Friday, September 01, 2006

Stroll in the rain

Like I told you guys before the drive to Thiruannamalai was the longest we've taken and he was taking us on a very unfamiliar route. Having been on the same route countless times both night and day - one surely knows how long the journey would take.

IMG_3560thiruannamalai Hosted on Zooomr

Plus I've always loved the tree lined street. Those are the biggest pulimarams (tamarind trees) I've ever seen! Only when I saw the familiar trees was I sure he was taking us on the right route.


The shades of the trees are absolutely wonderful, one of the best of these drives is stopping to get a drink and enjoying the quiet of the road as traffic is usually minimal.


We reached the town to be greated by the familiar hills, pretty famished. Circling the town looking for a place to eat we found one of the oldest ins in the area. When we first came to Annamalai 10 years back, this was one of the 2 hotels in the area. One kartigai deepam we ended up staying here as there was no space anywhere else plus we knew people there ;) this was also the place where this incident happened and where I saw our first indian eagle. As you can see there's a lot of memories here.

Lunch was unbelivable. The best food I had throughout the weeks of being in India. It was basically simple dishes but cooked well and spicy as well. Since we had decided to leave that very evening, we took a room upstairs to freshen up. The interesting part of this inn is, you get a briliant view of the temple and hill from the bathroom window. ;p


We headed for the temple in time for the abhishegam but thats a later story. We stood dumbstruck on seeing the skies. There was this light with the colours of the rainbow sparkling near the hills. I'd been there numerous times and this was the first time we'd seen it. Everyone was as amazed as us.


The funny thing was after the intense heat in Kanchi it was getting quite chilly there and I was hoping for rain. For the next hour or so we managed to see the paurnami abhishegam and the main pooja at both the sanctums. A beautiful experience.


We got out the temple to find the place awash with water and the atmosphere was briliantly chilled. I was in love with the ambience, briliant night, wonderful chill and a carresing breeze - what else could you ask for.

We were having argument whether it was a full moon day when the scene above took place. The clouds were changing their forms in a briliant display of theaterics and behold the full moon showed its self. There's no way to explain the incident in that few minutes.

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We ended up chatting with another guy who was trying to catch the image and the discussion went back to the unusual rainbow lights of the evening. We were pretty amazed.


If you've been there before you'll know the temple courtyard is pretty long and huge, so as we were walking back to the entrance it started raining. I was pretty ovejoyed and decided a stroll in the rain wont harm me a bit ;)

Mom and her friend took cover at the ganesh temple while I made it to the main doorway to enjoy the rain. It was briliant weather, the rain was romancing the temple floors, the sky was playing the role of the blushing bride and there I was watching the wedding of heaven and earth.


sreekrishnanv said...

THe temple pics are awesome ..esp the first one ... lighting is cool !!

and all routes through tamilnadu you will have that tree shades ... you just cant stop taking pictures

btw: for ppl who go to temple ... there is something i got from another blog ... something that perfectly reflects what i feel .. ill be putting it soon ..check it out !!

sreekrishnanv said...
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Harsha said...

As usual, the pics just look too good!!!

I think you set the color on vivid mode, thats why the sky looks so much more blue:). Will try that soon. As u suggested, I am doing experiments with cam now in manual mode :)

And I think I must plan my overdue tamilnadu trip soon :)

Syam said...

as soon as I read the title, me remembers vadivelu's "sing in the rain" song :-))))

kG said...

u mean u visit Thiruannamalai every trip to India????

Do u also do the whole Girivalam thingy each time u go there??-cos heck, I'd envy your stamina then. 14 blasted Kilometers!!

Sandai-Kozhi said...

As usual your photos are too good.
I did go for Girivalam 6yrs back(1st&last).At that time My MR was cribbing from the begining to the end(though I keep on telling him just leave everything to god and walk)and he ended up having Blisters on his foot ,inturn I had no problem.It was a wonderful experience.--SKM

sreekrishnanv said...

praveen said...

nice pics dear..I'm bk ( almost )

Jothi said...

now, i craving for pulijankai after u mention pics.

@nith@ said...

wow...nice pics...i'll make sure that i visit the temple when i go to india.

SamY said...

this is one place I'd vouch to visit ... really beautiful ... weather compliments it too :)

RAvi said...

And I always thought it was spelled 'Thiruvannamalai'! ;p

tulipspeaks said...

okie..bring me with u for the next trip! naanum varen.. :P


visithra said...

Sree : thanks ;) yep u can find the trees but not as much as on this particular road

tell me when u post it will check it out

Harsha : yep i do ;) i love vivd colours ;) n i do some photoshop editing as well - ure advised to for digi images - n i have a thing for the sky - they love me ;p hehehe

put up the experiments ;) would love to see - angles make a lot of difference to a photo :)

syam : lol which movie?

Kg : yep every trip unless for the ones i went alone with the school - i didn't have time nor company ;)

Annamalai is my dads hometown - but we're also very attached to it - i have seen so many festivals there plus its the first temple we visited in india ;)

ive never done the girivalam (as in walk we just tend to drive around) - we never have time - we normally take a pooja and that takes hours

but i have done a partial walk partial drive during kartigai deepam - we've seen 2 deepams there ;) - ive only walked for muruga - thaipusam for years from kl to bc - ;) only stopped now coz i cant get leave -

skm : thanks ;) ive never done the girivalam (as in walk we just tend to drive around) - we never have time - we normally take a pooja and that takes hours

Cribbing never works ;) blind devotion does ;)

sree : will check video later

Praveen : thanks ;) welcome back dear ;)

Jothi : awww - i only think of pulisadham when ppl mention puli - im crazy about it ;p thanks

Anitha : thanks ;) u should its spectacular

samy : i agree ;) weather was absolutely briliant

Ravi : ahh my mistake will correct it later

Amu : lets see who knows ;)

sreekrishnanv said...

posted already !! ... sivavakkiyar's sinathanaikal !!

not sure if you will agree to the ideas !!

Jeevan said...

Wonderful Photo's visith, the full moon view was awesome. i am asking my dad to take me there, but he tells will go will go....... hope u enjoyed with the rain:)

kG said...

Oh wow. Thats brilliant. Ive heard/read alot abt Thiruannamalai, but havent been yet.

My parents have, tho.
They attended the deepam last year, and are looking forward to it this year too.
It's Dec 3rd,i reckon.

Isnt it difficult to get a pooja, especially during festivals??
I dont know all too much about these things lah.heheh.

visithra said...

Sree : will check it out soon ;)

jeevan : thanks ;) if u do go - go in the morning - n go around the temple ;) ull love it

oh i loved the rain ;)

kg : i guess we were lucky ;) its funny when i first went there not many ppl knew about the place - we didnt too - but now everyone knows about it

do go one day n spend the day there - going around the hills n the inside the temple itself - theres alot of nooks n cranies n stories - there is one spot where u can see all the gopurams - this is where arunagirinatar ended up as a kili

ah the deepam - its a huge pull to be there during the deepam - n everytime they lit the fire it will rain yet the fire will blaze amazingly for exactly 7 days ;)

u cant get into the temple on the day itself even with protection (we've tried)

pooja on the festival is impossible but a few days later is possible - especially in the mornings - the abhishegam is just gorgeous - i have no idea y i love it so much there

as u can see im crazy about the place ;)

kG said...

then I MUST go.

visithra said...

kg : ;)