Monday, August 20, 2007

Things that irritate me

Things strangers do that irritate me

ppl who don’t wait for others to come out of the lift before entering (hello don’t be so rude)

There are some buildings ..... that have only one lift that travels from the basement to the other floors so if you see someone walking towards the lift you should have the courtesy to wait for them as well! Its not gonna take longer than a minute!

Leaving the toilet seat wet – ewww how disgusting can you be?

Wasting toilet paper unnecessarily – I once saw this gal unroll a long bundle of toilet paper and threw it coz it was touched by someone else! Sure go ahead and do that but you don’t need to throw away so much of paper!

Not flushing – yeah women are culprits too!

Cutting in line coz she was previously in the line earlier.

Men who walk through doors that you opened for the pregnant/ old folks!

Hogging your seat (when there’s a pregnant lady or old people standing) and the one next to you coz you think you own the bus or train

Pushing people to get ahead.

Leaving their icky chewing gum on the streets, under tables on chairs!

People who insist on driving ahead when it would be easier for them to reverse since the other person has no space to do so!

You’re trying to change lanes and the person isn’t giving way for you coz they don’t want someone else to get back earlier. Sure do that if they did that at the toll or the traffic light but not on the highway

Wanna add to the list??


Kasablanka said...

This is something that I had written in one of my old blogs...very true abt the lift thing..
I get so irritated wen ppl barge in without giving time for someone to get out...Gud one Vima!!!

zewt said...

looks like a whole bunch of malaysian traits to me ... :)

Balaji S Rajan said...


Believe me or not! I was thinking of something in the same angle, and was about to publish them shortly. Another coincidence is most of the items list are there in my list too. I get easily irritated for the toilets condition, chewing gum, trying to supercede in a queue and other reasons too! Well done. I think all Saggis think the same.

visithra said...

kasablanka : shiv u changed names?

zewt : hehehe nah its universal

balaji : hehehe lol great minds think alike

but im a capri ;p