Friday, October 06, 2006

Photofriday : anger

Love the look of anger here.


The occasion is Navarathri (ended 021006) - a 9 day celebration of good against evil where it is the goddess of hinduism that are workshipped. On the 10th day the goddess vanquished the demon. Throught the 9 days, new and experienced artists perform their arts, whether dance, music or artistic creations in front of the deity. The artist is performing bharathanatyam.

Submitted for Photofriday.


Balajoe said...

Great black & white shot there...the best part seems like the dancer is dancing angrily towards you. Scary!

Harsha said...

Nice shot. I think the palm and eyes have come out really well. :)

Sundar Narayanan said...

real scary.. after ra ra aunty, this is the next best thing to scare Jr.

will use this as the new Poochandi photo!

he he.


Bala.G said...

Black & WHite-la pic nalla iruku :)

Keropok said...

Vis, as always... brilliant! You got a real good eye for photographs. I'm always in awe... ;)

Give me a tutorial sometime?

Vani said...

nice shot. but just two things distract me; the disappearance of the foot and the focal point of the pic being the palm. my two cents.

BawangMerah said...

Sometime back I thought what the fuss was about people dancing. Then one day, at the uni cultural show, they had this dance, where this demon fella was terrorizing a group of damsels. So they pray to the goddess to come and help them. And come she does. Towards the end, the part I liked the most when all the damsels stood behind the goddess and become her many arms, dancing in tandem as she fought the demon. It was.. magnificent. It was also the last one I saw. Never had time after that :P Somehow or rather, the video camera cannot catch the missing essense that only a live show has. Maybe it's the lighting mixed with live music, or thump thump sound of the dancesteps mingled with the beads they tie on their legs. I don't know what is, but it's never the same as watching it live

Anonymous said...

i somehow feel a color pic with more orange shade in it would have made it wonderful (by having set the white balance to cloudy .. you get that effect )!! .. this also looks artistic ..but i guess it would have been much fierce if it was a colour photo ...(probably sepia would look good ??)

btw: i felt like saying lakalakalaka ...

- sreekrishnan (shifted myblog to blogger - beta)

Jeevan said...

Wonderful post visit:) hope Navarathri went well for u.

Nanyaar? said...

Totally super photography.. even though I see just bits and bites of your photos here and there they look awesomes. what kind of a camera do you use?

How was Navarathiri?



ashok said...

great pic visit....

visithra said...

Balajoe : thanks ;) he was - to cover space its normally danced to a side to frighten the audience - create drama

harsha : thanks ;)

Sundar : ehhehe lol so did jr get scared?? Hehee

balag : thanks ;)

keropok : thanks ;) sure ask me qs or do u just want some tips

Vani : hummm thanks for the pointers - of course it will be nice to put the foot in but in a live prog its tough to take dance shots

Bawangred : where was this ? Sounds amazing - if it was done well - n by the way you tell me it seems amazing - its the vibration something you cant capture on video

most times dancers learn how to become the character n those r the times ur emotions r stirred - these rarely comes through video

sree : theres a orange shaded image in my flickr account of the same photo - take a look

ehehehehe u too ? ;p

jeevan : thanks - it did

Nanyaar : thanks ;) i use a canon powershot a620

it was good ;)

ashok : thanks ;) how r u - long time since i saw u around