Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saraswathi Namasthubyam

After years of promising to put up a song sung by me - today morning i finally managed to record one of my favourite songs - kurai ondrum illai. call it sudden inspiration to sing or something - it was the first thing I did today.

I guess its a navarathri special ;p

ps : never claimed to be a great singer and i don't wanna hear a single thing on pronounciation ;p


Aravind said...

This is so unfair.. naanga enna comment pannuvom nu therinju precautionary measure aa pronunciation paththi "PS" ellam pottuteenga... :P

But, Seriously, it was really nice!! :D and the pronunciation wasnt bad! :P

VJ said...

simon says:
good job, two thumbs up. :)

wellcome to round two.

Art said...

where is the song??

Me said...

..oye ...enna verum paatu dhaaana...where is the dance??

san said...

Hey gurl, with a lil more practice i think i can join Vaanavil's Paadal Thiran Potti. Didnt know u cud sing! =)

visithra said...

aravind : lol ungehlehlam ehnnaku teriyadha?

hehe aww thanks

vj : hehehe thanks

art : listen to the youtube video

me : athu podhum - ithukumehleh ketha adhi than vihlum ;p

san : first things first - i think that competition is ridiculous - why would i waste my time on it