Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chariot to BC

Last night I made my way to KL to watch the chariot procession leave KL city for Batu Caves. I don't seem to have gotten sick of it. Reached the temple on time right before the chariot left and then made my way to another corner to check out the chariot. As I was set up with my tripod and my little cam, ppl were getting really curious.

One bunch of boys passed by and started remarking on the camera. Seconds later one of the boys asked if I was from this town (it was my town)? That took me off guard and I asked him how did he know so he tells me he knows me, seen me around the temples. The kid was funny he kept going akka take good pics, akka you thirsty you want a drink, akka this akka that. The only problem was he had a loud voice and we became entertainment for some 30 ppl. Sigh ;p



Some cars got stuck in the road the chariot was to pass and it took sometime to get them out given the amount of ppl walking the streets. Thaipusam's like a meeting place, in 3 days I practically meet nearly everyone I know. So every corner I turned I ended up replying the same answer to people's queries.

One point I was standing next to a cop who was curious about what I was photographing so I showed him some of the photos. He too felt the crowds had ballooned this year given both states would be on leave. So its official guys Thaipusam 2007 has kicked off!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Where? where?? everywhere

I have been nearly everywhere in the past 1 week.

It started with a visit to the Agathian's shelter where a bunch of friends that included Bawangred joined in giving lunch for the kids. I was surprised the kids remembered us and the moment they saw us they thought they were gonna play football. When we said no they were asking us to take them to the playground but we didn't dare since there were so few of us.

Sunday must have been their tv day, the kids were glued to the screen and no amount of photo taking, tickling, disturbing or annoying could take their eyes away from the screen. So we spent a quiet lazy afternoon with them watching the movie L*ondon on tv. Some of the boys did talk a bit in between being glued to the screen. Its funny how kids have such short attention span, one minute they were engrossed in the movie and the next some were playing carom in the kitchen. We did have some quiet fun and I'm looking forward to the next visit.

Thaipusam started off with prayers at a friends place. He and his friends will be carrying the kavadi again. It was 2 hours of bhajans with the guys taking turns singing them. It was really interesting watching them. I've notice one thing if the adults were actively involved in religious activities, there won't be much younger adults and if there were more young adults active, there will be less older ones and gals. Weird but true.

I had been planning to watch the floral Parade but since I slept late and have been having longer weekdays, I ended up waking up late. Anyways made my way for a f@lickrmeet and I just realised I didn't write about the first one surprisingly. Oh but I had so much fun the first time roaming KL city. This time I love the location we picked and plan to go there again soon but most of us didn't leave and it continued to a mamak session (tea at a hawker stall) followed by roaming around T*itiwangsa to catch the E*ye on Malaysia and the fireworks. Shooting fireworks isn't easy or so we learnt but it was total fun to sit at windy of Titiwangsa shooting the eye. We hit another famed mamak stall for food and time just flew.

Next day we decided to check out the floral parade floats in Putrajaya since we missed the parade. I was so impressed by the Sabah, Penang and City Hall's floats. I have no idea what selangor, kl and Putrajaya were thinking, it was either too busy or really unimpressive. We had a good time taking the shots and stalking children! One kid even glared at me while another ran away from my friend screaming "mummy she's taking my photo!" It seems an old couple were following around watching me take photos and it seems they would peek into my camera screen every now and then but I didn't notice at all coz I was busy squatting up and down taking shots! We tried searching for them later but we couldn't find them! We would have said hi ;)

Then despite feeling really lazy I got convinced to go check out the fireworks at the eye again! We tried a different location, definitely nearer to the eye but we still couldn't get the bigger fireworks in! By the way if you're looking to watch them yourselves, get to the eye on fridays and weekends for special water shows and fireworks which will be on till the 3rd of February. The weather was great on both days - lovely wind. Go early to get a good spot and plonk yourself on the ground. Fireworks begin at 9.00. It's a fun place to be.

Ps : photos will take sometime to come - will be busy with thaipusam ;)

pss : i think there were problems during the migration - some of the comments have now changed to from anon - i've been sitting n guessing whose who while replying to them - lol check and see them

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bliss 15

Who would ever think a 15 km walk wound be fun and I'd actually miss it.

IMG_0925thaipusam06 I absolutely miss walking behind the chariot during Thaipusam.

