Sunday, December 31, 2006

Let's have a blast in 2007

Thanks everyone for the wishes. Will get back to them after the long break (wednesday). I had something for you guys but the net is still lagging over here so its a total pain to post photos.


GOODBYE 2006 - you've been wonderful ;)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm loving it ;p

I'm loving it ;p A few days back someone thought I was 22 (see I'm emphasising it so you know what to think).
Before that I was running around with little boys and screaming my head off cheering them.
2 days back I was jumping in the office coz I couldn't stop laughing.
Today morning I was spinning a kid in a busy temple regardless of everyone else when I should be acting demure as befits someone wearing a saree!

Heck I'm 27 today and there's still no signs that I've grown up and I'm loving it ;p

Photo by Liyin ;p (I totally love this photo - it is so me)

Friday, December 29, 2006

God's children


IMG_2830askids Hosted on Zooomr

I had a wonderful weekend. While planning our Christmas party, one of my friends asked if we'd like to volunteer to take kids from a home to a football game. So the 4 of us Klites (the rest had gone back to their hometowns) met early on Christmas eve to meet the children. The day before my friend had smsed to bring along tracks and sports shoes to which she got a frantic call from me. " errr I left school 10 years ago!!! I no longer own tracks and I exercise in shorts so errr can we skip that?" ;p

We were headed for the AGATHIANS SHELTER in PJ to take 24 boys (there's 25 but one kid had gone home for the holidays - the children are aged 5 - 16) out for football. At first we couldn't find the place and only on our second round did we see the boys coming out to put on their shoes. We were greeted by personal handshakes and good morning from each boy. "Good morning akka and good morning anna." The first thing you immediately notice about the children are that they are really well mannered and witty. Some of them were very eager to answer your questions and as I got them to introduce themselves to me, I realised remembering all their names were gonna be a herculein task. Yeah I fumbled a few times with the kids immediately pointing it out to me.

The evening before they had gone for the movie Erago*n (my friend had chaperoned them) and each kid was happily declaring themselves as e*ragon or the dragon. When I asked one Mr dragon where his wings were he immediately tells me they have yet to grow and he will leave as soon as it grows. Philosophy from a 9 year old.


Since we had about 6 cars between us (the organiser had brought people as well), we decided to pick 4 kids (pre*mkumar, sila*mbarasan, dili*pkumar and arv*ind) each in our cars. The first thing my boys asked me while we were walking to my car was "akka whose car is the red one?"

You see one of my friends has a gorgeously modified car painted in ferrari red with flames on the bonnet and tiger stripes in the interior. The car is just too gorgeous to be described and the boys had noticed it the moment we drove by. So throughout the drive in my very boring silver car we were talking about the magnificent red car. I promised to let the boys get a closer look of the car on our way back if they made sure they went back in my car. To my joy later the moment we announced we were going back my 4 darlings were standing right next to me and as promised they got a peek into the red car.


I realised one thing most kids nowadays don't care much for Rajni and Kamal. They were more interested in Vijay, Simbhu and gasp Dhanush! So much for trying to get a Rajni vote. At least I had Brazil supporters and we high fived each other. The boys loved their cars and football ;)

We were taken to this indoor sports centre where the boys had been before. The group was broken into two where 16 of the younger boys were left under the care of the three of us while the bigger boys and the other volunteers were set for a match. When we told the boys to form 2 groups they elder boys immediately grouped into one team. Humm so much for fair play, we mixed them up and then my friend decided he's taking the small team while I was the manager for the older one.

He immediately stats to give them pep talks. Errr how the hell am I supposed to give strategy talks? So instead I got them to exercise while my friend went on and on with the pep talk. I'm still wondering what he was telling them. Someone also made the huge mistake of giving us 3 balls! The three of us had to stand guard for the two balls coz it kept mysteriously creeping into the field and inching towards the goal!

We picked a keeper and a captain and finally after much taunts from us I flipped the coin and started the game. My team was team Barcelona (the kids picked the name) and the other team was Holland. We won the toss and my god those kids can play. My team started leading from the very beginning. One of the kids was an expert striker (Sunda*r). He would station himself near the d box and just wait for the ball. Smart kid i tell ya ;p so everytime we scored, I'd go Barcelona Barcelona and my boys would rush to high five me. Well I stopped high fiving when we reached the third goal but I was still screaming. The other team members got a bit cross with me but they cheered up pretty fast when they realised I would cheer for them as well.


IMG_2802askids1 Some of them were slightly rough, most of the times accidentaly and so they could score goals. One kid (dev*a) especially would get knocked down every other minute coz he was one of the tiniest. I found him crying in one of the corners and made him pose for a photo and showed how he didn't look cute crying. I immediately got a smile, all was forgotten and he was off to play.

