the holidays was spent sleeping and going out on and off. Oh this was this years Deepavalli kolam. It took me such a long time to decide what to draw. Funny thing – poor kolam was damaged by some unknown creature the very next day – we suspect the cat and ants as we saw droves of ants running of with grains of coloured rice. But the patterns were so weird and we’ve never had such an incident happen before. Humm…..

We managed to catch Vel on Saturday but not before getting caught in our own drama. As I was away from the net the last 3 days, I hadn’t realized what was going on in KL and made plans to go catch the movie at the newly furbished Federal theatre.

Federal theatre used to be the popular movie theatre in KL before the advent of Video which lead to the dead of Cinema. Only 2 theatres survived the video era in KL – the Colisuem and Odeon. The former being the bigger and more preffered theatre. However in the last few years, the scenario has changed and these abandoned theatres have been refurbished and remarketed to the public and are becoming popular haunts.

The Federal was refurbished in time for the opening of Sivaji – and oh yeah I love what they have done there. One of the interesting aspects of the theatre is all the seats can slant to provide comfort throughout a 3 hour movie. Its slowly becoming my fav place to watch a tamil movie.

Anyway I ignorantly left home on Saturday afternoon to catch the 3 oclock show only to hit a massive jam on the Seremban highway, seeing that no cars were moving, I detoured into Old Klang road and headed to PJ to catch the movie at another refurbished theather the PJ State. Unfortunately all tickets were sold out at the counter. Still ignorant of what was taking place in KL, I refused to leave KL without watching the movie and drove of to KL instead only to hit another jam and masses of people walking towards the Kings palace. At first I thought the King was hosting a late Eid open house (remember I lived under a coconut shell for the last 3 days) but the yellow shirts had me suspicious and I called up a friend to find out what was going on.

Oh hell I was caught in between a protest – people, FRU and cops were everywhere. Luckily I managed to get out of the place and we reached the federal theatre in a matter of minutes.

I wasn’t sure which movie to watch so I bugged the old man behind the counter. There were extra tickets at the counter so when I asked for the movie he handed it to me. so I asked him are you sure the movies nice or u’re simply giving me this tickets since you need to sell it off. ;p

He started laughing and 3 hours later still hadn’t forgotten me. Anyway movie isn’t great but ok for a first watch but but important notice to all Surya fans. He looks sooooooooooooooooo goodddddddddddddddddd and theres double of him. My mom prefers city boy to village surya. Me? I love them both ;p

Sunday we had a photo outing at the Selayang Wholesale market – I think its one of the biggest fresh goods market. By the first 15 minutes, the whole market knew there were a bunch of looney photographers walking around the market shooting fish! ;p

We finished pretty early and some of us were still itching to go photograph somemore and then we decided to head back into KL city centre and head of to Jln Raja CHulan but we ended up diverting to the old soon to be demolished Pekeliling Flats.

Will write more on those with the photos later.

Oh yes do catch Lions for Lambs – excellent movie which calls the US president a lamb ;)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Deepavalli Nallvazhtukal

Happy Deepavalli everyone - have a safe and wonderful holiday. I will be on leave till monday ;) Yippie

My humble offering

4 years

Another year another Deepavali. The year seems to have flown by. Everything seems like just yesterday and what an eventful year it has been.

Some things are the same though. While everyone’s abuzz about the celebration to me its just another day. It’s the 4th year of my dad’s passing. We just did his yearly prayers on Monday. A yearly ritual, 3 days before Diwali.

I don’t know if people would ever understand that its never gonna be the same, that I’m never gonna be comfortable celebrating it. I’m looking for a standard answer to give people. The current one I deal out is oh yeah I do celebrate Diwali but personally I don’t.

Confusing huh but do you know how tiring it is to explain to everyone no I don’t coz it reminds me of my dad. Well that’s that. It’s not the same anymore.

I don’t shop for Diwali anymore, I don’t do anything much for it. We still do cookies and savouries and I still put a kolam but that’s more like the necessity of the festival rather than the want. I still haven’t decided what kolam to put tonight – kinda having a mental block on design. Should I do something mega elaborate or something simply. Have no idea. Just been too busy to really give it a thought.

Things are different it will never be the same. You move on but you never really do. The good old day’s will always remain that the good old days.

Friday, November 02, 2007


What do you do when you reach your 1000th post? You procrastinate as you have no time to write a special post to mark the occasion. you're pulling your already tangled hair to fit in a moment but it never comes.

I have started this post so many times and either I didn’t have the mood to write or the time to write a post on THE 1000th one. Though I have other posts planned this one just had to be something else. I’ve just been so busy. This week has been nuts and just as everything settled I had to travel for work which turned out to be an excellent outing and a success with some pampering through in. I actually just got back and have been checking my mail and replying to them and calls and the words have started flowing. Or I’m just writing utter gibberish. Whichever one – you’re READIng it ;p

So after the 1000th post have I lost the will to write, has blogging become boring. Well no but I must admit the time to write has lessened. I write when I have the mood to, I never write when I don’t feel like it as try as I might everything that gets typed out will be utter rubbish. But I still enjoy blogging, though I’ve come to realize the blogging scene has changed.

It used to be all about getting readership and interacting with your readers. When bloglines and similar blog reading tools were introduced most of us thought we’d have less commentors but it wasn’t so. However one tool has changed everything and I speak from a personal experience.

Google reader has changed how blogs are being read. Most of us are subscribed to blogs that we read but hesitate to comment on for the silliest reason or simply put curiosity. However I think it’s the convenience that is changing the blog scene. You don’t have to visit the site, you don’t have to feel guilty for reading and not leaving a comment coz you know the owner knows its you coz by now they know your unique ip add (so now you know why I haven’t been dropping by). Blogs are still being read but comments are slowly dying, though discussions on certain topics probably still pull in the comments it isn’t the same.

I wonder where all the old bloggers we used to interact with are. There used to be this season of blog hopping and comments by the hour where we’d refresh the comment page to read the silliest absolutely hilarious comments that would run into the hundreds.

That era of blogging thanks to Google, is pretty over.

With that said, I think I’m still gonna be around coz I know I still enjoy typing my head off on everything under the sun.

How have I changed from my first post? Still pretty much the same, still writing as much as possible yet indulging as little info as possible. My secrets are still mine, my personal life has never been spilt out for the world to read. The only change is probably the volume which you’ll have to blame work to. The blog remains a personal memoir of sorts, interestingly I’ve used in so many times as reference to things I’ve done in the pass that needed recollection. I hope you’ve enjoyed most of my posts. Don’t worry I’m not that vain to think you love all of them, heck even I don’t love all of them. I hope to meet most of my readers, blogger friends in the future. If you drop by the country drop me a mail, I'll try to meet up, my record stands at 70% at the moment ;p

Thank you for still reading me, my apologies if I haven’t replied to a comment or a personal email. Sometimes I’m too busy sometimes just plain lazy. I inherited email laziness from my friends ;p

To everyone whom I’ve met through blogging, who are still around, who have gotten married and gone missing, who have been blessed with wonderful children (thanks for sharing their birth and growing pains with me), who are no longer into blogging, who have just upped and left – thank you all, it has been wonderful knowing you guys, hope to reconcile friendships with the missing ones, or drop a note on how you've been, most of all I still don’t get why you guys are stil reading me – or am I just delusional that you’re still reading? Lol ;p

Its taken me 3 years to reach the 1000th mark and I’m sure I still have more in me.

Here’s to Google reader – the guiltless blog surfer.

And to another 1000 posts!