Monday, August 21, 2006

Risk vehndam

Plans are made to be broken - whoever who made that line must have known us! We were supposed to head off to a nearby waterfall yesterday but for some unfortunate reason 2 of them couldn't make it and we decided to call it off.

Only problem was I'd already prepared half of the food for the trip. Well you see we decided to be good gals and cook different stuff ;p Well someone has to be the guinea pig you see why not the boys in our gang!! ;p

2 minutes later friends tell me why waste the food they'll come over for lunch ;p

I kinda panicked. Now I don't have doubts about my cooking but then I might be partial to it since most of the time I'm the only one eating it ;p It could be really bad but my brain thinks otherwise hence the tougue things the same, you never know you see. ;p Plus its one thing to cook one dish and a total differnt situation to cook a full meal.

The plan was to cook chicken briyani, masala chicken, salad (my own recipe - its absoloutely delicious) and a vege dish (

Anyway I started cooking at 10 am and managed to finish at 1pm and no mom wasn't around to help. Bro and her were enjoying laughing at my expense while they went for a wedding! Bah! Didn't even have time to fret! Just as I finished freshnening myself, they turned up at our doorstep!

You should really applaud them for being brave enough to come try the food, they were visibly mortified my mom hadn't cook. It didn't help when my brother kept saying - you guys are taking such huge risks - vehndam risk vehndam! Grrrr

You don't get photos since I was too busy serving them and wondering how the food is ;p
Verdict : it was good ;p they had seconds and triples and nope they're all at work today so none fell sick! Yaysssss

Joke of the day

me : (finally taking a bite from the food) ahha nalladhan iruhku (not bad its really good)
friends : ADAPAVI!!!!! Nangehlam guinea pig ah???
: what!!! We were guinea pigs???


Anand said...

the menu sounds beggining to feel hungry and since they diodnt fall willing to volunteer as a guest the next time u cook!:-)

Aravind said...

naan ready to take the risk.... aana, veg dish enna samaippeenga :P

sreekrishnanv said...

Copy pasting my old comment !! ... Chinna-Vengayam Vatha-kulambu samaipengala ... (Sapdumpadiya?)

Avial Panna theriyuma ? ... (esp Murungakkai muzhusa irukkara maari .. pinchu poga koodathu)

hmm .. ithellam summa try pannale .. risk edukka ready !! ...

BawangMerah said...

I never had the patience to cook. Almost always forgetting the salt, and sometimes water when it's needed. Nowadays I just stick to maggi, and fried eggs :P

Oh and one more thing. There's no previous and next entry links on your blog post. A bit hard to navigate, especially if looking for old post

SamY said...

ryu sure no one suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after they had ur food :p

KK said...

Hmmm...nice wonder something pulled me towards your blog today...saapadu'nu oru vaartha iruhtale me firshtu...with menu like this...How can I miss it....

WA said...

pochudaa another blogger boasting about their cookery skills :)

Syam said...

after all did they go back by AMBULANCE :-)

Keshi said...

plans do get cancelled sometimes and it's bloody annoying. But then it all turns out to be something else and it's even better :)

**The plan was to cook chicken briyani, masala chicken, salad

YUMMMMMMM Im hungry now!

I better go n get some lunch!


visithra said...

Anand : welcome here ;)

hehe ahha i see a trend of emerging volunteers - im planning to escape soon ;)

Aravind : u too ? Hehhe ahha - veg dish no problem - but but naan samaikurehnnu ehpo tellings?

Sree : Sapdumpadiya???? Grrr nee 3 much - repeat comment agathu

i only cook what i like ;p murugukai is not one of those ;p heheh

naan ungaluku samacha taneh risk edhuka mudium ;p hehe

Bawangred : i like cooking just not everyday! ;p

heh maggi n fried eggs eh ;p so maggi goreng la ;p

yeah i know - but most blogger temps dont ;p

Samy : heh i checked - even followed them out for ice cream - they were fine just very sleepy n lazy ;p

KK : welcome here :) hehehe ahha apdhi vereh iruhka ;) vangeh vange ut only reading ;p

uma : heheh aiyoyo - illeh illeh - me only telling no writing always

syam : ahha evlo nalla manusu ungaluku - apdhilam aga kudathunu we went for ice cream - thidirnu sicku vandhuchina yaaru dr kuthithu pohva - but en adhirstam ungah dhuradhirstam apdhilam agaleh ;p

sophie said...

hey howz u gal...long time na

sreekrishnanv said...

Mee too ... murungakkai if its full ok .. illati ..antha dish no touching .. but then amma panna ... no probs ethuvaarthaalum ulla erangum ...

My days(Gops) said...

hay hay... cooking'a pathi naan onnum solla mudiaaadhu...
naan konjam too much'avey weak....

yaarachum cook panni kodutha nalla saapduven....but, yaarum cook panna try pannuranaangu kelvi patta andha side'ey poga maaaten...( he he, naan ellam gilli maadhiri.varum mun kaaaapom policy thaaaan...)

but, neenga cook panni enakku courier'la anupunga....i will try..
(pinna, own receipe ellam podreenga)

ps:- courier'la food items not accepted..

he he he

visithra said...

Sophie : im good ;) ur blogs blocked over here hence i dont come by often

Sree : ahha by now everyone knows ure crazy of ur moms cooking ;p

mydays : ahha enna nalla manusu ungehluku ipdhi oru ps pohtutingehle ;p anyways ungeluku naan samachi courrierle anuhpuvehnnu sohlaveh illeh so tsh tsh ;p

u sohndam thinking me no pohrupu ;p

My days(Gops) said...

sare sorry'nga....theriaaama kettuten...inimel no asking...

Jeevan said...

great escape! sirukku oru parcel sekeram anupunga:)

visithra said...

mydays : ahha chumma sohnen pa - ithuku enna sar ipdhi kochikitingeh ;)

but ithukunu nah parcel anuhpuvehnnnu nenechiradingeh

courrier karen kithe yahru thitu vanguradhu

jeevan : ahha neeyuhma

My days(Gops) said...

aiye, yaarupa kovichikitaanga? cha cha..neenga vera madam..
inga paaruda thirumbium...parcel vendam'nga..neenga anuppa ninaichaalum adhu varaaadu...thts why i put tht ps... he he he

(sare sare, neenga parcel anuppa ninaikavey illa'nu enakku therium)

visithra said...

mydays : ahha ipdhi verehya? iruhndalum ithu 3 much ;p