Monday, April 30, 2007

Photo Nirvana

I had an amazing weekend. When I started seriously going out and taking photos, I’d end up going to places and events alone as none of my friends had interest in photography. That’s when I found out about the Flickr KL group and since I met them in December, I’ve reached photo nirvana!


They are the nuttiest most fun and most welcoming bunch you would have ever met and so you could imagine how nutty a weekend in Melaka with them would have been!

As you know I attract stories. My friends were supposed to pick me up from the side of the highway. 20 mins down the road amidst honks and stares from passing motorists they still hadn’t turned up! As I was thinking did they miss me, a red car stops ahead of me and starts reversing towards me. I was freaking out when one of the guys called up.


Him : Vis are you by any chance sitting at the side of the Hway
Me : Ahha and by any chance are you in a red car?
Him : hehhe you lucky devil that is us!
Me : Thank god!!


Turns out the other group thought they missed me and were already in N9 (they were actually still circling in Sg Besi! – don’t ask they’re directionally challenged ;p) and I was thanking all my stars that they spotted me. Heck seriously it isn’t hard when you’re wearing a striking blue top!

Baba house

Oh yeah our guide is the lovely Kaz a South African who knows Malacca like the back of her hand and she’s living in KL! ;p


We stayed at the Baba House – this restored Baba Mansion with the most amazing architecture, the house is a huge maze you could get lost in with winding stairs and hidden nooks and crannies. Try walking alone back to your room past midnight, the once charming place could look freaky ;p


Seriously fell in love with the place, so anyone of any age who owns such houses filled with antiques, seriously wouldn’t mind marrying you! ;p The best is it’s just a walking distance from Jonker st but the street itself Jln. Tun Tan Cheng Lock has so much to discover.

Walking away

I eat cars

Malaccans sure know how to attract photogs. The place was streaming with ppl all yielding a cam. We were mad enough to venture out in the hot hot afternoon weather after a scrumptious lunch at the Peranakan restaurant.

Ice cream Ice cream

Jonker street was bustling with activity, the red square was packed with ppl and this very attractive handsome iguana who seemed to have a crush on Kaz. Or was it the other way round? ;) I was more attracted to the old long mansions that dot the town centre than A Famosa and its overly commercialized counterparts.

Singing the blues

The best part of climbing up to A Famosa was the raspy voiced musicians entertaining the crowd on the top. Spoke to them during their break; darn I just loved their voices, could go back just to hear them belt one of those rock classics.


To me A famosa lost its charm years ago, its nothing like what it used to be. It’s a bit too organized and cleaned up for my liking. I like old buildings that haven’t lost its charm, with reminisensces of the past, antique furniture, old photographs, old architectural details, things that are lacking at the red square.


Ended up yaking with some boys from a school band. There was some official function about to take place and they got embarrassed as I kept taking photos of them but that was only for a while. Coaxed them to talk and pose for me ;)

Drumming away

Ah have I told you how cute men in uniforms are? Had my eyes fill of them – some were even on horses. ;)


Exhausted from the heat, we headed to the archipelago island craft for drinks. It was such a relief from the heat and the place was another gorgeous one with beautiful lighting and texture to play around with.


If you’re walking near the river and see a yellow building, walk to its back and you’ll find autumn in summer. I’ll let the pics do the talking when I update them here that is.

Autumn in Summer

Oh I found out some women don’t smile at other women. I’m not sure why but all my attempts to smile at said gal received stares!

Take me anywhere

After a much needed refreshing bath we headed out to the night market on Jonker Street for some night photography and of course food. Oh we even danced to the sound of some old dance music! Who would have thought I’d have met a fellow flickr who was actually my schoolmate since primary school. Oh and I bumped into an ex colleague as well. I reinstate that the world is so freaking small!


It was a total food and photo trip. We were either taking photos or eating something. After grabbing some tidbits on jonker we headed to this ikan bakar restaurant between the red square and the river (where u get the river cruise boats). If you go there make sure you try their Tom Yam – really delicious. Throughout dinner one of the guys tempts use with photos of what he claimed was the best cendol ever. We went looking for the shop after dinner but it was sadly closed.


In Malacca we found out that it rains on one street and not on the other. Weird I know but I’m telling you I have witnesses.


As the night was still young, we headed to Coconut café for some drinks. We were pretty beat by then but no one wanted to go back yet. the top level of the café has this low table where you can sit down or just lie around chatting. That’s what we were doing until someone brought us Jenga to play.