The other 2 younger boys (twins name Sidd*ha and Budd*ha) had opted not to play with the team and I had to constantly retrieve their ball when one of the older boys decided to steal it. I think they just wanted me to run around and play football with them, coz it happened one too many times ;p They even asked me to play for them when my friend decided to help his team win when they started lagging 6 points behind mine. Unfortunately for him his team seemed to love bringing him down or probably gravity decided he was too tall for the game ;p

I had my hands full settling the unfair calls and that the older team was cheating and playing too rough. Not knowing who was right, I'd tell them to say sorry and they would immediately say sorry and all would be forgotten. The kids are real gems I tell you.


Later the only C*hinese boy (che*ekeong) there joined the twins as he didn't really like football and was feeling left out with the older boys. It seems he preferred basketball. CK is pretty shy and reserved, it took him some time to talk to us. He doesn't feel left out at home, he was telling us he picked up some tamil and actually can sing some of the songs. The children love tamil songs. The moment they played the songs on the speaker, some of them actually ran out of the field to start dancing while singing the songs ;p


The injuries started after the half time break. We assumed someone had brought a first aid kit but that wasn't the case. One kid had a huge gash and the other had gotten a kiss from the ball on his eye. We managed to get some plaster and dabbed the kids eye with iced water. Seeing the attention the kid was getting, I had a few more injuries coming to me. All I had was iced water and that was such a huge thing for them. One kid went and told my friend akka put iced water for me. The small cuts weren't really an issue to them but I guess they liked the personal attention.

After a while some of the younger ones got bored of not really geting the ball and decided to drag me to the other court to play football. You should have seen the awe on S*atish's face when I scored a goal with my first kick ;p Immediately after I have three kids trying to play football with me with each kicking 2 balls at me! Lol


Every other minute one of the kid's would shyly pose for my camera. One even wanted to be shot sleeping on the field! Right after the game we gathered the kids for a photo shoot and you know how those can be especially with whack cases like us around! The kids are very affectionate. They'll just come near you and hold your hand with their tiny little hands and take you where they want to go.

Would you believe I spent more than 2 hours running and out of the field without falling or tripping but the moment I try to get in with 40 eyes watching me, I trip right in front of everyone???? Bah! That's so not fair I tell ya!


On our trip back one of the elder boys (log*alingam) joined us since the kids in my car were pretty tiny. I was so pleased to hear the rest of the boys tell him to wear his seat belt or akka won't drive (I had told them that when they first got into the car)! They also waited till I told them to get down coz they remembered what I had said earlier.

We had wanted to say goodbye properly but another group was there to give them lunch. So awkardly we left coz we didn't want to disturb their activities.


Now about the place. AGATHIANS SHELTER in PJ is an orphanage for boys that was founded in 2003 by a team of young adults. It was set up to save a group of children from being turned out to the street and to provide a home for them. The children are from various backgrounds; some are orphaned, some only have a single parent who can't afford to feed them and others are either abandoned or neglected. There are currently 25 boys (all under 18 years old) residing in the 3 rooms single story house being taken care by 2 care takers.

IMG_2771askids1 Hosted on Zooomr

The children are well looked after. All attend school, someone (volunteers) helps them with their homework. They seem to have enough necessities but they could always use extra help. Of all the shelter I've been to this was the smallest place I've seen. There's only 2 rooms and one shower for 25 children. They have managed to acquire a larger place but they are in need of funds (RM 90,000) to renovate and extend the place. Most of the children are from families that are no longer capable of looking after them, so there were quite a number of them who were siblings. They were telling us that at least 40 kids are on a waiting list to get into the home.

Besides monetary funds they really would love to have volunteers to come by and spend time with the children. Not only will it give a change of surroundings for the children but it will also give the caretakers a break from the children. They're wonderful kids but in need of constant attention. The caretakers are wonderful selfless people but like all of us they too need a break once in a while. As always people seem to come in droves during festive seasons (December, february, november) only and the rest of the year its pretty empty. I had a look at their December calendar and they had something on everyday but it was pretty empty in January so we've arranged to do something soon.

IMG_2770askidsaskids I'm not sure if the children bond with everyone, but they did with us and I think I've fallen in love with them at least the sixteen I was in charge of. I had no time to talk to the elder ones. I plan to go down at least once a month, truth be told I already miss them. Now don't go praising me, I think it's purely selfish as I miss having children around me. All the children I know have grown up so I have none to pamper. My friends suggestion came at the right point of time, we had been talking about this for some time now and I had been planning to go to another place.

