Friday, October 27, 2006

Elbows on its frames

Old windows have a certain charm that seems to be lost with todays windows. Then windows were a decoration of sorts, some adorned with beautifully carved wooden shutters, some painted in bright contrasting colours and some with different shapes adorning it.


Almost always you'll find someone resting their elbows on its frames, they themselves framed by the beautiful colours, watching the world go by. Most times their thoughts seem to be lost and they were really staring into nothing. Windows today are somewhat closed, dark glasses, unimaginative metal frames, simplicity that neither inspires nor invites the lone wanderer to its side. You rarely see someone taking in the delights of everyday life hanging by its frame. Like life today windows are as detached.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fun x4

I'm back after the long holidays. So hope everyone's doing great and thanks for all the wishes. I'm waging a war with a white cat thats been terrorising my kolam from the very second I finished putting it! He had a notion the open door was invitation for him to walk in and my mom tells me every morning she finds the cat sleeping on it! Grrrr he might have won this time but Mr tom cat better watch out for me! ;p

My area was a blaze with fireworks, the moment one starts another will start from the other side and vice versa. There seems to be some secret fireworks language.

Surprisingly we had more than the usual number of visitors. This kid i've been trying to talk to finally stopped giving me the cold shoulders all over deepavali cookies. See the wonders cookies are? ;p

Had fun visiting people and gawking at this new house one of them moved into. Managed to get impossibly lost thanks to the wonderful signboards in a certain area but eventually found Amu's house. Thanks for the invite dear, had fun. Oh her cousins are so adorable. One cutie insisted his name was Teriadhu (don't know), so I spent the afternoon calling him just that. Finally got to meet Praveen. I think we were getting a bit too comfortable at Amu's house, coz suddenly there were signs of rain and it literally told us to leave immediately! The moment we hit the highway, it rained cats and dogs, the catty kind!

You would think people would stay away from the malls, but nooo the place was so packed we couldn't get tickets for any movie and there was at least 15 movies playing! Bah! Looks like we'll have to try our luck again.  

Did anyone this side of the world realise how boring this years tv programmes were?? I for one was gleefully celebrating opting to work on Monday while my friends were sitting at home grumbling about the boring nearly non existant shows. Hehe

So how was yours ?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Deeparaya wishes

Few days back I was walking around the Ramadan Food Stalls. Ramadan time is one of the best times to taste a variety of Malay food since most ppl opt to break their fast with purchased food. Anyway as I was walking around,

I spotted one of the restaurant owners I frequent waving at me and I headed to his stall to make my purchase. we both excitedly wished each other Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak).

The same thing happened at another shop where we were purchasing some decorations for home. We were one of the last customers yet the sales gals were happily joking with us. Someone even got his kid to shyly wish me during one of my errands. Everywhere we go people are excitedly exchanging wishes, people who we've probably never met, yet there's an excitement to share each others joy. The festive mood is pretty evident over here with the double celebrations. Deepavali tomorrow and Raya on tuesday - the celebration is infectious. This year will be the last time Deeparaya is celebrated together, its been really fun celebrating together.  

Differences will always exist, there will always be fanatics, there will always be racists people, but believe me most people aren't.

Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. Take the time to wish the strangers you meet, the strangers you meet daily, the smile that flashes is indeed priceless.  

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bike ride

Anyone who has driven a bike and loved it will tell you how exhilarating it is. Especially rides taken on a cold night, the feeling is undescribeable. Well I hadn't drove a bike for some 5 years now so when one of my friends brought one along last tuesday I decided to take it for a ride. Now the problem was it was a bunch of naughty guys who were waiting for a comedy.

I got on the bike smilling sheepishly and trying to look cool. Unfortunately for me it was too dark and i hadn't the faintest idea where the key hole was. Desperately trying to look cool, i tried to look for it only to hear one of the guys chuckle.

Adapongada savii engeh pohduradeh teriyama iruhkangeh -  bikeku oru bye bye sohliru.
Lol you might as well say bye to your bike, she cant even find the key hole!

Despite my protests they cruelly laughed and put in the key for me.

I was pretty unsure of myself since its been 5 years since I drove one but the moment I exhilarated the petrol, it all came back and i stared smoothly cruizing the streets.

