Monday, September 17, 2007

Life goes on

It was a weekend of mixed emotions.

Concentration It started of with a lovely dinner with some old and new friends. It was pretty funny the similarities between us 2 friends and the other 2. had to say no to clubbing coz I had to go home and put kolam for Chaturthi and coz we were having prayers at home at 5am in the morning. sure that’s the best time but you try waking up after sleeping at 2am!

The whole house was engulfed in smoke, heck everything still smells like smoke. We were practically floating in smoke and I ended up bringing some to work as well.

Right after that I rushed to Batu Caves for a photo session. There are 2 diverse experiences you can get from visiting Batu Caves. One is the excitement and the sounds of Thaipusam and next is the serenity of the place on any given day which is not a festival day. The two experiences are such a contrast and one can never experience both at the same time.

Any hour of the day the caves are and amazing play of lights and its coolness will just embrace you and you’ll never want to leave. Or like in our case it took hunger to drag us down. The lighting is nearly magical especially on the stairs that leads to the top most shrine.

Walking up the 272 steps was a blast, we took our time, some took even longer, and just enjoyed shooting almost everything. Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has opened the dark caves for exploring. It used to be arranged once in a while but now you’ll be able to visit them anytime of the day. We’re planning to try the route one of these days and maybe opt for a longer time. The entrance can be found at the halfway point on the stairs.

Shadow Play We spent hours just sitting at the top shrine watching the play of lights, the devotees and the tourists and of course the lovable monkeys. The thing about the monkeys is don’t disturb them and don’t carry food, the little rascals won’t disturb you. I’ve been going up for so many years and never once have they attacked me. when we were sitting there and watching the antics of ppl, it was pretty evident that people who were attacked had the tendency of provoking the animals. We ended up being the unpaid volunteers who kept reminding tourists to remove their shoes. Most people were apologetic but there was this one spoiled brat who acted as if he couldn’t understand us and continued walking in eventhough his sister went out to remove her shoes and was telling him to do so as well. Regardless of country spoiled brats are always an irritating lot!

We headed back down for food and few more hours of yakking before I had to leave to go home and get ready for my niece and nephews birthday party. We had just said goodbye when our friend went after the green man. Well theres a huge statue of Hanuman in green at the temple. It ended up being good as well as I found a budhist monk visiting the temple and he looks amazing against the grey steps.

Finally dashed off home and went about looking for the hall of the party. I’m a once a year relative visiter so I wasn’t surprised when my nephew whom I had seen at birth blinked when I walked up to him. He had this

”hello who the hell are you?? Why are you carrying me?-look ;p

Thankfully after a while he warmed up to me and was happily playing with me. kids really different instead of sucking his thumb he makes you do it. He kept putting his fingers into my mouth and popping it out ;p he’d pry my mouth open or close it whenever I stopped doing it. Lol

His sis who knew me better was a bit shy though typically of little gals.

I came to the rescue of my other nephews when they couldn’t reach this helium balloon that had flown away from its string. So there I was jumping around in a saree. I am so a grown up kidla.

They had this game for the parents where in order to win a gift for their child the fathers had to act like rockers and the crowd had to judge them. Anyway my cousin was one of the fathers on stage and the very last to perform. There was one uncle who was probably the oldest who did an amazing job. While my young cousin decides to do a lame repertoire. So when they asked the crowds to cheer for who they thought should win, his sis and me decided to get our table to boo at him and cheer for the uncle.

So the clown calls for votes for my cousin and he gets booed ;p we had to boo twice coz they were surprised he got booed. The uncle was surprised to get cheers from us coz he didn’t know who we were (neither did we) and finally he ended up winning coz the loud bunch was obviously sitting at my table ;p

Little cutiepie was with me most of the time. He was happily gulping down pieces of his cake that I was feeding him and even let me feed him his milk. I love feeding babies milk coz while you’re holding the bottle, they’re busy making shapes with their little cute fingers or drawing patterns on your skin. You have to experience it to understand the feeling.

The next day we kept postponing a visit we had no choice but to do. We had just found out that my niece’s (I have nieces who are even older than me) baby had died at birth. I’ve known her since she was a little gal (she’s a few years younger than me) as we were family friends before we became relatives and I love her grandma more than I ever did my own. What do you say to someone who has just lost a baby the whole family was waiting for?

So we kept postponing our visit but finally yesterday evening mom and I went to see her. It seems she kept asking if we knew but we had only known on Friday night. Tried not to ask much on what happened and steered the conversation to other things. Gave her the only advice I could.

Its probably for the best, its hard now but you’ll know one day and luckily nothing happened to you or anyone else.

To my little grandniece

You were a little wonder that was to be the joy of another wonder
I saw you grow in your mommys belly
You brought joy even before you arrived
There are no little toes to shower with kisses
Or delicate cheeks to smother with butterfly kisses
Baby gal, my only wish is that you went in peace
sweet dreams little love



Aravind said...

>> I am so a grown up kidla.

That u definitely are!

kG said...

I love the photo! It's very me.

mandelism said...

eh tat picture you took a vishi?? damn cun wei..

long time didnt visit blogs :) sooryy kekeke..busy :p

tc da!

Pixelated Mo said...

i have passed Batu Caves a million times... ok maybe less then hundred times only... but i have never stopped and gone in...

hmmm must make a visit soon lah

geetha said...

I like the way you describe how babies make pattern with their fingers on our skin when drinking milk.. I experience it, so I know the beautiful feeling, but with what you wrote, anybody would try to experience it any chance they get! :)

Hope your niece recovers well from her lost..

Balaji S Rajan said...


Lovely picture. I liked all the combinations in the picture. I would advise you to take up a full time job as Photographer.

Jo said...

Great shot!

visithra said...

Aravind : hehehe opsy

Kg : hey hows u - ;)

Mahen : yeah thanks ;) me toola hows u?

Mo : u should n go on a peaceful day in the mornings – its wonderful

Geetha : yeah its something ull understand only if uve looked afer a baby – hope she does too

Balaji : thanks hehehe thanks have been thinking about it

Jo :welcome here – thanks