Oh yeah we had lots of fun. The first few rounds saw us trying to put the next player in trouble. Everytime before we knew the blocks were gonna fall, out came the cams to capture the fall! Hey we’re talking about a bunch of photogs here!

The last few rounds saw three of us teaming up to see how high and how artistic we could make our block of Jenga. Oh we did a marvelous job.

My roomie had gone night photo shooting, so I did walk down spooky corridors to get to my room. Thankfully nothing came calling!

I have no idea how we dragged ourselves out of bed the next morning. Someone even had a dream (photog nightmare) of getting up in time for the sunrise and capturing it, well all in his dreams actually ;p. We checked out the Sunday flea market and found some interesting things.


Oh yes we were rewarded by amazing blue skies that made the harmony street walk with its red lanterns and amazing catch. Oh yes the elusive dodol continued to be our main quest. I never found the best one but my friends did later on and I was just told they got lost AGAIN on their way back! Something tells me they all failed geography in school….. humm

We headed to the riverfront to get some rest from the heat and try out some jump shots. Unfortunately all the enthusiastic jumping led to a twisted ankle for one of the guys!


The boat ride isn’t anything spectacular but for ppl who love the water its fun. Especially when you get to shoot the titanic shot! Oh my the feeling of standing at the edge of the boat is amazing. Yes the boat rocks you left and right but letting go of the railings and just leaning into them is such a free feeling. Photos turned out awesome too!

Titanic moment

We checked out from the lovely hotel and headed for lunch at café 1511. One of the guys had bought an ancient Chinese lock and we took turns breaking the code. Managed to do it on record time!


I just love how the Malaccans treat their food, everything is excellent, décor is beautiful and carefully added into the place. It’s just wonderful how they make you feel without having to pay a bomb for such surroundings!


After jumping around the road, we headed to the 88 cendol house (Jonker Street). I stood staring as the lady ladled thick delicious looking gula melaka sauce unto the ice shavings. One dig into the mouthwatering dessert left all of us silent as we savoured each bite! This is definitely the place that serves the best cendol in the country and I’ve tried the best one in Mainland Penang! Its the gula melaka sauce that gives the cendol its kick!


With that we left Malacca exhausted yet wanting more – if only someone would walk for us and take photos for us – sigh ;p. I’m so looking forward to the next flickr trip. And Malacca I’m definitely coming back soon!

ps : will update with photos asap.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lesson Learnt

Guys are as nosy as gals – you tell them something hoping they were not listening, that they would forget about it, that they wouldn’t make a huge deal of it – rat chance – they’re either bullying you about it or talking about it all the time! Bah

ps : I still love you guys ;p heheh but seriously you’re as bad as gals ;p

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Caveman roots

I was thinking about what Bawangred said in the previous post comment section.
There’s something wrong with our society. We insist on wanting women to be smart and to know how to treat men but they’re not supposed to be friends with them. So err where are they going to learn?

I know gals and guys who have problems speaking to the other sex mostly because of the environment they grew up in. parents forbid their mixing and then they come from single gender schools.

I used to have a lot of problems with my dad coz I went to a coed school (he had plans to send me to this particular gals school in kl but thank god it didn’t work out). I used to be one of the boys, in primary school I used to kick and punch with them in a pinafore ;p hehhe don’t ask I won quite a bit!

Then I became less of a tomboy but the guys were still close friends. Some of my closest friends were and still are guys. Everytime they called home my dad used to glare at me and launch into one of his famous speeches. Then when I started going out, he planted a mobile in my hand and used to call me whenever I wasn’t home when he got back. Dad ruled with the motto - When hes back everyone should be at home – not that anyone of us listened! ;p

The older I got the more independent I become the more I stayed out late. How else am I supposed to see my friends if I’m supposed to be back by 9? In my case I managed to convince my parents they really didn’t have a choice but to let me be.

Heck most of us don’t even leave work before 7 pm and then there’s the reaching the next destination in KL’s wonderful traffic. When your friends are as talkative as you, even 12 am isn’t a feasible time to get back. And then there's the you're supposed to travel with them either even in a group. People can be so lame!

Time’s aren’t like how it used to be. People used to work closer to home, finished work on time and then headed of for a drink with their friends and got home in time for dinner. So why is it when we do it – its wrong?

