Friday, June 29, 2007

Un-droolichious ;p

You already know I’m a Rajni fan but what you didn’t know is 90 person of my friends are Kamal fans. So I’m always in some argument over this 2 actors.

I do not go around claiming Rajni is a brilliant actor neither do I criticize Kamal. I actually like kamal’s movies (most of it) and I’ve seen more of his movies then of Rajni’s (the fact that Kamal releases more movies also adds to it). What I do say is I cannot agree he is a genius, neither is he creative, he is mostly a copycat and before you tell me everyone copys. There’s a difference between copying and improvising and being a perfect copier which Kamal is.

Good actor but noway a genius. I’ll credit Nasser to brilliant acting.

Anyway the post is not about any of these issues. I wanted to discuss their attractiveness. Now I find Rajni attractive and non of you have to agree on this though I know ppl who agree ;p

The thing is I have never been attracted to Kamal, to me he lacks the charisma of a romantic hero. Yes he’s cute but he isn’t attractive, the closest I’ve been attracted to him was when he was all bearded in Hey Ram. If you look at Shah Rukh Khan, he isn’t cute but he has that charisma that makes him attractive and he fits the romantic role perfectly and that’s why he has a huge following.

Now before you barrage me with his romantic movies, yes those were good but as a whole, he doesn’t single out as a romantic attractive star.

So what I’m saying is Kamal is good looking but he isn’t attractive. He is in other words not droollicious ;p So anyone agrees with me? ;p

Someone send suria this way pls! ;p

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have never been up to the skybridge on the Petronas Twin Towers. It’s not that I’ve not done touristy stuff, I’ve seen the infamous fireflies of Kuala Selangor, done the KL tower, visited most of the famed spots but I’ve never been on the skybridge.


The funny thing is I really love this building and I still go wow everytime I see it! Even after working right next to it and seeing it up close everyday, I still haven’t gotten sick of it. Its not that I’ve not tried to go up coz evertime my overseas friends are down I bring them to see the building and everytime theres too long a queue to go up so we tend to skip it.

KL City

I finally went up last Friday without having to queue up coz we had to meet someone. Ooh the security is ultra tight. OMg the view was so amazing, my colleague had to drag me to the next lift coz I was just standing and staring, and it was a nice cloudy day, would have loved blue skies but heck I was up there!


Oh if you can’t read you’ll get lost in the building, the lifts are weird. HUmm ignore the fact that it makes no relevance to you guys since if you can read this post you definitely can read! It’s a bit tooo early in the morning (was written in the morning btw) forrrrrrrrrr meeeeeeeeeeeeee! After the 41st floor, you have to take different lifts for even n odd numbered floors.


One of the offices we went to really took advantage of the view as they had a circular lounge overlooking the view. Sigh I wonder how much work actually gets done, I’d rather be staring out my window!! Speaking of windows, if you haven’t known I have a thing for windows ;p but sadly there’s no window at work and heck I don’t even know when it rains till I walk out of the building. So sad!


Anyway finished work got back down and as you can see I left nothing un-photographed. Poor colleague of mine, she must have thought I was nuts ;p


Did you notice the building is brown in some shots, golden sometimes and other times green? Brilliant lighting work is all I can say.

I was there again the next day as part of a photo walk we did and the skies were so blue. As we were walking around town, I finally managed to capture a shot(kids do not try this at home) that I’ve been trying to get for some years now. One of the buildings gives a brilliant reflection of the twin towers on its glass windows, unfortunately you can’t take it from a car and it’s a busy intersection. This time I wasn’t gonna miss the shot and so I was standing in the middle of the road to get this photo, heh nearly got hit ;p


I need to go up there again on a bright blue sky day! So so do you work up there? Can I be friends with ya? I’ll bake you cookies ;p

Do you guys have a favourite building? Tell me where it is ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bad but funny video ;p

Ah the video – finally uploaded it – but it took sooooooooo long – humm

Anyway like I said – I suck at videography – forgot to stick to one angle! ;p but its funny so enjoy n if u get a headache err errr sorryla ;p

Ps : the wicked laugh is urs trulys – didn’t I tell u I grew up a tomboy n behave mostly like one ;p

Friday, June 22, 2007

What do you see ......

.....when you look into the mirror?

Do you see a shadow of what you could have been? An illusion of the compromises you made in life?

Or do you see what you want to see?

Are you happy to be who you are? Is that person smilling back to you truly you? Or the you, that has been allowed to live, while the real you is buried under unachieved dreams/ untrodden pathways?

Do you know what you want?

Look into the mirror and tell me what do you see?


