Friday, September 28, 2007


have you realized how weird it can get in a lift or anywhere around a lift?

It normally starts with the waiting. You stand metres apart fidgeting as silent as possible in your spots. Checking the time, your mobile and whatever else possible to kill the time as the nervous metre notches up.

Then tension amounts as the lift gets closed to your floor and you’re not sure who should walk in first as you don’t want to collide at the door of the lift. The moment the lift doors open there’s a few seconds of eerie discomfort as no one moves and finally one decides to take the first step.

Then there’s the pressing of the button. Do you press the button before the other person or do you wait. And then both your fingers hesitantly try to decide who hits the button first. The awkwardness sometimes leads to someone hitting the wrong floor and the person gets all fidgety.

Both then head to opposite corners and tries to act busy. Looking down so as to avoid eye contact only to end up analyzing the next persons shoe. While the other who is doing the same thing, thinks “stop looking at my shoes!”

Ah yes the world of the lift is one weird place! ;p


Nirek said...

Lift is where lot of romance happens in movie world! ;)

anasalwa said...

How true.Fidgeting and humming or mute.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Are you a Saggi? You think exactly like me. My experiences are the same as what you have mentioned about Liftology. LOL... How could it be?

Pixelated Mo said...

yeah Liftology is cool.... my coworkers and i always observe how other people react or act in and around lifts... it can be very interesting

Keshi said...

Lifts r sexy. LOL!

hey I missed ya!


Shiv said...

the lift scene as in KK...hoz u vima

Aravind said...

i read it last week, but didnt want to comment till i checked it out :D

I mean, though I use the lift so many times each day, i have never observed these... and yesterday, after reading ur post, i couldnt stop giggling whn i observed the liftologies mentioned by u :D

SamY said...

its you that is weird. you don't look at other ppl on the lift. I get to watch plenty of chicks there :). besides, such things only last minutes :p. and many gals don't seem to mind and enjoy the attention ;)

visithra said...

Nirek : heheh never had such an experience not even funny incidentsla ;p

Ana : lol yeah

Balaji : hehee no one step below a Capri ;)

Coz its universal ;p

Mo : I know – n theres the other thing the dominant ppl in the lift say theres more from one comp – they tend to hijack the lift – n speak as if no one else was there ;p

Keshi : miss ya too been busy dear – ooh they r ;)

Shiv : cant remember the scene – im good but really busy how r u

Aravind : lol heheh my theorys are normally right – hehehe glad u found it hilarious as well ;p

Samy : no its u whose the weirdo – everyone agreed but u – plus u were probably with a bunch of ppl – try being the only guy among 6 7 gals – im sure ull be fidgeting ;p