And then there’s that good gals don’t stay out late theory. Who the hell came up with this? Its ok for guys but not for gals? Which cavemen era are they living in? What would people think? I cannot answer your future family? Why is everything linked to marriage? Is that our only goal in life?

But you know whats the worst thing asian parents are guilty off? After all this restrictions and looking after the moment something actually happens – rape, molest, sexual harassment – these parents either scold their children or deny it ever happen or tell them not to disgrace the family by reporting the crime!

Then there’s half the population of young Indian men out there who are supposed to be modern and educated. They would have lots of friends who are gals, go out with them and hang out with them, friends and all. But when it comes to finding a gal to marry they insist that the gal has to cut ties with her guy friends, to either have never gone out partying or to stop and to restrict interaction with men in total. Yes believe me this is still happening. But these guys go out after marriage and lock up their wives at home – it seems the rules don’t apply to them!

So the question is to all my dear readers. Will you all insist for your sisters, friends, gfs, wives, and future daughters to be locked up at home or will you give them the freedom to make their own choices? Will you restrict who they are friends with or are you part of the small percentage that has grown up from their caveman roots?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Latest circus act

You go missing for a month and people assume you got married or your about to get married. Wow imagine if I stopped blogging – people would probably come to the conclusion I’ve been prohibited to blog (no one’s gonna ever dare do that).

Hello people seriously don’t you think I’d at least invite you guys?? Seriously have faith – I’m really a nice person (vis crosses fingers and toes over the lie she’s telling).

Anyway I just realized in my 29 months of blogging and 875 posts later I have never actually written about marriage (I searched my archives) from either my point of view, or whether I wanted to, or was I ever going to or was I looking or wasn’t or my encounters with those mamis and nosy people who assume everyone needs to be with someone or they’re doomed for life!

The 2 post I remember writing are 2 hilarious ones on marriage vows and this incident that happened at a diwali party in my house a few years back. Seriously read them, its totally funny.

It’s not that I don’t get bugged, in truth I get bugged everyday by mom (she started at 17 – there’s a story to that!), some friends, most family friends and relatives and even the local hawker food uncle! Yes it is life’s biggest mistake not to be married at a small town where everyone knows everyone.

The thing is thankfully most people are afraid of me as I’m bound to give some sarcastic remark. So what they do is they bug my mom. Recently some lady told my mom make sure you invite everyone to your daughters wedding though we may not have invited you’ll to our children’s weddings. We really wanna see her wedding. I’m like hello I’m not the latest circus act you know!

Here I am totally commitment phobic who practices marathon runs each time someone mentions marriage and some lady’s discussing getting invites for my marriage?? People really need to get a life.

Then there’s the Indian society, according to them I should not stay out late, I should not have male friends, I should not go out with said male friends, I should not be partying, I should never ever hug my guy friends (if you do it means you’re dating him and if you’re not they have another term for you), and hell no I should not be the only gal among a bunch of guys, I should not be dancing with guys, what will my future mother in law/ husband think, in general I should not have a life. According to them gals are allowed to work but not too late, never too close with male workers, and the moment they finish work they should go home immediately and sit at home and knit a sweater or something! And at my age I should be married with 3 kids and plus points if another was on the way. Preferably all male children.

Are these people nuts? Why do I care about what they think? Where were they when I needed help and support or when I was in trouble? Everyone is there to point fingers but very few are they to help you in your worst times. So why should I care about what they think? If I got married to some guy just coz they think I should, if there was problems will they be supporting me financially and emotionally? No right? So could all those nosy nosed people go sit quietly in a corner before I lash out at you?

My most famous answer to someone who was bugging me was – alright why don’t find the guy, arrange the marriage, I’ll leave everything to you and then on the day of the marriage you can sit on stage and marry him. Problem solved and you got to arrange your wedding! Yaysss – lol poor person didn’t bug me for a long time after that. Hehehe I know I’m horrible.

See I have a wonderful life going on, nice job, earning enough, lots of friends, I travel every other time or as my friends put it I’m constantly planning my next holiday. I have different hobbies where I have different friends. My weekends are packed and sometimes even the weekdays. My life is pretty set; I love how it is now. Why should I rush into marriage just coz people think I should.

