Friday, September 28, 2007


have you realized how weird it can get in a lift or anywhere around a lift?

It normally starts with the waiting. You stand metres apart fidgeting as silent as possible in your spots. Checking the time, your mobile and whatever else possible to kill the time as the nervous metre notches up.

Then tension amounts as the lift gets closed to your floor and you’re not sure who should walk in first as you don’t want to collide at the door of the lift. The moment the lift doors open there’s a few seconds of eerie discomfort as no one moves and finally one decides to take the first step.

Then there’s the pressing of the button. Do you press the button before the other person or do you wait. And then both your fingers hesitantly try to decide who hits the button first. The awkwardness sometimes leads to someone hitting the wrong floor and the person gets all fidgety.

Both then head to opposite corners and tries to act busy. Looking down so as to avoid eye contact only to end up analyzing the next persons shoe. While the other who is doing the same thing, thinks “stop looking at my shoes!”

Ah yes the world of the lift is one weird place! ;p

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Chant of the Vel

Fly away I just realized that I never really wrote about my 2007 Thaipusam. The truth is I’m still working on the images I took in February as that was the month I traveled to Cambodia right after Thaipusam.

Though I’ve been going to Thaipusam forever, I’ve never had the chance to follow a kavadi bearer coz none of my friends or family members carried one. Then around last year we reunited with an old friend and realized he actually carries the Kavadi every year with around 10 of his friends.

Potrait of a Devotee

And so when he invited us to join him and made sure I was gonna cover the whole process, I decided to invite some of my other photographer friends as well.

Kavadi Early Thaipusam morning a few of us met up and drove towards BC. Surprisingly the roads were clear and we arrived pretty early to the meeting spot at the temples gates. Everyone who were most first time Thaipusam visitors were pretty stocked to the sounds and sights that greeted them. It took us some time to find my friends group as everyone kept stopping to take photos.

Mysterious light When we finally reached the group had already begun getting their kavadis ready and making sure every bolt in the frame was in perfect condition to ensure nothing would fall off during the walk and numerous dances. Carrying a 60 -100 kg Kavadi is no joke yet they twirl to the music oblivious to the physical challenge.

Prayers We then headed further down to their starting point where the prayers were going to be held. The 7 kavadis were lined up in a circle as friends and family stood by each bearer for moral support and the much needed in between physical support.

The men behind the Kavadi
Though only one person carries the Kavadi, it is a group effort with family and friends supporting the weight of the kavadi as they sit down for a brief rest and ensuring the crowd doesn't get in the way of their sudden urge to dance to the music.

Blessed Right after the group prayers, each kavadi bearer headed to his own kavadi and waited for his turn to be strapped on before the piercing begins. Prayers are told and blessings are seeked to ensure they finish the journey that started a month ago. Just a week back they had taken turns to hold prayers at each of their homes in anticipation of the journey.

TranceEach person reacted differently to the piercing, some struggled in pain, others like my friend had a mysterious laughter etched on his face and some silently took everything in without a single reaction.

Seeking an answer I would call it a team effort in many ways, the bearers sometimes need the extra push from their loved ones to push them towards their goal.

The Challenge Then there is that bewitching music, percussions that burn your soul. The music from these litte drums tends to haunt the soul and before you know it you become one with their journey.

Blue Shades Everytime the rhythm picks up, the once silent resting kavadi bearer jumps into action and twirls to the beat of the drums. And as sudden as their start, they suddenly stop and the mood returns to a solemn one, a stark contrast to their vigorous dance just a second ago.

Dance1.3 million people made their way to the 2007 Thaipusam celebrations in Batu Caves alone. The draw towards the festival is unexplainable, we keep going back for more, never getting enough of the sounds, smells and that first sight of Lord Muruga in his cave temple.

Where are my thoughtsThoughts are controlledTrance

The journey is long, the challenges many but determination, concentration, self control, and vel - vel, are the manthra's that drives these Kavadi bearers.

*Thaipusam is the day lord Muruga received his "vel" or lance from Goddess to vanquish the evil demon, Soorapadam.

For more photos go here


Guys need a favour. One of my readers is looking for information on Parkinson Diesease in Tamil. He plans to print and distribute it to the elderly.

I am trying my best to help source but I don’t have tamil fonts installed and though I can read I take ages.