I was around 10 the first time we followed the chariot. It was actually the return leg of the procession in the days before it became so popular, then only a handful crowd would walk. We were at home waiting for my dad to come, all dressed in our indian clothes when dad tells us he's gonna be late but he'll join us at the temple later.

So after much contemplation we (mum, me and bro) took the last bus out of our town and headed to KL and those were the days of the Tong Fong bus (did I get the name right? Remember the blue white ones?). You'd be lucky not to get on a rickety one with gaping holes in its old cushioned seats. The ride on the bus itself is an adventure. You have to make sure you're not sitting on the tyres or around it (that makes most of the bus ;p) as everytime it went over a speed bump you would fly from your seat. It's pretty hilarious when you're a kid.

17 years ago ladies didn't travel so late either but I've told you before we're (my family) crazy about Thaipusam. Anyway by the time we reach KL and change busses to find the chariot its about 11 pm at night. The time actually eludes us once we see the chariot and we start walking with the crowd. A while later we realise there's very few ladies in the crowd and it finally gets a little bit intimidating.


That's when a DSP comes by and starts a small conversation with me. Small talk on Thaipusam, where we were from and then he leaves. That made the difference, the mostly men walkers kept their distance away from us and I was happy as a lark coz this big wig cop (probably explains why I love men in uniform) had spoken to me (Not all cops are corrupt and out to get you).

So happily walking in the middle of KL streets oblivious to traffic rules, we made our way to the temple for the last prayers that would end the Thaipusam celebrations. That's where I had my first brush with tr*ansvestite. We were sitting and watching the prayers and this lady in a saree was sitting next to her bf/ husband. I didn't really bother about them though I was wondering why her legs were so hairy and then she spoke and I froze for a second. Then I was fed by peoples assumption on others and had belittled them. Today I'm wiser by age and experience. It is their way of life, they aren't abnormal, they aren't a disgrace to society as society would like us to think. Who are we to judge on another when none of us are perfect. ;)

Anyway that was the first time we had walked and we got hooked but it was only 2 years later that we followed the chariot to Batu Caves but we still hadn't started walking. We were associated with the temple thevaram group so we used to follow then on this bus (the bus is another long story). Another 2 years down the road, one day Murugan decided we should start walking and that year the bus broke down after 1 km and so we walked for the first time and the second addiction began.

Like I said who would have thought walking 15 km's would be fun. ;)

No ones given a map, you just end up following the sea of people. Your distance from the chariot will determine how your walking experience will be. Walking behind the chariot is an absolute pain as it's always crowded and people tend to get in your way. Plus the chariot takes 9 hours to get to the temple and once the sun comes out, the heat will get to you. Walking along the chariot you stay away from the crowds but you still take 9 hours to get there.

What we used to do was we'd walk some distance away from the chariot, wait for it as we made our way so that it was always in sight, enjoy the fact that we had KL to ourselves and another 10000 people ;p, the fact that we get to break traffic rules and jaywalk, watch the antics of the people walking so its total fun.

There's also the food, Malaysians love feeding people. Every 1 km there would be a stall giving out food and drinks. They first few ones are real thirst quenchers but after a while you start worrying about your bladder and then begins the ordeal of declining the food. After a while you polish your signature no thank you I've had enough food jammed down my throat look and hand gesture. Of course there are the I-can-I-will force-feed-10,000-ppl-today kinds who will stop you in your tracks and shove their drink or food right in your face. Getting away from Mr determines is nearly impossible but experienced decliners like mua know how to escape from them.

It takes about 3 - 4 hours depending on how long you decide to walk along with the Chariot. We tend to break off past a school before the Chettiar Murugan Temple in Jln Ipoh as once it gets there it will be jam packed with people. We used to meet friends along the way coz some of my friends would have their own drink panthals (stalls) and you will not be forgiven for the rest of your life if you don't stop and drink AND eat whatever they are serving. I've learnt escape is futile. Sigh

People also tend to plan their walk according to 3 other points : bathroom, the last 3- 5km's and the sun. The last 5 km's is the hardest as it passes a small road next a highway which barely has trees and there's one stretch where it's just a tar road till the temple grounds. People like me who walk barefoot will have their soles fried if we walk when the suns out. Plus coz the place is quite barren getting to a decent washroom would be impossible. Some of the hotels in the previous stretch would allow ppl to use their lavatories and that is normally the last point of getting to a decent washroom. The first time I walked I remember using the restroom at someone's house in the middle of nowhere coz we didn't plan our route. They were really nice to let us use it but you felt bad as well.

