Monday, September 10, 2007


Walking on the edge I found these pair of shoes during one of my walks around KL – Bukit Bintang to be precise. This was away from the glitter of what has now become Middle East street. This area is between the upmarket area of Bukit Ceylon and the backpackers haven Tengkat Tong Shin and where the food gods reside at Jalan Alor. The area is a stark contrast to its high rise, sparkly neighbour the Star Hill road (Bukit Bintang).

Smack in the centre of bustling KL was this area that seemed stuck in the 80s. Grilled doors still framed its buildings, while the familiar rectangular shapes of the 80s were found everywhere.

And there were these shoes sitting out in the open behind the gated home, nearly brand new just lazing in the afternoon sun. while people were clutching their bags and cautiously walking around its glittery sister neighbourhood, a pair of shoes refused to be locked behind grills and enjoy the breeze.

The owners either a carefee soul or plain stupid! I’m not sure which one though but it made me think, have we become too cautious or is it a necessity?

ps :(shoes (especially men’s) tend to be stolen from homes often where there is a concentrated number of foreign blue collar labour.)



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Very nice shot visit. its free from use now.

BawangMerah said...

Vis, I've wanted to write this in the previous post, but I feel like I'm repeating myself. Your photos are getting better and better. Can't wait for the day you release a diary/album. With each page plastered with pictures and a few words.

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nice shot!


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awesome shot!!I jus luv the angle!!:D

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