Friday, July 28, 2006

I asked for this ;)

Well I know it sounds silly but I requested to be tagged yesterday but its pretty interesting one. So here it is from Yvy

Here is how it goes :
If you comment on this post, I will…
1. respond with something random about you.
2. challenge you to try something.
3. pick a color that I associate with you.
4. tell you something I like about you.
5. tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. pick a song that reminds me of you.

After I respond to the above mentioned 8 points in this blog, you will have to post the same meme, and my response, on your blog.

This is what Yvy's said about me :

Random : You're a bunde of joy in and out of the blogsphere and a pleasure to hang out with.
Awwww shuks ;p

Challenge: I challenge you to a teh tarik drinking competition [so I can drink as many teh tariks as I want!]
challenge is on but can we choose drinks - ill hit the milo - u hit the teh ;p We'll see who has the most glasses ;p

Color: Blue
Oohh this is so right ;)

Like: I totally love the way you take your shots and how you add works to your pix. Sometimes even without words, your pix speak for themselves.
Awww shuks moment 2 - thanks *visi blushes

Memory: I think I first saw ur nick at BJ's and the I pop by and saw this awesome looking pottu and THAT stuck to me forever.
Hehehe am glad u stuck on - will thank the pottu and BJ ;p

Animal: Doggy
again right on ;)
Question: When are you coming to Penang again so we can go for nasi kandar together?
penang will come soon hopefully - the food keeps calling ;p but if take me to kassim at 4 in the morning - am only watching ppl eat ;p

Song: I Love Your Smile by Shanice
Hehehe song choise must be coz I was grinning away right? ;p err i swallowed a grin 24/7 pill oncela ;p - n yeah love the choice ;)

So if you want to know get ready to be tagged ;p


Keropok said...

I want in on that teh tarik excursion!!!

Keshi said...

what a rad tag Visithra!


Harsha said...

I just want to see how you will write all this about me? You dont even who I am. :)

Consider me as tagged.

visithra said...

Keropok : sure can ;) but its either we head to pg or wait till dec when she comes down ;)

keshi : wanna try? ;p

harsha : opsy hehhe oh i have to say sorry - we've just met - theres no way ill be able to write anything - how about a deal - in 3 or 6 months time??? ;p

chitra said...

Intrsting tag. I wonder what u think abt me after your visit to my blog.
I am game fr it.

The Smiling Girl said...

Hehe.. I like this tag.. and u know why I commented you, right? :)

sreekrishnanv said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sreekrishnanv said...

take this as a comment :P ! let me see what u write ...esp excited to know the last one !! .lol !
and once u r done .. ill post one in my blog ...not sure how many go thru it !! ..its full of politics and current affairs !! ..

Ganesh said...

tag vilayattuku naan varalaippa :)
apparam Belur pics romba pramadham
innum padam irundha podunga.

Aravind said...

nice tag visit :)

>>i swallowed a grin 24/7 pill oncela ;p

idha nee sollaamaleh engalukku theriyum!! :)

Ramya said...

super tag visit !
This once was real good !

visithra said...

Chitra : aww id love to describe you but its to soon to do so - havent known u long enough

sg : Here goes ;)
Random : you're bubbly, you've still got the kid in you yet mature - you're the kind of gal i love ;)

Challenge: Show us one of your talents ;)
Color: you remind me of sunshine so I'm guessing yellow

Like: I love the way you write - its as if you're siting right in front of me and talking to me - and I like your character ;)

Memory: SG came visiting so as usual I browsed through her blog and her dress post caught my eye and since then I've been hooked ;p

Animal: SG loves all animals - im guessing this but i think she loves dogs the best

Question: Do we get to see the little kiddo bf of yours ;)

Song: What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

visithra said...

Sree : well let me try - haven't known u long enough too ;)

Random : I think you're cheeky? Naughty?

Challenge: Show us one of your talents ;) (everyone gets the same question ;p)
Color: blue?

Like: i like the cheekiness you sound fun ;) and that you like photography ;)

Memory: i think uve been here before a long time back (or im mixing you up with someone else) but u didnt stay then u came back one day on one of my photos -

Animal: raccoon ;p

Question: Which came first the egg or the chicken ;p

Song: I'm changing this to genre - pop rock

visithra said...

ganesh : hehhee paravaleh ;)

ihnum iruhku different places - soon konjam wait pahnanum

Aravind : thanks ;)

ehhehehe rombeh sirichitehnoh ;p

ramya : yeah its quite tough too ;)

kg said...

I LOVEEEE your new Header. Besides, the Brazil one was long due.

Jeevan said...

yes visith, i like to know what u think about me. what should i do, if i comment for this post? konjam sollupa.

Shamgar said...

The comments are not complimentary enough. These past months, first being too busy to blog, then unable to when I lost my internet access, I would occasionally check onto the net at public libraries and always checked out this one and was always impressed and always wished there were times to comment adequately. "there's no blog" is one of the best there is.

BawangMerah said...

Hallo! Anyway, I don't have to post this on my blog right? Good

Shiv said...

i guess am ok to get tagged!!

My days(Gops) said...

naan varala indha aatathuku......
he he he

visithra said...

