Monday, September 03, 2007


When we were told a month back that FLickr international was coming down to celebrate 24 hours of Flickr project that was done on 5.5.07 – the regulars got pretty excited and looking at how the party went – it was all definetly worth the hype. FLickr and Yahoo threw us a party last week at Maison, KL. It was by far our biggest gathering and we had such a great time. A lot of new faces joined us that evening and I must say Flickr did a good job.

FLickr goodies We walked in with a bag of goodies, an awesome Polaroid shot and some compliments. I think we riled up the room with our screams.

Thanks to FLickr and Yahoo for picking KL (one of 4 cities on their Asia tour), for all the freebies, for the wonderful PRO accounts, for the wonderful party and for being such wonderful people. It was nice talking to you guys and putting faces behind FLickr which has been an awesome photography community. The adventourous lot even had a go at Durian!

We were told the group is one of the most active groups on worldwide FLickr and the party was one of the best from the ones they’ve been hosting around the world (though I hear theres no way they’re gonna put it down in writing hehehehe).

No longer innocentNow about the place, Maison is quite a lovely place with 2 levels built into an old bungalow. The lower level holds a dining area and a huge screen for presentations. The décor and lighting is pretty interesting. Instead of sofas they have velvet beds with spotlights placed at each corner. Now these spotlights provided the best light for portraiture photography. Just look at my instant models.

Cool cat moed Flickr has definetly kept to its word – connecting and sharing. I’ve had such a wonderful time with the group, met some wonderful people, and learned so much. Everytime a visiting member drops by we have such a good time. It probably helps that all these people are as wacky or a converted to the wackiness we are devoted to. Rats despite all the noise we were making, the manager tells us it was the safest party they have ever hosted. Bah!