Thursday, May 31, 2007

Men and instructions?

What is with men and instructions?

You tell them one thing and they do the other.

I told my mechanic to do a minor service and he goes ahead and does a major service!

So why can’t you take instructions? and no I'm not basing it on one incident ;p

Auto Irony

I seem to have to visit a car shop twice in a row each time its like expense comes in a twin package. I was just wondering how come I didn’t have to go to the tyre guys again and looks like I’ll have to do just that today evening!

ps : my darling car is having a celebration on me! - I just paid my road tax, n then did a major service, n then had to change a broken mirror and today morning I woke up to a flat tyre and I just bought 2 and rotated them 3 weeks back!

Pss : I’m on a post fest thanks to the bad mood ;p


Indru piranthathu vidhiyallo illai mudivoh

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cloud Nine

I don’t meet my relatives often. So I’m pretty out of touch with my battalion of nephews and nieces (most of my cousins are married ;p). Anyway met one of my 12 year old nephews the other day and in no time we were best of chums talking about Captain Jack Sparrow!

Him : akka blab la bla akka bla bla
His mom (my cousin) : no da she’s not your akka (sister), she’s your chiti (aunty)
Him : CHiti (aunty)? (looks me up and down and says) nolah ma I’ll call her akka.
Me : yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Heh not bad my nieces and nephews still refuse to call me aunt! ;p

Ps : remind me to buy the kiddo a gift ;p


One of my good friend’s getting married so I’ve been helping him pick out his suit. He tells me the wifeys wearing pink. So I suggested a black suit light pale baby pink shirt and black tie or a black suit with a black shirt and a baby pink satin tie. As you would have guessed (or balked yourself) he balked n nearly had a heart attack and so did our other friend. I got accused of having cruel intentions of making the guy look gay. Errr hello why would I do that to my dear friend?

I suggested the black suit with a black shirt and a baby pink satin tie coz I remember going for this event and this guy wazzles into the room in that combo. Every women in the room turned to check him out approvingly coz he really looked good.

So is pink really a womens colour only?

Actually it no longer is and is neither a gay colour as long as you don’t overdo it. Pink pants are NOT hot! ;p Read this and this for more info.

I’m not really a suit person, rather like my men not to dress up too much. Just a jeans and shirt or a t-shirt or even shorts and I’ll be ok with it. However men do need to use suits and shirts for work or those dreaded formal events when they really have no choice but to wring their necks with a tie.

Read more on how to pick suits here and here

So what do you need to look into when teaming up your colours?Stick to basic colours for your pants and suits, black, dark blue, dark brown, charcoal (dark grey) and white if you can carry it off. Stay off the other colours.

Stay of chilli red shirts as well. No it only looks nice on a Ferrari I’m sorry.
If you’re wearing a dark coloured shirt go for a light coloured tie.

If you’re wearing a light coloured shirt go for a dark coloured tie. see its that simple.
But don’t go teaming up a green lime shirt with a maroon tie. maroon ties are gorgeous but it should go with an all black ensemble or a white shirt not even a pink shirt.

If you read the links I gave you’ll realize pink isn’t a womens colour only. But you’re still limited to the pale tones. Don’t wear the bright strong colours. Most of all wearing pink the right way is a sign of confidence, shows you’re comfortable with urself and you’re bold.

So who has the guts to wear pink! ;p

ps : photos have not been choosen coz i was drooling at them but to show you the colour combos and the kind i like ;p

Monday, May 28, 2007

Word Game

I recently got fwd this interesting game – its pretty simple and straightforward. Kinda enjoyed doing it so I’m posting it here. Take a look at the rules and we’ll play in the comment section – I’ll switch off word verification for this.




Friday, May 25, 2007

Jb Mali

Abandoned I was in JB over the weekend for a dear friends wedding. I had to go alone coz besides him, his wife and her best friend I knew nobody! The perils of internet friendship! Plus I think everyone either got married last Sat or had to attend 2 weddings each! It was a nutty weekend!

I’m perplexed! It took me 150mins to get to JB (southern state near singapore's border) after going tthrough a 50 km stretch of 1 lane construction work but it takes me 480 mins to drive back though there was no construction! I so don’t get it!

