Thursday, July 13, 2006


Finally they ammended rape laws over here though I'd still prefer if the maximum was death and not just 30 years!

On a totally different topic

If you thought the blind aren't football fans you got that wrong. Read this (lets hope next time they remember to have radio commentary) and I remember watching a documentary on a disabled league in Brazil. The game is played using balls that makes noise when it moves.

Oh yeah I'm like no 6 on the top photo uploaders on zooomr - me so proud ;p and the thing is I can go more in secs - that is if I sat and uploaded all the photos at my pc at home ;p


Balajoe said...

Finally snatch theft will be reclassified as robbery and the punishment is increased as well!

geetha said...

Wow! You're in the top 10 list? :)That's a lot.. how much photos do you take daily?

Aravind said...

top 6th a...??

congrats!!!! :)
continue treatin us with lovely fotos clicked by u :D

Nirek said...

congrats visit...on getting top 6th in zoomr! you become a pro photographer

Thomas Hawk said...

Hey Visithra. Congrats on the top 10 list for Zooomr. Keep taking those great pics. Always love seeing photographers who enjoy shooting as much as I do. I have about 7,500 processed photos now but only a little over 1,000 up on Zooomr. I'm going to get more up shortly though after we launch 2.0 this Friday.

I eventually want to get up to 100,000 some day.

Thanks for sharing your photos and thanks for doing it on Zooomr!

visithra said...

Balajoe : yeah that too - just been waiting for achange in law for r*ape

geetha : thanks - yeah i am ;) well i take a lot of photos - so far ive taken some 4700 photos - everytime im on holi I can take 300 photos per day - ph i think i took 480 photos ;p

daily depends some days none some days more

aravind : thanks ;) ah even if u guys didnt want i would ;p

satu : got my pro long time back - thanks to zooomr ;) oh btw all bloggers get a pro account now ;)

thomas : thanks ;) I'm waiting for the launch too ;) same here ;) 100 000 eh wow that would be awesome ;)

i love using zooomr to blog - the features are wonderful