Monday, July 03, 2006

You win some .... lose some

About 2.30 am Sunday morning I had visions of a post - a post I knew the title off - Aim for the sky. By 4.45 am same Sunday morning I was nearly in tears desperately praying to a million and 1 gods to grant us 1 goal!

I think it just wasn't a good weekend for football. Only consolation goes to all non England fans. Oh well you win some you lose some. The fan doesn't abandon her colours, so the flags remain till the end of the season ;)

Anyway this is gonna be a long post about a lot of things as I had a wonderful weekend doing a lot of different things ;) There's everything for everyone - bloggers meet, weddings, football madness, overzealous supporting! So read it ;p

I have constantly told you guys how my friends are a boisterous bunch. So when we are quiet its definitely surprising! We were at our usual hangout, when a very possessive waitress asks us if we were celebrating any birthdays? Ah so we made enough noise to be remembered but only half the gang were there so we were pretty quiet plus too famished to talk. That's when the next table arrived and they suddenly were so noisy and I sadly remarked damn its not fair that's our name - the noisiest group! Ah but once the tummy got full, we despite being depleted in numbers hushed the wannabe noisy group (yep they went quiet hearing our noise) and retained our title! Wooohoooooooooooooo

I'd gone to a Thirukalyanam where I was timing my return home to see the ger - arg match. Clock stroke 10.45 and I dashed back home. Mom wasn't too pleased. Oh but so sad argi lost though I had predicted Germany winning. Argi were playing a good game and then the unthinkable happened! The change of goalkeepers and you just knew they were gonna lose. Stupid referee continuing the game after the goalkeeper went down. What a guy, it was wonderful to see him spring back to defend the post despite the pain. Stupid coach who in their right mind changes key strikers at 52 minutes???? Bah! But sorry guys will be supporting the Germans next - dont want italy winning!

Saturday - Aim for the Sky

I'd already missed watching the german game with friends but when I got the invite to watch the eng game I decided wasn't gonna miss that. The first club we choose to watch was packed but luckily we got a place just 2 doors away. Would have been more fun watching from the first place, that was a portugal hangout and I was determined to see England out! Anyway we ended up at a England base where only 3 of us were supporting Portugal! Oh I got to see a capoiera performance, didn't wait long since friends had already reached the club.

There came along the ultimate England fan, the reason one dislikes the team who incidentally turned out to be anti Brazilian. Believe me he said Brazil more times than England.

Anyway the title Aim for the sky comes from my tag for Lampard and Crouch. Beckham was leaving the field and our England fan goes its ok we have Lampard and me quickly retorted who? Mr Aim for the Sky? Hehhe by then I was very sure we wre going to Penalty and Portugal were winning! Lampard and Crouch never disappointed, constantly aiming for the sky and I had fun bullying the supporters.

Anyway penalty time comes and we're waiting to see whose taking the kicks. When Lampard was featured on the list you can believe me when I say I was already celebrating. Now remember I was at an all England club next to a mostly Portugal club. Portugal club started chanting portugal and some England fans at our table replied back with england. Hence we, the 2 brazilian fans supporting Portugal coz we dislike England starting chanting as well. I'm happy to tell you we were the loudest. Damn it was still so nerve wrecking! Though with lampard there I was confident Portugal would win I was still concerned about Robinson ( I call him the saving grace of Eng). The last time I was like this was in the 94 finals - Brazil against Italy!

The moment the first goal was scored I was screaming and jumping out of my seat. I was so ecstatic, I didn't know I would do that. So finally portugal won and I never stopped beaming and yes the jumping and screaming went on till some England fans gave me the look - more of an amused one - plus disappointed with their team ;p

I've come up on a conclusion on why these guys play well for their clubs but not for England. None are patriotic enough to the country but extremely patriotic of their clubs. Everytime England fans talk about a player its about which club he's from, how to win?