I found out I have great sense of direction (actually I always knew this)– found all the bus stations (was picking up kiddo who changed his location twice) in JB in no time and by the end of the 2 hours drive around the city I knew the roads so well I could have been mistaken for a JBian.

Anyone needs directions please ask me! However I had to buy a map to find one little taman that was nowhere on the map which was supposed to be the location of the hotel I was supposed to stay at! By the way I still haven’t found the place but no worries I found another place to stay right behind the venue!

Where to?

Which turned out to be a not bad place especially coz there was this haunted/ abandoned house facing my room window. I checked the place out alone before leaving coz I so love abandoned old buildings but sadly couldn’t go in coz everything was sealed.

My lovely kiddo friend who had earlier agreed to follow me to the wedding ditched me at the last moment coz he didn’t want to gate crash the wedding! No amount of “there’s gonna be so many hot chicks” – could change his mind! Bah men are unreliable – its not like he’s getting married!

The wedding finished earlier than scheduled which is surprising for an Indian wedding. I remember going oh my god he’s married (useless statement since he was already legally married) and beaming to myself! Yes I’m nuts tell me something new ;p

Looking up
After that was fun coz I got to bully them, found the lovely bestfriend, got thanked for driving alone all the way and keeping my promise of coming! ;p Gosh how could I miss it ;) but still its wonderful to know your presence was important and that you were there for your friend.

LIons grin

Marriages are such huge problems and sometimes all they need is a friend so glad to be there mate! After the months of preparation the wedding was finally over! Phew! Oh yes I was introduced to everyone as his best male friend!!! Hello!!! The perils of having men as friends they forget you’re a gal ;p

Oh yes btw he’s a Liverpool fan who married into a ManUtd household – hehehe I got my revenge muahahahhaha!

But still he was glued to the tv while people were stuffing the couples face with sweetened milk concotion. I had to blackmail him to drink the whole spoon (I was feeder number 21 – he was getting pretty sick of it ;p) on the grounds I drove all the way from KL ;p Heh am so evil ;p


To the dear cheeky cute photographer : the reason you caught me looking awkwardly into the viewfinder was coz I caught you taking my photo – and seriously how do I defend myself and admit I knew you were looking? ;p Ahem you were by the way supposed to shoot the wedding and not flirt ;p


Would you believe I walked into a restaurant and asked them matter of factly hey did you see the guy I came here with yesterday? And you know I actually got an answer! ;p Not bad eh? ;p We have 2 theories on why we were remembered – kiddo things its him – I think its me! What do you think? Oh they have good chutney and a malay lady who speaks fluent tamil!

Circled I'm not sure what building this is but it was gorgeous.

We abandoned downtown JB and headed for the old buildings that dot the hilly part of the place. Like I said I love my abandoned/ haunted buildings. Found this place among overgrown shrubs and to my delight we could go in!

Kiddo didn’t want to coz he claims it was too wet and dirty, well I think he was just scared ;p We think the building was burned coz all the wiring had been pulled out and there were gaps here and there but not much burned damages. Ooh the gaps provided some wonderful lighting but we decided not to venture above coz I might be adventurous but not really stupid. Didn’t wanna go home with a broken leg you know! ;p


I like old abandoned houses coz they’re so mysterious. There’s no one to explain whats the story behind why it has been abandoned, why such beautiful houses have no one living in them. What would have prompted those ppl to leave such beautiful places. And they provide such wonderful photographs ;)


There is no beach in JB how sad but then the water is so murky it could hide a few lock ness monsters and no one could tell a difference! Oh yes there’s a temple lurking at every corner, my mother would have loved JB! Oh we checked out a Malay cemetery as well but it was kinda boring. We were looking for a Christian or a Chinese cemetery but didn’t find any. Would have been nice to photograph.


We did check out this Chinese temple in the middle of nowhere. Nice place nothing extraordinary but it was nice to sit and take photos – weather was pleasant as well – and the place was quite peaceful.

Pink prayers

Anyway there was nothing much to see in JB town besides the old houses that too we didn’t find that many. Their historical buildings weren’t too impressive either.


