Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jeevs Birthday

I've known him for 2 years now and I've seen him grow out of his shell. If ever a non-blogger were to ask why blog? All I'll have to do is point to Jeevan.

Happy Birthday to my dear brother.

Monday, July 30, 2007


I have the fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Sigh ;(

Anyways I was watching MTV while nursing a headache when this song popped up on the tv. For a moment I thought I was back to the 80s but then I looked closer at the video as the music sounded Indian more like a mix of rap and tamil gana. Then I blinked somemore when I realized the African dancers were definetly doing tamil gana song steps. Anyway I looked her up and whatya know – the missie does have tamil roots. This is her second album and a collaboration with Timbaland (oooh besides being so musically talented I have the hots for Timbaland ;p) is in the pipes as well.

OK the reason I’m putting this up here is simply coz the music sounds familiar – like some tamil song that’s already playing the airwaves. Anyone hears the same? I can’t figure it out just that it sounds really familiar. Do catch the video.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Clumsy me

I was writing the tag when I realized one of the facts was a post on its own. Seriously I’m quite clumsy/ imbalanced or whatever word you want to call it. I’m prone to falling down in the most embarrassing places so much I’d instantly get up and act as if nothing happened ;p Funny thing is I never had that prob when I was dancing on stage.

I probably love the Jack and Jill poem a lot - u know where Jill came tumbling after? ;p Here’s a list of places I’ve fallen at/ from

1. throughout school I’d fall down on the stony path to the canteen and scrape my knees silly every other week I think
2. I’ve fallen of the highest point of a huge slide during my dad’s companys family day and I was 17 ;p
3. I slipped down the natural slide at Sg Gabai and freaked out my friends – though me head was throbbing I acted like I was ok
4. Got hit by a car once while I was cycling and flew of the bike and blacked out for a few seconds – no my life did not flash by – had no injuries – ok that was not clumsy but it’s a nice story ;p
5. slipped and fell down at a restaurant to the shock of the owner – very embarrassing and this was last year
6. I’ve fallen off our double decker bed when I was younger
7. have missed my step on a few stairs – at work, at batucaves (yes scary), at pwtc, ect

Lol that’s all I can remember for now. Its just pretty common with me ;p So now u know I’m super clumsy or am I just accident prone (the number of times I bump into something is just ridiculous! ;p

ps : none were on the influence of anything, I was the only thing to influnce myself ;p

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tag you're it

I was tagged by Jeevan to write 8 facts about my self – it has silly rules though so I’m just gonna ignore them.

1. I dislike Bananas and mangos – but I like Banana fritters and cake – yeah I
contradict myself all the time ;p.
2. Every morning I reverse the car first even when there’s no car parked in
front of mine. It’s a habit.
3. I am not a morning person unless I’m still in bed.
4. I love to laugh – I can laugh at the most ridiculous stuff even if its not
funny – so if u think you’re funny coz Im laughing at your jokes -
don’t trust me ;p
5. I do not know how to swim but I love the water.
6. My memory is quite bad – most times I act as if I remember someone – I
inherited this from my mom – we are known to indulge in banter though we
have no idea who we’re talking to.
7. I’m quite clumsy/ imbalanced – I’m prone to falling down in the most
embarrassing places but I never had that prob when I was dancing
8. I dislike deliriously happy music as I don’t think such a thing exists

Tag number 2

Anj tagged me as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" – woohooo but am I a rocker – well I do head bang on n off n turn my already frizzy hair even wild ;p Thanks darling.

Anyways I’m supposed to nominate 5 others to pass my badge to so here goes (drumroll please)
I nominate all the ladies on my blog list – yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coz u all rock ;p

Ladies if you decide to take the tag, what you have to do is to copy the badge above (just the badge) and wear it on your site with pride and nominate 5 others.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Purring magic

A little kitty purred my headaches away. Monday night as I reached home with a splitting headache, I took a second to relocate a kitty who was standing smack in the middle of the road (if you didn’t know kittens are nearly blind or have poor eye sight so don’t go and run it down the road).

I drag myself into the house and the next thing I know little kitty here was standing right next to me. I try to chase it away but I guess it figured I was safer then the big bad world as it continued to follow me into the house. I finally sat down and played with it only to find the poor things stomach growling in hunger. Tried to find food at home but we don’t stock meat/fish. Before I know it, kitty was missing me and had happily walked into the house.

