Friday, September 29, 2006

One Million Candles

I've been reading one depressing news after the other today and then I found this at Ariel's. Please light a candle and pass it around.  

The innocent victims of Internet child abuse cannot speak for themselves.

But you can.

With your help, we can eradicate this evil trade.

We do not need your money.

We need you to light a candle of support <>.

We're aiming to light at least One Million Candles by December 31, 2006.

This petition will be used to encourage governments, politicians, financial institutions, payment organisations, Internet service providers, technology companies and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the commercial viability of online child abuse.

They have the power to work together. You have the power to get them to take action.

Please light your candle at <> or send an email of support to

Together, we can destroy the commercial viability of Internet child abuse sites that are destroying the lives of innocent children.

Kindly forward this email to your friends, relatives and work colleagues so that they can light a candle too.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


The softest thing in the world is not the most expensive fabric nor the petal of a rose. It is the priceless skin of a baby. Such softness, so new, your fingers slid down as you carress a babys skin. You touch the tiny knees expecting some dwindle in perfection, only to be surprised at how butter soft baby's knees are.

You remove your fingers only for the knees to tempt your fingers to once again touch the glory of god's creation. Again you're suprised at how delicately soft baby's skin is as the adorable child flashes you a toothless grin at the sense of your touch. What perfection the child is innocent to the world around it, oblivious to its own treasures, infectious in its spread of joy.

Ps : this cute baby had me entertained last tuesday with its innocent looks thus inspiring this post.

Bawangred's day

The poetic one - the one who manages to write about nothing and yet we read every word
Happy birthday Bawangred ;)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dark skinned

IMG_5485eyesI was born dark skinned to a similarly dark skinned dad and a milky white mom. The truth is I don't think I would have been questioned so much had both my parents been dark. As long as I can remember people have brazenly pitied my skin colour especially as I was a gal. Usha and Hipgran have similar stories.

I've had people who have told me I shouldn't wear a gold coloured watch as my skin was too dark.
I've had people pity me for not having my mothers colour.
I've had people openly gasp in shock when they find out I am my mothers daughter.
I've had people discriminate me for my skin colour.
I've had people who tell me getting me married is gonna be a huge task.
I've had people who told me I should stay out of the sun so as not to get blacker and insist I wear the million and one skin lightening creams..

However unfortunately for them I LOVED my skin colour and I had a wicked mouth. I have never understood how I've been so positive with such high self esteem despite all the things people have told me. Colour was never an issue at home, both of us had followed dad's colour and mom was never one to prefer the lighter skin!! ;p I've never been told to stay out of the sun or stay away from the beach. Family holidays were never spent anywhere without a beach! Naturally I loved how I looked.

I developed sarcasm at a very young age as there was no other way to shut such nosy people. I think they developed this urge to hurt others as they weren't happy with themselves nor were they living fulfilling lifes hence the need to hurt another.

When I was told I shouldn't wear a gold coloured watch, I told them "pity you, you don't wear one hence you think I shouldn't."
When I was pitied for not having my mothers colour, I tell them "Oh but I love being dark, fair is so pale, so colourless!"
When people gasped in shock, I tell them "you didn't expect my mom to be fair did you? Don't be too shocked. It's so funny people in the west spend so much to look my colour and here you're pitying me? Wow you need to get of your shell and see the world"
When I was discriminated, I excelled in my talents so that they had to be wary of me, they had to acknowledge my presence, hence I proved myself, I stood out despite their displeasure. I'm always dressed well to prove to people you don't need to be fair to look good.
Everytime I was told to stay out of the sun and wear skin lightening creams, I tell them "What for? I love my skin colour and I rather turn darker than fairer then miss the joys of life! Plus who wants the world to know my blushing moments."
The one's who tell me its gonna be hard to find a groom, well I tell them "first I'll have to agree on getting married and he will be lucky to marry me and not vice versa!"

Yeah there's a hint of ego but it only rears its head when people try to be hurtful. You might find I'm being a tad bit too sarcastic but let me assure you after the initial taunt and backlash from me, people have steered clear of bringing up the colour issue.

I once ostracised a fair kid in a music class because she made fun of a darker child's skin colour. I think I told the kid until you learn how to not discriminate, I will ignore you. The kid learnt her lesson pretty fast. I've seen people choose friends by their skin colour and these aren't even children but grown adults. I shudder at the what they would teach their children.