It's really a very interesting walk besides the fact that it is a religious one. You have all this time to think despite so many people being around you and in some ways its really peaceful. I tend to have silent conversations with god. It's an experience I can't explain in more words. I really miss taking part in it though every year coz of my badly injured ankle thanks to my dancing years by the last stretch I'd start limping coz the ankle would act up and for the next few days I'd be walking around with a limp ;p Despite that I still love the walk so if you have the chance do take part in it or at least watch the chariot leave the city. It's a beautiful sight.

Hopefully this doesn't happen again - lol it still cracks me up though!

Overheard one guy telling his friend last year.

Guy 1 : Dai ennada ipdhi mazhai peyathu
damn why hasn't the rain stopped!

Guy 2 : athu ohnum illeh, varasham varasham mazhai correctah vandu poiyirohm, intha varasham earlyah start pannitangehleh, murugan ku schedule maatha mudialeh - so technical problem.

You know how it rains every year and stops before the chariot leaves? Well this year since its starting earlier, unfortunately murugan was taken by surprise and coudln't change the schedule -so technical problem.


I have to migrate to the new blogger (well blogger refused to let me go into the old one :( ) but i don't really think I like it and I'm scared I'll lose my baby blog. Whuaaaa - its still migrating :( n its been longer than a few minutes! I feel like I'm waiting for someone to give birth, its such a nailbiting moment. Ooh google sent me a mail saying its ready. (quickly clicks to her blog waiting anxiously for the page to load) Seconds go by and it still hasn't appear. Oh wait there's the black and ohhh it looks ok. Quickly checks archives. Drums fingernails while waiting. Looks ok to. So err I'm in the newzone don't think I will explore anything till late March. Hopefully no glitches till then. Fingers and toes are crossed. (you have no idea how hard this is).

Ps : the drama I went through waiting for the blog to change - oh first new blog post ;p

pss : A warm Birthday wish to the Hiphopgran who trully is hip ;)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Singing the blues

There will always be bad days.

No amount of denial no amount of  happy camping can deny that everyone has a bad day. The difference between ppl who constantly seem moody and the ones who seem always happy is, one knows how to cheer themselves up.

The simple cute to a moody day is doing something different and at the same time pampering yourself. You have to have a moody day plan just like your rainy day savings ;)

Feeling the blues, treat yourself to something you normally don't do, get some pampering and spend time alone or with people you love whichever one that works for you. Get someone to wash your hair, all the meddling should loosen those nerves, or treat yourself to dinner at a restaurant where you know the service is good. Watch a comedy, that should tickle your nerves ;)
Or play a sport like squash. Imagine the balls your anger and you're smashing it to the wall. ;p

Do not cut your hair when you're in a bad mood - you'll regret it. Do not decide to turn the streets into a racing ground. Besides getting urself in an accident, you're gonna increase your moodiness when you receive a fine. Do not meet people you like only casually, the littless things will irritate you.

All I need is time alone, good service and a good movie. So what takes your blues away? ;)

ps : I'm not in a bad mood, it came into conversation ;)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've been racking my head to type something out but nothing seems to come out and also my mind's filled with other stuff. The thing is I've been pretty busy. It's just signs of how its gonna be till mid March. So I will rarely be replying to comments or visiting you guys plus I would suddenly go missing for days, so don't get alarmed. That's how its gonna be till March.

Occasionally I'll come by and rant about the lord machines ;p but I'll probably be able to post just not to communicate. So bare with me. There is a post on something thats nearly a year late ;p Don't worry you guys should enjoy it and of course if you know me well enough you'll know whats the other thing I'll be writing about. The only clue I can give you is - its next week ;)

While I'm at it - you do know the A*merican Idol show has started right - heh still funny and some ppl still can give you goosebumps. I hope I'll get to watch the Super A*mazing race they've been advertising ;)  

And if you must know I just dunked a marie biscuit in iced water and nibbled it down. Now after you've finished gasping in shock - I know its weird - but to me thats like i'm in biscuit heaven. ;p

Alright I've mumbled enough - toodles ;p

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nilavukkuoru Kaditham

One of my readers sent me this link for a shortfilm on child sexabuse. As much as we would like to think it doesn't happen, it does, children are most times victims of people they know and the ones who are supposed to cherish them and as the statistics note most are never reported. What can you do? If you suspect something report it, you could save the child.    

