Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kanava illai Katra

Well I wanted to just post this in the comment section but realised it is nearly impossible to find this lyrics online - I spent such a long time finding it.

This is my fav song. I'm a big fan of Shreenivas - n i just love the simplicity of this song - theres no percussion - just a silent beat - and his beautiful voice.

Of course I could list a song in every genre, every language but i think his one seals it, or at least the romantic side of me.

Movie: Ratchagan Music : AR rahman : Singer : Shreenivas

Kanava illai Katra
Kaiyil midakum kanava nee
Kaikaal mulaitha katra nee
Kalyil yendiyum ganakka villaiye
nuraiyal seidha silaiya nee

ippadi unnai yendi konde
indira logam poi vidavaa
idaiyil konjum vali eduthalum
Chandira tharaiyil paai idava

nilavil porulgal edai ilakum
neerilum porul edai ilakum
kadhalil kooda edai ilakum
indru kandenadi adai kandukondenadi

kadhal thaimai irandu matumm
bharam enbadai ariyadhu
un palingu mugathai parthu kondal
pasiyo valiyo theriyadhu

unnai matumm sumandhu nadhandal
uyaram tooram teriyadhu
un mel matroru poo irundhal
ennal thanga mudiyadhu

Lyrics courtesy india-forums; in tamil

ps : they have the english translation there


Raju said...

Visiting, or rather commenting here after long time.. How are you Vis?

'Kanava' is a gr8 song... 'Nilavil porulgal idai izhakkum.. neerilum porul idaiyizhakkum...kaadhalil kooda edai izhakkum indru kandenadi..'..

What a blend of Science and romance.. Vairamuthunna muthudhan...

Another funny thing associatedwith this song: there was a short, slightly plump girl in my class and on her, I modified this song to...

'kai kaal muzhaitha kathirikkaya nee'... and sang it to my labmates.. and the matter went to that girl.. and the angry stares that she gave me.. If looks could kill, i would have been burnt that day... LOL

Raju said...

and, BTW, if u want such lyrics and find it hard to get it on the net, u can ask me.. I have a lot of songs in my RAM between my ears..
I will try to send them to u if i know the song

sreekrishnanv said...

ya i deleted this song just as i wrote my option !!

coz i would be doing injustice if i dont mention Kaiyyil mithakkul kanava nee if i mention this song...

So i chose to skip and go to a different plane

Chose Sattena vazhindhathu nenjam from Kannathil only reason being the way it fits the movie and the awesome Vairamuthu lyrics coupled with rahmans tune !!
awesome !!

Aravind said...

first oru chinna correction in the lyrics... the last 2 lines
//un mel matroru poo irundhal
ennal thanga mudiyadhu //

should actually be:
un mel matroru poo vizhundhal
ennal thanga mudiyadhu,

A lovely song... one of my favourites!!! awesomme melody accompanied by just a base guitar rhytm!!! wonderful lyrics by Vairamuthu...

But, i hate the way the song was picturised... that too, it is obvious that the director has misundertood a few lines (un mel matroru poo vizhundaaal...), and has made a really really stupid picturisation for that part!!

Harsha said...

I have recorded the song after ur recommendation. Got the english lyrics. Meaning of the song is nice. And its very romantic.

Is it a very old movie? Someone told me in office that there is Sush in the movie?

Dh@v@! said...

nice page (graphic)
no idea abt the song though (wonder if u can share the song / provide the link)

Balaji S Rajan said...


Nice song. Even that is my favourite song. But you cardoned us off to one song... and at that time I could not think... Nice lyrics...well sung by Srinivas. I heard him singing it in one of the interview, before the song became hit.

My days(Gops) said...

i guessd 'Snegidhaney from Alaipaiudhey'....adhanaala enna, ellamey ARR music thaaney..he he he
yaaru da ivan, srinivas'a pathi pesumbodhu ARR'a ulla thinikiradhu'nu u thinking...ok ok..

btw, neenga sonna song chance'ey illa....(nalla choice)
indha song'a remind panni, enna naal mulluka paada vachiteegaley(ada, ipppa koooda singing)..
'Pogum vali ellam kaatrey' song kettu irrukeengala....adhuthaan my new ring tone now.. he he he

usually in any song, i listen to the lyrics,music and the style only...
yaaru paaduna'nu enna'la kandey pudika mudiaadhu....u knw, i'll always get 'koli muttai'=> if somebody challenges me to guess the singers of any song.....
(kaludhai'ku theriuma karpoora vasanai'nu neenga ketka ninaicheengana..ungalukku oru *tsh tsh*.(unga style'a ungalukkey kodukiren paartheengala?)
jst kidding..

enakku therincha singers'na
sujatha,SPB,ARR, Illaiyaraja, Malaysia vasudevan (ada unga ooru),Yesudas, anuradha sriram appuram Gopi'nu oruthar.(ivaru voice'a adichika chance'ey illa'nu oorla ellorum pesikiraanga..endha ooru'nu u asking? ai naan sollamaateney)

Inder said...

vairamuthu rocks!

