Monday, July 31, 2006

Neha's and Jeevans Bday

Well thanks to blogger (I have a problem with it - can't update my posts nor place links) lets make things different ;p We have 2 birthday posts thi time! Aravind just told me its Neha's bday today! ;p

So happy Birthday to Neha and Jeevan ;)

Ahem this blog hit 100,000 last thursday ;p yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssss

Now for the photo - if there is one thing I love about my job is the drive to work. Yes this is the view I have everyday and it used to be all the time (when we were on the 19th floor!) ;)

Beautiful isn't it - oh I had to sneak near a construction site to get the shot ;)

IMG_3587scene Hosted on Zooomr


Harsha said...

Congrats on the 100000 hits. :)

sreekrishnanv said...

Congrats !! .nd btw: posted the 8 question-reply-question.back game on my blog ... respond for me to post it back !!!!

Jeevan said...

WOW 100,000!! Congrats visith, keep on going, and entertain us:) So beautiful shot with mountains surround your office.

Keshi said...

that pic is great!

Happy bday Neha and Jeevan!


anjali* said...

Wow! 100,000 hits! I so jeles - Mine has not even reached 20,000!

Nice new header, Vis. Love it! :)

Cheers to 100,000 more hits!

Aravind said...

wowwwwwww... 100,000 hits-aa???

T R E A T!!!! :p

Vani said...

where DO you work? such a beautiful sight!

Keropok said...

Brilliant... as ever, Vis!

If you're getting the pre-season blues, come read some cerita hantu at this blog me and some friends put up:

*hoot* *hoot*

Balaji S Rajan said...

Congrats for 100,000 hits. Hmmmmmm super hits.... BTW I know that you are in love with clouds... I wont wonder if your future man's name is Kalamegam, or Neelamegam.

My days(Gops) said...

congrats =>100,000
btw, kulukal morai'la prize edhuvum irruka??

unga obbice => ettu patti'la irrukudhu pola? suthu vatraathula onnaiumey kannom??

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh my God... pic is soo beautiful!!!

Nirek said...

Hi blogger legend.
100,000 hits. wow!!!!
you got a big list of fans and its amazing still you follow all our blogs and wishes on bday!
best wishes and go ahead!

rsubras said...

hey visi hi..just went to neha's blogsite and found itz her bday today... appa than intha maathiri birthdays nyabagam vachippangalae oru "Bloggy Birthday Planner" appadinu unga nyabagam vanthathu :)

sowkiyama visi?

visithra said...

Harsha : thanks ;)

sree : thanks ;) i saw i saw ;)

Jeevan : thanks ;)its just one side ;) but what a side ;)

Keshi : thanks n thanks on their behalf ;)

anjali : aww thanks ;) i know ppl with 3 lakh over me so jealous ;p

thanks gal ;)

aravind : thanks ;) hehehe ipohdaneh treat pahnen ;p

vani : around kl ;) not telling exactly where here ;)

Keropok : thanks ;) oh man that was scary !

Balaji s : thanks ;) aahha enna sandhe gam ;p who knows kadavaleh than kekahnum ;p

Mydays : thanks ;) hehehe illehyehhh ;p

hehhe cheh cheh apdhilam illeh - photo engehdu edhutha apdhi or shot kadaikumnu terinjithan edhuthadhu - opp side patha ehlam city

Sg : thanks ;)

satu : legendah??? Adapaviss

thanks ;) me no fan list only friends - thanks ;)

Subra : hey long time no see ;) ahha enna nyavagam - me doing good - nenge?

Vani said...

you mean there are such picturesque sights in and ard KL? sigh. i only get showed ard the tourist and city spots. the nearest i've been to such beautiful natural sight is templar park (hope i got the spelling, rite).

visithra said...

vani : its a sight you can see from a part of kl - but its actually just the g*enting valley hills

n u did get templar right ;)