Kg : thanks ;) yeah it was but had no time to change ;)

jeevan : ah my pleasure dear on ur bday too ;)) by the way Happy Birthday dear

Random : I would say you're the soul of blogsphere - someon everyone loves ;)

Challenge: Show us one of your talents ;) (everyone gets the same question ;p)

Color: white? You're always wearing a white shirt

Like: i like your determination n your thirst for knowledge

Memory: I found your blog through narayanan sir - n we have been friends since then ;)

Animal: i think you like dogs?

Question: Which came first the egg or the chicken ;p

Song: I'm changing this to genre - you like gaana songs ;)

visithra said...

Shamgar : ahh ive been worried - was wondering where you've been missing - so good to see you back ;) welcome back ;) how have u been ;)

awww shucks ;) thanks ;) its just really good to hear from you ;)

Bawangred : no no you have to ;p if u take the tag ;p

visithra said...

Shiv : ahhh good - lets see ;)

Random : Trust shiv to come up with something as creative as Vima ;) you'll have to read her blog to find out how ;)

Challenge: Show us one of your talents ;) (everyone gets the same question ;p)

Color: orange?

Like: i like her cheeriness ;) I'm sure shes tonnes of fun - n glad would agree ;)

Memory: you came by and said something in malay - n I was hooked ;)

Animal: birds? ;p

Question: When are you landing here ;)

Song: I'm changing this to genre - r&b

mydays : hehhe awww miss pannitingeh

sreekrishnanv said...

That was fairly a decent one !!
ill post this in my blog soon !! .. as we agreed upon !

Random : I think you're cheeky? Naughty?
-not really but yah. most of the time ;P !!

Color: blue?
that was bang on target ... my most fav. color !!

Like: i like the cheekiness you sound fun ;) and that you like photography ;)
Obv. photography ... i bounced back to ur site only on seeing those photos

Memory: i think uve been here before a long time back (or im mixing you up with someone else) but u didnt stay then u came back one day on one of my photos -

yup true !! .. i rad it long back but then one of your photo's on your blog made me keep looking into it continuously !!

Animal: raccoon ;p

he he he !!

Question: Which came first the egg or the chicken ;p

i can say : god said let there be light and there was light !! .. and let there be a chicken and hence a chicken !! .. lol

Song: I'm changing this to genre - pop rock

hmmm !!

visithra said...

not bad i got so many right - n replied in ur blog - so no need for a repeat here right? right ? hehehe

My days(Gops) said...

//hehhe awww miss pannitingeh//
appadiya???? enga sollunga paarpom

BawangMerah said...

I guess, let's have it tagged then. ;)

visithra said...

Mydays : pahnitha pochi ;)

Random : though uve been overseas for years ur heart is always at the banks of kaveri ;) extra vereh ponnu (athe ungeh niece than ;p)

Challenge: Show us one of your talents ;) (everyone gets the same question ;p)

Color: blue - oru nyavagam ungeh fav colour blue - illathi its white

Like: your memory! And how ur posts makes us all remember stuff ;)

Memory: u came by first time - i browsed through n went off then ink pen post vandhadhu - n from there u one post me bathil post n vice versa ;p

Animal: monkey ;p nah monkey photo headerle phodulehnu asking leh ;p

Question: Which came first the egg or the chicken ;p

Song: I'm changing this to genre - tamil pathu than ;)

visithra said...

Bawangred : alright ;)

Random : you think you don't write well but each time you keep us engrossed in your words even in that post on nothing! ;p

Challenge: Show us one of your talents ;) (everyone gets the same question ;p)

Color: black but you like orange for ur blog ;p

Like: how you notice small things and coin them into beautiful stories

Memory: oh you're an old soul over here ;) - i think it was from sashiism a long time ago - u kept changing blog names - the way u changed templates - i kept losing ur blog add - n finally u settled in one place ;p

Animal: oh doggy no doubt in that - n definetly not Gallus domesticus;p ;p

Question: Which came first the egg or the chicken ;p hehehe oh been asking everyone ;p

Song: I'm changing this to genre - oh ure rock - i could even give a song - come as you are - nirvana ;)

My days(Gops) said...

he he h
Rhandom:- 100%

challenge:- naan superstar rajikanth maadhiri..
pesavey maaten, but once pesa start pannitena, pesi kittey irrupen.. he he he

colour:- u r right (the one and only)

like:- oh really? thanks..

memory:- ammadiov...enna memory ungalukku!!!

animal:- illa, neenga thappu..
my favourite is 'crocodile'..
(dont laugh he he he)

question:- chiken potta egg'la irrundhu thaan chiken vandhuchi..

song:- unmai unmai unmai..
hey lady drop it down..

PS:- ungala pathi eludhalam'nu thaan vadhen, but already yaro eludhi, neenga reply'um panniteenga???
so, telling myself 'better luck next time'..

visithra said...

