Friday, July 07, 2006

You try to resist

It quietly vibrates through your skin, slowly but surely getting into your bloodstream. You try to resist, you try to say no yet its taken over your whole being and you're left at its mercy. Slowly your feet beat in its rhythm, your hip sways to its varying moods. The tempo is set and you're blown away by its control over you. Before you know it, its frenzy takes over and you are the slave to its doings.

Ah the beat of music as it stir through your veins oscillating in Dance. Whatever style it is, it implies passion, it implies grace, it emanates energy, it vibrates the power of music. Every single style a celebration of its own, superior it its own yet fused by the energy of its passion.

The tango, salsa, odisi - sensual seductive dances. Bodies move to the beat of the music implying suggestion offering passion yet seductively never crossing borders.

The waltz, bharathanatyam, Ballet, kathak - graceful lines bursting with technicality, the eyes guided by rhythm, persuades the body to follow the silent headings of the music, the mood the story.

The Kuchipudi, mohini attam, manipuri, malay dance - romances with its grace, feminity, soft glances, the gentle flick of the fingers, the ever elegant moves, bewitching moves yet always grace personified.

The folk, tribal, country - vibrant energy, joyous celebrations resonating in merriment where revelry is the celebration of dance.

So many styles yet all so empowering in its own ways, how can one live without the seduction of dance, the elegance of grace, the celebration of dance?

Ps : inspired by the movie Take the lead - do go watch - it left me breathless and out dancing!


The Smiling Girl said...

Dance is a beautiful form of expression..
Even I have plans to join some Salsa class, but just not able to fit it in my schedule at all..:(

kG said...

I MUST watch take the lead. The first time that I saw the trailer, I was 'swept off my feet' (pun di-intended-kan).

So I decided then, that I'd be back, to take the lead .

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow...Nice post... Visit u dance?? Jus curious ;)

Aravind said...

dance is bliss... period!!

still_figuring_out said...

a bit too late, i know..but this year i am an Italy fan ;)

nice photos, visithra, especially of the little girl in orange.

Keropok said...

LOL... too bad the dancers Brazil (salsa) and Argentina (tango) are out of the game tonight.

Enjoy it, Vis... wherever you are!

sreekrishnanv said...

suthama enakku feel e illa intha blog !! looks like u dance and enjoy dance !! ...

started enjoying dance only after seeing vijay's dances !! ...

Now a days intha "Shaal we dance" padam paathathukappram ... if im right Ball Dance konjam nalla irukku !...esp atha maari oru ponnu irundha :P !!

Jeevan said...

I like Natupura Nadanam. Visith your dance info is nice, what dance you know visith?

My days(Gops) said...

hav u ever heard abt
"saavu molam and its dance"?
(jst talking abt the music and dance)....andha music'a pottaaa, dance aadadhavanum aaaduvaan...
avlo irruku adhula.....

then, enakkum konjam konjam dance theirum...aana paarunga, onnumey urupadiya theriaaadhu...
he he he....

btw, ungallukku nirai'a dance theriuma'mey? sollikitaaanga!!!

visithra said...

Sg : it is it is - me too been planning so many things - but something keeps coming up - heheh i have been offered salsa lessons am not taking it coz of other reasons ;p

Kg : u must u must plan to go again ;p

hehhe oh ull be swept n left heart thumping so watch it ;)

Ponnarasi : thanks ;) i do i do - but i dont look like one but my expression rocks ;p

aravind : hehe exactly

Still : yayyyyyyyyy ure back ;) not too late - but me supported them for finals too - n yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy they won ;p

thanks dear ;)

Keropok : yeah too bad ;) but italy won yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

hope u had fun watching too

Sree : ah then u dont dance or never watched ppl dance ;) go watch the movie ull understand ;)

i do very much ;)

vijays dance are fun - the best is still his pairing with si*mran ;)

heehhe "Shall we dance" n take the lead same dance types ;) - heheh ah the ponnu of course ;p

Jeevan : me too - thats folk dance;) thanks me know a few ;)

Mydays : yeah i have never seen though only in movies - but its classified under folk ;)

Hehe u dont need to know a lot u just need to feel the rhythm

Yaaru sohnange? Ithu enna adhikadi tellings?

My days(Gops) said...

//Yaaru sohnange? Ithu enna adhikadi tellings?//
aiyoyo, summa thaanga sonnen...hereafter, no using this dialogues..excuse..

sreekrishnanv said...

enna sollanu therla :D !!

My days(Gops) said...

btw, brazil'a partheengala?

Usha said...

Yes dance is a very beautiful form of self ecpression and very cathartic - it is very very sad that in India most people are too inhibited to dance. They do not know what a liberating experience they re missing out on. And folk is the most democratic form of dance which anyone can indulge in! Nice post.

visithra said...

Mydays : hehehe nahnum chumma than asking ;)

ps : ohh parthen but forgot to reply later me reply ;)

Sree : lol paravaleh

usha : its true ppl are missing out on the feeling - folk is fun - its pure joy ;) thanks ;)