Over the years I have managed to be a role model to a lot of kids. You see I was the dark skinned outsider who had excelled in one of the most competitive environments, my music school. I showed people you aren't pretty nor talented coz of your skin colour but if you want something you can achieve it though you will face a lot of obstacles.

The point is you are who you set out to be. Skin colour should never be a hindrance to anyone. Of course you can prefer to marry a fairer person that's your personal choice but no one has a right to put another down coz of their skin colour. If you're dark never let anyone dither you from your goals, never let anyone put you down. If someone thinks you aren't good enough for something coz of your skin colour, it is their loss and not your fault. Prove your calibre to them and make them rue the day they discriminated you.

If you're a parent to a dark skinned child teach them to be confident, teach them to be witty and fight back people who are hurtful, never tell them to accept it as their fate. It is not their fate to be hurt by others. It might be harder for them to get recognised but it will make them stronger. Tell them the harder it is to achieve something, the sweeter the returns.

The UNplugged

Kid moves and posting becomes a quarterly routine - I'm left with less entertainment - bah!

The kid is none other than Praveen - the UNplugged and today's his birthday

Happy Birthday Praveen

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goddess of dance

If there was ever an actress my mom adored it would be Padmini - the earthly goddess of dance. She has repeated numerous times how Padmini and Sivaji were the only 2 actors she had met as she loved their acting.

So yesterday it came as a shock to hear the screen goddess had passed away early Monday morning at 74. Mom and I exchanged shocked looks since I normally had first hand info, this time I wasn't even aware of it.

Padmini was a brilliant actress and dancer, her expressions, body language were always mesmerizing. Thillana Mohanambal springs to mind immediately at the mere mention of her name. The silver screen glazed with her charisma, her graceful moves and doe like eyes that emoted the precise expression.

In a way it is befitting for the dancer to leave us all during Navarathri - for she too was a celebration of the arts.      

Monday, September 25, 2006


We were sitting around at a family friends place when one of them asks me was your photo in the papers? I was delighted to find one of the photos I had submitted to a local daily had been printed though my brother insisted I had a twin elsewhere with the same name and surname!

There is a sense of pride to see the image after hearing about it being printed. Now the page lies carefully folded as not to crease my image.

Same week the red hair clip received recognition from a few groups and flickr itself. To think all the photos I took bored of arguing with my mom over watching tv - that's the photo that gets me recognised!

As you know Navarathri has started and I am at my busiest, attending programes, temples. This time around you'll be happy to know lots of wonderful dance shots have emerged. It's also become an annual reunion to meet old friends from the school and people who aren't friends, people who I have stayed away from. In just 2 days, I've had to repeat the exact same story to numerous individuals.

A few weeks back someone confessed on knowing me prior to our introduction months back. It was a classic case of I know who you are but you don't know me. It's interesting to know few years down the road, away from the limelight yet I'm still known, still remembered, still looked upon.

Friday, September 22, 2006

When not to laugh

I think I need to be enrolled in the 101 for dummies : when not to laugh class.

We were sitting and doing a homam* when the gal next to me suddenly pulls out something from the fire. 10 pair of eyes immediately darted at her while the priest continued chanting trying to concentrate. She grins back at us and shows the thing she pulled out. The pavithram had slid of happily to join its comrades in the fire.

We laughed a good 10 minutes as quietly as we could, one person would stop, and the other would start and everyone will start again! ;p hehehe Priest was sported trying to stiffle his laughter.

*Homam : offerings of herbs are burn in fire in manthra chants
*pavithram : a ring fashioned out of a certain dried grass to signify the host of the evening

Story 2
A theft had taken place in the temple near my house. We assumed they'd stolen the huge lamps in temple only but little did we know these thieves were a bit creative. On closer inspection we realised they'd stolen the arches behind the idols as well leaving the idols behind.

Me : Adeh, sami kanne kuthidumnu arch ondi edhutu poitangeh - evlo nalla manusu!

you know why they took the arches only? If they took the god he might just poke them in the eye? Such nice fellows!

See I badly need to be in the 101 for dummies : when not to laugh class. Sponsorships are most welcomed ;p

Yvy and Art

Happy birthday to Yvy for the 22nd of Sept and to Art on the 24th of Sept

Both far away from home wishing you guys a re wonderful Birthday.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


If you went through my school year book, you'd fine small notes written by my friends thanking me for entertaining them in English class. No I wasn't the class clown but I loved English and we made sure it was funtime!