BawangMerah said...

Yeah, it's a lovely song. I used to have it on repeat when I was studying. The kind of song you listen to on cold nights. Didn't know it was Shreenivas though. He's a good voice but very underrated. Quite humble too.

My fav is Poongathrilae from Uyire and Azhage Sugama from Parthale Paravasam. Both have beautiful tunes and the words... especially the words for Poongathrilae are just superb. Azhage Sugama is the kind of song that you put on repeat and let it go. The beginning and the end meld together like they meant to be together (hmm given the song's lyrics was rahman hinting at something).

Keshi said...

is that a movie song? cos I wanna know if I have listened to it b4...I cant recall such a title tho.


visithra said...

Raju : ahha rombeh naal ach ungehleh ingeh paartu ;)

im good how are u

it just shows how much he thinks before writing;)

hehehe ahha thapichitingehle - engeh schoola iruhnda u would have been tricked for the song ;)

Ah thanks for the lyrics offer - actually i have the lyrics in my mind its just didnt want to mess up the spelling ;) aprohm ehlarum h h nu vahruvangeh ;p

sree : hehe enna coincidence - but thats a briliant song ;)

Aravind : ahha didn't check - will change it later - i got the lyrics from elsewhere so nengehlam cant bully me on the h ;p

Cant remember that part - it wasnt a very good movie- but songs were briliant

Harsha : it is a very romantic song - not too old - oh it is old 97 ;p 9 years back ;p glad u liked it ;)

ratchagan - sush 1st n only tamil movie

songs are briliant in the movie - but i love this one the best

Dh@v@! : welcome here ;)

thanks ;) well heres the link

Its the kaiyil mithukum song - u can listen to it here

Balaji s : ehhe its harder to choose just one thats y ;)

i love watching him live - he has so much passion for music - n expressions are just wonderful

Mydays : ah athum fav than - but not as much as this one

ar is my fav too - so no prob ;)
Heheh nahnum whole day oreh song singing - until i reached car then it was newyork nagaram ;p

Of course athu ihnoru fav ;p

Ahha i normally can guess the singer ;) immediately ;p

Nah it has nothing to do with that - ehlarukum voice teriadhe ;) heheh yayyy following my style - good good ;p

gopi padhuvaro? Sohlave illeh

Inder : i agree ;)

Bawangred : cold silent nights ;) yeah thats it

exactly - too underated - i love his singing ;) n yes humble too

than poongathrilae - i love Azhage Sugama better ;) yes the words - n the music - another silent walk song ;) - err rahman hinting?? Enna story me dont know

Keshi : yep it is - some 10 years back ratchagan

u can listen to it here
Its the kaiyil mithukum song - u can listen to it here

Jeevan said...

It'a a nice song, and good lyrics too. i also like Srinivas's voice.

Karthik B.S. said...

"anjali anjali" from Duet
my fav song!

My days(Gops) said...

pirakai'il ennoda pirandhadhu valandhadhu paaatu....

but paaarunga, ...
naan paatu paada maaten , but padipen... u got it?
he he he

am a bathroom singer.!!!!!!!
+ player'la song'a pottutu adhuku koooda serndhu paaduven..thani'a......
so, gopi paaduvar....

visithra said...

Jeevan : u do :) yays ;)) we same fans ;)

Karthik : nice one ;)

Mydays : hehehe padipingehla? Ahha gopi apdhi paadhuvarra ;)

BawangMerah said...

the begining and the end of the song are far apart, but when played in repeat they mould together like a circle. The songs about two people who are separated but want to be together kan. That's what I meant as Rahman hinting.

Anonymous said...

can anyone translate the maaning of the song in english

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me Singer Srinivas' contact info? please send to Will be thankful.

DJ-->FREAK UNLEASHED---> said...

hey i am from dehradun..
and am a fan of A.R.Rahman
have been listening to this song from the movie duet (anjali anjali)
have tried a lot to get the meaning of the song..
please i dont understand tamil
but i want to appreciate the meaning of the song.

it will be a great help if u please explain the meaning to me

thanks and regards
dinkar joshi

DJ-->FREAK UNLEASHED---> said...

hey i was kinda waiting for the reply..
if there is any rahman fan out there who wants to propagate his music.. please mail me the meaning of the song anjali anjali from the movie Duet..
i will be highly obliged
thanks and regards
dinkar joshi
mail me