So guys do me a favour and help ok. Thanks darlings.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lady in red

Lady in red Fancy finding a little doll in a red dress in the caves of batu caves with an equally cute bf. Well she looked so adorable in her red dress that we kept photographing her while she was posing for her bf. Then I saw her open her cutesy pink umbrella and I prayed to all the gods to give me THE shot coz people were walking everywhere.

Guess what he answered my prayers. ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

On Print

The Star : Rage pullout 21st September 2007

I have been having such a long week that when I got back to the office I was overjoyed to hear the news.

The KL Flickr Meetup Group had organized a Merdeka Photo Shootout during the recent 50th Merdeka. In occasion to that some photos were selected to be printed in the Star : Rage pullout.

Woo hoo I got printed ;p heheh ok ok enough shameless plugging
(my shot is the one that was framed in red ;)

Congrats to the rest who were featured.

Sadly I can't get a copy of the paper as RAGE is only give out in colleges and universities. So anyone has an extra copy? Pretty please? ;p

ps : does anyone have an extra copy? I want one please ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

God bless all of us

The thing about knowing a lot of people is sometimes you hear information you can neither write about nor share with others. Before the news was broken by the press, I had heard that the child that was found was Nurin.

A month back an 8 year old child went missing after venturing out alone to buy things. She was never found alive as 2 days back a childs body was packaged in a sports bag and placed at a shop. The poor child had gone through immense pain. While the news had shocked the country, it was her photo that was splashed on the front page of NST that had irked me.

Where was the dignity of the child, why do you have to torture her even after her death. There is no need to show her face that way, the bag was enough to stir everyones heart.

But how long will hearts remain stirred? This isn’t the first child to have been murdered so tragically, neither is she the first missing child to have such a fate – it isn’t a first of anything. Children, women, boys will continue to be raped and sodomised coz no action is taken, reactions to such incidents never turn into solid actions, the penalty for sexual offence will never be raised, we will continue to discuss this issue till the next hot issue resurfaces and before we know it Nurin will be a distant memory and yesterdays news.

Actually she’s already yesterdays news, for the next 2 weeks or so, we will have people talking about this, commenting on it , being shocked about it, we will have promises of better rules, better security, or better laws but in more or less 2 weeks everything will be forgotten.

Does anyone remember Audrey Melissa – the teenager who was kidnapped and raped just metres away from her school compound while in her demure school uniform?

Do you know how many women get stalked on a daily basis? How many women who face sexual harrastment from strangers, employers, family and friends? Do you know how many victims remain silent as neither their families, friends nor society will believe them or perhaps even resort to blaming them for dressing up provocatively or for tempting the preparator?

So what was the 8 year old wearing?

Rape is an act of power. Rapists prey on victims who are helpless, demure and rarely someone who is supposedly "provocatively" dressed as they thrive not in the act but in the fear and pain they inflict on their victims.

Someone just said I can't believe this is happening here. My foot!!!! It has been happening here and everywhere forever, there have been silent victims, victims who were never found and victims who were part of yesterdays hot news. Check this link there’s a case right up to 1987 and that’s probably from the writers memory. But what about the rest???

(check the ones marked grey - there have been so many reactions but never actions)

All I can say is look after yourself, always watch your back, always be aware of your surroundings.

Teach the same to your grandma, mother, aunt, sister, niece, grandchild, friends and their friends.

Teach them self defence, teach them to kick where it hurts, teach them to yell

teach them family friends aren’t all gold – there are monsters there as well and that you will believe them and support them if something happens

tell them you will trust them no matter what and that they are more important that society

do not put aside complaints of stalkers or harassments that your loved ones tell you about - it definitely means something.

Teach them that molest or even words is a huge issue and they shouldn’t feel embarrassed to speak out against it

Most of all if you suspect a child being abused or if you see something help or atleast call the authoritys. DO YOUR BIT!!!!

You know whats the irony of all this, you can’t change fate but you can prepare them for the worst and be there for them.

Don’t think it will never happen to someone you know, probably it has already happened to one of them but as statistics show nearly every women has been sexually assaulted in one way or another and most go unreported. So learn how to accept the fact that it can happen, and don’t live in denial.

Unless you can accept that they can never recover.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Life goes on

It was a weekend of mixed emotions.

Concentration It started of with a lovely dinner with some old and new friends. It was pretty funny the similarities between us 2 friends and the other 2. had to say no to clubbing coz I had to go home and put kolam for Chaturthi and coz we were having prayers at home at 5am in the morning. sure that’s the best time but you try waking up after sleeping at 2am!