What do I see?

I see me, with all my strengths and flaws, flaws that make me who I am, I see the marks of the hurdles Ive overcome and I don’t regret a single one coz I wouldn’t be me if it was not for them – so I see strength

This too shall pass

If I can endure for this minute
Whatever is happening to me,
No matter how heavy my heart is
Or how dark the moment may be

If I can remain calm and quiet
With all the world crashing about me,
Secure in the knowledge God loves me
When everyone else seems to doubt me

If I can but keep on believing
What I know in my heart to be true,
That darkness will fade with the morning
And that this will pass away, too

Then nothing in life can defeat me
For as long as this knowledge remains
I can suffer whatever is happening
For I know God will break all of the chains

That are binding me tight in the darkness
And trying to fill me with fear
For there is no night without dawning
And I know that my morning is near.

Helen Steiner Rice

For a friend and whoever that needs it - remember this too shall pass


What the hell was going on at the LDP today????? I was stuck in a 8 km crawl for 1 and a half hours!!!!! Everyone was!!!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Are you really doing charity?

Charity is defined as generosity of giving or providing help or and organization, or fund established to help the needy. And at the same time it means kindness, compassion

Yet how many people who actually do charity practice kindness and compassion?

A lot of people claim they do a lot, they give a lot yet are they doing it the right way? Even before I was involved with this boy’s home, I was doing some charity work on and off and often the things I see tend to irk me. So I’m writing a guideline on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Donating money is probably the easiest thing to do plus most people prefer giving this as they can get tax exempted receipts if you pass it directly to the home. Personally I’m wary about donation boxes or people who collect them off on the streets, I rather go to the home straight or bank it into their accounts. Plus understand that giving charity through certain charity companies, only a percentage actually goes to the charity.

Clothes – now this is the one that always irks me. If you’re planning on donating used clothes first evaluate the items, can it really be used again. DO NOT donate torn or faded clothes or shoes that have seen better years! Charity homes are not dumping grounds. They may be orphans, children from troubled homes or elderly people – whatever their category they’re still human like you and me so don’t treat them like trash!

Food – a lot of people like to buy food items and donate them. No prob there just make sure the food hasn’t gone beyond its expiry date and isn’t fake.

Meals – now this is the one that people like to donate. It might be the Malaysian culture but a lot of people like to donate meals and that’s where the problems come. When I first visited the children I needed a reason to come back and see them so I organized (with my friends) to give them a meal and when I spoke to the home they insisted that the food will be cooked by them. Even though I was going to order the food from a reliable restaurant (we tend to order all our dinner party food from them when the numbers are more than 20) I didn’t say a thing and agreed to their rules. Later I asked them why they have such a rule.

It seems people actually tend to bring poor quality food, half cooked food, the food also tended to arrive late, there have also been times the food never arrived and the people would casually say oh we forgot!

Sounds unbelievable right? Are people heartless enough to do such things? Believe me there are such people and they will argue about how the home shouldn’t be choosy about what they get!

Children and older folks need to have food on time, after a certain hour if they don’t get food, you risk having health complications on your hands!

Also do try to organize such things during non festive seasons. People tend to remember charity only during the festive season and then claim the homes have enough help as they couldn’t get a date!

Events – if you’re inviting a home to attend your event do not treat them like second class citizens! Make sure they have seats allocated for them, they do not need to sit on the floor! If it is gonna drag beyond lunch or dinner time, make sure you provide food and beverages or inform the home that you won’t as they will make the necessary arrangements.

Find out what they can and cannot eat. Do not simply feed them food and then leave the caretakers with sickly children and elderly folks. Find out if they need transportation and ensure someone is on hand to receive them.

Caretakers and volunteers – treat them with respect. Do not treat them like your minions. Understand that most of them are doing it for free. They do not need to be treated rudely. Sure you’re doing a big thing but what use is it if you have no compassion? You know what’s the worst part, they will bite their tongue and nod their head to your rudeness not because they can’t scold back but simply because they rather take the brunt of your temper for the good of their organization!

So the next time you’re involved in charity work, take a step back and see if you’re really doing charity.

ps: I'm not an expert but just some observations

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sivaji… Cool ;p

What can I say? I love the movie – 60 mins into the movie I was already making plans to watch it again (it’s a huge plan by the way) and by the end of the movie I was jumping in my seat.

My friend was watching a tamil movie with me for the first time and I had to warn him – you’re ok with screaming right coz I’m gonna be screaming! I think he regrets asking me are you sure you can scream! ;p

We walked into the cinema to find one guy sitting right smack in between our row of seats and insisting he had tickets – finally had to get the usherer to help sort It and guess what fella was in the wrong hall! Grrr he made us miss 2 mins of the movie!