If you think your children are too naughty (or if you know of any), this will be the right place to take them. The well behaved character of the children might rub of on them and it could give a new perspective to them. I'd really encourage spending time with them, they love having people around. Visit their website here and here's a map to their place (the signboard is very small so look closely) and their contact.

Ps : I'm finding it entirely impossible to post photos - so I'll update this once the net is back to normal.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mr Monkey

Yesterday morning we were all missing Mr Monkeys daily calls and I was telling this aunty he's probably too tired athan overslept ;p

10 minutes later he makes a grand appearance into the temple. Happily jumping from the table to the priests lap and snuggling into his hand as we sang the thiruvembavai.

I normally have a kid entertaining me with his stares but he didn't come today. So mr monkey was doing ample entertaining ;p They decided not to chase him back to the cage.

So he sat just outside the main altar in a prayer like pose as the last arathi was taken. As the priest brought the aarathi to us, he happily followed them both.

The kids freaked out and started running away from him though all he was doing was walking behind the priests. I tried to get a few photos but he kept moving away from me and then my battery died.

I think he senses people who are scared of him, i kept trying to go closer and he'd run while he was running after people who were running away from him ;p he jumped into my moms lap and she freaked out as well ;p hehehe so funny ;p hopefully i get some photos of his face tom ;)

ps : was written yesterday ;)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WHO goes there????

We're having some weird internet connection. I can't access any site other than my gmail and blogspot. We can't use our office mail at all. Someone blamed the earthquake in Taiwan, I'm not sure how true that is. It's just so weird.

Btw anyone has suggestions on how to surprise people who are trying to surprise you? Well its the 2 tricksters that they're trying to trick so ideas anyone?

pss : on an entirely different subject - I was shopping for some things when this gal who was admiring my curls asks me my age and when I told her to guess - she said 22!!! Ehehhee not bad eh ;p

Sheky's day ;)

Happy Birthday Sheky ;) the Madhavan look alike ;p

hehe ps : he does ;)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monkey antics

The temple I go to for prayers in the morning has a huge cage like enclosure that houses different animals. Peacocks, chicken and rabbits with waterfalls and trees for company. It's latest resident is a baby monkey who has 2 stories to its origin. The original one i heard was someone found a bag moving on the road and picked it up to find a weak baby monkey inside of it. So they brought it to the temple to be nursed to health. The other story I just heard is they were trapping them near a forest nearby and this lady found him trapped and brought him to the temple.

Anyway right infront of the cage is a banyan tree with idols. So every morning when we head towards the cage the monkey will start making noise. Saturday morning he managed to escape and the next thing we know its hanging from the priests arm. The priests practically brought him up so I think by habit it loves to hang upside down on their arms. It was totally hilarious, the monkey would jump between both priests and tuck itself into their hands and the normally silent crowd burst into laughter. Lol

There won't be anymore chance for him to escape as they cut of the tree branch so it can't hang on to it and slip out.

Words at the Ganges

Words seem to dot the Ganges bank and the author celebrates his birthday today ;)

Happy birthday Bishwa ;)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh!

I've been singing that song the whole day. "Elves" took over a local radio station (the dj's acted as elvesla) and they played different versions of it back to back and the best part is I wanted more! Such a simple infectious song. Oh i love the season, the songs, the celebrations, the festivity, the decor and everything.

I love visiting the malls during festivities, just to see how they would have decorated the place. This year managed to check out 4 different places but to me the decor at Midvalley still remains the best and most creative ;) My fav part of the tree is those shiny baubles. Heck I'm nearly 27 and those reflections still excite me! I'm gonna die a kid I tell ya ;p

The other day I was walking out of a shop absentmindedly when a Santa rina (gal wearing a santas hat) starts waving at me. I was really confused since I couldn't recognise her so I went up and asked her. The sweet thing tells me she just felt like waving at me. Awwww ;p


IMG_1291christmas07 I sat this morning after temple creating this image of photos of Christmas decors around KL. Midvalley was Candy city. Such beautiful work and delicate too.

Remember the gingerbread house story? Well they look exactly like how that house would have looked like.

IMG_2049christmas07 Star hill gallery comes second. They had snow! You enter a bamboo garden that flows into a forest of white trees hanging from the ceilings as snow fell to give a white Christmas feel. Pretty stuff.

KLCC's nice but its getting boring to see the tallest tree in Msia again and again!

Timesquare was all gold and red, but pretty boring - 5 trees were placed in the middle of the square.

I wanted to thank Shiv for the Habibi awards, much appreciated. Thanks a lot dear ;) If you're looking for a laugh read this old post of mine on Christmas ;)

It's a long weekend over here so let me wish everyone A wonderful joyous Merry Christmas with their family and friends. Everyone stay safe and have a wonderful holiday.