One time the teacher split us into 2 groups for a contest and each member would take turns writing things on a theme on the blackboard. Now I can't remember the game exactly but we had limited time. Anyway my turn came and I managed to scribble some answers.

Only when I returned back I realised I had spelt one word wrongly but did you think I'd admit it? Nahhh.....
The Teacher and class were laughing at the word!

Teacher : so in your world you spell cinema as cinemo?
Me : well actually that's how they spell it in Philippines! Ehhe hey I'm serious! ;p

The whole class teacher and all burst out laughing again.


By request - here's the collage I had done. As they're photos of my friends and me I've resized them and this is the original uploaded size. ;p

Collages are pretty easy to do but they take time coz you're resizing images and arranging them in a storyline. My friend and I are crazy of photos so I knew she'd love this one. The first 2 were for the birthday - next to the image was a short verse

Life itself is a journey where its the journey that matters not the destination.

bday3 Hosted on Zooomr

The last one was done with these words at the end of last year

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Royal mess

Last week was really busy for me so in between that I sent out an email to my friends about the surprise birthday party we were trying for a friend and left for home. As they say, even the great fall.....

Monday morning I open my email to find a reply from the said birthday gal telling me gleefully that she loves the idea and the gift. Yours truly had messed up royally.

Curiosity killed the cat, she was so curious she went on reading eventhough she could have refrained from it so that messed up the surprise part! Bah! So yesterday wanting to provide some element of surprise, I sneaked to her office to pick her up for the party. She was totally surprised much to my relief.

The restaurant owner was pretty jolly, hearing about the birthday he sent us a plate of delicious onion pakoda on the house. He was telling us he would have prepared a cake if we had informed him earlier and then hiked up the price to cover the cake! Hehe clever eh?

Party was good, managed to get some of her other friends and siblings to join us. For the gift forfeit we went soft and got her to sing a song for us though we were contemplating to have her feed the cake to a stranger. That would have been fun ;p

Since she already knew what they gift was, I prepared a collage of photos for the second surprise, and not sleeping on monday night was paid off with the look of delight on her face.
As you would have guessed the most repeated story of the day was how I infamously sent bday plans to the birthday gal itself. I'm happy to report 2 fella's got nice whacking though its my hand that hurts ;p

Ps : Today's Shamgar's Birthday. Happy Birthday Shamgar - hoping you're doing great though you've been missing for ages.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


There used to be a time I didn't need a mobile, a time when I felt the mobile was a 24 hour security check. That was till one was forced one me.....

A chunky motorola that I used for some 3 years. At first I'd often forget and leave it at home and then we became inseparable. Despite teases from friends on its chunkiness the phone remained a precious possession. The preciousness proved to be a test when I lost the phone and had to rely on public phones to call around. You have no idea how torturing that can be.

The last time I lost the phone I was to go out for a movie with one of my friends. Now this friend of mine has a timing problem. When you're early he's late, when he's late you're early. Since I needed to retrieve my sim I'd gone early after blackmailing him to be on time.

To cut the story short, I had a rendezvous with every single public booth in that mall some sweet, mostly unpleasantly high nosed since they refused to let me make a call and we got into the movie late. There was the I don't give change phone, the you're unworthy phone, the we don't accept 10 cent coin phone and at the end of all that I had nerves of steel!

For their credit, all that smooching with the high nosed phones led to me purchasing a phone the very next day! Talk about instant persuasion, they must be working for the mobile companies! 

Ps : old story - phones happy with its owner - we the owners bow to its supremacy.

pss : hopefully I don't go my precious like in LOTR... yikes ;p

Friday, September 15, 2006

I've gone nuts???

I got an sms from one of my friends on a weekend plan and here's what I replied to him.

Sure I'll join you guys only problem is could you tell me who you are ?

Hillarious eh? Well here's why I sent such a message .....

My poor darling phone had a virus attack and I had to reformat the phone which led to all my info (calender dates, directory) gooing poof in the air. The extremly briliant me decided saying in the sim is not go for mental health. How last century to have backups! Duh ;p

So everytime someone sends me an sms and I can vaguely gather which group of friends its from they get such an sms ;p I imagine they're thinking I've gone nuts! Bah!