He had to wipe the glee of his face as he thought he had hit the jackpot since 6 gals walked in to sit next to him! Aiyo pavam ;p

8 of us went and watched the movie and we were all screaming and the gals behind us were trying to out scream us – so it was truly a scream fest!

The movie was seriously awesome – theres a lot of things I love about the movie – though I did think the blond wigs were ugly but it worked for the song – rajni making fun of himself ;)

I love the comedy there was one part I nearly showered the guy at the front with a mouth full of pepsi coz of a joke! Thank god I didn’t that would have been so embarrassing.

The sets for the songs were amazing. I really loved the set on vaji vaji – the palace looked like an image of the Babylon gardens and that chamber with the huge red bed wowwwwwwwwww – yeah we were oogling at the sets.

what I liked about the second half is how the villainous side of rajni came out – the side that has always intrigued me. the bajji scene in front of the tax office – the whole works were awesome. Of course like you’ve heard everywhere else mottai rajni rocks! He looked so hot (yes me n my friends thought the old man looked hot);p

Ah the first night scene – that was awesome. The song was my fav from all the song picturisation. Oh yeah nayan looks hot – she looks amazing even better than shreya at times ;p

I will come back with another post on sivaji – a more serious post on y I like it after watching it the second time. Till then stay cool ;p

ps : i have one question though - so how much black money does shankar have? ;p

Friday, June 15, 2007

How I got my Sivaji tickets!

If you hadn’t known, I’m a full fledged Rajini fan and for the last 3 months that’s been one of my fav topics. Friends who weren’t fans have been enjoying bugging me while the rest of us fans have been waiting breathlessly.

3 days before the show was supposed to be released I sat infront of a pc waiting for gsc n tgv to update their websites – there was no updates. I panicked and that evening I scooted to a nearby gsc and bugged the kid behind the counter. It seems they wouldn’t be releasing the movie till Sat and there will be no online booking!

I think I might have had something to do with this!

Warning bells ringed in my head – there was gonna be mayhem! There was less than 7 non gsc/ tgv theaters in klang valley! Where were the fans gonna get tickets??? Most importantly how was I gonna get tickets!!!!! Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

And so began the flurry of calls to every single person I thought could get tickets. One friend even offered to go stand in line to buy them but I knew he was busy and will have to cancel his appointments to get them. So I said it was ok and tried other options. Then I remember a friend with connections. Connections that we use only at dire moments and this was a dire moment! She said the golden words and said no prob ill get them for you just tell me the time n numbers.

So another flurry of smses and calls later I had my numbers and by Thursday morning the numbers were growing!

thursday comes and I inform ppl that I think I can get them. Afternoon arrives and I still don’t have tickets – around 3 another friend calls and asks so you want tickets?? And im like yes pls pretty please. I was double booking but these were rajini tickets – who wouldn’t want them???

Half an hour later I get confirmation that I was getting the night booking – the tickets were set- I had procured tickets without moving an inch from my office table! Another flurry of calls go out and everyone hears me bubbling excitedly as if I won the lottery!

30 mins later I hear the news that nearly killed me. no tickets as the shortage of tickets had angered some fans and there was a few arguments happening at the theaters! We had lost one booking – so I tried the next and she tells me her contact is still unreachable! Desperate, still at work, I start bugging a few ppl and planning to try my wonderful luck of going right up to the theater and getting tickets! Yes believe me I have wonderful luck when it comes to rajini – that will be the only way to explain how I procured free tickets and first show tickets the times padayappa and chandramuki were released all at the grounds of the theatre. All I needed was another dejected soul to follow me and I found one. But on my way to pick her up, another friend calls me and tells don’t go n try to get tickets there coz they know im silly enough to go!

Dejected I called another friend out to console me and he said yeah but I’d have to wait. So as I was circling aimlessly around pj wondering how to get tickets I realized I needed petrol and off I went to fill up and remembered hey theres a theatre here why don’t you try. I illegally parked at the curb of the road and approached the counter nervously. I needed tickets!

Cute guy at counter smiles knowing he had what I wanted.

Me : what dates do you have tickets for?
Him : when do you want them?
Me : Now??? (Sheepishly smiling)
Him : lol nope sorry none for today?
Me : aww not even one??? What about tomorrow?
Him : nah not for today but tomorrow you can get from row tickets?