December babies ;)

Happy Birthday to Tortoise suthings Kay and Madhu (22) and Ibh the Christmas Eve baby ;)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Found ...sunrise

My weekend was very busy and eventful. The first day of marghali was wonderful. What was better was the beautiful sunrise that greeted us that morning. I couldn't go home. Armed with my cam, dressed in a saree I went in search of the perfect spot to take a shot.......

There was one point I ended up circling this roundabout about 5 times and kept returning to one spot much to the bewilderment of the security guard there but I still wasn't happy.

So I decided to venture further and behold I found the perfect spot to take them photos. The place is so peaceful but at the same time so lonely. As I took this shot, my camera batteries died on me and I vowed to return the next day. It was funny though to stand by the road so early in the morning as motorist looked quizzically on why a gal in a saree was standing at the road ;p luckily I wasn't wearing a white saree ;p hehehe imagine that hummm

So look forward to more photos. Then friend and I hit a book fair and dear god I bought 17 books! Oh I got another copy of Maeve Bincy - the 4th novel of hers. My friend had insisted I read her book and since then both of us have been crazy about her. Simple stories about life and emotions.

After a long deliberation on which cinema to go to we managed to catch Veyil and we absolutely loved it. Pretty predictable but I love the story, the acting and how it was weaved together. Oh and the music and cinematography was good. Funny thing happened, we tried to sneak dinner into the halls (we always do that when we're late) and whatya know we got caught! We were so famished and the movie had already started! So we left it outside and sat throughout the movie going "dai hungryla!" ;p


We got out of the theater and rushed to get our food 3 hours later (subway sandwiches). Oh god heaven bless us I'm not sure if it was the hunger or if it was really that tasty ;p

The next day armed with full charged batteries, I headed back to the spot to get the photos. Wow such a peaceful place. I did freak out though when one guy returned to the same road I was on. I attend my first f*lickrmeet and let me tell you this guys know how to give a good welcome.

Heck we had so much fun I think the restaurant was worried we might tear it down. Oh and there was this adorable kid there who was so engrossed with us as we were with him. I love his eyes, huge beautiful ones. We were sneaking photos of him when kid decides he'd love to join us and the dad gave us the word go.


Immediately 6 photographers surrounded the kid and started taking photos. All throughout the nonstop flashes the kid stands peacefully occasionally turning to each photographer. One point he actually starts moving towards me when he saw a shot of himself on my screen. Sooooooooo adorable.

So it was lots of fun in and outside the area. I headed to my friends later to catch the sunset and dinner. Beautiful weekend ;)

Weather havoc

Johor one of the Msian states is experiencing its heaviest rain in 100 years. So heavy the towns are flooded! We have never had such weather down south and its slowly snaking to central Malaysia with Malacca and Negri facing the same floods. The weathers changing, typhoon Utor that is causing havoc in Philippines is said to be one of the cause. I'm hoping the effects die down though we've been experiencing chilly weather and rains ourselves. I stay pretty close to the border of my state so if anything decides to drop by we'd probably be first. God bless everyone, and all those affected. Hopefully only belongings are lost and not lives.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Doggy tales

We've got a new dog in the neighbourhood whose as dark as night. The thing is I think he spends more time at our house than at his own. When he first came to the neighbourhood every morning he'd bark at my car without fail. Then in the evenings he will come sniffing at my leg. The funny thing is the very next morning he'll start barking again. Even funnier is how he'll run away from you everytime you move even if its not towards him. Poor doggy he's pretty terrified of movement, maybe he was once abused? Anyway i've tried taking photos of him, but everytime he sees my shiny silver cam he runs away. Bah camera shy! He no longer barks at me in the mornings but he does run by my car door silently (he's not on a leash and manages to escape everytime the owner locks him in).

Sunday morning I woke up to find one of my slippers missing while everyone elses slipper, shoe, and whatever else that's supposed to be outside was there. So who do you think has it? Doggy dearest decided he wasn't seeing enough of me so he ran off with a keepsake! Humm so is the dog thinking of me as his owner or is this one in love with me? Yikes!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


.....Be very afraid.

Something has taken over the streets of KL. Soon it will conquer the world. People are unable to drive in straight lines and are mistaking the lines that divide the lanes as their middle point. Speed has decreased, attention has waned, the non surferrers aren't amused neither do they comprehend why people are driving 10 metres apart at 20 km/h. It's in the air, its falling down and infecting everyone! People are losing their minds. Beware it's snaking to a neighbourhood near you!

Ps : me being a drama queen after having to drive behind one too many "I have never seen rain in my life people." Godddddd help me

Friday, December 15, 2006

Geethz Birthday

How do you wish a mother who blogs only about her kids?