The game
Went back home to watch the game since I didn't want to be driving home late since I had a morning wedding to attend. I think we're jinxed. Someone look into a french curse! Grrr I so hate the french (for footie only)! Why the hell were the playing a defending game???? In the last 15 mins you could see how frantically they tried to score and me desperately screaming like a mad women hoping for a goal. I was nearly in tears praying and hoping. I still love them will always do. Anyway I got up in the morning and started whining to my mom. Mom couldn't believe Brazil had lost, she had become a fan after one game!

Had a good time at the wedding though taking photos ;p kids are so wonderful to photograph especially when you have 2 adoring posers ;p Will talk about the wedding later with photos.

Bloggers meet
Immediately after the wedding rushed off to a friends place, changed and dashed off to a bloggers meet. Finally got to meet the sweet, fun Mysteiz (yvy) and she was so easy to find ;p
We really had fun talking. Then EeLynn and Jack turned up just before yvy had to leave. Ah so sad she had to leave early but we did do what all bloggers do best, pose for the cam (photos of which you're not seeing any off ;p)! Though Lynn, Jack and I were strangers to each others blog's we had fun chatting about everything from school to traffic.

And then I had my surprise visitor whom I had to guess whom she was (it was really hard). I finally met Anjalispeaks!. I must say I was so happy to see her, I hadn't known she was coming. So I think and I'm sure I had the best surprise and I'm very happy to report bloggers can go on and on talking! Time flew at breakneck speed and the next thing we know it was nearly 5pm!

So had a really good time meeting everyone and as you can see a wonderful weekend.


Keshi said...

I will read this later..but just came to thank u for the bday wishes :) mwahhhhh!


Keropok said...

Aisay, Vish... how come never invite me for the blogger's meet?

So paavam la...

geetha said...

Very hectic weekend!
Hmm, bloggers meet, sound fun..

Jeevan said...

It’s funny to read your expression when Portugal beat England. It should be happy & sad Sunday for u, happy for meeting blogger, and marriage. Sad for Brazil loss to France, enna pandrathu, namma team kuduthu vachathu avalavuthaan.

yvy said... time must visit my blog often. then u will know if got blogger meet in town or not. ;)

visi : was AWESOME to finally meet the talent behind the gorgeous pix. i hope u got my good side lor!! lol :P waiting for your masterpieces. :D

BawangMerah said...

Thought Crouch had a good game. Though Fat Lampard should leanr to kick a ball first. I so hate Portugal now, bloody cry babies. Heh. I see you had a good weekend. ;)

My days(Gops) said...

@friday:- i wanted Argentina to win..they really played well..but, it ended in favour of german
he he he... no feelings..
* i supported argen=> they lost...

@sanikilamai:- "do u think sky is the limit"?

beckam, owen, roonie, ivanga ellam illamai'ey we dragged the game till tie-breaker....
we hav bad luck in Tie-breaker shoot out => as,brazilians has bad luck in european soil..
*i supportd england => england lost

@Sunday:- enna aachi brazil'ku?
pity on them ofcourse, on u too...
* i supportd brazil => brazil lost
//no comments\\ :)))

@BM:- ada, most of them from ur city? nice naah?

ada-paavi!!!! said...


idukku dhaan solluvangal, romba aada koodathu nu, apporam ippidi dhaan aagum :P

Gusti Adipati said...

Never had a better sunday in my life!

I'm a staunch Portugal supported and they beat the crap out of England (in the penalties at least. Thankfully for England, Deco was suspended)..

and France beat Brazil!

Woooowie.... both teams I predicted to win the WC is in Semi and one of them definitely will have 50% chance of winning it!

vetri mithu vetri vanthu yennai saerum!

Gusti Adipati said...

What bloggers meet? Where? Hoi, lain kali khabar2kan lah sikit boleh tak? :(

ada-paavi!!!! said...

brazil lost yayayayayayaya
change ur banner, its useless now, the french r gonna win the world cup!!


visithra said...