My mom would kill me! well that’s what I told the little baby as I carried it out and locked the wooden gate door to go heat up the milk.

Unfortunately by the time I got back the poor baby had left. I was out on the streets looking for him but couldn’t find the cat. My mom wasn’t a slight bit impressed with the story but the best part was my headache vanished with all that purring.

ps : still can’t find the little fella :(

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lusu pasange

.... crazy kids

My current office is made of a really small team. Most times there’s only one person left behind while the rest are out for appointments. So that one person ends up having lunch alone. Now that’s not a problem for me and I sometimes prefer having lunch alone since I need my alone time and I need my sunshine so I rather not pack the food back to the office.

The problem is there’s this bunch of kids (well I call them kids coz I don’t think they’re older than 24) who are a bit curious on why I’m out for lunch alone and have been trying to strike up conversations.

Last week they decided to say hi. Today they decided they’ll have a conversation with or without me. I had just finished lunch and was enjoying my milo ais when.

Kid 1 : Hi Akka (sis)
me : not taking notice
kid 1 : (gets louder) - Hi Akka
Kid 1 : (gets even louder) - Hi Akka
me : oh Hi – I smile politely and went back to my drink

kid 2 : Dai ehnda disturb pahnre
: why are you disturbing her

Kid 1 : thanniya sapdrangehle athan company kudhukalamnu
: Oh shes having lunch alone so I thought I'll entertain her

me : (acting like I’m ignoring them)
kid 2 : Dai unnaku ehpadi terium avangeh akkanu –
unnakeh kaludha vaiseh achi – 24 vaisu
: how do you know shes elder to you? You’re already old
as a donkey – 24 years old

Me : (lol in heart – heh see told you theyre a bunch of kids ;p)
: (still ignoring them)

kid 1 : athu terilleh but avangeh kandippa unnaku akka – unnaku
than 20 vaisu taneh
: I’m not sure but I’m sure she’s older than you since
you’re only 20

me : (I start meddling with my phone)
kid 1 : akka yahravadhu kupthuvandhu adhikka sohladingeh
: sis don’t call up someone to beat us up

me : burst out laughing
Kid 3 : actualla ungeh kithe yehn hi sohlrehnna – apdhiyeh billeh
ungeh thalaiyileh kathalamnu than ;p
: actually he’s chatting you up coz he wants you to pay his bill

Kid 3 : kavalaipadadhingeh nah ungeh supportku vahren –
masakadhisiyehleh yahrum yahrukkum bill katha mudhiathu
: but you don’t worry I’ll support you – who can pay for
others at the end of the month?

Me : (silent lol at the ridiculousness of the conversation)

kid 1 : akka just oru barley iceku kassu kathithu poyirungeh
: sis just pay for one barley ice ok ;p

By then I had enough of listening to the silly conversation and left the restaurant. Err looks like I’m getting unwanted entertainment. Only good thing out of all this is – heh they think I’m 24 or younger if only they knew. ;p

Monday, July 23, 2007


We’ve got a new two week old grinder at home. We had to get one as we ‘lost’ the dry grinder. We have no idea where it went and mom thinks I threw it away assuming it was garbage. Yeah right my mom just needs to blame someone when she absent mindedly leaves stuff everywhere.

Anyways over the weekend I finally got time to use it and wasn’t very impressed. The results weren’t fine enough for me but I didn’t say a thing coz she’s still blaming me for the lose grinder.

That evening I decided to grind carrots for a sandwich when I hear a clicking sound coming from the grinder. So I remove it and gave it a shake and again there was a clicking sound. I gasped in horror as I open the container to find a broken blade.

Mom : what’s that sound?
me : aahhh ahhh (panicking and wondering how the hell the carrot broke the blade!!!) oh my god the carrot broke the grinder!
Mom : what?? Not enough you lost the grinder now you broke it???
me : but but (feeling totally guilty and confused)
mom : (goes on and on about me breaking the grinder)

2 minutes later
me : hey didn’t you grind cinnamon in this
mom : hehehe but it was still working when I was using it!
Me : ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mom : lol you broke the grinder, you broke the grinder

Brought to you by my mom the opportunist who can’t wait to blame the poor innocent daughter!