Well you get the kids to wish her ;)

Happy Birthday Geethz ;)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

peer pressure

Ps : something serious, might not be relevant to everyone but its frank and might annoy some

Because I love children, I have friends who are years older and married with toddlers. One day one of them asked us how do I get my kid (8 year old) to spurn premarital se*x or at least not succumb to peer pressure in the future, given how fast the world is moving. How will it be in 10 years time?

There's a lot of issues to take into perspective. It is not a question of right and wrong. Premarital se*x isn't wrong neither is it right. It should only take place if someone wants to and is sure of themselves. A person is too young (there are exceptions though) to make such a decision at 18 or younger and going through it just because everyone else is doing it is where it goes wrong. It isn't right either to go through it just to prove you're in love with someone. So what do you do?

First of all you need to bring up a child that is an independent thinker who will not succumb to peer pressure by installing confidence in them and not by using fear and harsh words. Fear can be overcome especially when its just parents. Most of the time teenagers do things because their peers are doing it, because they want to be excepted, they want to be cool. That's because they lack the self confidence and the ability to think for themselves on what they should do or what they really want. I once had a teenager tell me she's contemplating having se*x because all her friends have done it. Such a stupid thing to say but that's what happens in most cases.

So encourage children to make their own decisions, teach them that it should be coz they want to do something and not because everyone else is doing it or has it. Make sure they understand the difference between personal decisions and decisions that are governed by laws, school and more. The line between spoilt and independent thinker is very thin. Tell them friends who are around only for the good times or expect something from you aren't really friends. Talk to them as adults explain the pro's and cons of an action and most of all become a friend.

Do not run away when they ask you about the birds and the bees. Most parents freeze when that question or a simple question on periods is asked. That's when curiosity peeks and they ask their as blur friends or seek answers elsewhere. So explain what needs to be told and why you think there's an age and a time for it. Explain the consequences and the struggles they might have to endure.

Freedom is an interesting word. No one in the world has absolute freedom, everyone is bound by rules and norms. However you have the choice to give your child a balanced freedom. Locking them up till they're 60 might be tempting but don't kid yourself, the more challenging a situation the more ways to get out of it. They can sneak out of their houses, create "events" at school, stayover at a friends place, go out just over there and end up elsewhere, handphones can be out of reach, say they're going out with one friend and end up going with another and so much more.

You think schools are safe? Remember their friends, their peers you're worried about? Well they're there and anything can happen in schools. From meeting in nooks and crooks to blackmailing, extortion and s*exual abuse by adults. What about home schooling, unless you have a broad of cousins nearby or the child is part of other activities, the child will grow up to be a genius introvert whose missing a life and that's not what you want is it?

So allow children to go out on the condition you know their friends and where they're going, trust them but have curfews according to their age. Under 18 kids should have different curfews for school nights and weekends. College kids should get a longer one and take into account the events they go for. If its something like a concert or event - it will end late so set special curfews. Once they start working lets give the curfew a rest ok. Find out about the parents so both parents have the same info. Get them to call you when they reach their destination and before they leave, not to check on them but explain to them it's for their safety, kidnap ect when they're younger. Loosen your grip when you know you can trust the people they are out with.

Let them and encourage them to be friends with the opposite se*x. The more you control them the more curious they become. When they get used to being around the opposite sex they get bored and do not go crazy when they occasionally get to see or chat with one. Then there's the dating issue. Like it or not the more you move to cities and away from small town's for better opportunities the more you have to face such situations. Don't create a rebel be a friend. Give them "the" talk and set the rules on where n how long they can be out.

Do not call them every 30 minutes. Give them privacy but do not go through their things unless you think there's something wrong. Watch for the signs, a child going through extortion will show a change in behaviour, quieter or picking fights with their siblings more frequently. Understand that unless you managed to be friends with your children when they were younger and they're used to telling you everything, they will talk discuss less with you when they're teenagers - that's normal. So don't push rather get them to join into a conversation.

Cinema's are quite safe nowadays. It isn't as dingy as it once was. The staff are regulated, the halls are well lit. So find out about the theatre they plan to watch a movie at, the movie they're watching and let them go with their friends without the need for you to tag along. This applies for teenagers and not 10 year olds.

Then there is clubbing. The place most parents especially asian parents assume is a vice area eventhough they used to go in their younger days. Of course there are exceptions of parents who have never been to clubs especially ones not from the city. Whether you like it or not your child is going to club one day no matter if you're staying in a remote place or at a city given how easy it is to access information today.