Looks like I'll have to send a round of emails asking for their numbers - (people who have sent me emails and haven't gotten them or got one after 3 weeks are probably snickering in the background - to all of you hehehe I'm guilty as charged??? Sorry been busy, off mood and truthfully just plain lazy)

ps : you there you know what you have to do now don't ya? (to be understood by people who would understand)

pss : previous post more of amused then anger - have a nice weekend guys

Photofriday : Bright

Originally uploaded by visithra.
The simple hair clip gets a makeover ;)

Submitted for this weeks Photofriday topic.
Oh yeah posting using flickr blog tool for the first time.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Different sides

Yesterday I'd been to a temple and spotted a friends friend there. Anyway the moment he saw me he smses my friend this

"where is vichu? Isn't she with you? There's this gal here that looks like her but she's in a saree!

After my friend clarifies that's me, he comes by to say hi, still dumbstruck and blurts out his shock! Duh then what am I supposed to wear to a temple? (my moms answer shorts).

What's with people and their stuck mentalities? How can you mold a person into one category, can't they have different sides to themselves? If a coin can have 2 sides why not people. Why do we have to choose who we want to be, can't we be different personalities?

Though I could wear a saree to a club neither would it be practical nor comfortable. Though I could wear a shorts to a temple neither will it be respectful nor comfortable. I believe a person should dress according to a place and occasion. You don't need to became chameleon and imitate your surroundings neither do you have to be a prude. This amplies not just to your dress sense but everything else as well.

Like Keshi tells us here, we are shades of different cultures (unless you've been living under a coconut shell all these years), we might predominately be of one culture but as one grows one adapts to ones environment and embraces its different cultures and style. The point is don't go about labeling people, everyone has a few different sides.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The I tag

not the I pod

A long overdue tag by aravind

I'm thinking about: leaving for home
I said (say): hehe ithu 3 much
I wish: I could travel forever
I hear: foreign language n shakira buzzing in my years
I wonder: why did the cat meow at the tyre
I am: an enigma
I dance: whenever I feel like it
I sing: always!
I cry: when I'm angry
I'm always: laughing
I make with my hands: words, art a scope of love two cherry blush childs cheeks
I write: for a living, for my soul,
I get confused: sometimes...
I need: music always

System not the service

When I wrote the last post, I wasn't complaining about the fire service department nor the police. My grouch was directed more to the emergency service system that informs the different departments on an emergency.

The system is centralised so that in an event of an emergency the call gets through and help is sent ASAP. However when the system is faulty help cannot reach anyone on time. You don't go and blame the service for that but the connecting system.

Most times people assume bystanders would have called to inform but in most cases people tend to be just bystanders never wanting to lend a hand.

More than a year back there was a fire at my office building. The alarm hadn't rang but the firemen and police had arrived even before ppl realised the building was on fire. They managed to be efficient because the guard had called them as soon as he detected that there was a fire while the manager of the restaurant hadn't even bothered to tell his customers to leave!

Or the time we had our own 9/11 hoax the very next day after the tragedy? They were there to do their job! 

There were there too on a rainy night clearing the road off fallen trees in minutes so that we could go on with our lives.

The case of the fire truck stopping in front of me? I'm sure they received the information too late or some donkey decided to block their way as I've seen numerous people do even when they here the siren blasting of since they were on the road first!

See the trend? They do perform their jobs well and would do an even better one if the system was less faulty and if we remember to call and not just stand around and watch!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Emergency? yawn


When this happened a few months back - I called 994 to tell them about the fire. They immediately told me a team had already been sent. A fire had razed a factory in Shah Alam.


Similarly when I saw this I called 999 and gave them the details only to have my nerves fried! IMG_4544smoke90706

Me : I'm calling from outside KLCC there's smoke coming out of the building behind wisma central.
him : are you sure?
Me : huh??? Yes I can see the smoke coming out of the buildings top.
Him : where's this building
me : repeating location
Him : is there a security guard there?
me : nope none nearby
Him : what's your name
me : visithra
Him : where are you calling from?
me : the park
Him : oohh pub (there's a sarcastic chuckle)
me : not PUB I said park - I'm outside klcc in the park
Him : humm give me ur name and number we'll check and call you back
me : gives details (by then extremely pissed off)
Him : what is the smokes colours
me : white but there's a lot of smoke
Him : ooohh maybe nothingla
me : well i saw smoke and I'm giving you a call coz I'm trying to be a good msian citizen - which I shouldn't have bothered doing!