Me : Bah I don’t want front row tickets!!! When do you have non neck hurting tickets??
Him : there’s 6pm on Friday and there’s these at 12 am Saturday. (shows ab0ut a dozen printed tickets)

Me : but I want on fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;p
Him : lol

Me : ok give me a sec ill be back ;p

I move away and try to contact my friends and that’s when said ppl decide not to pick my call – I was about to go get my two tickets when they call and conform they want the tickets. So I go back and stand in the line. The gal right in front of me is looking for the same tickets. So ticket guy winks at me when she asks for the same tickets. Suddenly one 40 year old lady comes right to the front and demands to change her tickets to another time. Me being the nice person I am and extremely excited that I was about to get tickets, asks the guy if he wants to settle her first.

Him : No I’ll see you first – that will take some time
Me : so I’m like ok – do you have this time and this time

And so the conversation goes as I try to get my tickets and when I finally agree on the time and numbers. Madam suddenly decides to become drama queen and starts screaming.

She : look her im not a second class citizen and I bought the tickets first so you should be looking into my issue. Just because there’s a pretty gal doesn’t mean you have to ignore me. I’m also paying money.

Where do I attract dramas from??? All I ever wanted was tickets to my thalaivas movie – why oh why was I in this drama. Women wasn’t some uneducated lady, but she sure was acting like one – she was screaming for the whole theatre to hear and there was quite a lot of people there looking at me. and the tickets were still being printed, both me and the guy had this dead expression on our faces, the moment it was printed I said thanks and just ran away.

Silly women – you already had tickets don’t be so stupid to scream and embarrass ppl – it s not my fault I’m a nice person and I warm up to people easily. So we were having a conversation but I wasn’t holding the line, it was about the movie. It isn’t my fault that I’m a smiley person. You’re lucky I wasn’t in a bad mood and was elated that I was getting tickets after sulking half the afternoon! You’re lucky I was alone and not with anyone else who would have screamed back at you. My friends had choice words for you when I told them the story so seriously women it was your lucky day.

I blame GSC and TGV for causing this unrest – next time have the brains to release the movie at the same time!

I’m just happy I have ticketssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

And so that is how I got the tickets and once again I had a drama to tell you!

Ps : shall come back with more stories if the cute sweet ticket guy is there as I plan to ask him about what happened after I left. We shall have a b*itching session ;p

Thursday, June 14, 2007



I hadn’t been to the boys home for nearly a month as I hadn’t been in town the last few weekends. Was missing them lots when last weekend my friend tells me they’ve been asking for me and that did it. Tuesday night I drove down to their place after work and I was greeted with beaming smiles.


They were having their hair cut an unfashionable close shave and the elder boys were sulking away. A few of them managed to escape by begging the guy to just cut it short. One guy unfortunately got caught and was looking pretty bald but he managed to get cool sideburns. Spikey haired kids heads are nice to rub ;p

They were planning to get my hair shaved off, I need a new haircut that matches them it seems! Oh and they want me to straighten out my curls! Lol they’re worse than a bf!


They were telling me about the movies they’d been watching, the elephant ride they’d gone on and grumbling that one of our friends hadn’t come to see them at all. I told them don’t worry he will he’s just busy. They were asking about prav and my other friends as well. Prav they wanna see you it seems ;p

I was on the phone with one of my friends and they decided to scream her name but since she’s used to me she wasn’t that surprised. Two of them took turns talking to her asking her name, her age, does she have a bf do I have a bf. One was claiming he’s 30 and the other 64 – ah yes the older ones are naughty ;p

I see I see
(ps : the kid was naughty and fighting with another kid hence the black eye - boys will be boys)

I think I heard about 50 riddles yesterday!!! 7 kids were bombarding me with riddles none of which I had answers to. Hey I’m really bad with riddles! Don’t know where they get all these riddles, everytime I’m there it’s a new set of 50! I finally had to tell them nooooooooooooooooo I’ve had enough.

oooh there’s a new three year old who was a bit shy to come say hi.

Little angel's feet

They’re not allowed to play games or listen to the radio on weekdays. They did however try to tell me otherwise. But I think I’ve been labeled the dance and music akka that the moment they see me they start wanting to dance. So since they couldn’t switch on the radio they decided to sing. Lol don’t even need to blackmail them anymore! Oooh they knew my song (Indian gals) but decided to move to another one and started singing and dancing all at once. Video taped that and I’ll try to put it up soon. It was hilariously cute. Ooh I suck at recording – I keep forgetting that I should not change the angles. By then the new little one warmed up to me and was sitting right next to me watching the recording ;p

Look this is mine

They sure know how to put a smile on someone’s face. I went home (after promising to come by on a weekend and spend more time with them and play football!) beaming ear to ear. Best part by the time I left the roads were clear and it was a smooth drive home. This is definetly the best theraphy to a long day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who am I

A dear friend had a simple question.

