Thursday, July 20, 2006

Imsai arasan

Imsai arasan - maga comedy!

Yesterday 11 of us went to watch the movie. One of my friends was on silent mode over a bet he made with another friend. The clever fella brought him for the movie knowing - this was one movie you'd have to make noise.

Anyways as always we created enough noise to attract the whole place.

Of course how can we not tell the ticket collector that someone didn't have a ticket. Paavam payyan he was wondering why he came out with us ;p

Anyway we ended up being the whole row wher ethe 12th seat was occupied by this uncle and I somehow ended up next to him. Message started coming from the other end on how was my date with the uncle. Of course the waste messanger siting next to me ended up becoming the punching bag since I couldn't keep running to the other end you know.

We tried screaming thalaiva when Vadivel 1 turned up but he was too fast but we did manage for Vadivel 2 ;p Karadi wriggling was so funny ;p

Go watch the movie its quite funny, though as always in Shankar movies theres a message.

Pity the waste messanger, he kept getting hit coz he was the nearest ;p anyway don't pity him too much he enjoys bullying us! ;p


Maran said...

Haha, glad thalaiva didn't let you down.

My days(Gops) said...

naanum paarthen..sema comedy'..
2nd half konjam 'blade'..

vadivel 1 :-
ellamey nalla irrundhuchi
war scene,
naan edward 13th => irrundhutu po,
naan pulikesi 23rd.
karadi scene.
ursaaga paanam
jaadhi sandai
Andhapuram/3dancers ellam konjam over'a irrundhaalam.....its vokay..

vadivel2:- aniya'athuku nallavar/vallavar.. first scene intro adhuvum aasai athai magal'oda...too too much...ithula loves,songs vera....
kolusa pathi pesuvaarey? aiyo pinnitaar..he he he
(heroine'a oru nyandhaarava pottu irrundha nalla irrundhu irrukum)
anyhow, vadivelu'kaaga paarkalam

Random Access said...

gotta watch it first thing next week ;)

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Syam said...

cudn't wait to see the movie...engayaavathu thritu VCD kidaichaa solungappa...enga oorla release pannala :-)

Syam said...

cudn't wait to see the movie...engayaavathu thritu VCD kidaichaa solungappa...enga oorla release pannala :-)

tulipspeaks said...

watched Imsai in (ahem) thirutu vcd. i had to choose btwn Pirates & Imsai. so it was Pirates which watched in cinema.

Imsai.. comedy in the 1st half but 2nd half was kinda boring. lolz.. and yea, the song aadiva paadiva was hillarious :)


Aravind said...

The movie is banned in Karnataka...

chennai poyi thaan paakkanum...
Will watch this weekend!

visithra said...

Maran : nah he didnt ;) but id still love more jokes - or funnier songs not the romance thingy ;p

Mydays : exactly - songs konjam blade -avar mgr acting konjam too much ;p dark mgr oh? Ehhehehe

War scene - white flag - hehehe semma comedy

Kolusu was nice - script is really good - tamil was superb - what about the pullavar who will call him andangkaka hehehe

Ran : oh u should watch it soon ;)

syam : onlinele kadaikumnu kelvi pathen ;p

Amu : heheh syam kekurar nengehlum sohlringeh ;p hace to watch pirates but am soooooooooooo busy ;(

2nd half not much jokes - then songs tangehle - oreh romance
Aravind : achacho - nvm chennaileh poi parungeh it will be better also ;p

Jeevan said...

have plans to watch it on monday or tuesday (appathan ticket rate will come down to Rs40 insted of Rs 100), the songs very very nice, remebering the MGR & Shivaji songs. Hope there was a big looty in the theater;)

Random Access said...

You dont get the point.. Next week, I dont have to go to the movie alone...

Seri, mez considering the prospects of an impromptu visit to Malaysia end of next week.. Donno if it will materialise though..

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

visithra said...

Jeevan : so u going today?

Heheh i do that also usually - go on weds ;)

yeah very mgrish ;) oh there was looty

Ran : ahha ithuthan story ah - ehpo coming - intha time um last time maari illahma iruhkanum ;) keep me updated ;)

SamY said...

am waiting to get a breather to watch this :)

visithra said...

may u have a breather soon ;p

Anonymous said...

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