On a side note I'm quite impressed with the director sanjay kumar perumal's work.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I know Monica ;p

The cleaner aunty in my office is a neat freak. Both of us have brief conversations in malay as she knows very little but i think she likes me and I like her so we manage. Anyway the one thing she dislikes with me is she hates the fact that i don't allow her to wipe my desk everyday no matter how much she explains why i should, actually no one in the office lets her ;p

Anyway yesterday we'd gone for a meeting when i came back to find my table all messed up, everything was not at its place. Aunty had striked! Later she comes to me all smiles saying all of you went out so i wiped EVERYTHING - i'm so happy!!!! Told ya she's a neat freak - reminds me of Monica of Friends! ;p

Sun Darling

I heard I could borrow the sun - so hes been blazing like mad for my lens ;) Thank you darling ;)


IMG_4254sunset1 IMG_4200sky2

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I loathe....

...... being taken advantage of.

I'm pretty flexible and can be considered the least picky. Because I like so many things and am game to try anything so people tend to love spending time with me. Unfortunately that's also the point where people decide to take advantage of you. They assume they are the only ones busy and they can take their time to get back to you. What they don't understand is the difference between me and them is I know how to squeeze my time and create ample time for everyone. The first time I'd ignore it but by the third time it riles me so much that me being me I actually pinpoint it out.

So people normally end up shocked coz they have never seen me that way. Sometimes they apologies sometimes they tell me I'm being rude. What people don't realise is their actions were just as rude and they should have had the decency in the first place to not cause such a situation. Like I said flexibility breeds the availability to take advantage. The thing is what they don't realise is as much as I can love and give I can be the most stubborn person in the world. Once I've had enough of it I'll just walk away and ignore their existence and the best part is I won't even regret it coz to me nothing is worth hurting myself. Neither did you benefit my life nor will you be a lost.

Today I could have been there anytime you wanted me, I could have done so many things for you, I could have given my time energy money and more but tomorrow I could just move on and not be affected by it at all. Everything could end at the snap of a finger. I know I sound cruel but trust me I've been through similar situations so many times that I know I must look after myself, selflessness won't get me anything but pain. There is a limit to giving. Giving must be returned in favour if someone is to remain sane.

You might argue giving is best done and forgotten. I agree but there is a limit to it. Continue doing beyond that limit and one day you'll lose your sanity. I'm once again at such a crossroad and the best part is I realise nothing changes. I should be missing them but I don't, I should be forgiving them but I don't see the necessity, I should be forgetting but the memory just gets stronger. Like I said I loathe being taken advantage of.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lord Photocopier

Have ever noticed how computers, printers photocopy machines tend to go haywire only when you need it the most? Well welcome to the world of technology. Please take a seat while we explain to you their supremacy and dominance over the human population.

We're organising an event that will be attended by some 400 people. We need to prepare 4 different kits for each group and what happens the day before the event when we've finally got everything confirmed? First the fax runs out of toner, then its MR multiple task Photocopier and both printers refuse to (say it with me) print! Did I tell you we have a 25 page presentation, 14 page presentation and another 20 pages of info to be printed and prepared for 400 people? Oh I did is it?

And so the rest of the half day after everything was repaired was left with us the human slaves running, pleading, fighting among each other for an audience and cajoling our great lords the machines to taste our offerings. So whose the smartpants who said man rules earth? Bah he hasn't met the supreme Lord Photocopier I presume!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ponggalo ponggal


Kathiravanin ohliyil malarnthathu Thai Ponggal

Thai Vidhuyuhm vehlai ninaithathu nadaka

inbam peruga Amuthu Pohlindhu

Punnagai Malarathum ;o)

Inniya Ponggal Nahl Vazhtukal

*Ponggal signifies the beginning of Thai to most people but to the bunch of us who go for Margzhali prayers it signals the end of the morning prayers and the start of the normal routine....

