Thursday, September 13, 2007


My car is being invaded. Again. Ok make that once a year. Last October we had gone on holiday to Kuantan, just mom and me. so the back seat as usual was empty and we had place some stuff like my shawl and some papers on the seats.

So by the time we reach our hotel in Kuantan after a leisure drive and scrumptious lunch its high noon and we’re just in time for our check in. I drop mom and our luggage which was in the bonnet at the lobby and proceeded down to park my car (the hotel has levels).

So I got out and went to the back seat to pick some things to take to the room when behold theres a colony of ants on my seat! Yes it was a colony not one or 2 but hundreds of them. So I tried to get rid as much as possible while swatting the few that got on me. Finally I give up and decide to take the car to the nearest car wash and get them. Anyways when we return later in the evening there are no signs of the ants. They had just vanished into thin air. I never saw the ants in my car again.

I guess the ants were getting bored of the tree I park under in front of my house. They were looking for better quality air and a holiday at the beach? Heheheheh

Ants Nearly one year later, yesterday on my rounds as a Chinese santaclauss* we suddenly discover a colony of ants in my backseat. Since I had no time to deal we them, we left and the funny thing is when we got back the ants were again missing. Thankfully they weren’t red ants!

I have no idea how they get in, how they got out, or why they love the back seat and why they don’t come to the front or why they’re not inside my car bonnet.

I am just lost for words. I hope my car backseat isn’t their mating ground!

* was giving away mooncakes (chinese baked cakes)


Sundar Narayanan said...

great one visithra.

loved the narrative and the photo.


either that is one big ant or you have one great macro lens.


BawangMerah said...

The ants are on a pilgrimage to some place, and the only way to get there is on your car. Now all you have to do is find out where they are going, and let them down there :P

praveen said...

They might ve thought tat u r a good driver... :D

Aravind said...

I always luv ur macro shots .... i still remember those photos of jewellery that u had posted in ur blog :) This one beats that!!! awesome!! :D

enjoyed the narration too :)

Coco Captive said...

U sure u didnt invite them over with a box of sweets? :)

visithra said...

sundar : thanks ;) it was a small one ;) pns seem to have interesting macro functions

bawangred : hehehe yeah well the last time dropped them in bangsar

Praveen : lol ahha ant certification?

Aravind : thanks dear – how r u ?

Coco : im sure – Im not a sweets person n rarely eat in the car unless im driving during lunch

Pixelated Mo said...

hmmm maybe u shld remove the back seat... u might find food under it thats attracting these little fellows...

visithra said...

mo : have to do some investigating - btw they stayed outside havent seen any so far