The whole house was engulfed in smoke, heck everything still smells like smoke. We were practically floating in smoke and I ended up bringing some to work as well.

Right after that I rushed to Batu Caves for a photo session. There are 2 diverse experiences you can get from visiting Batu Caves. One is the excitement and the sounds of Thaipusam and next is the serenity of the place on any given day which is not a festival day. The two experiences are such a contrast and one can never experience both at the same time.

Any hour of the day the caves are and amazing play of lights and its coolness will just embrace you and you’ll never want to leave. Or like in our case it took hunger to drag us down. The lighting is nearly magical especially on the stairs that leads to the top most shrine.

Walking up the 272 steps was a blast, we took our time, some took even longer, and just enjoyed shooting almost everything. Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has opened the dark caves for exploring. It used to be arranged once in a while but now you’ll be able to visit them anytime of the day. We’re planning to try the route one of these days and maybe opt for a longer time. The entrance can be found at the halfway point on the stairs.

Shadow Play We spent hours just sitting at the top shrine watching the play of lights, the devotees and the tourists and of course the lovable monkeys. The thing about the monkeys is don’t disturb them and don’t carry food, the little rascals won’t disturb you. I’ve been going up for so many years and never once have they attacked me. when we were sitting there and watching the antics of ppl, it was pretty evident that people who were attacked had the tendency of provoking the animals. We ended up being the unpaid volunteers who kept reminding tourists to remove their shoes. Most people were apologetic but there was this one spoiled brat who acted as if he couldn’t understand us and continued walking in eventhough his sister went out to remove her shoes and was telling him to do so as well. Regardless of country spoiled brats are always an irritating lot!

We headed back down for food and few more hours of yakking before I had to leave to go home and get ready for my niece and nephews birthday party. We had just said goodbye when our friend went after the green man. Well theres a huge statue of Hanuman in green at the temple. It ended up being good as well as I found a budhist monk visiting the temple and he looks amazing against the grey steps.

Finally dashed off home and went about looking for the hall of the party. I’m a once a year relative visiter so I wasn’t surprised when my nephew whom I had seen at birth blinked when I walked up to him. He had this

”hello who the hell are you?? Why are you carrying me?-look ;p

Thankfully after a while he warmed up to me and was happily playing with me. kids really different instead of sucking his thumb he makes you do it. He kept putting his fingers into my mouth and popping it out ;p he’d pry my mouth open or close it whenever I stopped doing it. Lol

His sis who knew me better was a bit shy though typically of little gals.

I came to the rescue of my other nephews when they couldn’t reach this helium balloon that had flown away from its string. So there I was jumping around in a saree. I am so a grown up kidla.

They had this game for the parents where in order to win a gift for their child the fathers had to act like rockers and the crowd had to judge them. Anyway my cousin was one of the fathers on stage and the very last to perform. There was one uncle who was probably the oldest who did an amazing job. While my young cousin decides to do a lame repertoire. So when they asked the crowds to cheer for who they thought should win, his sis and me decided to get our table to boo at him and cheer for the uncle.

So the clown calls for votes for my cousin and he gets booed ;p we had to boo twice coz they were surprised he got booed. The uncle was surprised to get cheers from us coz he didn’t know who we were (neither did we) and finally he ended up winning coz the loud bunch was obviously sitting at my table ;p

Little cutiepie was with me most of the time. He was happily gulping down pieces of his cake that I was feeding him and even let me feed him his milk. I love feeding babies milk coz while you’re holding the bottle, they’re busy making shapes with their little cute fingers or drawing patterns on your skin. You have to experience it to understand the feeling.

The next day we kept postponing a visit we had no choice but to do. We had just found out that my niece’s (I have nieces who are even older than me) baby had died at birth. I’ve known her since she was a little gal (she’s a few years younger than me) as we were family friends before we became relatives and I love her grandma more than I ever did my own. What do you say to someone who has just lost a baby the whole family was waiting for?

So we kept postponing our visit but finally yesterday evening mom and I went to see her. It seems she kept asking if we knew but we had only known on Friday night. Tried not to ask much on what happened and steered the conversation to other things. Gave her the only advice I could.

Its probably for the best, its hard now but you’ll know one day and luckily nothing happened to you or anyone else.

