Monday, September 03, 2007

My morning boost

I am not a morning person. I basically drag myself out of bed and into the car to a not so pretty horrendous crawl through KLs traffic.

There are 2 things that perk me up every morning and now there’s a third. Not a single weekday goes without listening to these.

I’m talking about the HITZ (Hitz is the top local Radio station that I’ve been listening to for the last 10 years – you can find out more by clicking the image on the sidebar) Yes, NO, Umm, Aah game and their Gotcha calls. I’ve been trying to get on the Yes, NO, Umm, Aah game forever but haven’t been successful. Now the games simple all you have to do is last a minute without saying Yes, NO, Umm, Aah. Sounds simple? Well very few people have managed to win, leaving the prize money to snowball to the next day.

People couldn’t even win the challenge when Rudy and JJ were on their 50 hour camp out at the station for the 50th Merdeka. Maybe they screen out Pr practinioners cozz we have been known to go on and on for hours without saying yes or no! ;p So the unfair I should be winning prizes you know!

Then there’s the gotcha calls. Sometimes it’s just unbelivably hilarious and sometimes it’s just way too scary. Like the time they called up this gal who was flirting while her father was listening on the other side, or the time a bf was listening – those were OMG situations. Today morning one guy got cornered by his mom after she heard him and his powderful language – he probably has lots to explain. Then there was this one time the guy who got gotcha-ed just couldn’t stop laughing and it was so infectious you couldn’t stop laughing. So anyone has a fav gotcha call?

On and off they do come up with the most hilarious shows. Like the recent 50 Malaysian icons. Where they brought in Malaysian favourites and our infamous bad habits to be interviewed as icons of Malaysia. My favourites were Thosai, chanai, the twin towers and of course traffic jam. Totally hilarious.

The latest game on the show is the Lie detector test. Yes they’ve brought in a lie detector into the studio to spice up the morning show. You can sign up yourself, your friends, family and anyone on the show to be strapped into the chair. Anyone willing to give it a try? They are offering RM 1000 for the brave ones!

I do miss the previous djs (fly guy and little kev) but these guys though they aren't the funniest around they can wake u up with their antics.


Gallivanter said...

Hitz FM sucks la, everyone knows that. :-P

simon said...

never been a big fan of the two... hardly anyone ever wins the yesnoummahh challenge, probably bcoz the contestant are never fully prepared!

visithra said...

hehhe the both of u jumped at the chanced didnt ya ;p