Keshi : hehe no prob gal - ;) hope u had a wonderful time

keropok : lol sorry wasnt the organiser - but next time will organise one then we all can meet ;)

geetha : yeah pretty hectic - oh it was fun so next time u should join us ;)

jeevan : hehe yeah it was damn sad we lost - n everyone taking chance ot bully me sob sob

yvy : heheh lol yeah exactly ;p

aww lol thats too many compliments - but same feeling here ;) oh i did - ull love the photo - but have to waitla ;p

bawangred : he did ? Humm didnt seem so - hehehe exactly someone teach himla - aiyo fella such an embarresement - all players are cry babies - n since when u supporting eng? Tsh tsh - i think it had nothing to do with portugal - rooney was pushing ppl around his own team - so refree shiok sendiri shoved him the way out ;p

yeah it was good ;)

visithra said...

mydays : hehehe yeah everyone wanted but the coachla

@ ehehhe nope i think he was aiming for the roof ;p u know touch n come back n hit the opponent team player ;p - the thing is portugal arent really great - so wheres the reasoning eng not beating them

@ jinxed - me no other comment - yeah me pavam

err maybe u should not support anyone ;p or u should support france next pls do - i wanna see them lose ;p
@ bm was good - all from msia different cities ;)

Adapaavi : ahem u talking about the wrong fan - me gonna ignore u till the end of the season bah!

Ello banner only goes down after the season - me loyal fan not bandwagonists or winner supporter only! Bah!

Gusti : hehehe but still funny u know i dont think portugal is that great - 10 man team still no score - but then eng have their saving grace robinson if u dont count penalties (n this no goalkeeper can be blamed)

but i loved the penalty taking part oohh so tension - hehehe but thank god portugal won

ggrrr france fan? Bah!

Lol opsy me no organise the bloggers meet - just tukang attend - next time ill organise n then we all meet ks?

Keshi said...

Oh u WC fan! :)


Puspha said...

I was very sad tat England lost. Portugal won only coz of Ricardo.

Looking at France's game over Spain, I was pretty sure tat France was gonna win over Brazil. Zidane made his magic. Henry proceeded it. It was a BIUTIFUL game. I say France deserves to WIN the WC.

BawangMerah said...

Hah, I'm a sucker for underdogs I guess. Anyway Portugal weren't great. Sikit sikit jatuh. Like playing on glass field. 10 man down, and they manage to hold portugal up until the last minute. Owen hargreaves played well for once in an english shirt. The biggest problem was erikson. He had talent on the bench but never put them on field. Why he put in carra and lampard as the penalty taker I oso dunno. Carra rarely scores anyway, but lampard has been having an indifferent season. The first penalty taker is always important. Gah. Now I got no team to support. Holland, Czech, Spain, Argentina, England. Semua kalah. Ceh.

My days(Gops) said...

ok ok..eppadium i'll support 'france' thaan..
aana paarunga, if france wins, u shudnt blame me. ok va?
he he he........

The Smiling Girl said...

U know what I did the minute I logged on to the computer after the Brazil match? I checked your blog.. to see if you've written something about it!
Man, I just felt bad when those guys lost, but then they somehow didnt put up their best show, right? I feel so..

yvy said...

how long to wait lar?? i itchy :P

visithra said...

Keshi : yes yes i am ;)

pushpa : aww u were huh - hehe yeah he was there

eh i thought u german fan? Err humm but me no like france dowan them to win ;p

bawanged : the point is portugal werent great so how la england can lose?

Nah they always put the blame on their coach - but i think theres attitude to consider

lol seeing lampard there i was so happy heheh i knew hed mis ;p u werent supporting germany were u?

Sad i missed the game fell asleep - woke up at 3 shut the alarm n went back to sleep woke up again at 5.30 n rememberd game then went back to sleep

Mydays : heheheh good good u support them - no no i wont blame u ;)

sg : heheh oh mann u did huh hehehe nah was too sad n busy - had a busy sunday

actually they didnt i still think we're jinxed ppl just think they werent good enough humm

Yvy : hehehe today today ;p