Ps : she spent the weekend telling everyone she met or spoke to about this and I bet you she’s probably still telling the story! Bah!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Virtually yours

Dear computer users

We’ve known each other for some time now. I like this relationship we have together, you share so many secrets with me, I feel like I’m ur best bud! We’ve got this bond that’s unlike anything else. But there are some things I’d like to change and I hope you don’t mind hearing this from me. well after all these years and you know I’ve never complained before so its time you faced the music.

1 you really need to stop banging on my keys – I’m designed to be sensitive to the lightest push so you really don’t need to bang the keys and disturb the peace of the person sitting 2 feet away from you. You really don’t need to rub of the letters on my keys and make me look so unfashionable!

2 oh yeah you can do anything with a computer around but lets keep the food or coffee away coz its really gooey to have coffee stains stuck in unreachable spots. Its not like you clean me all the time anyway!

3 about the cleaning – err could you like do it every other time and not once a year? Don’t you think I need a good clean when you get one everyday?? I can’t lick myself like a cat you know?

4 oh could you please make sure you install proper anti-viruses and not put unknown objects into me? how would you feel if some alien creature was prodding and poking you all over while accessing your most secret areas??? I feel so violated and it’s all your fault!

5 oh yeah Angelina jolie sure is hot but I don’t need to be splattered with icky kisses or whatever else – heck do you know how many bacteria’s are on the screen given you never clean it?? even if you did (like I'm believing you) its still not 100% clean!!!

So now you know what I’ve always wanted to tell you – what that has been frying my motherboard with irritation. Do understand I love you but these things have got to stop.

Virtually yours

PC Babe

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Does one blame destiny for being too late? Or Does one tribute destiny for creating the chance?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Women are scary. OK most women are scary.

They have this need to control everything from their bfs, to their friends. If they could they’d tell the sun to turn as they wish, its not that they haven’t tried, the sun’s probably a women so she ain’t listening to anyone else!

The thing is I’ve had less problems with men then with women so much I’m wary about making new gal friends. Sometime back this gal I know accused me of stuff and called me names coz I told her she can’t control what the rest of our friends can and cannot do. Today we’re no longer friends (well I severed all ties) and though I knew her for more than 8 years I don’t miss her at all. So have u guys encountered such problems and why do u think these gals need to control people? Why don’t men face this problem?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Found : rat

The room was silent. We were busy typing on our computers as our dealines loomed close. Suddenly we hear faint scratches coming from above. At first we dismiss it off and then the sounds get louder. We assume it’s a rat prowling the attic. Soon we start hearing slithering like sounds and it keeps getting louder. Suddenly we hear a huge rattling sound and both of us turn towards the ceilling.

Me : what the????


Out steps the technician from the other side of the wall grinning his head off. I guess you know who the rat was! ;p

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blogger Booze 21st July

Daniel is orchestrating a BLOGGER BOOZE on the 21st July 2007 from 9pm onwards at the Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre - Plaza Damas.

Map ond more info is available here at Daniel’s blog.

Modesto’s Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre,
Plaza Damas
Tel: 03-6203 9707
21st July 2007 @ 9pm

Thursday, July 12, 2007

There’s something …..

…..about Malaysia!

GreetingsA few of my malay friends had been asking me to take them to see Shivaji. Now these people totally don’t know the language and rely solely on subtitles. Anyway finally yesterday this hyper galpal of mine and me headed to the theater and she procedes to jump around at the counter and tells the guy :

ms hyper : can we please have 3 tickets to Shivaji.

the Indian guy behind the counter just blinks at her for a few seconds and turns to look at me in total disbelief. ;p

Another malay guy was supposed to have joined us but he tells us he’s already watched the movie twice and that too without subtitles! ;p

ms hyper : how did he watch it twice without subtitles????
him : tell her I understand konjam-konjam (little-little) hehe btw rajni’s style is louder than words ;p
(I kid you not this was his exact sms)

Btw she loved the movie so much she was jumping in her seat and wants us to take her again! ;p