Frustrating isn't it. I understand he thought I was making a prank call but how many pranksters give you their names?? My friends were as frustrated and we were thinking we shouldn't have even bothered calling! He interrogated me for nearly 10 mins - in that time damages could have been severe.

3 weeks back I was driving through town when a fire engine stopped right in front of my car. I was a bit perplexed coz though people were heading towards my car there was no fire or smoke in sight. That's when I saw this charred car in mechanic shed, the fireman had arrived too late, the people had put out the fire themselves. The irony is the fire station is a 5 minute drive from the place!

Anyway we found a security guard to tell him. He tells us its common smoke from the air conditioner system. Funny I'd never seen the smoke before and I used to work behind that same building. That was way too much of smoke and it smelled too! What a wonderful contribution to the ozone layer!

Next time I might think twice before calling the emergency number! Grrr

Monday, September 11, 2006


I think I fell in love with Kasaragod or was it with the brown eyed smiley guy who was flirting with me? Heck ;p

IMG_3061kasaragod Hosted on Zooomr

How else do I explain the 4th post on the town? ;)

Kasaragod was amazing in so many ways, wonderful people, lovely food, wonderful sights and the place I took my most favourite photo. The one above, do have a look at a large image of it, each child is doing something else. Now if you're wondering why I didn't take more photos its just that I didn't want them to get scolding for staring at me ;p

Right below the hotel was this small restaurant, small in look but with excellent food. I think I had the best curd vadai here ;) We had 3 meals in this one place ;)


Anyway twinkle eyes arranged for us the best driver and off we went to discover Kasaragod. First up was the Sree madaneswar sidhi vinayaka madhur temple. He'd follow us to the temples giving small infos on the place and I think he was quite popular everyone seemed to know him and like him.


Truthfully I can't remember anything about the 2 temples though he told us a lot about them. One reason was the most memorable part of the temples weren't the inside but the outside plus it was the Ananthapura lake temple that bewitched us. Anyway since I like to remember where I've gone here's some info.


Sree madaneswar sidhi vinayaka temple is situated at Madhur, eight kms north east of Kasaragod, across the river Madhuvahini. Its a nice temple but it was the outside that bewitched me. The place looks so simple yet so beautiful. Since it was summer and the river isnt that deep - the river had dried up. Somehow it looks so beautiful even without water.

Kasaragod changes appearance drastically based on the monsoon. Its mostly brown in summer with hints of green but after the monsoon there's splashes of green everywhere.

Kasaragod is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, consisting of hills rivers and beaches - you could see a different side of it every few kms. Like the Gokulakrishna temple is situated down a slope. The street leading to the temple is flanked by shops and houses.


Next we headed of to the Ananthapura Lake temple in Kumbla, the original seat, of Anantha Padmanabha of Thiruvananthapuram. The drive took us through roads cut into hills, pretty beautiful and then we reached this barren land area. A building here and there but mostly barren, very few trees and pretty deserted. You would think the temple would stand out, believe me you won't be able to see the temple at all!

Mohan uncle our driver tells us this is the govt owned industrial area waiting to be developed. Hopefully development does not damage the temple given how preciously it sits in a deep pond. I had been picturing reflective images of the temple on the pond when we reached this keralam roofed ground area. All you see are the roofs of the side chambers of the temple from the road, nothing fancy. Just like most areas in kasaragod the summers heat had drained the temple pond I was told. By then the photographer in me was getting pretty disappointed.

The 9th century temple didn't disappoint. Descending the steps of the temple you find a square lake with bridges and side chambers surrounding the main temple in the middle of the lake. Indeed what beauty, despite the grayness of the waterless pond, the temple stood gorgeously unique, beautifully serene. This meant the infamous crocodile of the temple will have gone into hiding in the hidden caves till the water returns.

The priest and mohan uncle were busy in conversation when the priest tells us were are indeed extremely lucky. It seems the temple doors are fully opened only for 3 days in every 12 year cycle (or 1 year - the conversation was in malayalam) before the temple is closed for renovations. We had arrived on the 3rd day! Only in these 3 days one is allowed inside the sanctum area and allowed to see the seated anandhapadhmanaban with his 2 goddesses. Normally one only sees anandhapadhmanaban as the doors remain partial closed to hide both the goddesses. Yeah we were pretty shocked at having arrived at such a precise time.