To my little grandniece

You were a little wonder that was to be the joy of another wonder
I saw you grow in your mommys belly
You brought joy even before you arrived
There are no little toes to shower with kisses
Or delicate cheeks to smother with butterfly kisses
Baby gal, my only wish is that you went in peace
sweet dreams little love


Friday, September 14, 2007

Knee deep

When you’re a kid and wading through knee deep water, the last thing you worry about is mud filled classes, all you’re thinking about is alright the lake came to us!

My town looks flat but as it used to be an old mining town, if you studied the topography you’ll realize the town isn’t as even as it seems. The lowest area in town is smack in the middle of my primary school and the housing area right in front of it. Though a river flows behind the school, the river and the housing area behind it is on higher ground.

Everytime it rains for more than 3 hours, the school and the rows of shops will get flooded while the people on the higher ground would walk out to watch this part of town get immersed in water. I know it sounds cruel but theres this thrill of standing at the edge of waves of water and see it get deeper just a few metres away.

The funny thing is it used to rain right after recess which is brilliant coz that’s the best period in school. You’ve just gotten back from snacking on junk food and running around with your friends, full and sweaty yet the full blast fans aren’t doing much to cool you down. Imagine a heavy rain pouring just about then. I think rain conspired against school or at least school at my time coz it always rained at the same time after recess. It doesn’t rain at 11 am now that often!

The moment it starts raining, and the cold win gushes through, we start smilling in glee as we start hoping that it would flood. The teacher would be babbling at the front but all of us would be peeking outside and hoping the water levels will rise. We’d wait anxiously for the announcement that will allow us to go home early. Oh yes we got the day off the moment the waters rose to about 10 inches since we were in our primary school.

We had the routine all planned out. We’d first remove our shoes and roll down our socks and place it into plastic bags that were then stuffed into our already full bags. We didn’t want to risk our mothers screaming our heads off for soaking our shoes in the flood water. Then we’d make sure the bags were closed airtight so none of our books will get wet. Then the wading began. Cool water trickling through your toes and then reaching your knees as you walk through the flood. We never ran in the water coz we were trying to enjoy the waters as much as possible under the watchful eyes of the school guard and teachers.

We couldn’t really play in the water coz the teachers were always looking ;p but the wading used to be enough for us. After a short distance we’d be unfortunately out of the water and we’d walk barefooted for the rest of the way on the pretext of looking after our shoes ;p

School would be off for the afternoon and I remember I used to cycle by or get dad to drive us by to see how the school looked. The waters would have resided but it wasn’t a pretty sight. The whole area would have turned brown with mud and rubbish strewn everywhere. Fireman would have arrived by then to clean the school with their powerful water hoses. Probably explains my infatuation with men in uniforms ….. hummmm ;p

Next day we’d have to clean up our classes and rearrange tables that were pushed away by the water hoses. So that was another few hours of break depending on how slow we worked ;p and before you know it, it would be recess ;)

Those were definitely the golden days!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


My car is being invaded. Again. Ok make that once a year. Last October we had gone on holiday to Kuantan, just mom and me. so the back seat as usual was empty and we had place some stuff like my shawl and some papers on the seats.

So by the time we reach our hotel in Kuantan after a leisure drive and scrumptious lunch its high noon and we’re just in time for our check in. I drop mom and our luggage which was in the bonnet at the lobby and proceeded down to park my car (the hotel has levels).

So I got out and went to the back seat to pick some things to take to the room when behold theres a colony of ants on my seat! Yes it was a colony not one or 2 but hundreds of them. So I tried to get rid as much as possible while swatting the few that got on me. Finally I give up and decide to take the car to the nearest car wash and get them. Anyways when we return later in the evening there are no signs of the ants. They had just vanished into thin air. I never saw the ants in my car again.

I guess the ants were getting bored of the tree I park under in front of my house. They were looking for better quality air and a holiday at the beach? Heheheheh

Ants Nearly one year later, yesterday on my rounds as a Chinese santaclauss* we suddenly discover a colony of ants in my backseat. Since I had no time to deal we them, we left and the funny thing is when we got back the ants were again missing. Thankfully they weren’t red ants!

I have no idea how they get in, how they got out, or why they love the back seat and why they don’t come to the front or why they’re not inside my car bonnet.

I am just lost for words. I hope my car backseat isn’t their mating ground!