Anyone who loves music will most probably love to dance as well or enjoy the ambiance filled with music. I once had a friend who refused to step into a club eventhough we were all in salwar khameez and most of us didn't drink coz she thought it was a sin. 2 months later we hear she clubs even on weekdays with a different bunch of ppl and the booze is no longer forbidden. Hypocritical ppl are really hard to be friends with so we ceased being that. So you see fear of parents and norm can take drastic turns. All that control and threats only made the situation worse and it got out of control. Here was a 20 ish year old who one moment was so adamant that clubbing was a sin, when in truth she was always tempted and all it took was curiosity and a different crowd to transform it into dangerous levels.

You know the friends, find out who the friends are bringing. To curb them from going when they're underaged, let them have parties at your home or attend parties where there will be parental guidance. Make sure the parent will be there and not some kids 18 year old cousin. Find out who will be attending and stay in the picture but without intruding from a distance.

When they're old enough to go let them go. This way they won't be sneaking out of the house, they won't be pushing dad's car till the corner of the street and you know where they exactly are. Once they're living in another state or country for studies or work you have no control whatsoever on their actions. Unless you gave them freedom and guidance while fully trusting them you will never know what they're doing neither will they have the right judgment.

Clubs aren't how they used to be. A lot of clubs have strict rules and guidelines. They keep an eye on everyone that clubs there. Everyone gets identified and labeled. There are clubs you can't get into if you don't know people that the club has identified as safe customers. When they identify a safe group ones who are there for pure fun only, these people are given preference and looked after. Everytime I'm at a club, we notice the bouncers (club boydguards) tend to stick close by ensuring no one disturbs us. Troublemakers and iniquitous (morally questionable) people are watched and most times banned.

Alcohol and smoking are interesting things. They're not like vegetarianism where you can dangle the religion card. You definitely can't preach against it when you do them both or either one but just because you don't smoke or drink doesn't mean your children won't acquire the taste for it. Again they're not right nor wrong but it can be injurious to health if taken/done without moderation. So when the question arises teach them the pros and con's, explain it from the health point. Neither encourage nor forbid them you don't really have either option.

The one firm no you can give is on drugs! Explain the danger and how they put their selfs in risk. If you must take them to a HI*V centre or a drug rehab to show them what can happen. Precaution is better than cure especially when there's none.

If you have managed to instill confidence and the right amount of independence into your child they should be able to judge between doing what they want to do and being forced into doing what they aren't sure off. Most of all trust your child. Parents sit and worry they will cross boundaries that they think keeping them in line and blackmailling them will work. But when the child is se*xually abused or faces something similar, they're told to keep quiet, not make a scene, never tell anyone or even worse the parents refuse to believe the incident ever took place. So trust your children, if you don't no one else will.

I'm not a parent and no where close to it but I've been friends with teenagers so I know the stuff they do or can do, what they go through and the tricks they resort to. You should be friends with your children but with a set of boundaries and guidelines. Give and take with a balance. Don't spoil them, then you will have even worse problems.

Best Song

to sing lyrics to the tune of "This Old Man".

Barney's dead, Barney's dead
Someone shot him in the head
With a big bang, bang and
Barney's on the floor
No more purple dinasaur.

Lol thanks anj ;p

ps : I grew up with Sesame Street, still think its the best children's program. I've hated barney from the very beginning!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


IMG_2465kl2cheRoutine is an interesting thing especially with friends. When you get used to seeing someone regularly it becomes part of life most times a necessity. There I was in this horrible bad mood looking for a cure and out pops these friends of mine anxious that I'd be missing, thinking I was cross with them. amazing how anxiety turns into the cure for a bad mood. Thanks guys ;)

Old charm

The thing about old people, they have experienced life, been around for some time and that gives them a certain charm. They're not out to impress you and stumble, they don't have pretense nor are they deceiving. Some are interesting, most are repetitive. But if you get your hands on the interesting one, don't let them go, they would have such interesting stories and experiences, it feels like an open book to the world. How else can I explain exchanging numbers with not one but 3 old men at a buskers (clowns, magicians, fire eaters ect) festival! ;p

ps : the charm is limited to their knowledge and interestingness only so don't get ideas.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Musing on Music

I love the December season (carnatic music) in Chennai. Given how we rarely get performances here, getting to see the concerts in December 2002 was one of my fondest memories. Though few each was a remarkable experience. I remember scanning the papers to catch as many concerts before we left for travelling around TN. The first one I went to was a Jugalbandhi by Sriram and Anuradha Sriram. She looked like a demure goddess as she effortlessly reached the higher notes. Then we caught a few dance recitals where I found the music more intresting then the dance.