But it’s a nice place to just cruise around driving and yakking your chances of bumping into another car when you’re illegally making reverse U turns on the wrong side of the road is pretty less ;p! Not much traffic even during the weekends. Don’t ask me about the night life, I didn’t check it out. Foods not bad but I didn’t try a lot of stuff coz kiddos vegetarian.

Heavens path?

Question : Why is traveling in Malaysia more expensive than everywhere else? Why isn’t there enough information on places to go?

This weekends another state ;p you know who you are – ill buzz u when I get there ;p

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yesterday as I was driving home as usual I got stuck in traffic. So what do you do when you’re stuck in traffic? You look around. So there I was just casually turning to my left when something scared the daylights (ok night lights) out of me.

This guy sitting in a truck next to me turns at me at the same time and suddenly flashes all 32 teeth at me (yes all 32 it was such a wide scary smile). Hello I so didn’t need to be freaked out!

Btw why do you meet more pretty gals while stuck in traffic and very few good looking men? Hello I need my entertainment! I do not need irony!

ps : this is my 900th post ;p

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tipping time

Photography gets me excited like no other thing. Ask me and I can yak none stop. Occasionally I fear people might get bored but so far I don’t think people have. Have you ?? Do tell me I promise not to blabber so much ;p

Anyway What are the 6 most important points to ponder when taking a photograph?At least to me that is – and seriously I’m not a pro – I'm still learning but these points have always helped.


Take offinfinity
This is the most important aspect of taking a shot. You might have the best subject but if your framing isn’t good you would have lost a brilliant photo opportunity. Never ever position your subject in the centre – it should always take into account the rule of thirds or placing it off centre. Unless you’re doing a symmetry shot.

Potrait of a DevoteeIMG_2936sringeri

The best angle is rarely at your eye level. Some of the best shots are taken lying on the ground, standing from high points or looking down at your subject or twisting the camera to get a different angle. Upskirt shots or taking from right at the bottom tends to lend a different perspective.

Do you have to take my photo again???!IMG_7954navdance1

Wake up KLSeeking an answer

Understanding light, its directions and how to shoot will help your photos. As well as understanding the best times to shoot. Never shoot at mid afternoon – the sun is at is worst when it should actually be your friend. Your photos will turn out over exposed or the sky colour is too dull – either shoot in the morning or at the blue hour. Now the blue hour is the time between sunset and nighttime – it provides the most beautiful sky lights and the best shots. That’s only for outdoors. Indoor shooting needs a good cam as you need to up your iso without getting too grainy. Also most photographers use extra equipment. So try to shoot under good lighting or bring down the strength of ur flash or try not to use a flash.



Understanding your subject is the most important part of photography. No one is ugly no one is unphotogenic – you just need to learn how to enhance their best features and use that to your advantage – take a few shots find out which angle is the best work on it. If you’re shooting children go for different angles.



Your Camera
If you don’t understand your camera and its limitations and strengths you will never get extraordinary shots. So learn about your cam, explore the options available and work around its limitations. I use a canon powershot a620 – it has never stopped me from pushing my cams limits so whats stopping you.


Some of the best shots came in split second moments. Not from planning but by chance. You’ll have to learn how to seize the moment and lookout for them. Sometimes it means being really patient or waking at odd hours of the day.


IMG_5060pgBurning dawn

So have fun shooting ;) Practice does make perfect ;p


Brilliant men have less common sense!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Working in an industry where things depend on others – relief has its own throne! Amen to that! I so need an addiction!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Dreams are made here

Dreams are made here

I have been meaning to write but haven’t had time. 2007 has been a bit too eventful and too busy and it’s not even reached half the year! Well I was in Cambodia in February with a lovely friend. I haven’t had time to post on it but it was a mixed trip - loved the place not the people. Love this photo best. Looks like this is my travel year – the travel addict wants more ;p


Sometimes the inevitable is just that – sometimes you hope for miracles but everyone knows those only appear in movies – sometimes all you want is – not what you can get.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gorgeous KLCC

I have never gotten sick of KLCC. It is such a gorgeous place. Whenever people come down to see me that’s the first place I take them but I seriously have never been up the tower – am too lazy too queue up for tickets ;p

SO here’s my latest photo of the building I never tire looking at. Whichever way you take the shots it still comes out looking different.