Marriage is a huge responsibility. It’s actually the union of two families than just 2 people. I will have to be more responsible, whether I like it or not all decisions or activities I take part in will have to take my husband into account, I can no longer be as independent or carefree as I am used to being, someone has to be the one who gives in to the other. Marriages are basically a give and take agreement. There are so many people you have to constantly think about.

You might have known the person for years but the first year of marriage will be one of the most trying parts of your life. You have to adapt to the other persons habits, and you’ll begin to discover things you don’t really like about the person. Oh yes that will happen. A lot of women go into marriage thinking they can change a guy while men go into marriages thinking nothing will change. Unfortunately men don’t like change and if you’re expecting them to change there’s gonna be resistance. A lot of women make the mistake of agreeing to every little thing prior to their marriage thinking they can demand change after they have gotten the guy which is not the way things work. Men too tend to promise things that they have no intention on keeping. So with all this kind of problems that will/ might arise why do I wanna go throw myself into problems so soon.

So let me enjoy my current phase in life, when the time’s right I’ll get married but not sooner. Anyone who’s rushing into a marriage, please look at the pros and cons first before you jump head first into marriage.

Friday, April 20, 2007

50 big ones!!

Saw this at Dreams & Sugar and thought no I shall resist this and then saw it at Bawangred’s and now I’m posting it. Bah to both of them for tempting me like this!

1. FAVORITE MOVIES? I dislike this question coz I never seem to be able to give the same answer anyways all time favs are (the list is mine I cant explain why I like some of them) – Star Wars (all of them), Indiana Jones, Finding Forrester, matchstick men, Step up, Shrek1,2, Bone collector, Pride and Prejudice, Take the lead, Pretty women, Love actually, 300, WTC, The grinch, Mrs doubtfire, Patch adams, Jumanji, hook, hitch, MIB, the Matrix (only the first one), highlander (remember those immortal men I don’t know why I loved them), Sleepless in seatle, Moulin Rouge, phantom of the opera, Edward scissorhands, when harry met sally, dangerous minds, Lotr 1,3, forrest gump, annie, The sixth sense, monsters inc, the day after tomorrow, Oceans 11, 12, Back 2 the future, Thalapathy, Alaypayudhe, Ayuthe Ezhutu, Satya, Moondram Pirai, Mouna Ragam, Thiruda Thiruda, Billa, Basha, Thillu Mullu, 16 vaiyathinile, Arangetram, Aval appadhitna, aval oru thodarkathai, server sundram, Mozhi, Kakka Kakka, thevar magan, indra, Vietnam Veedu, Thiruvilaiyadal, Karnan, hey ram, anbe sivam, nala damayanthi, sathi leelavathi, guna, punnagai mannan, mahanadhi, Sigappu rojakkal, kalki, Varumayin niram sivappu, pudhu pudh uartangal. Keladi kanmani, uyire, Bombay, anjali

2. DO YOU OWN A GUN? Will never

3. WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY? I don’t bother – have better thigns to do

4. FAVORITE SCENT? Musky maleness ;p hehhe

5. DO YOU LIKE HOT DOGS? Hummm depends ;)

6. WHAT DO YOU PREFER TO DRINK IN THE MORNINGS? Nothing but if I do its milo

7. DO YOU DO PUSH-UPS? Least fav exercise after running ;p ill walk all you want and dance for hours but don’t you dare make me run ;p

8. BROTHERS OR SISTERS? No preference but have a bro

9. WHAT’S YOUR MOST LIKED PIECE OF JEWELERY? Wrong qs to ask me – I love them all ;p


11. WHAT IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON TO LURE THE OPPOSITE SEX? Its no longer a secret if I tell you

12. DO YOU OWN A KNIFE? Yes ;p


14. NAME 3 THOUGHTS AT THIS EXACT MOMENT? Yay yay we’re partying, why is this taking so long, I wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt .................. ;p

15. NAME THE LAST 3 THINGS YOU HAVE BOUGHT? Tara road by maeve binchy, food, prepaid card ;p

16. NAME 3 DRINKS YOU REGULARLY DRINK? Iced water, orange juice, milo, coke


18. CURRENT WORRY? Who do I bug to travel next ;p I want free ticketssssssssss

19. CURRENT HATE? Idiots, selfish idiots, egoistic idiots, back stabbing idiots – in general idiots


21. LEAST FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? Amongst ppl I dislike

22. WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO? everywhere

23. DO YOU OWN SLIPPERS? Yes I live in them- most preffered footware

24. WHAT TOP ARE YOU WEARING? Are you nuts my blogs U rated

25. LEAST FAVORITE COLOR? Pale colours

26. LAST TIME YOU HAD AN ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Tried something the end of last year I think – still don’t like it

27. WHAT SONGS DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER? I don’t sing in the shower I sing everywhere else ;p.