The thing about the season is you don't even need to be in the halls to hear music, I remember walking out of a dance kutcheri in one Sabha in Mylapore only to heard the divine stirrings of Ravikirans chitraveena. I was so tempted to go for the concert but the people I was with were too tired to hear his concert.

Then we got to see my fav Sudha Ragunathan at the German Sabha (that's how they call it). Such a huge venue and what a performance. We bumped into Unnikrishnan as he was leaving the hall after his performance. We had to leave early as the hall was pretty far from where we were staying but what a performance. Missed hearing her thillana. When we got back from our trip around TN, we managed to catch Vijayanthimala Bali on New Years day at the Vani Mahal.

But my most favourite concert was by TN Seshagopalan and his senior accompaniments. The beauty of the concert was how they the artiste complimented each other. Very few concerts feel as personal as that concert. It felt like he was singing only for me. He'd look into the crowd and it would feel as if he was smiling at you. It didn't help that he sang all my fav raagas. That's how I fell in love with him. ;p What a voice, every song seemed effortlessly. Because the musicians were senior artists, they were surrounded by their senior students on stage, so it's really a crowd on stage but that gave a more relaxed atmosphere. Everything was brilliant about the concert, excellent vocal, percussion and accompaniment on the violin. It was also a lively concert, with the occasional banter between the artists and doses of jokes. There was one moment when TN sir was taking a sip of coffee when the violinist M. Chandrasekaran (blind yet an amazing talent) starts playing the raagam kaapi. The smell must have reached him and TN sir starts singing a phrase in Kaapi.

TN sir's also an amazing person, I managed to meet him after the concert for his blessings. Ah the twinkle in his eyes as he wished me the best. That's a crush that never stopped I'll probably still drool. Hope to get to see him perform again one day.

Sigh miss not being at the season.

Tripple Birthday


Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to Somu (today) and Prabha (13th) and since we're at it its Thalaiva's bday today as well ;p

ps : told u guys dec is a busy busy month i'm attending 2 this very week!

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Empress

I liked this one, picked it up from Bawangred's. It's somewhat me.

You are The Empress
Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.
The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.
The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Ps : Wrote this sometime back but didn't post it coz didn't want to bring anyones mood down.

Sundar was wondering why a 20 something would want to write a will of sorts. Well there is a story behind it. I was 19 or 20 when my friend Senthil was killed in an accident. Before you sigh ah, it wasn't death that shocked me rather the situation surrounding it.

Senthil was a friend I had never met yet he was my very good friend. The world is a smaller space with the internet, you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world without actually travelling the distance. Yet this very same reason is in itself a negativity.

I found out about Senthil's death a day after his passing, after his funeral. One minute I remembered laughing over a joke he had said and the next someone was telling me he was gone. That's when it struck me about the people we meet on the net. We develop beautiful friendships yet most times we could have passed each other on the streets as total strangers. We don't have friends in common, we don't know their families and vice versa and one day one might vanish and you have nothing to find them with nor are you aware if they're even alive.

How do you explain to a grieving family that the stranger standing in front of them was actually a friend? Neither can they contact you as you aren't even in their phonebooks. I had a link with Senthil, so I found out about his death but it wasn't the same with my other net friends, it dawned upon me that I didn't have a mutual link with anyone.

So I sat down and drafted a final note on where and who should be contacted in the event of my death. I didn't want my friends to never know what happened to me. Grief is best dealt with a proper closure, it's the inability to give a proper rest to a memory that leaves people stuck in the past.

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes to Ramya for the 8th and my mom and Alex on the 10th

Happy birthday guys

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

que sera sera

If there was one ability, one thing, one power you'd like to have what would it be?
(ive been singing que sera sera if you must know ;p)

Well i'd love to able to be wherever i want to be like the witches in bewitched. One blink of the eye and I'll be in rome, the next in venice or on a boat in kerala. Sigh now that would be great dont ya think? So whats yours ;p

Randam Birthday Access

The great thing about December is - its the busiest birthday month for bloggers. So lets start the first one ;)

Happy Birthday to Randam Access or Ran. Btw he's somewhere in India now for the holidays so you might wanna catch up with him ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pc had a fair

I just realised, I am somewhat of a geek. How else can I explain getting excited over pendrives, burners, hardrives and more. It was so crowded yet I was enjoying myself. It was a day of dumfoundedness. There I was flirting with all those flyer boys and salesman. Camera discussions were mind boggling. We'd be discussing specs and prices while carressing those smooth metalic surfaces. One guy was amused by this pointed ears headware (some freebie they gave us) we were wearing. So we told him he could have ours in exchange for a camera. He was dumbfounded for a sec.