I got back from the first round and one of the gals wanted to tag along. So we made the boys carry our handbags (hehe) and went for a ride came back chatted for awhile and went for another round. Here's where the twist comes. Halfway through we stopped to chat and so we took longer to get back.

We reached back to find 4 guys walking in different directions worriedly looking for us. Awww they thought something happened to us!

Unmaiyeh sohlungeh ulunduthinge daneh???
Tell us the truth you fell right?

Hehehhe sweet aren't they ;p

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost for words

My dad passed away 3 days before Deepavali 3 years ago. As hindu's follow the time of death than the Georgian date, we will always be reminded of it each year. Ironically this year even the Georgian calendar is playing spoil sport as it was on 0ct 21st that he passed away.

For once I'm lost for words, whenever someone asks me hows the preparations - I smile to some, I tell a few, I lie to most. It's easier to lie than to explain to everyone. You see some people start lecturing. They're all correct, we should move on, we should celebrate today, we should keep the past in the past.

Yet how do you explain to people that you're neither mourning nor celebrating. That you're between the joyous smile and the sad smile. How do you explain having moved on but knowing you never will?

Navarathri was always more important to us and our busiest time. Yet the moment it was over and before we could sigh, we'd launch into 2 weeks of preparations. Baking cookies, rolling muruku dough while mom fried it, stealing dough, cleaning the house after much nagging from mom, shopping and then decorating.

Dad always followed us shopping even when we took ages, he would always come. In the day's when we shopped in Globe (one of the oldest local shopping mall), he'd drop us right at the front of the shop and we'd wait for him to come back after parking or we'd tell him which floor we were going too. Dad would then sit on the benches placed outside each floor while we shopped. Even after we started driving he'd occasionally follow us when we went shopping or to haggle prices for us.

It used to be a ritual at home to hang the greeting cards the day before diwali. Before pay tv hit our shores, we used to wait for the new movies screened during festivals. So since dad picked the night before for last minute cleaning, you'd see 2 zombies walking in slow motion around the hall eyes glued to the tv, occasionally knocking down things only to be scolded.

Only after the movie ended and after playing with our fireworks will I start putting the kolam. Dad would sit guard on the pretense of watching tv and for the next few days he'd make sure no one stepped on the kolam including me! Then there was the clothes, mornings were all about dressing up in something new before heading out to temple. Deepavali was normally spent glued to the specials on tv, visiting friends or going on a vacation. As you can see there's a lot of memories.

Today's a different story, I've redecorated the living room, mom and I baked some cookies and muruku, I've got this ambitious design for a kolam, yet there's no excitement. I have not shopped neither am I inclined to - surprising indeed for a shopaholic. I do have plans but it just seems like another day, I can't really explain. So how do you explain to people that you're neither mourning nor celebrating.

Great News

IBH gave birth to a beautiful baby gal - do head over there to congratulate her.

For those who knew Still, we'll she's back - so go over there to welcome her back ;)


Monday, October 16, 2006

Yam Seng

I have to attend a lot of weddings. Yes its a have to most of the time, very rarely its a wedding I look forward to. Last Saturday was different, it was a wedding I had been waiting to attend and it lived up to its hype.

My colleague got married at a traditional Chinese wedding dinner. I'd been to Chinese weddings when I was younger but this was the first time one of my Chinese friends were getting married. We've been discussing the preparations for months now, where to go, what to do, the difference in our customs and the similarities.

The wedding is registered prior to the dinner in a civil ceremony. Though the main event would be the tea ceremony which is normally held before the wedding dinner between close family and friends.

One of the interesting part of the wedding is how the groom's entourage is not allowed in by the bride's friends and made to perform simple tricks. I assumed they were just tricks but I was told each one signified a different meaning. Like making the groom eat 4 different tasting food (sweet, bitter...) - to signify life is never the same it has its ups and downs. Later the tea ceremony is held to receive the blessings of the elders and their ancestors. They then as a couple hand out angpows (money in red packets) to the younger ones. The dinners are normally an 8 course meal where the couples normally invite a very limited number of people given the cost.

When people used to joke about how late Chinese weddings started, I assumed it might be a 30 minit delay. I arrived 20 mins late only to find I was one of the early birds. So I wasn't expecting a one hour delay! I had assumed black with be a big no but I was pretty surprised when most people turned up in black.

