Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pleasures for the soul

Krishna won't you come ....

My favourite time of the year is back. Its an absolute pure joy to the senses. You could close your eyes and listen to music that resonates your soul, watch vibrant colours and movements that excite your eyes and instantly elevate your mood.

I hold the moon 3 days of such interesting performances. One visiting dancer has totally blown me away. She is amazingly beautiful but most interesting is how every single photograph of her has turned out brilliant. I watched her perform 2 days in a row in 2 different styles of dance – bharathanatyam and kuchipudi. Both were executed brilliantly.

Joy Her expression is pretty perfect, a sweet smile is constantly etched on her face and her confidence and poise is awe striking.

Grace It was nice to meet old friends. See children who I once taught, blossom into beautiful artists and striking teenagers.

Love in my soul There used to be 2 naughty siblings in one of the classes I’d often take. There were 5 and 6 respectively. They never practiced, often had no idea what they were singing and were so mischevious, I often had to punish them. Wherever they were you would know it was them as they could never stop talking. Yesterday I saw the now 10 year old reprimand a child who was about his age then for talking during the performance. Oh how they have grown. Time has flown just in a split second.

Fondness Its been wonderful company as well, took a few friends to watch the performances and they absolutely enjoyed it.

BewitchingTry as it might, the cheeky rain gods couldn’t get us to leave, we just ended up getting slightly wet. Sadly won’t be able to go daily, don’t have the time nor will traffic help.

NamaskarThis event really showed how much I have grown as a photographer, the photos, composition and quality have turned out so well, I’m beyond excitement.

Where are the mention of sundals you ask? We can get those every Fridays at any temple! ;p So the highlight of the week will solely be the arts.