Monday, July 10, 2006

Morons of all ages

People can be morons and extremely reckless. How else do you explain unexplainable damage and kiasu (selfish) behaviour! This is a complain post, I'm just irritated!

Right after my dad passed away, I had just turned the corner of my housing area when we heard a loud noise. Something had hit my windscreen. Now I wasn't driving fast, hell I was driving at 20 km/h and it came from above. That's when I realised some moron had threw something to get the cats to shut up. Since it was dark and I didn't see any damage there I just drove off. Only when I reached a brighter location I realised the throw had cracked my windscreen and I had no idea who the moron was. What's wrong with people do they have to be so selfish??????

Anyway my mechanic told me not to change it as it was too tiny plus since my windscreen was double layered I should wait. So 2 years have gone and the thing is the bulle*t shot like crack hadn't really expanded from the heat.

Last week I was driving past a dark stretch of road (no street lights) when suddenly I heard that horrible noise again. Again I saw nothing at first. Only the next morning I realised there was a 3 inch crack on the side of my windscreen. Again I have no idea who the moron on the bike was or what hit the car. However I suspected this crack was expanding with the heat and I was correct. It was slowly growing by the day so I had to call my insurance agent on the claims (I'm the smarty pants who insures her windscreen). Anyway yday afternoon I'd gone to check out the MV Doulos. Will write about that later. The thing is when I got back I found the crack had spread 1 inch coz of the intense heat!

The other thing that irked me was, we were standing in line when out of nowhere this old (late 40s) couple came and cut into our line. Given they were older we didn't say a thing. But they turned out to be classic racist morons. We were standing the distant most people in the line were standing at when this guy decides to dance around with his umbrella. Which was
hitting the shortest (I'm pointing out this to show how low his umbrella had gone) member of our group. First few times we kept quiet and then I got angry and said - could you please hold your umbrella properly? Only to have him answer you don't stand so close or I'll hit you again. I decided not to say anything then but he did it again and this time I decided saying please was a waste of time and scolded him only for him to give the same stupid answer.

He wasn't the only one holding an umbrella but he sure was the only one hitting others! Idiot so old already but still stupid!

Then we were patiently waiting in line when just as we reached the steps, a huge mob just decided to cut in line and stand near us. We had been there for nearly 30 mins and this people were acting so selfishly. Even when people started complaining they just stood there even pushing others to get in front! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone teach people manners, worse part the parents were behaving as such in front of their children. The next generation is going to the drains I tell ya!


geetha said...

I agree with you. The next generation is in irresponsible hands. I am so scared for the future of our children!

Gusti Adipati said...

have you been through the malaysian immigration queue at JB, my dear?

Try once and you will regret it.

Jeevan said...
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Jeevan said...

driving with broken glass for 2 years:( In chennai, if some cross the line when many standing for long hours in ration shop, people use bad words on them, only thinking they only have many works and othere dont have.

Usha said...

I agree - totally. We seem to be forgetting basic courtesy and manners and there is no respect for others. the next gen is in a loooooooooot of trouble.

Aravind said...

been there.. done that!!
Been in a longgg queue and then few ppl just barge in to the que - and no one questions them... Even if they are questioned, all you get back are abuses!!!! Sooo irritating...

My days(Gops) said...

@windscreen=> cracked windscreen'a vachikittu 2 years'a driving?
gud gud...(but its not gud u knw)
(traffic police fine podadha?)

@line:- andha old man'ku kaadhu (ear) ketkumo ennamo..

@mob:- kelvi ketka yaaru irruka? manners'nu onnu irruku'nu solli koduthaa? ketkava poraanga?... po po poikittey irru'nu solluvaanga, nammala paarthu....idhu madhiri alungala, enga oorla (TN)every month 15th EB bill katta sollanum...appppa therium...line'na enna,cuttin in line'na ennanu..mmmm
he he he

@The next generation is going to the drains ...
selladhu sellaadhu....chance'ey illa.

visithra said...

Geetha : exactly - lets hope for the best

Gusti : lol actually yeah i have when i was younger - sigh the funny thing is a large number of ppl were obidiently standing in line till this bunch of ppl came from nowhere n cut in

jeevan : its not broken - its a small spiderweb crack - as bis as the smallest coin

yeah its always like that

Usha : ive seen kids be rude to others n their parents just smile its so sad

Aravind : lol or cold stares as if u were the one who cut in line

Mydays : lol its a small one finger tips sizela - my mechanic told me not to change it coz it will spread - athu engeh spread pannuchi - where else the new one is spreading by day

nah u cant even see the crack unless i show u where it is ;)

@oh old man could hear - can answer back rudely what

@exactly - cheh but very sad the mentality so embarrasing

Shiv said...

Acho enna da aachu..sari sari..kewl down dear

visithra said...

shiv : aww thanks gal ;)

Anonymous said...

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