The idols are human in size and are different from other idols as it is made with the traditional mix of more than 70 ingredients (kadu sarkara yogam) giving the idols a human like persona as each have spine like skeletons. The priest tells us there's a hidden passageway that leads from this temple to the thiruvanthapuram temple and that's how the idol of thiruvanthapuram was transferred there. Lets not get into the detail of size.

The inner walls are adorned with exquisite murals based on the Dasavataram. The frescoes are wondrous works, you can't stop yourself from gawking at them. By then I just had to sing it was such an experience. The silent calm of the temple was probably disturbed by my song but I just had to sing. If you're ever at Kasaragod or Manglore don't miss visiting this temple, you'll be blown away.

I turned to find a young family enjoying my song, pretty blush inducing as they started asking me about how much I'd learnt. Coz of all the awestricken feeling and the blushing, there's no photos of the temple since I didn't think I should take photos inside the temple. But you can have a look at the links for photos.


It was midday by then and since mohan uncle wasn't free later in the day we decided to head to Bekal in the height of the summer heat in sarees! Well most temples in kerala are very strict about attire but it really wasn't necessary in Kasaragod.


Anyway the landscape changes again and this time you see bridges stretched across streams heading to the ocean. We reached the high walled fort to find a small hanuman temple at its foot. What is with people in India? Why do they love to stare? We walked in to have every single eye turn our way. Totally uncomfortable! I even have a shot of a cop staring at us!


Bekal fort is huge and before the monsoon - its a riot of earthy browns. Its definitely worth the visit but do not go in the heat of summer if you must do pick the morning or late evening! As I'd told you guys earlier the look of the fort is transformed according to the climate.

IMG_3078bekalfort Hosted on Zooomr

One look at bekal and you'll be reminded of the Uyire song from Maniratnam's Bombay. I was wondering if Maniratnam had thrown those beautiful green creepers around the fort when I was told it grows back after the monsoon. Still the place is beautiful even without the moss. There are huge lookout points around the cove overlooking the land, the sea and the beach.


The wind is really remarkable, I have never been to such a windy place. One side its so windy you're struggling with your saree and trying to get a decent photo without turning into the days news and the other you're wondering what's with the blasted heat!


"Bekal gained crucial importance during the reigns of the Mahodayapuram Perumals, the Kolathiris and the Ikkeri Nayaks. The port town played a seminal role in helping them establish their hold over Malabar and the Nayaks decided to fortify it; the work was initiated by Hiriya Venkatappa and completed during the period of Sivappa Nayak in the 17th century A.D."

You can see remnants of what used to be halls and durbars. Uncle mohan tells us the king had turned his lavatory into a treasury as the tiles adorning the walls were found to be actual jewels!

I would have loved to have spent more time exploring the place but it was getting totally impossible to keep the saree from flying away and the heat was draining us, so we headed back without venturing to the beach.

I loved kasaragod and one of these day's I'm heading to Bekal after the monsoon on a less hot day. Oh btw that evening it rained here as well. ;)

Friday, September 08, 2006

embarrasing story

Been busy, 2 days in a row we had the current go zap on us. Amazingly they missed today and lost a chance of going down history as the blackout hattrick!

So how about some questions. Tell us an embarrasing story.

I've got lots

- the time I slip down in a restaurant near a friends place - till today they havent forgotten me and wonder if I'm refusing to come back there coz of the fall
- the time's I slipped down in school work and turned around to find someone smiling sheepishly at me - grrr

So what's ur story ? ;)

Thursday, September 07, 2006


You have to get to work and your rooms dracula's castle and you don't have time to hunt for a candle! Stick with the theme and use dark cloths - you won't end up in an orange top and green pants not that I have green pants ;p

Searching in the dark could always leave you with scratches - ouch might afterall be your bestfriend!

Irony of blackouts - it only happens when you're typing that oh so important article!

Ps : I woke up to a blackout yday and just as I was typing out an important article there was a blackout in the office! 2 blackouts in 2 different places in one day - heck could only happen to me! ;p 

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lunch treat

The other day was having lunch with the colleagues at the regular restaurant I frequent. Now the waiters are pretty close to me and go on an endless akka story.

Anyway when the time to pay came (everyone normally pays individually) I hand out a $50 note to one of the boys and immediately everyone at the table decides I'm spending them for lunch. Now this boy was quietly watching the commotion for a few seconds.

Seconds later he hands me back the money and tells me

"nillungu ka - naan invengeh kithelam kaasu vangithu ungeh kithe vangurehn - nengeh treatlam tareh vehndam"
"wait I'll collect from them first you don't need to pay for them."