Looking up


I’m probably gonna drag ppl there one of these days to do a photoshoot – the place is excellent for portraits ;)

Lovely meet

Today’s Darling Praveen’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dear and hope you have a wonderful day. As it is the organizers birthday lets talk about the bloggers meet. Oh yeah there was one where 8 bloggers turned up surprisingly on time ;) NO Indian timing there!

When I walked in I was very sure there was someone waiting for us in the café coz there were 2 guys staring at the table. And I was right Murali nervously approached us asking err is this the blogmeet? We were like welcome on board mate! ;p

Already at the table was Puvanan, Saravanan, Ammu, Anitha and Praveen. The I’ve-informed-I’ll-be-late-comer Mahen made a grand entrance much later ;) It was nice fun – time pretty much flew as by the time we got up to leave it had been 4 hours. I think me and prav spoke the most fresh from our whole Saturday together. There are plans for other meets in the future and its been confirmed we don’t devour bloggers. We’re nice ppl though you might get bullied and someone might answer you with vanakkams (well his version of no comment ;p).

Looking forward to the next and of course meeting my readers. Especially the silent ones – you could say hi you know.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Does anyone remember Ottam the movie? Now I’m not sure if the movie was ever released (I think it was supposed to be a dubbed or remake) but the music was composed by AR Rahman in 1997 and it was top of the charts then. However after that I have never heard the songs on radio again and my local radio stations tend to play everything on air.

And every time I ask people if they’ve heard songs from that movie they go blank on me. Ottam songs have a very sentimental hold on me as it was released in my first year in Univ. I was staying in the hostels during my first year and every evening after our afternoon nap or when everyones back from classes we’d have a dance session in our room. Normally it was just me and my 3 roomates but occasionally half of the Indian gals in the 3 hostels would end up there as it was the port for our college gals.

We’d even occasionally have a bunch of guys hanging outside our room window since we were on the ground floor and like I said we were the port. So our room was never really ours, someone was always in or outside and yeah we never changed in the room ;p. Anyway back to the evening dances. Now there were a few hit dance tamil songs then and the Ottam Dhan song was one of it. Listening to it today still makes me wanna get up and dance. The song is still timeless. So are a few other songs like En Kathal Nerupe, Poothendrale and Shaba SHaba (this is fun).

Another reason this song refuses to leave my memory is because of the excellent performance the guys in my univ did during our annual Performance night. That was the second best performance night in the history of the Univ. Why I say second best is coz the best happened a year back – I remember gushing to my schoolmates on Monday on how awesome the show was. By the way ours is the only univ that doesn’t use outsiders for anything but the sound system!

So the whole dance was performed by about 30 guys from all the colleges. Now we’re all college loyalists and even if it’s a Univ performance, the college loyalty tends to come in and performance are placed by college but that’s also where you’ll spot the best dancer and the not so good dancers.

Now that year and only that year these guys got together, picked the 30 best dancers in the Univ regardless of seniority and choreographed the item. It was incredible – that would definitely be the best dance performance ever. How I wish I could watch a copy of that performance again! So go listen to the songs ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh my god! Oh my god!

May has been and is gonna be a really hectic time for me. There’s just so many things to do and did you realize the number of weddings that will be taking place in the next 2 weeks? I seem to be getting one card each week!

Anyway Sat my friends and I had volunteered for a Charity concert that was being held on behalf of 3 childrens homes in Klang Valley. We were representing the boys home and so sat morning we headed to the home and I found Praveen already there becoming friends with the kids.

It seems she told them she’s my friend and immediately these boys started questioning her ;) Like I tell you guys, Prav did fall in love with them. Such lovable darlings.