Last year you sounded 28 this year you sound 21 – has a younger sister taken over the blog?


The only answer I could give him was simply the truth. LIke the image above it is a matter of perspective.

I am a chameleon – I adapt to my surroundings and mirror them.

My personality differs according to who I’m talking to. I can be a silly 5 year old when I’m with one, an excited teenager, a flirtious young adult, a sensible mid twenties adult and a mature women when I’m with my retired friends (yes my close friend is retired).

Who you see depends on who I am with.

The reason children warm up to me is coz I simply become them no matter where I am. I’ll be jumping up and down, playing football, screaming and pulling faces. When I boasted about this to a friend while I was playing with this 2 year old, he claimed it was plain curiosity the kind people feel when they go to the zoo. Yes he called me a monkey in so little words! ;p

When I’m out partying with my friends, I am the flirtious giggly young adult who has no care for anything who only wants to have fun, who jumps and screams without a single care on who might be watching. The one who pulls silly pranks and has a trick down her sleeve. Who laughs of everytime she slips down or does something clumsy.

I am the sensible late twenties adult when I’m in a serious discussion with my friends, or when someone needs a shoulder to cry or when it is advice they’re looking for. The one that doesn’t judge or discriminate and believes the world is neither black or white and there are grey shades to ponder.

I am the old soul who speaks on religion, the world, afterlife, history, life’s meanings, spirituality, when I am with my friends who have already retired or the few old souls I know and who often wonder is she really in her 20s?

I am very dedicated to my interests and the groups that I follow for these, there I am the serious individual who only looks at getting and dispersing information.

So who you see depends on who I am with.

What I write reflects that as well, I do mostly cater to an audience plus after writing at least 600 long posts out of 900 posts you pretty much have covered a lot of issues. My audience is younger now and I have limited time and have reached a point where I am quite at peace with myself.

Most of all this blog as much as you think reflects who I am, in truth it is what I want you to see – a fraction of me. I do not actually write everything here. What you see may not be reality and what you deem as reality may in fact be an illusion. ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dude I'm ignoring you!

From yesterdays incoherent post we move t o an angry one – maybe this is the week of emotions??? Lol so which emotion should I touch next? ;p

I am part of a lot of groups and social circles and one of the disadvantages is you have to talk to people you really have no interest to talk with. I’m normally nice and will sit and listen to their utter crap coz I’m stupid enough to be nice!

Take this guy who bumped into me a year back. Now he claimed he knew me from school and though I think I’ve seen him around for the life of me I can’t remember who he is and I actually told him that.

When I can’t remember someone I either tell them the truth or I put out an oscar nomination act complete with surprise excitement coupled with screams and hugs. One time a friend was with me when she witnessed all this and was eager to know who the person was and I told her – actually I have no idea ;p

Anyway back to that guy – despite me telling him I had no idea who he was he decides to bug me with meaningless conversations everytime he bumps into me and all I’d be saying was humm and trying to escape from there.

Yesterday I woke up from my nap and dragged myself to my usual Cybercafe to check some stuff when this guy walks right up to me and goes Hey and glues his eyes to me screen. I go hey and look back at my screen and realize he’s still talking and looking at my screen.

He : so what are you doing here? (I’m planting corn can’t you see????) Chatting eh??? (starts grinning like a mad idiot and is still peeking at my screen.

Now I hate people checking standing behind my back and watching what I do and he had crossed my limits.

Me : Could you go away and stop disturbing me?

That worked though I thought he was gonna turn ghostly on me but he had it coming.

Then there was this other guy who caught one of my performances at this temple and comes by to say it was nice. Again I had to be nice and was talking to him for a while out of courtesy.

Dude here took it wrongly and decided that was my invitation for him to be my shadow. Whenever he sees me in said temple (which wasn’t often) he would try his best to stand next to me and try to talk. I keep having to run from him and politely ignore him. I’d say hi smile and bolt but he never got the idea.

There was this one time he just stood right in front of me waiting for me to look up and despite my ignoring his existence he refused to budge and that just pissed me off. I just told him to stop standing next to me and stop disturbing me.

Since then dude bolts everytime he sees me but then again I haven’t been going to that temple for sometime so Im not sure if he actually understood me.

Seriously when someone doesn’t want to talk to you its pretty obvious. They go humm, smile politely and look everywhere but at you coz they’re looking of ways to escape from you, and sometimes they back away from you. Why do this people do this, how can they be so thick skinned?