* was giving away mooncakes (chinese baked cakes)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the line of fire

His presentation was an eye openor. It helped that the presenter was such a humble man with amazing talent and the willingness to share his experience.

They say let your photos do the talking – and oh my did they tell stories!

Last week I had the privilege to meet and introduce Zainal Halim from Reuters at a presentation on Photojournalism.

“Photojournalism is regarded as the most difficult genre in photography.
The job involves high risks, yet the expected quality of the pictures are
very high. Photojournalists are supposed to present not only documentary
photographs that depict the reality of any given circumstance, but also
photographs that appeal to, and move, people's emotion with an artistic

As quoted by him “Photojournalism is not a glamorous job - if you want glamour
this is not the job for you”

He loved getting questions and was ever willing to answer them and give us pointers on whats the best practices. Even when I asked him which comes first the photo or helping a person in need?

He’s climbed on top of buildings, trucks, hid in drains, got shots and how he would ran back into his car and drive away, waited for hours (the longest was 48 hours), returned back to areas to get the right shots, braved traffic, dodged bullets, jailed, been in the thick of war, stomped on his camera (whole room gasped when we heard that since none of us will do that), slept on the ground (one of the best angles for photos), met and photographed such beautiful women (none who are filmstars).

One of the things he pointed out to us (which I truly believe was) you have to understand what, who, where and why you’re shooting something. If it’s a sport you have to understand the game, the concept of the game, the characteristics of its players, their victory celebrations and at the same time try to frame the event into it.

I asked him did it help being a muslim while traveling in Afghanistan? He told us an interesting story. He was traveling through the desserts of Afghan when a sandstorm wipes out their tracks and his guide tells him there were lost in a high risk land mine area and all they can do is pray for help. Having no where to go and not knowing where danger was that’s what they did and miraculously they found their tracks some hours later. They made their way to a tent perched in the dessert only to face the end of a rifle. The man demanded if he was muslim when he said yes he asked him to recite one of the quranic verses. Only after he did so did the man embrace him and invite him for tea. While they were chatting (with the help of his guide) suddenly the man picks up his gun n shoots barely missing zainal by cms. He turned back to look and there lay a dead dessert snake.

After leaving the man, deeper into their journey towards the city their jeep stalled and just when they were contemplating what to do a man drives by and helps them restart the car. Miracles do happen I guess, only if you look closely.
The same applies to shooting different cultures and countries, find out more about them before you decide to photograph so that you’ll know what to expect and yet expect the unexpected.

Most times people say photographers are behind the scene but like Zainal pointed out yesterday its actually the other way round, shyness will not get you your shots. You have to walk up to people and ask them for information, you have to be creative in getting that shot you imagined. The more approachable you are the less hostile the situation.

Simple, basic information but definitely an inspiring presentation.

Check his website here – his photos are amazing.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Walking on the edge I found these pair of shoes during one of my walks around KL – Bukit Bintang to be precise. This was away from the glitter of what has now become Middle East street. This area is between the upmarket area of Bukit Ceylon and the backpackers haven Tengkat Tong Shin and where the food gods reside at Jalan Alor. The area is a stark contrast to its high rise, sparkly neighbour the Star Hill road (Bukit Bintang).

Smack in the centre of bustling KL was this area that seemed stuck in the 80s. Grilled doors still framed its buildings, while the familiar rectangular shapes of the 80s were found everywhere.

And there were these shoes sitting out in the open behind the gated home, nearly brand new just lazing in the afternoon sun. while people were clutching their bags and cautiously walking around its glittery sister neighbourhood, a pair of shoes refused to be locked behind grills and enjoy the breeze.

The owners either a carefee soul or plain stupid! I’m not sure which one though but it made me think, have we become too cautious or is it a necessity?

ps :(shoes (especially men’s) tend to be stolen from homes often where there is a concentrated number of foreign blue collar labour.)


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ask Malaysia

Merdeka ladyA week before the national day celebrations, we had hit the centre of KL to do a small project called Ask Malaysia. The idea was to get people to write messages on what they felt on the country and our 50th independence. However that day we got so engrossed taking photos of the parade rehearsals that we ditched the idea. However we then decided to continue the project on Merdeka day itself as we had planned to catch the National day parade.

6 am is a horrible time to get up especially on a non working day. I practically had to drag myself out of bed. We made our way to Brickfields to park our cars and get on a bus towards CM (Central Market). Right before that I had to stop at a 7-eleven to get some battries when the kid behind the counter goes.

