Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Need a break again

My mom remarked I am capable of having too much fun at one time. This came from the answer I gave her on how the trip was - not enough time. Yesterday I skipped lunch to have a quick nap at work. I got home had dinner and slept off on the couch and that was 7 pm. Woke up 11 hours later, still wanting to sleep and mom complaining I still haven't told her about the trip.

So in between this buzzing, blurness and laziness (have not picked up the phone u see) I find out blogspot has been blocked in India (drastic drop in visitors which I am not happy), tsunami in Java (freaky given we were on the beach and talking about what if it happened), I have emails to reply, Siti is getting married and we have a squirrel problem!

Let me explain. My house faces a river and a small jungle which makes it a beautiful place to live in. Explains why every summer we have birds making nests in front of our house not counting the number of colourful birds that have taken residence in the surrounding trees. The problem is some donkey has been clearing the jungle and hell has come to earth or at least my area. What happens when animals lose their habitats? They find new ones. First it was rats - those were easy and stupid. You can catch them in a day. What isn't easy are squirrels!
We have no idea where it is but its already built a few nests (squirrels love building nests there could only be one fella but he'd have 3, 4 nests). No one has actually seen it but we know its there. We first thought it was a rat but it does not smell, does not mess the place, loves fruits and doesn't come out at night!

So anyway Mr squirrel has an affliction to toothpaste, the listerin (liquid mouth refresher) bottle and u*ndies. We (ok not me but mom n bro - I was in Penang and then I was asleep) found his nests but still haven't found him. The next day he went off and built another one - the we found it again and he got pissed off, we found everything thrown out. I see we have a very pissed housemate. He must be feeling frustrated but hello he must remember we never invited him in! I also have a very exasperated brother who called me up and grumbled to me for 20 mins wondering what was I planning to bring up next? I hinted on snakes, he doesn't mind those, wouldn't even mind getting it for me as long as I tell him so first! Does MR squirrel know all this??? Nooooooooo yet HE's pissed! Bah! Squirrels and their attitudes!

Oh yeah squirrels are cute but not when they're in love with your house, toothpaste and listerine. So I'm looking for a hermits hut on a sandy beach away from people, news and in house squirrels. Don't mind hanging out with some there as long as they don't follow me back! I know I just got back from a break but I so need a break again! ;p



Me said...

river, forest aaa...lucky u...:)

...off topic ....y do u still have brazil theme?

visithra said...

me : kutty river - ehna monsson timeleh full agum but green area ;) n not forest athu too big ithu small jungle ;p

well coz been too buzy having fun - time eh illeh pa

Keshi said...

**Let me explain. My house faces a river and a small jungle which makes it a beautiful place to live in

how so lucky r ya!


Jeevan said...

You are living in a good surroundings:) here also squirrels playing in our flats, we have green front of our house with some plants, there were two mongoos with kids, giving sounds when fighting. the monsoon is near, so i hope to see some birds. Take care dear, take rest:)

My days(Gops) said...

unga veedu irrukira atmosphere aiyo..(idhu andha aiyo illa, u see)
btw,river'la poi thaaan kudika thani edupeengalo'lo?

Mr.Squirrel ippadi ellam trouble kodupaara? avaru nallavarachey?
i think,google search poneengana., edhaachum idea kidaikum......
appadium illa'na ask me tomrow...
i'll try to say i duno..
he he

visithra said...

Keshi : somewhat ;) best part is no polution ;)

Jeevan : awww ur house sounds nice too ;)

Mydays : hehehe nah thani all pipe water than - antha river very small only monsoon timele neriya water iruhkum

idea kadhichiruhku try pahnanum - 1 day ah alleh kahnum - hopefully he has gone - kohla pudhikaleh :(

My days(Gops) said...

gud on u....

visithra said...