Anyway we were taken on a whirlwind tour of pj thanks to a “shortcut” suggestion from another volunteer. ;p Never trust men for directions! ;p

The children had a brush with local celebrities as the luncheon was attended by a few of the performers. After lunch they were treated to a few games and as always our top winner won! The kid will always be the first one to go in front and he is normally the first kid to get into my car even when theres bigger meaner machines around ;p - he's so my fav. Then the boys got on stage to dance and we had some good fun watching them

On the way back the boys started bugging me to drive fast. At first I didn’t want to coz the caretaker was in my friends car and didn’t want her to think we were reckless drivers. Then my friend zooms past me and the boys complain again. So I caught up with my friend and whizzed through traffic to reach the home first and finally they agreed akkas an awesome driver! ;p lol

We dropped them of and rushed to my friends place as she wanted to shower. Darn I so love her sofa ;p

her : vis make urself at home and so that means you’re supposed to get up and serve Praveen

me : adipavi? Ithuthan make urself at home ah? (so this is what make urself at home means?)

We got back to find one of the volunteers still asleep so we sat around talking with the kids. I finally announced their most anticipated news – that finally my friend Mr friendly will be joining them this evening! Sure excited them but thankfully they get as excited seeing me otherwise I’d be so jealous!

We got to the hall in time for the children to join the rehearsals and waited around for our instructions. I’m so ‘amazed’ by their (the ones organizing the concert) organization skills. It took forever for them to tell us what to do and even then it wasn’t the smartest ideas. I seriously feel the botched a brilliant opportunity to collect donations. People were willing to give, we just couldn’t reach them coz of the incredible ideas this nuts had! We could have collected more if they had an idea of what they should have done.

Unfortunately some ppl think they're the worlds smartest individuals and go around bossing others. I even tried suggesting a change since their brains couldn’t figure such a simple thing but it was turned down. Anyway we had to collect donation from the public and give them stickers.

Getting the money wasn’t the problem rather getting into the crowds and coming out every 30 mins coz of this stupid rules they had that were the problem. It takes 10 mins just to reach the crowd – wasn’t logistics figured out beforehand? Heck they didn’t even know the locations before. When you’re in charge of an event – you’re supposed to know everything at the back of your hand. Not ask the volunteers that know nothing about the event and getting them to figure out what to do! The whole idea of why people have briefings was never established!

There were perks though for all that climbing and nearly falling down. We were having our dinner break when Yogi b walks in. He was one of the performers and the other one I was looking forward to watch was Reshmonu. By the way their performance was awesome and lets get back to the story.

So I notice him walking quietly into the room as I’m sitting facing the door and my friend was sitting facing me. So I tell him the veg food is on the other side and he goes then I’m not setting a step there. So my friend looks up to see who I’m talking to and suddenly she goes.

her : Oh my god! Oh my god! can I take a photo with you? (fork n spoon suspended midair)

Him : (takes one step back with a cautious look on his face) err yeah but you can eat first you know ;)

Prav and I couldn’t stop laughing, when we finally stop, I invited him to join our table. So we were just talking about some stuff, he was asking about us and then he had to go or else we could have gotten more info from him ;p

My friend did get her photo and when we got my bag back we took a photo with him and all my friends minus prav who had to go home ;) Their performance was awesome (I'm just repeating myself thank you ;p) – well the bits we caught that is. Imagine walking up and down smiling and trying to collect donations and distribute stickers while an awesome performance you were waiting for is going on! Yeah it was mad! ;p

It was fun despite the idiocrasies!

ps : if you figured out the event don’t mention it here pls

Friday, May 11, 2007


One of my good friends is getting married and I’ve been helping him and his wife with the details. Since its one week to the wedding called him up to check on things. I reascertain I’m the leader for Nuts – heres a bit of our conversation

Him : I need you to keep an eye on the Videographer and photographer
Me : humm ok but why
Him : well they’re going to interview people on the marriage
Me : oooh ok but I’m not saying anything
Him : you have to!
Me : but I’ll just say I don’t know you
Him : ok you can say that on camera – I don’t mind
Me : Nuts – I don’t want la. Then huh I’ll tell them actually I’m his ex – I’ve come to stop the wedding!
Him : Alright set – then when they ask me I’ll tell them yes actually its true – this one is thiruthu kalyanam (runaway marriage)
Me : you so want a tamil drama don’t you?
Him : Hehehe of course and then huh I’ll ask – honey where’s our kid!
Me : you drama queen! Imagine the horror all the families will have – sure I’ll get kicked out of the hallla
Him : No la I’ll say I need both my wives there ;p
Me : rotfl

Malaysia Travel Guide

Having a lot of friends overseas, I tend to recommend places and transportation details to them on and off. I’d created a basic list sometime back. One thing that I did notice when I was collecting the date was how information was sparse.