Are u going to the parade?

Yep ;)

Me too – I’m shooting off as soon as I finish here ;)

We reached our meeting restaurant to find a few friends already there but unfortunately the milo ice addict me had to settle for a hot cuppa as they had no ice! How can you not have ice??? Bah

When we returned there that evening (yeah in the evening), the first thing I asked was do you have ice?? Thankfully they did.

Have you ever walked up to a stranger and asked them to write down a message and take a photograph? Its not an easy thing to do but from my experience in shooting street photos, often people will humour you and pose for you. Walking up to perfect strangers did prove exactly that.

Ask Malaysia #2As I settled into my seat, more friends and new members started streaming in and that’s when he walked in. I was totally besotted coz if you hadn’t known I have a thing for men in uniform. And when a navy guy walks in, the last thing I would be doing is sitting in my seat. Well actually that was the first time I walked up to a navy and spoke to them. Actually I’m a bit the shy but photography has thought me to seek the unknown, the unusual and the out of ordinary.

He was the first one I asked and he set the theme for the day. That’s why most of the photos are of the Malaysian armed forces. When I walked up to him, he was a bit apprehensive, but then he gamely wrote down his messge for me. He wrote the longest message and despite having his food waiting to be eaten he gamely posed for us.

Ask Malaysia # 5

Next up were 2 police officers who were keeping an eye on the crowd. They were pretty amused with my request but he finally agreed to write a message so was the army officer who was standing next to his awesome tank. The last time I saw a tank this close was when I went for the military day at the airforce camp and airport in Sungai besi when I was about 10 years old.
Ask Malaysia # 4

One of the interesting part about asking them for the messages was normally theyd be taken aback by the request and then they’ll smile sheepishly and write down their message. If I had more time, and they were not busy doing their duties we could have probably gotten more stories.

Ask Malaysia # 10

One of my favs was this beautiful lady that was wearing our national flag the jalur gemilang as her costume and she looked so regal and sweet. She gamely posed for us before I posed my question to her and with her sweet smile she agreed and went on jotting down her note. What a smile eh?

Ask Malaysia # 6
And so I got the fireman,

Ask Malaysia #3
the official guard of honour in their smart baju melayu (traditional malay attire) uniform.

Ask Malaysia # 8
an officer and his family

Ask Malaysia # 7
NS trainees (Teenagers taking part in the national service program for a 3 month duration).

Ask Malaysia # 11
A doctor who was also an ex student of the royal military college since 1957.

Ask Malaysia # 9
I ended up stalking this teenager dressed in a olden day Baju Melayu with his headgear and dagger (keris). He just looked so regal that even after getting him to write down his message I was still taking photos of him and this is one of my favourite shots of him.
50 years

Ask Malaysia # pre shot
These people were dressed in the old port swethenham (now known as port klang – the port of penisular Malaysia) uniforms. Shorts never looked these good ;p
Ask Malaysia project#1

Of course I did encounter a few rejections, funnily it all came from the traffic cops. I’m not sure why. You must be wondering why most of the photos were of the men well I did approach one lady traffic cop and that turned out to be rudest women around. Just like I had approached the others, I walked up to her and said a chirpy smiley hi (yes I’m very chirpy).she just looked at me, glared and gave me a dirty look and walked away. I tried again thinking she hadn’t heard me but she did the same thing again. I was really taken aback given I had been getting so many wonderful messages from the armed forces.

That did bring down my mood and I think I spent the next 10 minutes with this grey cloud hanging over me as I complained to the rest of the gang. That’s when this traffic cop pulls over right in front of me and I decided to try my luck again. He just made my day and I probably developed a tiny crush on him ;p

Ask Malaysia : - sweetest cop ever

I told him about our little project and he tells us in this amazing baritone voice that was accompanied by his gorgeous smile that though he’d love to write down a message for me, he was on duty and about to escort the vips out of the parade. He was just so nice that I told him you have just made my day. And guess what he told me?

“you just made my day as well” :PPPPPPP

(*visi faints and goes awwwwwwwwwww)

Hehhe oh yeah he boosted back my spirits alright and the rude lady was forgotten.