Though I wasn't looking for one, there was this huge alien looking computer that bewitched me. It was probably the most gorgeous pc I've ever seen. Black, silver and green it stood out from all the other pc hagglers. So exclusive you couldn't even touch it, what with its personal bodyguard safeguarding it.

I was looking at some camera backpacks and trying to get a discount from the saleslady when another interested passerby joined me in a discount quest. We both laughed seeing her flabbergasted expression at seeing us perfect strangers teaming up. For a discount everyone is a friend ;p

I had my hands on the eos400d (dslr). Oh my it felt right at home. Not too big neither too small, it fit perfectly into my palm, not too heavy either. I so wanted to get it. Sigh my heart fell when my mind said a firm not yet. It's not fair I tell ya.

Anyway I got the 2 goodies I had gone to purchase. One of the sales guy even gasped on hearing the price I had paid for one as we made appointments to see him after the fair. So there's another session of camera soul searching to do and I can't wait for it! And my friend thinks I'm doing her a favour. Little does she know how cameras excite me! ;p

Monday, December 04, 2006

A little craziness

Ps : wrote this on friday but couldn't post it till today.

Pss : you guys did realise this was a long post right? read more darlings ;p

"I thought you're moving at the end of the month?"
"Gal it is the end of the monthla!"
"Ohh yala"

That was the conversation I had with a friend yesterday. The thing is I knew the date but it just didn't register to me as the end of the month. A week back as we were getting into the car after having a long dinner, ut of the blue she remarks hey its your birthday next month but it feels like we just celebrated your birthday. She has a point. The year seems to have flown. Days seem to vanish before you know it. So I'm a bit taken back by December this time. Is it really December already keeps springing in my mind.

I met one of my classmates yesterday. Eventhough we all still live in the same place, we rarely meet since no one works here so it was a surprise to bump into him while I was grocery shopping. I haven't seen him since we left highschool and thats 10 years ago. This time then we were seating for our national level exam. He was one of my projects.

I still remember arranging our desks for the exam. Heck we were still playing chess 2 days before the exam. That was our game, we went late for assemblies, went early to school and cut class to play chess. I still have no idea why people call it a geeks game. I miss playing chess. I actually have a photo of me and another friend playing chess 2 days before this huge major exam. It was our last game together. I love all those photos we took that day. The teachers couldn't believe their eyes, all they could do was shake their heads as we ran around the hall taking photos of our last days as high school students. I love those photos - joy, fun, mischievousness, sweet friendship, carefree - that's what they show. A bunch of students at the beginning of their crossroads.

Anyway the way the class was arranged, eventhough his name started with A and mine V we ended up sitting close to each other during the exam. So I still had time to bully him.

Rewinding back to today he wasn't as shy as he used to be though he did blush when he saw me. He could even bully me!
".......sorry I forgot your name (while we were exchanging numbers), nola just kidding ure A right, hehehe no la I know you're V;p"

How the hell could he forget the gal who would outrageously flirt with him just to get him to talk! ;p It was really nice to see him.

Alright back to December. It feels just like yesterday that we celebrated a new year. Having partied so much for my birthday we actually had to drag ourselves out for the new year ;)

Then it feels like I just met you guys in Chennai with those mgr waiters for company! Planning for that trip, running up and down beating traffic to get the tickets all feels so fresh. I like how much I've travelled this year. Something that I've always loved.

Then getting the camera, something I've wanted to do all my life. Everytime I looked longingly at photos hoping one day I'd be able to create them. Of course the dslr keeps flashing itself in front of my eyes but the banks frowning on that ;p I love how much I've leatnt, the confusion, the frustration and then the joy of seeing photos I loved.

There are of course the ups and downs, it would be a dream if life was all rosy, the wonderful friendships, the lost of some, the beginning of others. There was that horrible long haze, its so beautiful to see wonderful blue skies now. Friends who got married/ about to be married, some who broke up. So its been a pretty interesting year.

My blog turns 2 soon - that too has been very interesting, there's a lot of new people which is nice, the sad part though is a lot of people who were around when I started are pretty dormant now. Occasionally peeking in or posting something. And so the year has flown through turbelance and clear skies.

Yet there's one more month to go, the month I've been crazily in love with. I hear the wind whisper's here, it's here, December is here!

I can feel its chilly arms wrap around ,promising something magical.
There's so much to do, so much to see, so much to feel.
Timeless Christmas songs, gorgeous Christmas decor, festive mood here and there, regardless of race and religion. New years bliss, resolutions and ponderings.
Yes oh yes margzhali's here.
Kolams to put, children to amaze, songs to sing, so much comes with December.
Celebrations to rejoice in.
A little craziness sprinkled here and there
How can I not love you my dear dear December.

Excuse me while I go jump up and down now.... Toodles ;p