I was recently approached by PK Tan regarding his travel website Malaysia Travel Guide. I must say I'm pretty impressed with what he has put up in a week.

The website is slowly stocking up on information on Malaysia – places to go, places to eat, places to hang out at, the nightlife, shopping and more. So do check it out and I hope the website grows and becomes a top source for travel in Malaysia. And the next time you’re looking for info check my sidebar – there’s a link at the bottom.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nutcase in KL

Friday night the plan was to simply take my visiting friend (a very close friend’s first time in KL) for dinner and to listen to this one live band and plan where to take him the next day. It was supposed to be that simple. I’ve been telling him there’s no where like KL, you’d love my bunch of friends and I’ll show you how to party in KL. I think he used to be skeptical coz everyone can boast not everyone can deliver. ;p

Thanks to work I was late but that gave him time to look around town and checkout the gals. By the time I picked him up he was sold and was loving KL. Of course he still insists his city in his country is as good but he agrees this is definitely a better place for women to party ;)

Anyway plans are made to change as he soon found out over dinner. After a few dozen calls and smses we switched restaurants (on the same road) for the movie meet. We knew the movie wasn’t gonna be good but when 8 ppl are watching something anything can be good – well at least its gonna be fun ;p

So off we went to Odeon – chatted up a malay parking attendant on Rajini’s sivaji. He was in total awe to him. Ok Unnale2 is really boring, sada is soooooooooooo boring, the guy cannot dance for peanuts but music is nice – but that too gets boring. What was nice was putting our leg over empty front seat and yakking while making fun of the guy who insisted we watch the movie! Oooh the guy in front of us kept looking at a photo of his wife n kid n the phone kept ringing silently (as you can see we were really vetti) – we thinks family problem!

Movie led to supper and entertainment courtesy of me being bullied! He clicked with my friends just as I had said he would. Well nuts all over definitely tend to bond together and I am after all nut hq leader – so nothing to be surprised off! Lol

Now I was supposed to drop him off at 5 but his guesthouse decided to lock him out. After unsuccessful tries to wake up the residents, he jumped back into the car and we circled KL. I must say driving on near deserted roads early Saturday morning is sure nice. If I hadn’t been sleepy would have made him jump from me on empty KL streets. Cheh he escaped! I’ve been accused of driving too slow L not fair I tell ya he wasn’t the one who just got scolded for speeding! Bah! KL sure lits up nicely though at 7.30 am I was in no mood to take photos!

I have no idea how I dragged myself out of bed 3 hours later but managed to take him out for lunch. Never seen anyone so in love with Pavaka (bitter groud I think), he had 3 plates of it! We ended up circling more of KL. Even found a monitor lizard trying to cross the road- said lizard scrambled when it saw me rushing out of the car barefooted to get a shot! And so I chased it ;p The things I do for a shot!

Men claim women can’t make decisions but take it from me, men are really bad at decisions.

Me : so you want to go up Kl Tower
Him : I guess so
Me : Ok then we’ll go there
Him : (10 mins later) err why are we going up this hill?
Me : coz we’re going to KL TowerHim : oh but I don’t want to
Me : (hits break at parking gate) and when were you planning to tell me???
Him : errr I got distracted ;p
Me : Nutcase!

We headed to KLCC instead coz he did want to see that! I confirmed twice. If you are anywhere there check out the 50 years in photographs exhibition at the Petronas Gallery. Definitely worth the time. My fav shot was of P Ramlee – made me remember why I still find him hilarious!

I kept my 24 hour flickr photo pledge and got some interesting shots! Now I’ll have to choose the best to post! Sigh I have nooooooo time!