Yesterday the last day of Margzhali was pretty sweet. Given it was a Sunday, no one was in a rush to go home or to work. People were languidly eating breakfast slowly and discussing the chapati we had that morning a break from the idlis we were getting. No one really wanted to go home, everyone was sitting and chatting after prayers. Though we all would be meeting again during the evening prayers, we all know it wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't be daily and we wouldn't be as disciplined. The silence we adore and cherish during the morning prayers will no longer be there, the clock like way we all got up and got to the temple and finished each others task will no longer be required. Flowers can be tied at home, bhajans could be sung on our own, abhishegams are rarely watched together and the temple is rarely cleaned by devotees. Its a different situation, same people but different actions.

So another Marghzali ended and Thai has already started. Won't be seeing my bunch of darlings regularly anymore. Hopefully my morning star the yongest of the lot still remembers me. Yesterday he was on a shouting spree and surprisingly didn't mind being carried. Only problem was he tried to do a somersault of me twice while trying to hit the bell that hangs at the temple corridor. Cute fella. Till December then.

The sky turned a beautiful blue this morning as the rice slowly cooked over the fire wood. I had my ponggal first thing in the morning at the temple (no sulking like last year) and the first spoon as always ;))

now my comp has a strand of mazhiyapu (jasmine) flowers over it as I rushed to the office after temple. The ponggal we had was a bit watery as the priest refused to reduce the milk+water (he poured too much water) despite us telling him. He's very stubborn unfortunately. So we had porridge ponggal (lol), we were wondering if we should serve it in cups instead of on plates ;p Have a wonderful ponggal celebration with lots of sweet ponggal.

*Ponggal, the Hindu harvest festival and the beginning of the india month of Thai. Ponggal signals the end of weeks spent harvesting rice and as a thanksgiving to the sun for its rays of gold that flourishes the crops.

Though not everyone's a farmer, everyone celebrates Pongal in thanksgiving to the ever important rice that thrives on our plates.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tip of the Indian ocean

Wake up KL

One of my friend whose in India now, called me last night from Kanyakumari saying he was missing all of us. I think there's something with Kanyakumari and calls. Maybe its knowing you're at the tip of the country, or that you're facing the endless Indian ocean where the sun disappears into the horizon of nothingness but whatever it is the moment you reach there you seek for familiarity.

ps : was written yesterday - couldn't post it

I've been there twice. The second time after a long nervous drive from Thiruchendur with an edgy looking driver. One of the reasons why he kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the 4 hour ride was the route he had taken was so unfamiliar. I love the drive towards Kanyakumari as we'd pass vast land dotted with wind turbines. The first time we had been there, on our return we even had a small tornado follow us. The one and only tornado I've seen in my life. It was such a majestic yet scary sight. Back to the driver, after 2 hours of driving and not seeing a single wind turbine, I woke one of my friends and explained my fear. That very moment he drove into this deserted town and I anxiously asked him where the hell were we. He explained that he was taking a shorter route and it had been exactly that.

Things got a bit tensed when we arrived as most of the hotels were booked to the brim. After numerous visits we finally got one after impressing the owner with some malayalam ;p

Having not slept a wink throughout the trip and only a bit during the train journey the previous night, I was pretty weary by the time we finished checking in and settling with the driver. I desperately wanted a hot water bath but the moment I saw the std/ isd phone booth in the hotel lobby. All I wanted to do was call people I missed and that's where I sat for the next half an hour making calls to a few people. Like my friend told me yesterday, all I wanted to hear was a familiar voice, a voice that connected me to home while I was so far away at the tip of the Indian ocean.

Wake up KL

I was telling him he should wake up by 5 to see the sunrise no matter how tired he was. Both the time's I was at Kanyakumari, it had been cloudy dull days so the sunrises nor the sunsets were really spectacular but you still hope to view that amazing sunrise you find on the photos sold by the postcard vendors in Kanyakumari. I guess I must have mentally been thinking about sunrises.
The sunrise might have eluded me in Kanyakumari but today morning Mr Sun was on a roll. The sky was spectacularly ablaze in colours and I immediately headed to my usual spot despite it being a weekday. As you can see my efforts were dually rewarded.

I had already been flying in high spirits today. You see my darling morning star was a different baby today. He walked in today saw me and went akka (he calls me akka when he occasionally decides to say a few words - pls note his mom is slightly older than me ;p hehe) and starts laughing away when I say his name. For the next hour he smiles and laughs every time he sees me and goes akka akka. The most astonishing thing was the kid who never leaves his mom gets down from her arms and runs to me to be carried still laughing away.