28. WHAT DID YOU FEAR WAS GOING TO GET YOU AT NIGHT AS A CHILD? Nothing I used to read horror stories in pitch darkness at night with only a torchlight for light ;p.


30. WORST INJURY YOU’VE EVER HAD? Sprained ankle – its become a permanent prob

31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PET? My one n only doggy browny

32. HOW MANY TVs DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE? There was 2 we gave 1 away


34. WHO IS YOUR MOST SILENT FRIEND? None – im too noisy to let them be silent ;p

35. DOES SOMEONE HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU? Hehehe no comment

36. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Nah don’t believe in them

37. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? I did a book tag once go see that ;p


39. WHAT SONG DO/DID YOU PLAY AT YOUR WEDDING? Elo you think I have nothing else to do but think of weddings? – get a life plz seriously

40. WHAT SONG DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? We love to party …. Or prob shakira’s Hips don’t lie – I don’t seem to be able to sit still when this song is placed – lets see if I get up from the dead n dance ;p hehehe – yes I know im nuts

41. WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT 12 AM LAST NIGHT? Oh I was catching up on sleep – been having 3 hours sleep for the last few days ;p


43. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE CHARITY? U know I do but then theyre like my boys so don’t know if it counts ;p

44. DO YOU LIKE RAIN? You must be new – im crazy about rain – getting wet in it, playing in it, sleeping when it rains, or just watching it ;)

45. WHAT DO YOU SMELL LIKE? Will have to ask someone to smell me first la – otherwise its Jadore ;)

46. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’LL BE IN 10 YEARS? I don’t even know where I’ll be in a year – why you’re asking me such a silly qs??

47. DO YOU BURN OR TAN? Oh I burn the tan’s ‘;p hehehe nah silly qs get silly answers

48. LAST TIME YOUR CELL RANG? Last night – no one really dares disturb me in the morning – I am so not a morning person ;p

49. WHAT IS YOUR GPA? Elo you very the nosy fella ah?


Yayy I’mmmmm done – someone break the coke bottle ;p

Photofriday : The Blues

Do you have to take my photo again???!

Do you have to take my photo again???!

Hehe i think he was sick of me taking his photo ;p but that's a front coz the very next sec they wanna see how they look ;p lovely kids. Photos of the boys from the Agathians shelter.

oh u can see my reflection in his eyes ;) We were playing jumping rope while they took turns to take their bath so that explains the towel ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Finally a site that hosts Malaysian Indian Musicians or as we call them over here M*annin M*ainthargal. Check it out they seem to have everyone.

The one's I'd recommend are Y*ogi B, B*oomerangx, H*yperkinetix, S*asi, R*eshmonu, L*ock up, K*ashmir Stone (rocking indian rockers), Suresh R*ogen.

The one thing I can tell you about the music over here is simply though 90% of the music is bad 95 % of the songs have clean lyrics.

Have a blast and let me rediscover the industry and I'll tell you which songs you shouldn't miss at all. Props to the people behind the site.

ps : another post below ;)

Pani vizhum...

I’ve been singing this song for a few weeks now – it is one of my all time favs. Mostly because I love the first anupallavi (2nd para) – and now that I can listen to music at work – I’m going to get this songs into my pc. I was telling my friend this just yesterday over ice cream (;p) and guess what happened today morning. The first song after the morning news was Pani vizhum malar vanam – loved it ;)

Anyway I need suggestions of best places to download mp3s - tamil songs and English songs from all years. I know I can google them but not sure which is reliable.

Oh if you have some really nice mp3 songs – drop me a list and I’ll tell you which one’s I want – lazy to go download myself la – hehehe and oi don’t send me viruses ;p

Anyway for all the acham nahnam and morality that Indians claim – if you know tamil well – you’ll blush at what the song is implying – someone close the childrens ears please or just don’t teach them tamil ;p! 80s lyrics are more brazen than the songs that come out now!

Pani vizhum malar vanam, un paarvai oru varam (2)
Inivarum munivarum thadumaarum kanimaram Pani vizhum...