Observation note : KLCC lots of gals to look at but very few men to drool over! Where’s my half of the bargain, I thought kan kalluvuraning (drooling) came with the coffee???? Bah

We visited an old club that used to be our regular haunt. I was a bit skeptical as the last time I had been there the music had been bad, the crowd was even worse. I’m glad to report that the place is back on the charts ;) Some familiar faces were around but I was the happiest when I saw the old dj back in action – he knows how to get us on our feet ;) Haven’t danced so much in a while ok no we have but we didn’t have most of the group there the last time – and my fav song was played thrice! Anyway the minds still dancing though the bodys aching and oh yeah they both unanimously want to sleep ;p

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Million and one days

Since I’ve been running in and out of the office half asleep – hadn’t decided what to blog till I saw the reaction to the bloggers meet.

When I was younger all these days meant something coz you know everyone was doing it but as I grew up none of the days (fathers, mothers, sisters, friendship, valentines or the million and one days ppl have come up with) meant a thing as I realized you don’t need a day to gift or wish someone you love.

Anyday should be special. You don’t need one day to shower them with affection and care or to take them out – it should be any day. And the best gifts are those that are unexpected even if it’s a little I love you note.

So if you do celebrate one of those days – do tell me why?



First of all Happy Birthday to Nirek – hope he’s doing fine in China.


Date : 13/5/07 ( Sunday)
Time : 3 pm
Venue : Starbucks, KL Sentral (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no midvalley)

Bloggers Amutha and Praveen are organizing a small get together for the Malaysian Indian bloggers to get to know each other. It’s a friendly casual meet so all are welcome.

To confirm your attendance, you can drop Praveen an email at or me (my emails on the sidebar). However I won’t be anywhere near a pc this weekend so I’ll only be checking mails right up till tomorrow night.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these 2 ladies before so meeting more bloggers should be fun and since I’ll be braving atrocious shopping mall traffic just for this (I never go near shopping malls on weekends!) – you guys better entertain me! ;p

ps : venue was just changed (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no midvalley)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Things NOT to do when flirting

Waving coloured paper – hello we’re no longer in primary school

Standing in her face – we need our space – if we didn’t notice you from across the room we still wouldn’t notice you up close

Getting chummy with her guy friends – sure that’s a nice idea but it rarely works ;p it provides good entertainment though ;p

Trying to dance with her by moving close – we hate to be bugged – doesn’t it look stupid to be chased of by a gal in public?

Discussing and pointing at her – it’s a fact women have eyes at the back of their heads – we know what’s going on around us even if we’re not looking (that’s why you always get caught doing what you shouldn’t be ;p) – we’re not cattle to be pointed and discussed you know

Men provide such entertainment ;)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Why Why?

Question : why do men freeze in their tracks when 2 women dance real close ;p you don’t see us women doing that when 2 men dance together – do you??? ;p

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Usha and Still

Happy Birthday to Usha and Still

Last year around this time I was in India and managed to call Usha up. Missing India but I had an awesome weekend - more on it later ;) Need to go sleep somemore ;)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Traffic blues

Since I moved to the new office (which is actually the same distance as the old one but bypasses 2 of the most traffic concentrated highways in klang valley), everytime the traffic is unbearable I head out for dinner at a midway point. Now where I go solely depends on whether I bring my laptop with me or not. Anyways there I was sitting with the lappie having had my fav ceaser salad and white choc dream ib after battling an unbelivable traffic jam thinking I'd get some peace and quiet and some browsing time.

Unfortunately I don't remember ordering a soppy romance and pda with the food. Seriously I checked all I asked was for food, a drink and the password. But what do I get?

2 free loaders kissing, crying, and doing whateverelse in my space (ok not my space but the one nearest to me) – hoi can’t you see I’m sitting in the next table. I needed the plug so I had to go to the corner, what’s your excuse?? You could have gone and sat elsewhere! Oh i forgot you didn't buy anything n that spot was far away from the cashiers eyes – how clever.

Seriously nothing wrong with affection, I’m all for it – hail god for introducing us to it. Yes yes I know cuddles, kisses, caressing are all really yummy, I’m really not jealous, far from it actually but come on making out in public and then checking if the poor unwilling audience next to you is looking?? Go get a room! Or you must love giving shows – oh do tell I could arrange a viewing – and an adoring audience, maybe even publicity – which media do you want? Or any fav photographers?