The whole family turns back in surprise coz I have been trying so hard to get him to do just that! He even wanted to sip the morning thirtham (milk is given in temples after prayers) from my hand. Imagine little lips sipping from what must seem a giant bowl that is your palm. Then he started following me around refusing to leave and making me chase him around the temple. No screams only bucketful of laughter today and a smack little baby's kiss. He totally made my day bless his soul.

So there's this gorgeous sunrise and a beautiful loving child, what could go wrong? A lot actually. I came home and realised I'd lost 150. I've looked everywhere at home and the office (in case). The thing is yesterday afternoon I only took out the purse during lunch and that too from a different compartment and I didn't open the purse till at home around dinner - I'm not sure how I lost it :(. Sighh I guess someone (god of course) was desperately trying to make my day in preparation of this finding and I'm happy to say despite the frantic search and somewhat gloom the other 2 precious moments have blanketed the loss. Will look for it again otherwise oh well you lose some you win some (nah didn't find it sadly).

Ps : can I get more laughter from the little angel tomorrow as well(wish was granted ;p) ;p hehehe

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My darlings

ps : have updated god's children with their photos ;)

The morning prayers in Marghali are an interesting time especially at the temple I frequent. You would have never seen the temple as quiet, or people busy helping prepare flowers and the abhishegam items and then singing thevarams (hymns) and surprisingly not sitting at a corner and yakking (there is a small group though). Mostly the most interesting fact is the number of children that actually wake up and come to the temple so early in the morning.

The mothers tell me the children will tell them to make sure they wake them up or theyd throw a tanthrum and theres even children who wake up as soon as they hear their mothers voices. Every single one is of course a friend of mine, most of the times I don't know their names but we know each other. There's the boy whose been coming since he was 4 and whose about 8 now who used to look at me shyly but now confidentaly answers my questions and flashes me his gorgeous smile. His younger sister however refuses to have anything to do with me.

Then there's the kid who used to be so naughty but again would get shy everytime I spoke to him. Kid still says very few words but hes no longer as naughty and going to school now ;) his younger brother will stare at me, occasionally smile at me but most times will be totally cross with me coz I tend to reprimind him with my big scary eyes ;p hehehe yeah there are kids who love and are scared of me at the same time.

Then theres the young darling who used to stand next to me as a 4 year old and sing the thiruvembavai all by picking up from listening to us. She sings less louder now but still ar adorable. The moment she arrives she'll steal glances at me waiting for a smile. I love the smile she returns back to me before she turns away shyly.

Then there's the new boy whose been coming for about a year. He hates that I ruffle his hair everytime he passes by and learnt a manouvering trick from my naughty fingers. So one morning I didn't look at him, didn't play with his hair and went about my business. Next morning he comes and stands close by and flashes me a smile as i pat him on the head ;p ehhehe
Then there's my morning star. The kid's slightly over a year old. The grandma tells me he wakes up before everyone else. Last year he had come as a baby and had happily sat in my arms while we were praying. This year hes so attached to his mom, he refuses to even go to his gran, aunt or dad so poor me doesn't really get a chance to carry him. Well that was at the beginning. Kid never smiles, he doesnt look gloomy either its just hes got a quiet look. He's gotten so used to me that now he looks for me the moment he arrives at the temple but of course he doesnt come near. We just entertain each other while we're singing the thiruvembavai. Once in 2 days I'll manage to make him smile for 3 secs much to everyones astonishment ;p after the arathi is over, that's when he'll come to me for his morning spin. Oh then he'll smile and then he'll start looking for familiar faces. He'll look at me worriedly and then look around desperately. One time he saw his aunt and as I handed him over to her he started laughing as if he's found the worlds largest diamond ;p lol - he's also scared of me, he's at the stage where they're not sure if I'm fun or scary, everytime I widen my eyes he gives me the confused look but immediately stops crying or doing whatever he wasn't supposed to do. Kids also a mastermind. When everyone is standing he refuses to stand and insists on being carried but the moment everyone is having their breakfast. He refuses to sit down and uses every opportunity to run to the road, thankfully the temple has a huge courtyard. Smart kid!