Selai moodum iLanjolai, maalai soodum malarmaalai (2)
Iruvadhu nilavugaL nagamengum oLi vidum
ILamayin kanavugaL vizhiyoram thuLir vidum
KaigaL idaigaLil neLindhida idaiveLi kuraindhida
yeriyum viLakku siritthu kaNgal moodum Pani vizhum...

Kaaman koyil siraivaasam, kaalai ezhundhaal parihaasam (2)
Thazhuvidum pozhudhile idamaarum idhayame
Viyarvayin mazhayile payiraagum paruvame
Aadum ilaigaLil vazhigira nilavoLi iruvizhi
mazhayil nanaindhu magizhum vaanampaadi
Pani vizhum...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shades of grey

Life is not black and white. It isn’t as simple. There is no right or wrong, just situations that need different solutions. We all have rosy thoughts of how families should be, how relationships should be, how life would be. A happy family where your parents love you, your siblings adore you, where your relatives, grandma and all think the world of you. Where your friends are happy of your achievement or trust you.

These are in truth all fairytales. We build on such fantasies thinking the world is perfect it can be defined clearly between black and white. Wake up life isn’t that easy. We wouldn’t be subscribing to a faith called god if it was that easy.

Some people are just luckier and to them people can’t do wrong ESPECIALLY FAMILY. The victim is always the one who imagines things, who lives in a horrid fantasy, a person who cannot conform to society’s know hows, he or she is always the wrong doer never the people who you believe is a case of misjudgment.

I’m sorry to break your security bubble, it’s just that you’ve been luckier not to go through the worst in life, that you’ve been lucky to have wonderful family and friends and it’s just that you’ve never really faced problems. Failing exams don’t even count in life’s problems that some people face.

When people waste food I tell them I should leave you in Africa where children die of malnutrition. They simply tell me – oh I have done great deeds that’s why I was born lucky. Yeah you’re lucky but doesn’t give you any right to be wasteful.

Why am I writing this now?

Simply because someone has to offer support to Sarah of Daughters of Tomorrow.

It’s very easy to put someone down, to tell them you’re lying, it couldn’t have been that bad, it couldn’t have been so horrible, you’re living in a fantasy no one has so much problems. Whoever says’ such things, I simply believe you’ve been lucky in life, you’ve never had problems (though you think you have) and I’m extremely scared of how you will face life if you had to face just a fraction of her life.

I read Sarah’s blog daily, I basically start my day with her blog. Simply because it grounds, it tells me whatever good you’re getting now remember it can go in a flash, you have only yourself for support, unless you are strong, you will crumble in the slightest of problems.

I don’t pity Sarah even a bit, instead I look up to her. The longer I read her the more I’m amazed at how she has survived her life and her problems. How she had stood up against the problems that she’s had to face, how resilient she’s been. She is a true role model, she faced her problems, she didn’t succumb to them, she didn’t become her mother, instead she is now a wonderful mother. She could have become her parents and punished her children for the things that she went through but Sarah did none of those, and that is why she is a better human being that most of us can be.

Life isn’t black and white, there are problems we can never phantom, but it hurts the most when your own family doesn’t believe you or inflicts those problems on you. The most hurtful thing a person can do to you is tell you they don’t trust you, that they think you’re a bag full of lies. And it gets even worse when these people that you care for side the person that inflicted the pain on you in the first place. For that’s when you realize you have no one to turn to.

Here’s a woman sharing her deepest secrets and some people think it’s all a lie? Shame on you! You have no idea how helpful her blog will be to the thousands of women who face maybe just a fraction of her problems. To these people all they need is an assurance that they weren’t imagining things, that they aren’t alone, that it isn’t the end of the world. You have any idea how hard it is to share your problems to the world. To tell people you aren’t perfect or that your life isn’t, to admit your problems?? If you think you’re supporting the underdog by supporting her mom and sisters, darling you have your terms wrong.

The strongest people in the world are the ones who have problems for they have fought and survived. Read Sarah if you want to see a survivor, and don’t come back to me and claim she’s lying. I’ll smack you for being so naïve!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Listen to me!!!

Have I ever lied to you?? Have I mislead you before?? Have I ever been cruel to anyone of you???

All your answers should be no and if it is then listen to me.

Do not watch Mayakannadi unless you want a good nap. Read Sudhesh’s review here for a precise review. He’s said whatever I wanted to.