HawkerA few weeks back, we actually took my westerner friend and our 3 chinese galfriends and a Chinese dude clubbing at an Indian club which plays only Indian music. The clubs foundation was rocked after seeing these people dance to Indian music – I don’t think they recovered! ;p oh btw all these took place after we were taught some basic knowledge on Buddhism. After which we dragged two of our malay friends to have dinner with us at a Chinese restaurant as we were playing host to a few deprived of Chinese food friends. We ended up having just drinks as they can’t take the food (muslims have certain food criterias) and I was vegetarian that day.

if you have never watched a Chinese movie in the theatres oh do go and watch one of those epics. It is fun awesome, breathtaking and you’ll realize they’re as much masala (unbelievable/ unlogical) as Indian movies!

The point is there’s something magical about Malaysia, yes we have our differences but most of us have grown up taking part in another race’s culture, celebration or even their entertainments. We won’t be forced into these activities, we weren’t told we should take part in such activities but I guess it comes naturally. Or at least with my friends. We’d watch each others language movies, we’d join in each others celebrations (when there’s food you can trust a Malaysian to be there), we’ll listen to each others songs, heck we can even pinpoint the top stars of another races entertainment world!

MusicI picked up an understanding of Chinese from watching Chinese sitcoms when I was a teenager, my Malay sounds like its spoken by a local Malay so much that I’ve successfully tricked people into thinking I’m a Malay gal ;p. Cool eh?

Now before you tell me you have similar experiences in the countries you’re at – tell me how did you come to do these stuff – was it because you were taught the information, was it because your childs pre-school is teaching them such information, was it because you wanted to know about your friends culture and does your friend also take the effort to learn?

It’s not that I’m discounting you but unless you n your friends do it naturally or as a matter fact I don’t think the experience is similar to what we have! ;p

I love living here, I love being able to do whatever I wish most of the time, I love that though as all places in the world it isn’t the safest place but its still safe enough for a gal to be out with her friends in the wee hours of the morning, I love that there are outlets for me to do different stuff, to expand my different hobbies, I love being able to explore different things, I love the comical expression people have when they see you doing something unusual and its more of curiosity then disgust, I love being able to do things that are part of my culture and still take part in another cultures activities. I love those hilarious conversations I get to have with my local hawker/ restaurant chap. As you can see I love living here!

Sigh I hope and pray I’ll never ever have to leave this country.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hate most?

If there was one character that you hate in people what would it be?

I absolutely hate being taken for granted and being lied to.

This is a total no for me – I can take the weirdest story, I can forgive mistakes but I cannot take lies.

So what’s yours?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beach Memoirs

IMG_4688gangpgI love the water and so does everyone in the family. But the funny thing is unless for my brother none of us can swim so we actually waddle in the water. I can float though ;p

I live pretty close to Port Dickson the infamous local beach for Klang Valley residents (PD) as its about an hours drive from home.

So throughout my childhood we’d spend a Sunday every few months at PD. It was always a day trip – going early in the morning and leaving around 4 pm when the water resides and walking towards the water becomes a hassle. It was the same old routine everytime. We’d wake up really early to the smell of moms cooking. We always had the same food at every PD trip. Spicy tasty chicken rending, cutlets, rice and some veges.

Clothes were pretty easy as all of us will be dressed for the water right from home. Yeah we didn’t bother with changing as the moment we arrived there we used to run to the water. We just made sure we brought an extra set of clothes to change into.

We’d reach the coastline about 9 am and then bro and I will be scanning the waters as dad picked the best swimming spot that was normally towards the end of the coastline. The moment the car stops, bro and I would dash straight into the water with mom following close behind.

In the mornings the water is still pretty chilly. Have you any idea how nerve wrecking the first contact with the water will be. Normally right after running down the beach, we’d stop right at the edge of the water to brace ourselves to the cold. It doesn’t help that the breeze would be super cold as well and the waves will be trying to catch your little toes! To top the cake mom would have caught up with us and if we weren’t in yet she’ll actually push us into the water. Normally I would have already gone in and screamed at the water for being freaking cold but bro would normally be pushed in and he’d looked so comical and scamper out of the water freezed to his bones while mom and I will be rolling in the water laughing. That’s the very moment a huge wave will decide to catch us offguard and we’d have our first taste of salt water for the day! and it was brothers turn to laugh!