Mydays :
challenge:- pesavey maaten, but once pesa start pannitena, pesi kittey irrupen.. he he he
--- ithu good taneh ;p

memory:- ammadiov...enna memory ungalukku!!! - athu nengeh sohlringehla? Uneh memory vidah va?

animal:-my favourite is 'crocodile'..???? Sathyama ennaku teriadhu ;p

excuse me - olungah post pahnugeh - then nah vandhu comment pahnrehn nengehlum eludhuringeh ;p

My days(Gops) said...

Random : 1000 busy'la irrudhaaalum, saami, pooja, temple'nu marakaama pora gud girl..(pakka amma ponnu).
kovam konjam jaasti'a vey varum, straight forward girl illa neenga, enga ponaalum, yaaru ungala paarkuraaaaganu note pannuveenga (avangalukku theriaaama)
unga old things'a use panna maateeenga, but sometimes adhu nyabagam vandhu adha thedi poveenga… appadi thedi pogum bodhu adhu illati dension aagiduveenga..
edachu onnu alaga paartheenga, takkunu photo eduthudalamaanu oru flash onnu odum unga mind'la.
neenga seiradhu thaaan right'nu poikittey irrupeeeenga.. Sentiments konjam irruku…..
if u see any mirror, unga eye liner'um, lipstick'um correct'a irrruka'nu paarpeenga.
neenga ella food'um taste/try pannuveeenga., but u end up with ur favourite only?
convince pannura tallent unga kitta irruku, dance pudikum,
Ps:- enna'nga, edhaachum onnu correct'a sonnenaaa?
Oru sila therincha visaiyathai naan write pannala…
ex:- ungalukku dhairiam jaasthi, kids'na ungalukku romba pudikum, like tht

Challenge: hw many peoples daily wishes u?, unga naalla nallaiku kanakku eduthu solla mudiuma?

Color: Red and Black?

Like: sollanumaa'? Unga photo adhuku matching matching'a neenga eludhura journals….oh yeah…superb'a irrukum……
(sweet,kaaram,coffee'nu sollu vaaangaley adhumaadhiri varieties kodupeeenga)..

Memory: naan thaan unga blog'ku first vandhen, summa browse pannikittu irrukarapo., unga kannum adhuku yetha pottum konjam attractive'a irrundhuchi....ada, yaaruda indha ponnu'nu unga blog ulla vandhen, appppa chinese newyear'ku neenga prepare aagitu irrundheenga.,(illa aaadhi film'a pathi'nu theriala) (am not sure)…naan sakara pongal pathi eludhinen, neenga adhuku reply pannuneenga.

adhuku appuram, mosquito'la start pannunadhu idho paaarunga, ippo ungala pathi eludhura varaikum me following ur blog.. He he he
(ps:- if am not mistaken => neenga enakku first eludhuna comment, once I asked for thalaivasal song in my blog and u comment'd me to chck in some website.)
ps:- visithra manikam, first indha name'a paarthona , neenga namma ooru (tamilnatu) ponnu thaan ninaichen..but, romba naalaiku appuram thaaan therinchadhu neenga malay pesum malaysia ponnu'nu……..

Animal: elephant and monkey (ai, enaku theriumey…)

Question: ketkava? Ketruven, idho kettaaachi……..
neenga enna 'hair style vachi irrukeeenga?'

Song: sa re ga ma paatu adhu tamil paatu'la start aaagi, western,rock,wood,sand,jazz, pizza'nu ella paaatum ketpeeenga…(pudichi irrundha mattumey)
but, car'la pogum bodhu ungalukku kandipa melodious thaan venum……so, u keep on switching FM to Cassette to FM.. Right'a?

romba eludhiteno?

visithra said...

Mydays : first - wow ;p nice one ;p

hehehhe engeh amma kehtangehna aiyo aiyonu sohluvange

actualla no - ehnaku ehpo mood iruhko appoh than going ;) ..( nah pakka appa ponnu)

ithu enna numerology kannaka? Ipdhi correctah telling? Well mostly ;p

kovam note ehlam right

old things no - ennaku old things rombeh pudhikum ;p

photo correct ;p - sentiment seirathu correct ;p

heheh ithu wrong me no mirror looking ;p
Food ? Apdhinu illeh - convince dance correct ;p

fuhyooo - ithani right ;p

daily wisha? Kannuku pahnanumma? Athulam by mood - some days phone answer pahna mathene ;p

aiii - red ehpadi guess pahningeh? ;p both colours correct ;p

Like : aww thanks
Memory : aaha ivlo undah ;) first comment nyavagam illeh pa

ahha u too namma oru ponnu thinkig? - idhu adhikadi oru reaction
Animal : lol right

question : lol ahha actualla appo appo mahrum - now curly athan nengeh spiral sohluvingehle
Song : pizza nu music iruhka?? Adada actualla correct ;p

hehe FM to Cassette to FM is right too ;)

again wow - thanks ;p


My days(Gops) said...

//ithu enna numerology kannaka? //

cha cha, neenga vera..
ellamey unga post'a vachi ungala judge pannunadhu thaaaan...
judgement eppadi?

sand, wood, pizza song ellam oru flow'la vandhadu....he he he kandukapudaadhu....

visithra said...

mydays : ahha apdhiyahh

judegement 70% correct ;)

hehehe athu terium - chumma than kindhunehn ;p