Its not the storyline that sucks, rather the over acting in the first half, the hero wannabee, the unrealistic portrayals, if it had been a younger actor it could have been better, plus the movie really needs dire editing, it is sooooooooooooooooo long, how long do u need to show him cutting someones hair?????

The best joke of the movie came from a dear audience member. The movie just refused to end and we’re all waiting to get off the seats when finally the longgggggggggg hair cutting scene ends and this one guy quips :

yehpadah samiyohhh ipohavaduh mudhichared
yehpadah samiyohhh finally he finished

We the pavamfied audience actually clapped in joy that the movie finally ended! Groannn

Anyway no thanks to my wonderful friend for insisting we watch the movie – given it’s a Cheran movie, no way it would be bad. BTW that was an interesting way of using the changing room ;p

We were walking down the stairs when someone from the next show audience asked so hows the movie. We seriously wanted to say just one thing (though we didn’t – that theater has bouncers ;p)

Nalla thungithu vangeh ;p
Have a nice nap!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Good to be back

Its good to be back. I was going through the old comments today. Haven’t been replying for such a long time – anyway I’ve replied to all comments right up to February. Would you believe March had only 2 posts? Looks like I took a huge break. Well it was needed.

First let me wish one and all Inniya Puthandu Valthukal (Happy new year)

do continue reading it’s a long post!

Slowly getting back into the old routine, but it wouldn’t be like last time, since I seem to be spending less time in the office. New challenges have been interesting, pretty much enjoying though I could do without the traffic!!

I’m contemplating moving closer to work – my friends think I should. My mom was acting all happy until she realized I was seriously opting for it.


One of my cousin's had a little boy and naturally he was gushing over the little bundle more than his poor wife. Men!! The cute little fella snuggled into my arms refusing to wake up. So we placed him on his crib, and whatdya know he immediately woke up having lost his personal cushion mua! ;p Will have to wait a month to see him again, since he’s away at his grams! Bah! Seriously this one is mine, so go stand right at the back of the long line – I’m not sharing! ;p

Celebrated some wonderful birthdays – its always wonderful to make someone happy. Have been having tremendous fun with my photomates. We celebrated an awesome 1st anniv recently and wow those guys sure know how to party and it didn’t involve a single drop of alcohol. Just plain crazy infectious fun.

Its funny how people tell you they’ve moved on and so you move on as well only for them to break down when you explain I’ve really moved on. Fantasies are dangerous to live in, neither is it worth the hassle. I couldn’t be hanging around forever could I? You were warned that one day all you’ll have is regret, one day it will hit you for your stupidity. Well that’s life.

Friends and life in general has been pretty interesting. Lots happening, enjoying every moment, just sometimes it feels uncertain. Nothing’s perfect you see or I’m just paranoid. But that’s actually good prepares you for the unexpected.

My very good friend just gotten registered and he will be getting married next month. Thanks to his lovely wife, I finally managed to meet this net friend of mine of 9 years. Talk about procrastinating. Marriage is of course a huge step but they seem wonderful together, wishing them all the best and I’ve made a new friend. The dinner was filled with nemo’s and male dory’s and flirting waiters – details of which are not being disclosed but then when have men not flirted ;p

I see a few blogs have moved space, hence need to do a lot of updating of my long long blogroll. Yikes!

So how have you all been, do update me on what’s been going on in your life. Moved elsewhere? Anyone getting married? Heavens do tell!

My dear anons and silent readers, you could drop by and say hi you know, I really don’t bite, well depends on the situation actually ;p

Long weekend ahead – so look after yourself, have lots of fun and go ahead and be naughty.

Again Inniya Puthandu Valthukal (Happy new year) to all my dears out there.

Photofriday : Blessing


Thaipusam in Malaysia is a festival of 3 days for most but for the Kavadi bearers the journey starts 1 month earlier. Following a strict vegetarian fast, constant prayers, sleeping on floors and abstaining from any entertainment the journey cultimates at their destined temple. Thaipusam is the day lord Muruga received his "vel" or lance from Goddess to vanquish the evil demon, Soorapadman.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ice Vechifying

Why do men do this??

Alright so you think someone’s pretty – fine tell her that and stop there. Simply tell her I think you’re pretty and then STOP. Explaining every little reason not only bores the gal but comes out sounding a bit desperate especially when you’ve just met her. Why do you want to scare her off? If you were dating her, showering her with compliments and specifying details once in a while will give you points but only if you mean it.