Now if you’re wondering where dad was, well he was normally the designated picnic organizer. He’ll slowly lay out the mat under the shadiest tree, and the old newspapers and then take out the food and drinks. Then he’ll settle himself into his spot and start reading his Sunday morning papers. Only after he’s finished reading page by page of 3 dailies will he start looking for someone to take his place so he can go into the water.

Mom had no choice but to go out and start spreading out the food and then the water kids that we are had to be cajoled and finally threatened out of the water. Only when we got out of the water we’d realize how hungry we’d gotten from battling with the waves.

Food always tastes super delicious at the beach plus you’ve probably swallowed enough salt water for taste. The moment we were finished we’ll rush back into the water. Sunburn was never in our dictionary, I guess we just never bothered.

Then the water starts to recede and you start following it as heck you just lost your water. Finally when the distance to our picnic spot got too far we’ll trod back unwillingly. So the whole time was spent just in the water coming out only to have lunch and snacks.

Normally we’d guess the time to get out of the water from how crinkled up our hands look from soaking in the water for so long. Sigh I miss the beach! So anyone else has a beach ritual?

Monday, July 09, 2007

BB's other side

Last month a few of us headed down to Bukit Bintang to rediscover its back lanes. The idea was to stay away from the shopping malls and to seek the hidden secrets of Bukit Bintang. I had wanted to check out Tengkat Tong Shin as the old houses were converted into guest houses and now run successful businesses for low cost travelers. Prav joined us for her first ever group photo shoot.

You can't have my orange ball!! ;p
ps : met the kid on our walk ;) spied him from the other side of the road - so u can imagine why he thinks im gonna steal his orange ball! ;p

Ok this might sound lame but that was my first time on the monorail – you see when I started driving I said goodbye to trains coz the reason I started driving was coz the train dwellers were bugging the life out of me.
Anyway it wasn’t bad but its like being on a mild roller coaster as the train slants at each corner.


After a confusing (a very smart waiter delivered 4 roti chanais on one plate expecting all of us to eat from it lol) breakfast at a restaurant there, we headed towards Tengkat Tong Shin.


The place is a mixture of old, new, abandoned and destitute buildings. I was drawn by this huge banyan tree only to find a few houses behind them that were more interesting then the tree.

They bark!

Broken windows, creeper covered homes, resident dogs, 2 cute little children were just some of the things we found. As interesting as it was, it wasn’t the best living arrangements as from a distance the houses looked abandoned.


There’s just a lot of interesting homes to capture along the road, I was capturing this detail on a door on one of the shop lots when I realized we had an audience.


Two uncles were discussing why on earth would anyone take a photo of a door ;p if only he knew ;p they were waiting for the restaurant to open up I guess coz when we returned later the place was buzzing with activity.

Old dameQuaint8ight

FoundPatternsCreeping up

To me the best find during the whole walk was these fleet of stairs, never imagined that such a beauty was right smack in the centre of KL. Read about the old man here. The steps lead to the top of Bukit Ceylon, the houses were more contemporary and rather not my cup of tea, so it was this money plant that was more of interest to me.

Found another abandoned house at the centre of the roads. There seems to be quite a number of abandoned properties around kl – hope they’re restored instead of ending up demolished. You can still find those rectangle flats of yester years doting the area.


I’ve always wanted to take shots of this mirrors you find at the bends of roads – as they tend to have a fish eye like perspective – finally got my shot ! Someone let me shoot her shadow ;p


Fancy finding a swastika embedded into one of the homes. The homes here seem to be stuck in time as they look exactly like how homes in KL used to look like in the 70s/80s.


The grilled doors, pale paint, scrawny potted plants and ornate windows with its removable glass panes. I used to keep tearing my shirt sleeves in school coz of these window panes. Their metal edges tended to be sharp, yeah not the most safe school but then I turned out right didn’t I?? OK smart pants don’t ask for the definition of right! ;p

Secret Hideout

A bunch of construction workers decided to stop us and get themselves photographed so I obliged and took some shots. They were tickled when they saw prav trying to photograph the old rice they were drying.

