Monday, August 13, 2007

Story Telling

Time to tell a story oh no I meant coin a story. I’m gonna be away tomorrow so lets see what you guys can come up with. The idea is to continue the story from where one person stops. So lets see how bizarre the storty goes.

The train halted abruptly taking its passengers by surprise. Most people managed to hold on to something in the nick of time while some weren’t as lucky. So far no one was injured in David’s compartment. David looked out of the window of the train to see what had caused the driver or someone to pull the breaks.

All right now its your turn!

Have fun.


Sashi said...

David's jaw dropped as his mind struggled to understand what his eyes were seeing.

All around the train was sand, sand and more sand. Not a sign of a building or vegetation to be found. No animals or birds or any other sign of life could he see, save the screaming and the wailing of his fellow passengers.

"Are we in hell?", he wondered. Just then, he heard a knock on his compartment door.

sreekrishnanv said...

Why would some one knock the door, He was not sure whether the train had derailed or was it some kind of emergency or thieves.
With such a thought in mind, he went to the compartment door and opened to find a man Clad in Khadi, with a gandhi Topi holding a flag in his hand.

Sir! You are no more legally allowed to be in India, we have got our freedom.

David thought ! "What the Hell!!"