Weddings do give an added glow, my friend was the perfect ravishing bride. She was in a beautiful daze, smiling a genuine I'm so excited yet dazed smile, that lit up everytime she spotted someone close to her. I had planned to leave early since I wasn't eating (I was vegetarian and knew I'd be the only one so didn't want her to prepare anything for me) but I ended up enjoying myself so much I was one of the last few to leave. The attention was fun too, since I was the only Indian at the wedding! So I ended up not taking too many photos.

Love was indeed in the air, the poignant speech the groom gave with tears in his eyes, him making sure his bride didn't trip on her dress's train, the emcee nudging the groom to kiss his bride, the little gestures - the sweet moments. One of the family friends played this 2 stringed Chinese instrument and it was such a beautiful performance that the crowd cheered him to play another song. That's when he played to the tune's of Pocahanto's Colours of the Wind. What a performance.    

It was definitely a memorable wedding, everyone was having fun, the radiant bride and her groom were the centre of attraction, there was a warmth you feel only in very few weddings. As the couple made their way to each table, the yam seng (cheer for prosperity) grew louder and louder as each table vied to be the loudest.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Blog Q&A

I'd been seeing this tag around the blogsphere and just this morning was wondering how come I hadn't gotten this tag when I was reading Jeevan's when I found out Geethz had tagged me. So here's mine.

1. Are you happy/satisfied with your blog, with its content and look? Does your family know about your blog?

Oh yeah I love my blog n though it seems like I've been abandoning it and blogging in this few weeks (time constrains). Love the look too since I did create it but I'll be changing it on and off. Well my mom knows I'm pretty active online that I write argue and more, they just dont know its a blog. 

2. Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or you just consider it as a private thing?

Nah some of my friends know I blog, but don't really read it and there are some friends who found my blog and we religiously read each other. I just don't go around telling people I blog.
3. Did blogs cause positive changes in your thoughts?

Humm well it rekindled my love for writing things other than those related to work, it gives me an outlet to write creatively hence balancing my creative energies. It's found me wonderful friends, new information, different views, like minded individuals and I've been able to share in a lot of people's lives.

I love that blogs are a source of inspiration, a book of different experiences, a window to diverse worlds that seem different yet are nearly alike.

4. Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?

Well I used to discover new blogs, now I don't have time for everyone (have you seen my blogroll?)

5.What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?

Oh i love seeing numbers go up yet it doesn't matter at all in my kolam blog. Occasionally it does scare me as I don't want to give the wrong impression. I'm here for the friends not the fans which I hope some ppl understand. I love the comments - especially on posts where ppl get to express themselves.

6. Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
Sometimes but not really, i think impressions are faux, im too practical to figure someones skin colour, height, eyes, ears nose coz it doesn't really matter to me. Though I'd love to meet every single person one day.

7. Admit. Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging?
Oh yes the day's I'm tensed all I need is to surf a blog or check my comments and the smile that springs up is enough to push me on.
8. Do you think that bloggers society is isolated from real world or interacts with events?

It's simply a persons individual decision whether one wants to be isolated or wants to interact. Blogs give people a choice to be known or to remain unknown as a voice with many facets yet without a visual. A choice that sometimes provides an outlet that one does not necessarily find in the real world. Yet for those who choose not to be isolated its just an expansion to the wonders of the world. Inseparable actually.

9. Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it's a normal thing?

It depends on the kind. If its an attack to my character then whoever it is will hear an earful but if its to my writing my art or creations, i'd welcome it. How else would I grow?

10. Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?

Nope but its definitely not my daily read. I do stay away from blogs who project niceness yet are pretty hostile.

11. Did you get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?

Some of the first things I read about blogs were its negative sides but history has always shown that people are afraid of things they aren't familiar with.  

12. Did you think about what will happen to your blog after you die?

I have actually. I think about death pretty often as to me life is death - death is life. There are instructions on how and what to do in case of my death, but it was written years ago and will need some updating.

13. What do you like to hear? What's the song you might like to put a link to in your blog?

Basically the blogs about little things in my life and if you've noticed I laugh about a lot of things good or bad. Hence Kurai Ondrum Illai (I have no regrets) would be the best choice. I think life is not lived without its ups and downs.