Red n white

It was a pretty hot day and despite our plans to continue walking towards KLCC, we decided we weren’t about to fall down in heaps coz of dehydration. So we headed to the malls for a much needed drink to find the singing Turkish ice cream man.


if you’re having a bad day, I suggest you pay a visit to this man whose stationed right outside BB Plaza. I actually returned one week later to watch the infectious smiling man.


Everytime someone purchases ice cream from him (which by the way tastes amazing and doesn’t drip), he sings a Turkish song and when he has an audience he’ll even dance for you. Here’s a man who sings in a language I don’t understand yet I know the joy behind it. He’ll also not hand over the ice cream without tricking you once or twice. The second time we were there we sat down to watch him, so knowing he had us as audience, he was happily dancing away. Infectious smiley man, you made our day!


We dropped the plans to walk to klcc and took the train instead after some drinks. I had the most sour orange juice ever! Brrrrrr

Here are the KLCC shots.

We really loved the walk so much that we’ve already started planning for the next one. For those who know about my group do join us if you can wake up early on a Sunday morning, walk, and you love photography! The area is definitely interesting!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Inspiration called ;p

Ask and you shall receive. Remember yesterdays post? Well inspiration came calling in the form of a nomination on one of my photography groups. Yes I got nominated! ;p We then had to answer a few questions and provide 3 of our fav photos and I’m of course posting it here coz I like the questions.

My Favourite images

This shot proves that if you take time to learn your camera and photography no matter how inferior your camera is – you can get excellent shots.

Take me anywhere

Its one of the top favourites on my album – what I like about this is the colours, the quaint building and my favourite black bicycle.

Do you want this?

This photo wasn’t conceived by me. The little boy (one of my darlings) whose from the home , comes up to me and says I’ll hold this and then gives me this look that blew me away – that was all his. Inspiring.

Read more for the questions.

1.What is your real name and do you have a link to a website of yours you'd like to connect people to?

Visithra – My Flickr page of course

2. Where you are from & where are you currently based ?

Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia

3. What is your ethnic background -- it is interesting in relation to the group's theme

Asian – Malaysian – Indian

4. What do you think about this group and how do you personally relate to it?

I like this group as it links back the images to history and shows the similarities we share eventhough we are oceans apart and governed by different environments. So thanks to Sonja for mooting the idea.

ps : the group is about asians around the world

5. How did you get started in photography?

Ive always been nuts about photography – at home I’m always the one behind the cam (we used to own this simple P&S film cam) when I was younger – and then when I got my little baby the canon powershot a620 – photography took over my life – and I have no regrets

6. Are you into any other forms of visual art or history/ enthnography/ anthropology cultural studies as either a profession or hobby?

Actually I’m also an amateur Indian dancer and musician. I’ve spent most of my life immersed in it – but as a hobby one that has taken a back seat due to work commitments. I still practice and perform but just once in a blue moon.

7. In your photography, what format & equipment do you most use
and like to use (i.e., camera(s), film stock, etc.)?

I'm using the Canon powershot a620 – yes it is a point n shoot with full manual controls but what I like about the cam is it drives me to take the extra effort to make my shots different coz I don’t think the lack of equipment should hinder ones progress. It has definitely helped me improve my skills

8. Describe your style as a photographer; What is unique about it? What makes you stand out?

This is definetly a tough question – my interest varies and hence I tend to take photos of a lot of things. For example I love architecture old and new – so I’m always studying details closely, looking out for symmetry and wondering how such a magnificent building was built – and that I try to translate into images.

Photography to me is basically a showcase of what I see – I don’t like describing my images rather Id love to hear what you think about it and I’d be amazed if our thoughts ran on the same wave length.

9. What would you like to/ what do you do with your photography (e.g., publish in magazines, get photo assignments)?

I’ve been asked to do wedding shoots, follow certain events, - but I’ve declined most because I don’t think I could do justice with my cam as it isn’t ideal indoors. But I’d love to get my photos published or be able to show at a gallery one day. But I’m quite happy with the attention it gets on Flickr now.

10. Are you shy when taking photographs of people? What is your approach?

Oh no – the cameras like an invitation to speak to people – especially children, sometimes I have conversations – normally when I’m doing street photography people are curious to know why I’m taking a photo of a door – so I’d stop and share it with them – sometimes they understand sometimes they don’t – and sometimes you get some of the most interesting stories.