Ask Malaysia # 12

One of the last messages I got before I burned out from the sun was this lovely lady who was with her family. It wasnt in the theme, but I had been watching her for awhile. It had been a cold morning and by afternoon the weather had turned unbelievably hot (explains the wonderful blue skies). The only way to get to the parade area was by public transport, either by taking the bus or by train and iyou’d have had to get up really early to get there. So my heart and admiration goes out to the family who took the time and effort to bring the lovely young lady to the parade. When I approached them I told them I wanted the message from the young lady and she smiled graciously and wrote down her message. This photo says love, oneness, determination, family and patriotism in many ways.

I had a great time doing this project, it just further proved that Malaysians are a wonderful lot even with the few bad apples. Happy 50th Merdeka.

Monday, September 03, 2007


When we were told a month back that FLickr international was coming down to celebrate 24 hours of Flickr project that was done on 5.5.07 – the regulars got pretty excited and looking at how the party went – it was all definetly worth the hype. FLickr and Yahoo threw us a party last week at Maison, KL. It was by far our biggest gathering and we had such a great time. A lot of new faces joined us that evening and I must say Flickr did a good job.

FLickr goodies We walked in with a bag of goodies, an awesome Polaroid shot and some compliments. I think we riled up the room with our screams.

Thanks to FLickr and Yahoo for picking KL (one of 4 cities on their Asia tour), for all the freebies, for the wonderful PRO accounts, for the wonderful party and for being such wonderful people. It was nice talking to you guys and putting faces behind FLickr which has been an awesome photography community. The adventourous lot even had a go at Durian!

We were told the group is one of the most active groups on worldwide FLickr and the party was one of the best from the ones they’ve been hosting around the world (though I hear theres no way they’re gonna put it down in writing hehehehe).

No longer innocentNow about the place, Maison is quite a lovely place with 2 levels built into an old bungalow. The lower level holds a dining area and a huge screen for presentations. The d├ęcor and lighting is pretty interesting. Instead of sofas they have velvet beds with spotlights placed at each corner. Now these spotlights provided the best light for portraiture photography. Just look at my instant models.

Cool cat moed Flickr has definetly kept to its word – connecting and sharing. I’ve had such a wonderful time with the group, met some wonderful people, and learned so much. Everytime a visiting member drops by we have such a good time. It probably helps that all these people are as wacky or a converted to the wackiness we are devoted to. Rats despite all the noise we were making, the manager tells us it was the safest party they have ever hosted. Bah!

My morning boost

I am not a morning person. I basically drag myself out of bed and into the car to a not so pretty horrendous crawl through KLs traffic.

There are 2 things that perk me up every morning and now there’s a third. Not a single weekday goes without listening to these.

I’m talking about the HITZ (Hitz is the top local Radio station that I’ve been listening to for the last 10 years – you can find out more by clicking the image on the sidebar) Yes, NO, Umm, Aah game and their Gotcha calls. I’ve been trying to get on the Yes, NO, Umm, Aah game forever but haven’t been successful. Now the games simple all you have to do is last a minute without saying Yes, NO, Umm, Aah. Sounds simple? Well very few people have managed to win, leaving the prize money to snowball to the next day.

People couldn’t even win the challenge when Rudy and JJ were on their 50 hour camp out at the station for the 50th Merdeka. Maybe they screen out Pr practinioners cozz we have been known to go on and on for hours without saying yes or no! ;p So the unfair I should be winning prizes you know!

Then there’s the gotcha calls. Sometimes it’s just unbelivably hilarious and sometimes it’s just way too scary. Like the time they called up this gal who was flirting while her father was listening on the other side, or the time a bf was listening – those were OMG situations. Today morning one guy got cornered by his mom after she heard him and his powderful language – he probably has lots to explain. Then there was this one time the guy who got gotcha-ed just couldn’t stop laughing and it was so infectious you couldn’t stop laughing. So anyone has a fav gotcha call?

On and off they do come up with the most hilarious shows. Like the recent 50 Malaysian icons. Where they brought in Malaysian favourites and our infamous bad habits to be interviewed as icons of Malaysia. My favourites were Thosai, chanai, the twin towers and of course traffic jam. Totally hilarious.

The latest game on the show is the Lie detector test. Yes they’ve brought in a lie detector into the studio to spice up the morning show. You can sign up yourself, your friends, family and anyone on the show to be strapped into the chair. Anyone willing to give it a try? They are offering RM 1000 for the brave ones!

I do miss the previous djs (fly guy and little kev) but these guys though they aren't the funniest around they can wake u up with their antics.