Yayyyyyyy done and nope no one gets tagged as always ;)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


This painting was gifted to my parents on their wedding day. The artist Selva was a friend of my dads and its dated 2/3/79 a day before their wedding.

I've always loved this painting and have told my mom its mine now ;p. I don't think there is a more beautiful painting of the 2 hindu gods krishna and radha. I've spent days standing across my room and looking at this painting. I think the artist envisaged my parents as my dad is as dark and mom as fair neither am I sure if this was his original creation but I have never seen this anywhere. Sadly I was told the man stopped painting after that. Such a lost if you ask me for this is the most cherished gift a person can gift.

Please do not download the photo or reproduce it. (this is the largest size on flickr)

Ps : I have finally replied to all comments (there were 120!) unless for the accident one - I have been preoccupied - sorry for the delay n the non visits

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I was having lunch when as usual one the restaurant boys came by to chat. I'm not sure how but the conversation led to this

"So how did you end up here?"

Then he told me his story. He wasn't used to such a hard job. He used to get up only at 9 and head of to work. He had worked in marketing at a bank and he used to deal with working out loans for industries. Today coz of unforeseen circumstances he's here working from 6 am to late at night at a restaurant. Though he earns the same amount here and actually saves more, it was evident he missed his old life.

He had a melancholic smile on his face the same that found its way to mine hearing his story. He reminded me of another person similar in story strangely similar in resemblance.

Does one pity his fate or applaud his determination?

Life is extremely fragile. You never know what the future holds. Everyday is a different play in the game of fate. Most people assume one end is the ultimate end, they assume fate cannot be changed and for the rest of their lives they live what they presume are their fates. Fate is in actual fact the crossroads of an unending journey. Your plans may have been disrupted but life does not end there. Fate leads you to crossroads where you have the choice to crumble to fate's onslaught or fight back no matter how hard its blows are.

The ones who decide to walk against the storm and continue living, like the boy, are the real winners.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Clear skies

It was a clear sky day (besides the haze) when I decided to venture out. It was way past the time it was due to be done. I looked up to make sure the skies will not cry its crocodile tears and delay my journey. The atmosphere was right, the timing precise, the need immense. Will I be able to overcome this, will it be a success, such thoughts wandered in my mind.


We reached the destination. Silently staring at each other I handed it to him and walked away without turning back. There was no hesitation neither was there doubt. It had to be done, I had no choice. There was no more turning back.

We sat down waiting, jumping from topic to topic, yet I was preoccupied, my mind kept voicing its doubt. It was time to obtain the results. As we made our way there, a sudden stirring raised alarms. My mind knew what was coming but my heart contravened the signs and then it happened.......

It started raining cats and dogs and I was waiting to get my still being washed car from the car wash! Story behind the story - it always rains when I wash my car, not drizzles but full blown flood inducing storms! Next time you need the rain, give me a buzz!

So how many of you guessed this one? ;p

Friday, October 06, 2006

ignorant officer

Oh my god how stupid can this fella be!! Imagine if he does this to a movie star, what will he do to the public???

The officer in charge cited that Prithviraj's son Mohan had some disease and hence was stopped from boarding the flight. Mohan infact does not have any disease but is an autistic child. This was conveyed by Prithviraj to the officer. He even explained to the officer that it is a disability and not a disease. But then the ignorant officer told Prithviraj that it is a mental disease and he could create problems to the fellow passengers.

Photofriday : anger

Love the look of anger here.


The occasion is Navarathri (ended 021006) - a 9 day celebration of good against evil where it is the goddess of hinduism that are workshipped. On the 10th day the goddess vanquished the demon. Throught the 9 days, new and experienced artists perform their arts, whether dance, music or artistic creations in front of the deity. The artist is performing bharathanatyam.

Submitted for Photofriday.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was rushing to the bank when I found my car blocked by a lorry. I could drive the car out but I couldn't get into the car. I looked around for the driver gesturing to the barber shop guy if he knew whose it was. He had no idea and I was in a rush. Few seconds later 3 heads pop to see what I was doing ......

I got into the car through the passenger seat and jumped into the drivers seat much to the amusement of the 3 guys. I smiled back sheepishly as they looked at me in amazement.

Hehe ;p Trust me to spring up with ideas!