Why do they have to wait till someone actually rudely points it out to them?

ps : remember the word game? Well its still being played ;p

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday oh Monday

Long, long, longgggggggg day

Had slightly more than an hours sleep, no food and just finished all my deadlines - yayyyyyyyyyy! I want foodddddddddddd (note to self stop whinning) ;p

Oooh we ended up partying with a bunch of prominent people (who were placed at our table on the request of the management as the place was jammed packed) I cannot name (our eyes nearly popped out when we found out who) and as always they liked us so much (they were even boogeying as crazily as we do) they jotted down our contacts and want to keep in touch. Just told them to join us whenever they drop by the club. ;p

I have screamed, jumped and deafened the person standing next to me all in the name of Rajini – if you didn’t know shame on you – am a total fan!

I am sourcing for elusive tickets and trying to watch the movie earlier as we have an anniversary and a birthday to celebrate on the very same day and the last I checked I cannot be in 2 places at the same time!! Fingers crossed I’ll get them!

Thanking solitare for the high scores – I owe you one and you know why! (OI how do you owe a game?? – nut!)

I am so one of the boys – I check out gals for them, discuss them, talk utter crap – and they don’t credit me as a gal at all!

Still hungry (oiii stop whinning – bah I’ll whine as much as I wish to ;p)

My friends are insisting I follow them to meet the I’m married-but-I-will-shamelessly-flirt-photographer for their entertainment – I am restating that I am no one’s source of entertainment! And no kiddo I will not start blog sandai for you – you can go find your own entertainment!

Walked into the lift today morning and found 3 men in Blue – so Monday!

I love noisy boisterous ppl – I do not like prim and proper people – coz I am not one- I like to be part of the noisiest table when I’m out with my friends – so don’t you dare raise your decibel higher than us!

I am so addicted to Indian gals (by yogi b n Natchatra) spent 2 hours listening to just that one song! – n if I may vainly add the song actually describes me and a million other women (bah!)! ;p Ok I told you I’m vain.

So its true hunger does make you mumble incoherent thoughts! Bah

Friday, June 08, 2007

Photofriday : Purity


Innocence ..... I see it in your smile darling and it warms up my soul like no one can

Wedding take 2 ;p

I was recently in the land of police1 Lol CONFUSED? Well I was in Seremban and I saw more cops there then I do in KL. The sleepy town actually has too many police checks. Either the crime rate is low or there’s too many cops? ;p

The trick of getting someone to attend your function is to make sure they’re in charge of the grooms clothing! Knowing me and my famed laziness ;p I was given the task to pick up the suit and even then the couple took turns calling me and making sure I turned up in the morning! Oh and they forgot all about the suit then!

I love their new temporary place – such a spacious apartment but the place is freaking quiet. It was as if we were the only people in the area. There were no cars driving in or out neither were there ppl walking around. It was even worse at night. As if you just walked into some demon realm and you’re just waiting for one to spring up and eat you up ;p

OK so I have a vivid imagination! ;p

When they told us about the pool side party we weren’t expecting such a huge pool. We were gobsmacked when we saw how beautiful the place was with its sprawling golf course right at the back. I so badly wanted to take photos especially after playing in the overflowing water but decided not to as we had a lot of audience ;p

We were basically rushing around town collecting stuff and people and guiding people to the house throughout the afternoon before I vanished with the laddu and booze as hostage to meet Mala at Jusco Seremban 2.

First things first how creative are this people to go name another town Seremban 2? So the clever! Oh another question why do all areas in Seremban have 4 digit numbers? They have a tie up with Magnum the lottery king is it ? ;p

Meeting Mala was like meeting an old friend. We were yakking non stop as if we’ve known each other for years. Only when I saw the sky threaten to rain did I rush to deliver the secret weapon requested by the guard to ward of the rain. You cant have rain at a pool party you know!

Since I was after all put in charge of the liquor only the beer made it to the party, the liquor bottle is happily sitting at home for the company of a more intimate bunch of friends! They so should thank me! ;p

There was 2 weddings going on at the same time so you can imagine the confusion – people would stand between the staircases wondering where to go and we’d go like H&K?. Me and the bestfriend were put in charge of the rest of the event and welcoming of guest. She was having a ball sprinkling people with rose water. Which eventually became pipe water since we err ran out of ammunition! ;p one uncle who kept walking in and out made sure he walked way on the other side just to escape being pelted by us ;p hehehe

We had an entertaining bunch of entertainers. They weren’t great but very enthusiastic and that made all the difference. The song dedication option was a popular choice for the guests as dedications poured it with the naughtiest messages. Oh I blessed them with a football team ;p

They were so good that the wedding guest from above were hanging out on the terrace enjoying our entertainment. So we’re glad to say they entertained 2 weddings! We should have collected moneyla nothing comes free you know ;p

Ooh it was excellent food as well and the caterer was a really nice man so if you’re looking for a caterer in seremban do buzz me will get you the details.

