Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You want photo? 1 Usd!

Sunrise at Angkor

Expectations are a funny thing. You spend years wishing to be somewhere. Images of the place have often left you breathless and years go by and your yearning grows. So one day you make the trip only to have most of your illusion crumbled. So the sights didn’t dissapoint but everything else did. That’s how I’d describe my trip to Cambodia. You see I had wanted to visit Angkor Wat for at least the last 10 years.

I’ve never waited for a trip to end but it happened this time though I must say it got better towards the end only becaused we moved to a different city. I cannot tell you the number of times my friend and I wished we were in India instead where the people were nicer and everything was more reasonable and you didn’t get an 8 year old telling you “this is my country I will stand wherever I want and you get out of my country!”

Yep it was that bad. The people of Siam Reap aren’t nice nor honest. They pester the living daylights out of you and unless you shower them with as much money as they want, you should get out of their country. We had an 8 year old and a tuk-tuk drivers friend tell us that. They will also call you stingy if you don’t pay or spend as much as they want.

Dreams are made here The place is ridiculously expensive though you’ll be surprised how reasonably priced it is to dine in a well established restaurant compared to the prices you pay near the temples in shack like food stalls, actually you pay nearly the same amount. Tuk-Tuk drivers also have the tendency of agreeing on one price at the beginning and demanding for more later.

That was in Siam Reap but as we ventured into Phnom Pehn the capital of Cambodia the situation got better. People were a tad bit nicer, less persistent badgering by children and tuk-tuk drivers and overall we met some nice people. As you can see the trip had its ups and down’s neverthless we did have fun.

I will be writing a detailed report on both the cities and tips on where to go, when to go, how to beat the crowds, where to eat, what to eat, how to save, how to be financially smart in a dishonest city and other information you will love to know. Siam reap is definetly a beautiful place to visit but maybe only once.

ps : this is gonna be a long series as I actually wrote this post immediately after I came back but didn't have time to edit the images so have fun.

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anjali said...

Aaaa...finally! :-)

ashok said...

thats great! waiting for more!

visithra said...

anj : hehe yeah - but most of the photos are still unedited - pc giving probs as well - sigh

ashok - ;)

Pixelated Mo said...

the pics are superb lah... u had posted these photos in your flicker page right?

visithra said...

mo : thanks - yeah its the same ones - see the post was written in february itself after we got back - its really long - but the photos weren't edited so was waiting to find time for that - but its august and i still haven't - so im making do with what i have ;p

plus the pc has been giving me some probs - so i havent been able to edit photos for the last 2 weeks - so ill update these posts later with the images n update everyone with the photos then.