Blog romeo Ferrari

Vahlavan nallavan - nambeh blogworld hero - avarthangeh blog romeo Ferrari. hehe

Happy birthday Ferro
ps : ehpo saar kalyanam? ;p

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Road bully

My cars have been hit a few times. I have over the years dealt with a lot of people. None of them have ever been hostile. Most would smile sheepishly, some will dish out money without guilt and some will just look so guiltily in shock you can't help but be nicer.

Anyway last week none of the above happened.

I got my taste of how intimidating road bullies can get and how indifferent people in the town I work in can be. It was a pretty normal day until the incident.

I had just stopped at the roundabout near my office when I heard a loud bang, someone had hit my car. Since it would be inconsiderate to stop there, I signaled them to move to the bend of the road. When they followed as well, I assumed these ppl would be the normal honest ones I'd met before.

I got out to find that only the guy who was the passenger had come out while the gal remained in the car. Anyway I smile at the guy, inspect the car (body and bumper had major scratches, light was broken plus later I find out the bumper had gotten loose) and ask him so how. He tells me to give him an estimate all the while staring at me which I assumed was just him being nervous. So I call my brother and checked how much it will cost and told him the sum.

That's when the drama started. Now this Chinese guy couldn't speak a word of English (which wasn't offensive) so the conversation was all in Malay. He said the amount was too much so I told him to call someone and ask.

By then a cop drops by to tell us to move further down as ppl were being typical malaysians and gawking at the accident. So we moved again. Sensing this people weren't gonna be cooperative, I started jotting down his particulars. The car wasn't his, it was his sisters and the one driving the car was his gf. Weird thing was the gal was in a green top that was as similar as the maniac who had been jumping around in another accident just the day before, after the incident I'm pretty sure they're the same.

They started calling ppl from the smallest towns and quoting an unbelivably low price. They were talking more on the terms of stolen goods. I told them if that was the case I'll have to make a police report and claim through their insurance. He starts screaming, scolding me and I refused to budge. Then the gf, the one who hit my car gets down and immediately starts scolding me.

First the insults were pretty tame, accusing me of trying to pay my monthly installment, calling me money minded, I could buy a new car with the money I was asking for (yeah right I don't think you can even buy an old broken down car for 400) it was my fault and I was sucking their blood. I told them if it was my fault go make a police report against me. Then it got hostile and she started using the bluest language I've ever heard, waving her hands up and down and trying to intimidate me by walking right up to my face. For the amount of times she had shown her finger at me, I started wondering if her hands were like that.

Seeing it was going nowhere, I took the 100 and told them I'll still make the report as I need to repair the car. Guy springs at me as I try to leave refusing to let me get into the car. Then he tries to get into my car to take my Identity card and I managed to stop him.

Now one had stopped to inquire but because a cop was manning the traffic on the other side, he didn't hit me though he did act as he was going to. By then it was getting a bit scary so I tried to leave and he pushes me away from my car. People started horning from the otherside and there I was stuck with a maniac and an even crazier filthy mouthed women. I guess they assumed I should be easy to bully as I was a gal?

Anyway i think they spotted the cop looking or something but they suddenly decided to leave after arguing for 45 mins. Panic as always hit me only 15 minutes later as I was driving back.

Later that night, I went and lodged a complain, the cops think either I jotted the wrong car number or I got the model wrong. And as every other policeman in the world would repeat, they laughed the pushing and threatening away. But I must say the reporting was a breeze, finished in 20 minutes.

I'm really surprised no one stopped, guess its the area I work. Coz if it had been near my house or even mid KL someone would have stopped for morale support. Believe me someone could drop dead and they still wouldn't help, such is the area I work in.

Another day in my life, sure is interesting eh?

Don't worry I'm fine now, was a bit shaken last week. I'm not sure whats the moral of the story though, do I runaway next time coz of scary young idiots? Or do I continue to trust people like I always have?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do good always

There's this malay proverb that says

sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh juga.
(no matter how skillful the squirel jumps one day it will fall)

I'm reminded of it in view of certain incidents that happened over the week. The point is do good always, no matter how tempting it is to trick othere's, to hurt others or to cheat them for one day fate will catch up and you will face the fruits of your cheating ways.

No one gets away after hurting others and as you can see I'm in bliss ;)

ps : been busy