My friend the rajini fan had been complaining no rajini songs were played during his wedding. So the nice friend that I am, I told the singers to sing a rajini song since he was a huge fan. You must have seen the look on his face when he heard them announcing the special request on behalf of the groom ;p

Later he was telling us he had no idea how they found out ;p so I told him what do you think I was doing? ;p hehe

We had a dancing session too, after videographing their dance we got roped in as well – loads of fun though we err had spectators. Oooh his wifey can dance – so told him to bring her down to kl and rock with us and in case he didn’t pass her the message I told her so myself ;p

By the time we wrapped up everything and said our goodbyes it was pretty late. Finally the wedding was over – what a relief it was ;) weddings aren’t easy – there’s so much hassle, so many people to please – so many things to do and most of the time you end up doing it yourself so you can imagine how it must have been.

Got back to their house and even had time for a operation kill cockroach ;p Since I was the only brave one ;p We had the whole house to ourselves and we were killing a cockroach! Lol ;p

I just realized I can get to Seremban faster than it takes me to go to Bandar Utama and its nearly the same distance! Yikes!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don’t Nag me !

ok why do people nag? This is not a question of which gender does it more but rather why?

No one likes nagging or being nagged at. People are just gonna shut off when you start nagging coz to them whatever you’re saying is pure crap.

It’s not that what you’re saying isn’t important but the way you’re saying it isn’t effective. Most people have perfected the way to ignore nagging. They’re probably going ah ahh and you could tell them you’re going to hit their head against the wall and they’ll still go ahhhhhhh ;p

So beats the point of making a point right?

I don’t nag and before you whisper all women do let me tell you what I do instead. Coz I’m actually scarier ;p

Instead of nagging I play psychological games. I pull pranks to teach the lesson, I ignore or I do the exact same thing to the person. It normally wakes them up and they go err I was doing that??? So mission gets accomplished but believe me its scary for the other party ;p

The other thing I do is I send cute sarcastic messages which tend to get the immediate attention of whoever it is. Whatever message you’re writing should be funny as only when it puts a smile on their face will they respond ;p

So who do I need to kill to get hold of you? Your boss? Your neighbour?? Come on tell me whose got your phone on ransom! I’ll wallop him for u! ;p

Of course these methods are only for those ppl (friends ext) you love. Don’t even bother with people who don’t deserve attention!

So do you nag or do you have other ways of getting someones attention or making a point?

Foodie tag ;p

GLA tagged me sometime back so here it is ;p

My food taste is totally Malaysian well most of it ;p

1) Nasi Lemak with rendang chicken – Love this but I only take breakfast on weekends which works coz one of the best ones can be found near my house. The taste has not changed for the last 15 years! ;p

2) Karipap – I know where to get really good vegetarian ones but I can’t find those malay ones with the bits of Udang. There used to be this guy selling them hot from the pan when I was younger – those were heaven! I like mine with a thin crust and love them hot

3) Hokkien Mee – the KL one – you northerners please stay away ;p love that delicious thick black sauce with its thick noodles ;p

4) Tuna Sandwich – wherever I go I’m always trying this

5) Salads – Any kind of salad that has salad leaves in it – I am so having that ;p I’m not sure if it’s the leaves or the dressing – but definitely the combination of both ;p sometime back went and bought OR fillet burger that was freshly made so when I bit into it the salad leaves just popped into my mouth it was so deliciously fresh that I was salivating forgetting all about the fillet! So I think it is the salad leaves ;p

not tagging anyone ;)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Do you tell or not?

Friends and I were discussing relationships yesterday and the question was do you tell your significant other every detail about yourself (including all the not so nice stuff) or practice selective disclosure.

I prefer knowing everything, I don’t believe in using the past as leverage for emotional blackmail but at the same time I think it depends on the other persons character, not everyone can accept the truth. So figure out the person first before you decide to confess everything.

What do you guys think?