The whole table is pretty shocked including me I hadn't expected him to do that ;p Such an aww moment huh ;) See there are perks in being nice ;)

Endless journey

Endless is the journey but its experience bountiful

IMG_6408misc Hosted on Zooomr

Monday, September 04, 2006


I've told you guys before I attract stories, I get distracted too ;p while everyone looks and walks away from something, I stop, observe and occasionally get a few stories. Here's one of them.

We were walking down the Esplanade in Penang, Malaysia after a heavenly dessert of ABC (shaved ice in sugar). There were a number of people fishing by the side of the seabank.

crabpg Hosted on Zooomr

Suddenly we notice this guy holding a crab and I had to get a photo. Seeing the camera they got excited and stood posing with their catch. I was bewitched by the colours of the crab and the situation. When suddenly out of nowhere pops in 2 sets of claws (claws are normally removed immediately so the crab won't injure the catcher), which the man holds for my photo. I just couldn't stop laughing, and the men joined us as the situation was just so hillarious ;p That probably explains why the photo wasn't clear, laughing doesn't help photos ;p

We hadn't said a word to each other, all of us were just excited, he proud of his catch, us excited on such a wonderous find ;) So if you're looking for simple pleasures, look no further then around you ;)

Ps : on a note I'm against cruelty but I'm no PET*A member - so if this was offensive its basically a matter of whose perspective we're seeing it in. This was hillarious and that's it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stroll in the rain

Like I told you guys before the drive to Thiruannamalai was the longest we've taken and he was taking us on a very unfamiliar route. Having been on the same route countless times both night and day - one surely knows how long the journey would take.

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Plus I've always loved the tree lined street. Those are the biggest pulimarams (tamarind trees) I've ever seen! Only when I saw the familiar trees was I sure he was taking us on the right route.


The shades of the trees are absolutely wonderful, one of the best of these drives is stopping to get a drink and enjoying the quiet of the road as traffic is usually minimal.


We reached the town to be greated by the familiar hills, pretty famished. Circling the town looking for a place to eat we found one of the oldest ins in the area. When we first came to Annamalai 10 years back, this was one of the 2 hotels in the area. One kartigai deepam we ended up staying here as there was no space anywhere else plus we knew people there ;) this was also the place where this incident happened and where I saw our first indian eagle. As you can see there's a lot of memories here.

Lunch was unbelivable. The best food I had throughout the weeks of being in India. It was basically simple dishes but cooked well and spicy as well. Since we had decided to leave that very evening, we took a room upstairs to freshen up. The interesting part of this inn is, you get a briliant view of the temple and hill from the bathroom window. ;p


We headed for the temple in time for the abhishegam but thats a later story. We stood dumbstruck on seeing the skies. There was this light with the colours of the rainbow sparkling near the hills. I'd been there numerous times and this was the first time we'd seen it. Everyone was as amazed as us.


The funny thing was after the intense heat in Kanchi it was getting quite chilly there and I was hoping for rain. For the next hour or so we managed to see the paurnami abhishegam and the main pooja at both the sanctums. A beautiful experience.


We got out the temple to find the place awash with water and the atmosphere was briliantly chilled. I was in love with the ambience, briliant night, wonderful chill and a carresing breeze - what else could you ask for.

We were having argument whether it was a full moon day when the scene above took place. The clouds were changing their forms in a briliant display of theaterics and behold the full moon showed its self. There's no way to explain the incident in that few minutes.

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We ended up chatting with another guy who was trying to catch the image and the discussion went back to the unusual rainbow lights of the evening. We were pretty amazed.


If you've been there before you'll know the temple courtyard is pretty long and huge, so as we were walking back to the entrance it started raining. I was pretty ovejoyed and decided a stroll in the rain wont harm me a bit ;)

Mom and her friend took cover at the ganesh temple while I made it to the main doorway to enjoy the rain. It was briliant weather, the rain was romancing the temple floors, the sky was playing the role of the blushing bride and there I was watching the wedding of heaven and earth.

Amu's Birthday

Today marks slightly more than a year since I've been reading her blog. I remember browsing through a few times but it was after her birthday that I got glued to the women that is Amu. One of the bloggers that I've met and one person I can't get enough of. So to the sweet darling and wonderful person she is

Happy Birthday Amu ;)