I seriously need to move out!!! anyone knows of a place in pejay? I’m so sick of the traffic whuaaaaaaaaa

ohh ohh ill buy u dinner and given my luck you'll probably get a free show thrown in as well! Then you can buy me dinner for providing such wonderful entertainment!

On the same note – there’s gonna be a bloggers meet in KL soon I think – someone’s arranging that – will update with details as soon as I get them.

I’m also thinking of having a blogger/ readers meet sometime soon. As with all my previous meets I won’t announce the place on the blog, you’ll have to email me for details. So those who are interested, including my dearest anons please give me a buzz. Also might be able to meet those in JB and Seremban – contact asap.

Oh and if you prefer to remain anonymous to the rest, that won’t be a problem, I’ll still meet ya if you’re a regular blogger/ friend or commenter. The lurking anons errr nolah – I’m afraid of ppl who lurk/ stalk.

Meets can be arranged asap but I prefer weekdays as for the next month my weekends are hectic!. Oh and beware if you come thinking you’re gonna meet bipasha basu or aishwarya or you have some insane idea, nut I will wring your neck and throw you to the crocs for being so superficial! (seriously I have had nuts asked to meet up) ;p

ps : thou shall threaten strangers before meeting them ;)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

How could you!!!

My weekends are now either spent with my friends or with the boys. I have to see the boys at least 2 weeks once. They tell me it isn’t enough akka, you should come every weekend ;)
I told him yes darling I would love to …

He finished my sentence …. But you’re busy right?

I felt like holding him and telling him no da its not that I’m just busy there are times when my mood isn’t right and there’s no way I can entertain or give you guys the love I should but I can’t tell an 8 year old that. An 8 year old who insists I go home take my bath and then come back for dinner and spend the evening with him. An 8 year old who blocks the door when I tell him I’m about to leave.

We took them out for Spiderman (someone sponsored them tickets). They were so happy to see me. For once they didn’t ask about my other friend. I think they missed me coz it’s been slightly more than 2 weeks since I saw them.

They were arguing with each other coz they were making me stand outside and talk to them instead of letting me sit down inside. I ended up blackmailing a few of the older boys coz I saw them running across the road in front of a car.

“Next time I see you do that I won’t wait and tell amma, you’ll get a whack from me first!” Poor kid was terrified I’d tell the caretaker they called amma.

They’re lovely kids. They’ll be arguing with who gets to play games with me. I love how I can emotionally blackmail them into entertaining me ;p

Right after lunch someone came there to shoot them on video. They were just asking a few questions. The funny part was how they were answering it. I was sitting next to the interviewer and everytime they asked a question the boy in front of the cam would turn to me for confirmation and sometimes I’ll whisper and answer and they’ll repeat that to the camera. They were trying to get them to perform and since they’re normally reserved in front of strangers, most of the boys refused to perform.

The kids can really dance and were just being shy about it. They were all sitting just next to me. So I quietly told them if you don’t dance now I’m gonna go home. They immediately jumped up and got the music ready much to the amazement of the ppl who had come ;p Hehehe I am so evil.

Yeah they made me proud alright, dancing to the tamil songs, break dancing just coz I told them to.

But I’m really upset. There’s a few ppl I feel like like shaking and telling them are you nuts! You see some of the boys are children from single homes. The problems with those children are, neither the welfare department nor the home have any say in their rights. I was told that 4 of the elder boys will we leaving the home and school at the end of the month as their mothers want them back. These kids will probably end up on the streets selling stuff to support their families.

Why can’t the mothers understand that these kids have a chance at being someone? All they need is a little encouragement, a little sacrifice and they’ll have enough to take them through? They already have the platform. You’re taking innocent children out of the only safe environment they know and putting them out on the streets! What kind of women are you! You don’t f@$king support the children you gave birth too and now you use that right to give them hell?

I hope you rot on earth lets not even wait till hell. And you better pray I never see you anywhere coz I could hit you for what you’re doing to these boys that I’ve come to love! Seriously I hope you drop dead soon so that these boys can escape the life you’re condemning them to! I don’t know if I can even say goodbye :(