Being fair about it doesn’t cut it as well. Telling one gal she’s pretty and then moving to say the same to the gal next to her, just shows you’re being fake about it. You’re fishing for any fish, and no one likes to be second on anyone’s list.

Neither does the knowledge that you’re dating someone or about to get married to someone. Most gals might fall for sweet talk but the rest can figure out or find out whether you’re available as you claim. So seriously why bother making an a** of yourself?

So guys – are you part of these categories and do you have a sensible reason on why guys flatter/ compliment too much or ice vechify.

And gals don’t you agree with me?? ;p

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A bit of everything

After a very long time was entertained by an excellent band. The lead singer not only had a great voice, he was an excellent guitarists as well. I think he even knew sitar fingering, need to go investigate again, he was impressive. I couldn't take my eyes off him and probably explains how I missed Ferdinand's incredible own goal (grrrr). Beautiful classic rock songs and a dj who knew how to play excellent dancing music from the 80s right up to present. 

A bartender insisted on teaching me cricket despite my lack of interest in that game. I so do not understand the need for a 1 day or 3 day match. which he gleefully tells me for them even 3 months isn't enough! Oh give me a break guys! and please send a dose of football with that at least that game after max 120 mins I'd know the results!

My friends friend was grumbling that I hadn't followed his kavadi and shot photos of him. Didn't help a bit when my darling friend has been going around boasting about how well the photos turned out and showing of the photo we printed out for him. Of course us boasting about giving excellent gifts to our friends led to him telling us please make sure you give me one too. Of course I asked him - so do I know you??? ;p 

Just realised my holiday pool skills ain't so bad after all ;) and nothing beats street food with a bunch of friends. oh yes had a good night of everything I like. great company, wonderful laughter, even better music, some dancing, some jollufying. Only sad part was I got cursed to get married twice! Bah!!!!


Friday, April 06, 2007


Kids are such wonderful beings. They can lift up your spirits and brighten any room with their innocence but nothing comes close to the feeling of knowing they trust you. That is one of the most wonderful gift a child could give you and it is priceless.

When I first started going to the home I’ve been visiting, the children did warm up. Well when you have a bunch of whacky adults jumping around in front of you, which kid wouldn’t want to spend time with you? But there was a distance, the younger ones would jump around with you but they didn’t come close, you weren’t allowed to hug them, every time you tried they’d try their best to wriggle out of your arms. The elder ones wouldn’t even acknowledge some of us. I understand why they kept their distance, very few people actually return to spend time with the children. Well they have no idea what they’re missing!

Every time we go back or I drop by, the children get closer. Waiting to share stories of their escapades, the events they went to or the little arguments they had.

The last time I joined them some weeks back, we had gone for a horse riding event. As brave a front that boys tend to put, the moment they had to get onto the horse, the fears came out. A few of them were shivering in their saddles and were refusing to continue on the ride. I stood their assuring them that they’ll be ok, its just a short ride, you’ll be fine da. Something I said must have worked, the boys listened and before we could say whoa (horse language for stop) they were enjoying themselves.

Later as we sat at the home watching their Sunday movie, 4 of the little ones were snuggling up to me trying to persuade me to stay for dinner and lunch hadn’t even ended. They hadn’t wriggled out of my hold neither were they planning on moving away from me. They were like my own kids, being possessive of me, taking ownership of my love and that’s when I realized a trust had been established and I had been given the most beautiful gift.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


If you haven't caught 300 yet, what are you doing??? And do remember its a bit gory, if you don't think you can take it give it a miss.

Mushkin was also excellent though I still preferred Sepet.

Mozhi was an excellent movie, Prakash Raj will have you laughing your guts out and yes Jo does a splended job. Darn miss that womens acting.

Stomp the yard was good not as great as the previous dance movies I've recommended like Step up and Take the lead but still good. I was really impressed with one of the leaders of the fraternity. If you watch it you'll know which one. Excellent acting, even better leadership. Very inspiring. These movies always gets me worked up, by the end of it both of us were dying to dance. We did go to an old haunt and were sorely dissapointed. The place was nearly deserted, the music was bland, where was my shakira! Sigh looks like I need to find another closer hunting ground ;p

I have questions, lots of them yet unsure how to ask them. I'm even unsure if I should ask them, so where would these questions go?