11. Is there a person, persons or subject matter that you would LOVE to photograph?

I love photographing children – their emotions are so raw, innocent unexpected. and they can really inspire you. The photo that I chose above of the kid holding a stem of leaves, that wasn’t conceived by me. The little boy (one of my darlings) whose from a shelter home (agathians shelter - www.agathians.org) I volunteer at comes up to me and says I’ll hold this and then gives me this look that blew me away – that was all his.

12.. What is your dream job?

A travel writer ;)

13. What is/What are your favourite colours?


14. What is your best time of day (i.e., when are you most creative &/or energetic)?

depending on my mood – but I’m more of a night person but id still get up at 5 just to shoot a sunrise ;)


A. What are your favorite foods?

Anything spicy ;p

B. If you had a pre-paid ticket to 5 different locations anywhere in the world, where would go?

Could I have an all around the world ticket times 5? I seriously wanna travel everywhere! Anyways here’s a list

1. India – I’ve been there so many times but I’d love to go again and again – I will always be mesmerized by her
2. Peru – To discover the lost world of the Incas and the amazon
3. Italy – The museums, the ancient history and then to the outskirts
4. Egypt – The pyramids and silhouettes of camels – and just to watch the sands dance to the call of the wind
5. Galapagos islands - To discover the islands rich and unique ecology that’s linked to its volcanic geology

C. Tell us something (that you wouldn't mind sharing) that you think no one else knows about you.
I’m addicted to speed – roller coasters, cars, bikes – it gives me a heady rush!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


The problem with writing is it is fuelled by emotions. When you’re angry and fuming over an issue – words flow like crazy as you churn point after point to support your views and make it as sarcastic as possible.

When you’re sad – you tend to get nostalgic thoughts and what if ideas.
When you’re nostalgic – stories pour in like there is no tomorrow and the past good or bad does have its charm.

However when you’re happy – theres nothing pushing you to write – theres no emotions churning out thoughts and you’re left wondering where’s my inspiration.

So inspiration care to drop by for tea? Minus the pain that is. Or will someone suggest topics? ;p

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What was it?

What do you look for in a person? What was the one thing that attracted you to your partner or will attract you to a person?

Is it a character? Did they impress you? Or was it looks?

Monday, July 02, 2007


I enjoy watching people. I could sit for hours at open air restaurants or just the park watching the world go by. I try not to intrude neither do I eavesdrop but I do watch, short of staring and that translates into my photos.


Street photography is defined as - photography that tends to be ironic and distanced from its subject matter and often concentrates on a single human moment, caught at a decisive or poignant moment.

However I have personal rules on what and whom I take and how I potray them in my collection.

I rarely take women as I feel there are more people who are interested in their shots then of men.

Home I try to make sure the photos capture them the best and not at their ugliest- they might look tired or sad but the image shouldn’t embarras them.

I try to ensure there is nothing embarrasing in the shot, that I don’t capture them doing something they assumed no one noticed.

I try to keep it natural, sometimes I show the shots to my subjects, sometimes I share a laugh and thank them, sometimes people ask me to take their shots and oblige, sometimes I quietly take a shot and walk away.

Sometimes I refrain from taking photos of people who seem disturbed or not in control of their situation as I think its an invasion of their privacy.

Love Why am I discussing this? As you know I enjoy walking around and discovering a place, and had done just that 1 week back. We discovered this simple yet beautiful staircase that I had never knew existed in that particular spot near Tengkat Tong Shin in BUkit BIntang. KL is indeed an interesting place to discover, so many hidden treasures.

Anyway when we reached the stairs we realised there was a man sleeping on one of its levels. I understood his situation but to me he looked peaceful, one with the place.

We tiptoed close and we noticed there was a cat sleeping as peacefully next to him. To me it was an image of love as this man had made a bed of papers for his furry friend while he slept on the cold concrete steps. I call this love coz what else will drive a man to lay a bed of papers for his furry friend while he slept on a cold staircase?


Funny though, we found this boots lying near the man, not sure if it was his or the cats @puss in boots , sure was curious.


The cat woke up and assesed us protectively with its brilliant amber eyes and fell asleep after concluding we weren’t trouble.

I saw peace, love and serenity despite the situation – what do you see?