Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mixed emotions

@ If you’ve been following my Flickr page, you’ll realize there haven’t been any updates since July. Well I ran out of space on my pc and photoshope refused to launch. So I am currently painstakingly deleting images from my pc and saving only the best ones on my external hardrive. So far have managed to create over 10 g of space but I still can’t open photoshop! Sigh it might be a ram problem and looks like pc darling needs an uplift! I miss posting images!

@ Met a few of my ex colleagues from the last 4 years in ex company last week for dinner. Its interesting to see that some of us still click and we had so much to talk and b*itch about. Though the restaurant was really bad. Bad service, mediocre food, and questionable cleanliness – btw stay away from Esquire Kitchen at Midvalley. Not only did we have to request for clean utinsels we saw a rat run around in the kitchen! Luckily the company was good. The last time we met we actually ended up yakking in a silent dim lit passageway bench hours after closing time ;p Time just flew!

@ I had a really wonderful weekend at the zoo with the kids;p Details of which I will delve on soon.

@ Organising taking 30 kids out for dinner at a temple isn’t easy I was nearly at my wits ends not coz of the children but because of how selfish some adults can be. But seeing the happiness of the kids enjoying themselves with us was priceless enough. Oh but it was so cute to have a tail of kids following me everywhere and dragging me around the temple to show me the little things that excite them. Oh yes the restaurant still holds the best veg nasi lemak title ;p

@ One of the things I hate about society gatherings is how selfish some adults can be. They’re first to stand in line and are so thick faced, they’ll have containers ready to pack food enough for a family of 4 for the next 2 days! Even when you hold them back politely they will push you and children away so they can get the food! I think beggars have more dignity than you people! Idiots! Knowing your selfishness we had a separate section set for the children and all I did was leave the spot for a second, before I know this woman and her friends had stormed the section packing mountains of food. Bloody bit*ches. If you think you’re holy let me tell you, you’re gonna rot in hell. Selfishness was never part of any religions prayers!

@ One b*astard who raped his sick wife and then let his friends gang rape her was hanged today. Good riddance. I am so happy I’ll probably go celebrate this later, just I’m a bit disappointed he’s dying so easily.


anigma said...

Hey there! Don't fret over such idiotic people. Not worth it. Some people are just like that. Perhaps they will be born into hungry ghosts in their next life. Let the Divine deal with them.

I am not a fan of Esquire Kitchen. The one in One U is not too bad though. I go there coz a friend always wanted to eat sweet sour pork.

Kasa said...

Very long time..Hoz you been??

Pixelated Mo said...

sorry to hear about your PC...

Twisted DNA said...

I can't even imagine how you managed 30 kids!! That's quite a talent! I can't manage one, my own, kid :)

"I ran out of space on my pc"
Have you heard of this modern invention called "USB External Harddrive?" :P

visithra said...

anigma : i swear of esquire nowadays

kasa ;) im good

mo : yeah ;)

dna : hehehe apparently own kids are harder - but but i brought up a kid bfr ;p

oooh i have that - n i still ran out of space ;p