Then there was THE kid - hari. He came only once but he refuses to budge from my memory. There was some connection. He's never seen me before neither have I him but the moment he saw me he smiled shyly and came and stood next to me and didn't protest when I carried him. Later he leaves his family and comes to me to sit and chat and I didn't even cajole him. The best part was both of us were dressed in black. He couldn't be older than 2 years - sigh i miss him.

Marghali's nearly over. Soon I'll only see these kids once in a blue moon. Sure gonna miss them ;)

Monday, January 08, 2007

I ain't no doggys gal!

Sat morning I'm lost in putting dots of my kolam on the temple floor when I sense something moving towards me. I look up to see a patchy white brown dog inching closer to me. I get up and chase the dog out and tell it to stay out and return back to my place. 30 secs later happy as a fiddle dog comes back and inches towards me again and I chase it away again. He comes back again and someone carries him out. Another 30 secs later he comes so fast I have no time to get up and before I know it theres a dog trying to sniff or maybe kiss me, he's that close! Now I love dogs but I do not like being nuzzled by one! :(

I'm reduced to a near crawl on the floor as I try to push the doggy away but the determined fellow decides he likes me tooooooo much and tries to get as close as possible with my face. Much to everyones amusement I shriek in dread. There might be a corpse bride but I ain't no doggys gal! Finally only when someone threatens to tie the dog did he run away.

I know kids and animals like me! But this is too much! 

Ps : i forgot all about inblogs, now I can read blogs but not comment on them - grrr

Friday, January 05, 2007


PS : another post below but I've been dying to write on this.

Remember how most of you from India complain about my Tamil and I used to think I'm really bad (I've always been self conscious of my pronounciation). I finally figured its not me but you guys actually.

You see I was talking to my tailor whose from India when the topic of tamil came by and he was saying a lot of ppl use the language here and I said yes we're very strong in that.

Even if you speak a smattering of Tamil you would still speak it when speaking to another Indian. Plus listening to our local government radio channel you might actually need a dictionary since every single word used is in pure illakiya tamil.

He was saying how he'll occasionally get customers who insist they can speak tamil and explain everything in english but the moment the price talk comes they go,

"konjam kohrachikinguleh" (can't you reduce in tamil) lol

So he was asking me do you'll use malay words, theres some words that we don't understand. I was blinking for a second coz as far as I knew all the words we used were Tamil unless it wasn't a word you could translate. That's when we realised that Malaysians still use a slightly modified version of illakiyai Tamil where else people in India have corrupted the language so much they don't use the right tamil words and rather use english words.

We say paichithingelah - which comes from payan padhuthivithirgala - while you guys say use pahnitingehla. All this while he was thinking paichitingehla is a malay word.

So you guys have corrupted the language so much the local indian things the person speaking a less diluted form of the language as speaking bad Tamil. Tsh Tsh guys look what you've done to the language. SO No more complaining about my tamil. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee


Ce-lebrate good times

Ps : I still can't access the blog so I can't reply to your comments. Just ignore the tag details on the previous blog and click on the links instead. I was testing to see if I cound use html through email (which I can only access one of my accounts). Looks like I can't. I so miss everyone's blog, I'm able to visit the non blogspot ones only. Sad totally sad I tell ya!

Before the net went haywire I stopped at the children we visited during the eve of Christmas. We had the celebrations at an old club we hadn't visited for a long time. The club has now been redesignated to never to be visited again. We had fun but not as much as we used to. My bday celebration was held there last year and that was one of the best parties ever.

All our attempts at stealing the flickering lit santa hats didn't work. The waiters would only loan it to us for a while, while one guy firmly said " CANNOt" and we burst out laughing. I was pretty exhausted by the time I came back from temple and sunrise hunting. I remember groggigly answering a call from praveen telling her I'm going back to sleep and will see her later and then immediately fell into a deep slumber. 