Ps : Kinda disappointed with Shrek – my sarcastic orge has gone soft and no longer as funny! Bah!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Blues

1 It really isn’t pretty to be walking around in a sleeveless top when half your hand is 3 shades darker thanks to your trip to Malacca. Since its too hot to wear a cardigan you’re stuck looking like a diva on a Monday morning walking around with a shawl! Arghhhhhhhh

2 Doesn’t help if you have a horrible flu!

3 Bestfriends should not be alike – it is injurious to the ppl around them coz it means double trouble!

4 The band is back …… The band is back !!!

5 To my friends – I’m not your source of entertainment – thou shall not push me into doing what I don’t want to for your own source of entertainment ;p and no you’re not allowed to discuss it repeatedly ;p

6 Stubbornness arguments melancholyness = Compromise = excitement

7 I had the perfect playlist and then I accidentally deleted it! Grrr

8 you lasted 3 days! This is not good! Wheres your will power women!

9 BC looks good at sunrise – unfortunately didn’t have my cam with me ;p

10 I’m running out of excuses! Help ;p

11 I love watching storms – I love rain ;p someone owes me a rain dance!

12 Johnny depp is hot even in grandpa glasses!

13 Trouble is worth it when the yield is colossal.

Speaking of Malacca the Malacca post has finally been updated with the photos.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Central KL

Yellow One of the best ways to explore a city is on foot. As that’s when you’ll have the luxury of discovering the unusual or meeting interesting people. This is especially important for photo enthusiasts. Yes its gonna be hot but then when isn’t it hot?

So have you ever walked in KL?

When I was younger I used to take the bus for my music classes and tuiton which were in central KL I used to leave early and explore the city. I kinda loved taking busses, bus drivers are really funny especially the ones from my town and it made the 2 and half hour trip bearable. As I would be travelling alone most of the time I would be stiffling my laughter each time.

KL Tower Oh they used to save a seat for me coz they knew my schedule ;p The few times I fell asleep on the bus they actually woke me up at my stop ;p I've actually sat on the bus dashboard on the trip to KL a few times coz the bus would be so packed. You'll just have to make sure you don't block the drivers view of the side mirror. that by the way was a better seat than standing in between the crowds in the centre of the bus!

Old and new For some time I basically lived in Central Market. My favourite haunt was this second hand book shop run by 2 friendly uncles. I think I was there every 2 weeks once coz I was a ferocious reader back then. I could spend hours there.

Then you walked around looking at the excellent portraits by the starving artist of CM. There was one time CM used to be a dingy place where some places had dark dingy walkways. Now the place is all bright and a bit too commercialized for my taste.

Han the photographer
I have fond and bizarre memories of the Mcds on the corner of Central Market. The time I practically ran out of the place coz of a too friendly African man. Shudder! There was also this bakery Meida I think that I used to go to for their Tuna Sandwiches. I am addicted to Tuna Sandwiches if you must know ;p

Then I’d walk to Kotaraya and do some shopping or just window shop and stop by petaling street for more browsing. There’s also a a&w around the corner of Kotaraya where I used to go have ice cream waffles ;p Yeah those were some good simple times ;) Went walking around petaling street sometime back and the charm is still there – do try it if you’ve never been.

IMG_4544klflickr10th1 Good old CM was the hangout for most teenagers those days coz the mega malls like KLCC and midvalley weren’t around then. It was also a splendid place to watch people. So whats your memory of the place?

Don’t mind organizing a photograph excursion as well – there are some amazing walls around there that make excellent portrait backgrounds.

Faris our new male model ;) But if you’re planning to walk around kl – here’s a route that might interest you – just make sure you start early to beat the sun.

Take a train from KLsentral to Central Market or a bus from Brickfields.

Asrul Explore Central market then head to Petaling street and explore the area (temples, the market) – walk around the back area to find those walls!

Walk along kotaraya past the road with all those bangledeshi signboards – I hear they have excellent food as well ;p That is btw foreigners hq!


IMG_5989klThen head to Lebuh Ampang (lots of old buildings to picture) you’ll pass Masjid Jamek so cross the river have a look and walk down Lebuh Ampang – more colonial styled shops then hit little India or you could walk down to Dataran Merdeka and photograph the Abdul Samad building before heading to Masjid India.

IMG_4458klflickr10th1 Then walk through Jln Doraisamy and check out the Asian Heritage row and then walk towards KLCC.

IMG_6804klcc There’s of course the building, galleries, food, park and what nots. Check that out and then you could end at Jln p P Ramlee for drinks really tired and sweaty.

I’ll probably skip P Ramlee coz theres nothing interesting to shoot there and plop myself at one of those cafes in KLCC and watch the sun set over KLCC. The blue hour at KLCC is quite amazing.

Or you can try this route.

I need to explore KL more or at least upload the photos I take (take so many don’t have time to edit them!). Wanna do more walks ;)