Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Now I rarely post food photos but this is a photo of a pasta I made weeks back. Someone once commented at a buffet that I have a tendency of decorating my plate. I realised I do ;)

IMG_3605pastaIMG_3605pasta Hosted on Zooomr

Anyway I made changes to the header image - prefer this one. What do you guys think?

Ps : btw the food was good ;)


Harsha said...

Looks yummy!!!!
But looks of food rarely matter to me as long as the food is good :D

Keshi said...

great yummy looking pic!


geetha said...

You're making me hungry!

Bala.G said...

Hey the pic is gr8....saw almost 500 pics in ur album page by page...u have excellent photography skill....give me some tips to shoot pic

Aravind said...

yummy... me feeling hungry!

Keropok said...

*slurp* & *burp*

Maran said...

I love spaghetti and the whole Italian pasta stuff.:)

Vani said...

i'm in love with your photographs. your skills astound me. did u take a professional course or is this a hobby that turned into a passion? are the pictures taken with an slr cam?

Puspha said...

The pic looks yummy.

Ramya said...

Blog looks super cool and pasta looks delightful !

GratisGab said...

Looks good...the pasta. But doesn't pasta get boring after a few spoonfuls? I don't know, we never had a lasting relationship :)

My days(Gops) said...
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My days(Gops) said...

hey pasta
nee ippa past'a?
unna paartha
pasi'ey varadha...
(time pass aagala adhuthaan TR effect)

btw, idha eppadi'nga saapudrathu?
appadiey vaa? illa edhachum mix panni'ah?
(vaaai'aala thaan sapdanum'nu sonna, naan dension aagiduvenaakum)

// made weeks back//
avalo easy'a cook panna?
(he he he cool......)

unga veetla, blue color flower design'la plate edhuvum irrukudhaa?
(naan intelligent)

Hip Grandma said...

pasta is something that till recently i read abt. in the taste of it two trs. back.looks good! may i taste it?thanks visithra for visiting my blog.

Hip Grandma said...

i meant 2 yrs. back.

Gusti Adipati said...

Gosh....your photography skills are excellent...and i bet your culinary skilly too....

kudos gal

tulipspeaks said...

samaiyalo samaiyal..



sreekrishnanv said...

Pasta's are amazing ... My mom argues there is nothing in it and its simply this and that ...

But i dont know why that simple one gives an amzing taste -of course when made properly !!

1. Vattha kozhambu panna theriyuma ?Vengaya sambar panna theriyuma ?

2.the header is awesome now !!

Jeevan said...

beautifully cooked visith:)

Balaji S Rajan said...

Pasta looks tasty in the picture. Is there anyone alive after tasting it... LOL... Hope it should be good.

Me said...

wow the header looks awesome.....

visithra said...

Sorry for the late reply - was on leave yday for some prayers

Geetha : im making myself hungry! ;p r ull off to st annes?

Balag : welcome here ;)

oh thanks ;) glad u enjoyed it - well study other photos - look at lots n post urs to get critiqued

aravind : hehee that was the master plan ;p

Keropok : glad to see ur comment in the new post - was wondering if u got food poisoning ;p hehe

Maran : me too - but i prefer my own spagethi sos - i find the rest too sweet - but creamy ones yumm ;p

Vani : aww thanks ;) nope but i do read around - see lots of photos - study them

oh cant afford n slr yet - own a canon powershot a620 - my darling cam ;)

visithra said...

pushpa : thanks ;)

Ramya : thanks ;) n good t osee u here

gabby : thanks ;) ah well i improvise - n its for days i want simple food ;) cant eat it daily

Mydays : hehehe tr cousina nengeh?

Pastaku mehl sauce iruhkum in different tastes - mix panni sapdrathu ;)

Considered easy anna sauce kashtam ;)

Hipgm : welcome here ;) one day maybe ull get a taste ;) did u like it?

Thanks for visiting mine ;)

Gusti : culinary is ok - i love my food ;p donno if everyone will like it ;p one its tooo spicy

Amu : ehehhe alaghana samaiyal ;p

Sree : yeah its very simple but thats y its lovely i guess ;p

ps : nah ehpoavathu me cooking expert sohnenna?????/ tsh tsh
Thanks ;p

Jeevan : thanks ;)

Balaji s : i am ? Hehehe so far havent killed anyone ;p

Me : thanks ;)

vani said...

am into photography myself, and i see maturity in your photographs. keep up the gd work!

vani said...

am into photography myself, and i see maturity in your photographs. keep up the gd work!

The Smiling Girl said...

Waaa... :(
I want pasta too... :)

Hey.. I liked ur header pic.. how could you manage to embed so many pics in that yaar... Well.. I am dead weak in HTML.. :)

visithra said...

vani : would love to see ur photos - do share them

thanks ;)

Sg : ehhehe could direct u to the nearest italian place ;) since parcels wont arrive nice ;)

thanks - its quite simple u make a basic background in the colour u want in photoshop or paint - then resize the images according to ur requirements n paste ;)

then upload it somewhere n use the link inside ur html

no html at all

but to replace the photo ull need to mess with ur template - u can either get one online - or if u want u can use mine - if u want to change colours n all - or build ur own one
Or if u want ill make u one - i kinda like doing templates or top images ;p

Sundar Narayanan said...

vitta pasta ulleye poiduveenga pola irukke !!!

visithra, the pasta should go inside you.. you should not go inside the pasta with your camera

he he..


visithra said...

sundar : hehehe but pastas are beautiful ;p junior would agree ;p

Usha said...

Heyyyyyyyy. even the photo looks yum. Hm, describe the taste to me!

visithra said...

Usha : it was good ;) thanks ;)

SamY said...

ur man is lucky ;)

visithra said...

ehhehe ada

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »