Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I was walking around the jungle (which mom calls garden) in front of our house and saw these bunch of ants. It was scary taking the shot given their bite is fiery!

IMG_3940ant Hosted on Zooomr


Aravind said...

yay.. .me first! :)
beautiful shot!! :D
engalukkaaga ivlo risk ellam eduthu foto edukkareengaley!!! :P

Balajoe said...

Great macro shot there...Hmmm, looks like I need to save up to buy a new camera fast!

Shamgar said...

Your skillful photography brings to mind the Warner Bros. antimated movie: The Ant Bully. A wonderful film about our interrelationship with the animal kingdom. In the Southern U.S. we have these and call them unimaginatively, "Fire Ants". I've always said the only two reasons they don't rule the world are size and the lack of opposable thumbs.

Jeevan said...

good work, nice zoom. in my house also their are many black ants (katta earumbu), will try like this one day.

Keropok said...

Simple beautiful, Vis... once again, another benchmark photograph.

Enjoyed the ghost story on Night Crossings? Freaky, eh...

Harsha said...

Awesome macro shot!!!

Sundar Narayanan said...

nice one. we will use this to scare the kids ..

first we will show pasta photo to get their appetite.. then if they refuse to eat, we will show them the scary ant..

your blog is a single source child care tool !!


no wonder Jr. loves it.

sreekrishnanv said...

Awesome Macro shot !

am using this photo in my blog ..

... few days back tested it in my mob.cam works great
unfortunately tested it with my finger ..

didnt get an ant to try it !! .. lol

WA said...

Great shot Visit, love it

Bala.G said...

Gud shot :)

geetha said...

Thsi picture of the ant makes me more scared of it now!
Good shot :)
You need to teach me how to take pictures like you.. :)

Vani said...

beautiful macro shot! nature and its little wonders are always a joy to photograph

My days(Gops) said...

ivaru kadichaa, 7days pain irrukum pola? btw, red ant photo nanna irruku...

Balaji S Rajan said...

Visithra aunty veetla oru ant -eh..?

Mythreyee said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful pic!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) lovely!

visithra said...

Aravind : yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u first ;)

thanks ;) ithu ungehluku illeh - ennaku ;p me only sharing ;p

balajoe : thanks ;) im quite the devil will probably tell u to do just that - but am not saying a thing ;)

Shamgar : ohh been waiting for that movie - it hasnt released here ;) thanks ;) at least u guys say fire we say red - ahh so true ill agree with u on that

Jeevan : thanks ;) oooh black ants - the big ones??

Keropok : thanks ;) yeah u freaked me out - but given i like them stories wil lcome back ;p

Harsha : thanks ;)

visithra said...

Sundar : thanks ;) hehhehe lol juniors a bit too smart for that ;p jr loves my blog???? Oohhh me so proud ;p am flying noww

yayssssss ;))

Sree : thanks ;) sure go ahead - finger should be nice - do we get to see it ?

Uma, balag : thanks ;)

Geetha : hehehe ants dont look scary theyre just unasumingly painful ;p

thanks ;) sure but only if you bring both ur sons ;p

Vani : thanks ;) yeah n you can find them right outside home

mydays : ummm small fella big bite - thnaks ;)

Balaji s : aunty??? Ithu nahlaleh ;p me still young

Veetla illeh outside garden

Myth : thanks ;))

Balaji s n keshi : sorry had to delete ur comments - blogger screwed up (coz i send them through email there's occasionally a delay) and reposted the old post - so had to delete it

Balaji s : yeah we have havent we ;p

keshi : yeah it was the 31st ;)

geetha said...

If I bring my sons, you won't be able to take pictures.. you will be running in circle trying to catch them! :)

Usha said...

Didn't realise something s harmless as an ant could look so vicious!

visithra said...

Geetha : ahhh but im good with kids - they'll probably pose for me ;p n kids like shiny cameras ;p hehehe plus dont mind the running ;p

Usha : ahhh u havent watched the honey i shrunk the kids movie ;p

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely picture, Visithra. I have always been fascinated with ants. I remember feeding
them sugar when I was very very young. This looks like a fire ant. I miss these tropical ants.
Edward O Wilson, a Harvard professor specializing in ants has written a wonderful
book on them. They are amazing little creatures. Humans can never be that co-operative
and nurturing.
As always I enjoy visiting your blog. Hope things have been well with you.
Have a lovely friday and a pleasant and relaxing weekend.


visithra said...

Aravind : long time since i saw you around ;)

thanks ;) you did? Ur mom must have scolded you ;)

it is ;) you miss them? Ahhh you havent been bitten by one for a long time i see ;)

Humans can never be that co-operative and nurturing as them i agree - but aren't ants devoted to the queen - hence its more like a dominated rule - where no one things anything but serving the queen?

Things have been good - how have u been? And yes do have a pleasant weekend