Finding her place was pretty easy, brilliant map drawing ;) before I say more let me tell you that her house is a fish haven! There's a koi pond, 2 other ponds, rows and rows of beautiful fighting fish in their seperate square glass homes (i so regreted not going out and seeing them earlier could have taken photos) and this beautiful saltwater fish aquarium. Plus I got to meet Bheeman. He is so adorable but again no photos since I didn't want to use the flash and have a frightened Bheeman jump on me ;p

I had a good time at Praveens place with her and her family. I have never had any of my friends siblings warming up to their sisters friends like her brother. It was quite a pleasant surprise and do tell him that I really did enjoy his explanation on the saltwater fish aquarium ;) I missed meeting amu there, I was happily asleep when she was at praveen's ;p    

The birthday was sweet. My friend (her bday (hb) is the very next day) and me spent the week trying to find a way to surprise the gang. We were ecpecting them to celebrate our bdays during the new year eve's party. That's where the calendar idea was born and I loved it so much I made 4 different one! My colleagues took me out for lunch despite me telling them not to and made sure we blew candles and cut this slice of cheese cake. Hehe it was prety cute. That evening one of my friends who couldn't attend the new year party wanted to meet for dinner and I assumed it would be just her and a few other friends.

They blew the surprise when one of them (whom I wasn't expecting to come) accidentally smsed that he would be late. So I figured they changed the date of the party. Only problem was I didn't know the location of the dinner and I was the designated driver ;p hehe After getting a few thittu's (scolding) for not knowing the place they called up one of the guys to give me the info. Since the evening was vaigunda egadesi and I would be staying awake there I was dressed in a saree in an outdoor restarant. Awkard but i got used to it ;p

I whisper to HB : so did u know?
HB to me : no I thought it was just dinner.

I knew there were gifts, I saw them getting out of this particular shop ;p  but i didn't see any cake. So we were shocked when we saw the choc cake appear out of nowhere that came with this ultra cute gold party hat ;p We sat there taking photos with the cute hat and a straw as the magic wand, you see we were all posing for the Harry Porter magazine wizard of the year competition! ;p We both got matching silver jewellery sets. Now to find the occasion to wear it together ;p

New year's eve had its ups and downs. The bad was one of my friends got mugged and I nearly had my bag snatched. Was walking back to my car in a brightly lit road with my friend after the party (I left early to go to the temple) when this motorcyclist tries to snatch the bag. Because I tend to hold my bag he couldn't get the bag, I did strain my arm though (still lightly hurts). I was thanking my stars I asked my friend to follow me back to the car, that I didn't fall and get dragged with the bag and they didn't come back if I had been alone. Funny we're always walking down that road guess it just wasn't my day.

Besides that we had total fun at the party. I think there was some 30 ppl in our group of friends friends friends. 1st half music was pretty nostalgic but the moment the year turned 2007 they rocked with dance hits. Oh they had pretty blue white balloons all over the club and we were collecting them towards our table. The boys were helping us and it was pretty fun one slap and the fella scooted towards our ceiling. The moment 2007 came one spoil sport starting bursting it bah! So not fair! So that was how the new year was.  Some nice n not so nice moments just how life is I guess.

So how was yours ;)  

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year's gift

Congrats to Nirek for being the first to guess what it was - the internet (arvind, amu, jeevan got it right as well). It?s so screwed up over here last week blogger was working, .com?s weren't, flickr was working everything else wasn?t this week most things are working but my blog and flickr. I?m so frustrated, thankfully gmail?s still working. I?ve been posting via email if you?re wondering but poor me hasn?t seen her blog in a week!

Remember I was asking for ideas for a surprise well we made something for them and then I thought why don?t I make one for everyone. So over the weekend all my hours at home have been spent creating calendars for different people - 4 different types.

2007blog1a2 Hosted on Zooomr

You guys get the most elaborate one since I had so much photos to choose from which was also why it took 5 hours to do! So happy New year hope you guys like this new year?s gift, actually you better like it ;p. Thank you for all the wishes, I will write more on Christmas, the birthday and the new year soon.  

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It was alive yet no one knew

It had a life of its on. Unknown to the rest of the world it was waiting to escape. It was very much alive not just live 24/7. Chaos broke lose, people became frantic, some even became depressed when it finally made its great escape. It had shown the world just how powerful, how alive and how dependent we were all to it. It was recaptured and the beast was recaged. However having tasted freedom it refused to be its loving self. It was as if someone was sitting and holding it in place, in check so that it wouldn?t run berserk and disrupt everyones lives again. The holidays came, the new year had awaken and the holds seem to have loosened as the beast once again seeks its escape. Now we wonder what sacrifice must we do to appease this beast we love and cherish?   

Ps : any guesses? Answer will be posted tomorrow